Best Absence Management System

Horizon HR

Cloud based HR Payroll Services
Horizon HR is a Cloud based HR Payroll Service which provides unmatchable services with customer centric approach. This software offers benefits such as efficient management of staff data, secure financial transactions, and detailed reports on employee payroll. It also offers accurate and on-time compliance, a well-designed user interface and easy to go search functionality.


System BY Centurion Management Systems Ltd
BreatheHR is managing the Absence of employees very accurately. Also, make sense the difference between leave and absence. And as per the evaluation, it automatically calculates (for part-time employees too) the leave allowances, annual leave quotas.

Kronos Time Tracking Tools

System BY Kronos Systems
Kronos is an innovative solution for Absence management. It empowers the employee to for minimum absence and maximum productivity. Robotized solution streamlines complex labor laws. Also can manage the sick-time, vacation time, late landings, and more with full perceivability, across the board put.

Staff Absence Management Software

System BY Staff Absence Management Ltd
SAM is the outcome based solution for Absence management. It specially designs for school staff absence to balance the absence and arrange the schedule. It also monitors on the absence and type of absence of employees like sickness, paid/unpaid, vacation etc. Also, generate the reports and information to all.

Proctur - Total Institute Management Solution

Your Pocket Classroom
400+ Institutes, One stop solution for Institute Management with 24/7 Support with User-friendly Mobile Apps for both Teachers and Student use Proctur is a way to Digitize your Institute Management.

staffboard Absence management

StaffBoard is the complete and very effective solution to manage the Absence. Use the solution to structure the availability of staff. Employees can ask for vacation, sickness, and some genuine reasons. Also, track the work report and employees availability.

AppogeeHR Absence management

System BY Appogee HR
Appologee HR is the unbeatable solution for Absence management. Allow taking responsibility for possessing stipend and demands through the self-administration dashboard. Here your staff can the absence and leave perceive what they have taken, what they have left and any affirmed or pending request.

School Plus

School Management Software By Next Technologies
A school management software that simplifies the educational processes of institutes, can send all day to day activities to parents and keep a track of their kid's performance with just a few clicks.


System BY Myhrtoolkit Limited
myHRtoolkit is the most trusted and powerful solution to manage and keep record the Absence. Simple to utilize and actualize online solution that causes you to oversee yearly leaves, unlucky absences, deliver reports, store documents, track undertakings in addition to loads more.

WorkForce Leave Management

System BY WorkForce Software, LLC
WorkForce Software is the best solution for Absence and leaves management solution. It totally eliminates the manual process for making process quick and accurate. Paralelly improves employees' satisfaction and performance.

System BY is the smart solution for absence management. It tracks all types of colleague's leave like sickness out, week-off, and vacation time. Our applications can likewise be gotten to from any cell phone whenever from any area, gave there is web network.


System BY AbsenceSoft
AbsenceSoft is the innovative solution for Absence management. Tracks the absence, effective work hour. AbsenceTracker on account of the end client. The outcome is an incredibly instinctive UI. Increases your capacity to carry out your activity proficiently and successfully with a grin all over.

LeavePlanner Absence Management Software

System BY LeavePlanner is the most recommended platform for Absence management software. Perfect for SMEs who find that the difficulties of overseeing nonappearance are negatively affecting staff efficiency, which will cost the business cash.

Advance Systems

System BY Advance Systems
Advance System is managing all the factors of absence management in a single roof. Employees absenteeism can be a major and expensive task for HR. With Mitrefinch's cloud-based arrangement, HR can precisely track at real-time progressively who is missing and who shouldn't be.

Stylicious Visitor Management Software

Track Your Visitor
Stylicious Visit Management solution is the completely manage the visitors of construction, school, hospitals, offices and property management. Suits SMEs and large business.

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