Best Applicant Tracking System - ATS for your Business in India

All-in-One Application Tracking System
Zoho Recruit is web based Applicant Tracking system for recruiters, staffing companies and small business to source, track and hire candidates in India and across the global. Start free edition for 1 Recruiter.

PeopleApex is a multi-country payroll & HRsoftware
PeopleApex is an integrated end-to-end enterprise-level HCM solution, designed to empower the employee with robust employee self-service (ESS) and at the same time provide a holistic view for managers with manager self-service (MSS). It is designed by industry experts having multi-country in-depth HR & Payroll expertise.

ATS Tracking Software By Talent Recruit
ATS software for recruiting designed for end-to-end best applicant tracking system for both consulting organizations and corporates. It is Cloud-based Smart Recruitment Software that integrates and automates your entire recruitment process.


ATS tracking System to reduce cost of Hiring
TalentCube is an easy-to-use ATS system designed for Recruiters to handle recruitment Excel free. It provides the best source which allows you to send 'no touch' automated evaluations to quickly filter out candidates.

Newton Applicant Tracking

System BY Newton Software Inc.
Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured, best ats system for small and medium-sized employers. Newton is designed to give you and your team unparalleled visibility into your recruiting program from day one. 


Cloud web base ATS, Recruitment software
Jobitus is SaaS based ATS, which is designed for medium & large corporates. It runs from your own website domain. Build personal resume database, Manage job openings & applicants, Job Board integration, Client Management, Reports, User access permission management & control, SMS Gateway, BD  for agencies, Custom Career section module.

Adrenalin Recruitment Management

Fast and highly effective hiring platform
This is an open source & free applicant tracking system software & recruitment software that automates and integrates your entire recruitment process. It helps in tracking individual skills and transform recruitment into a faster, simpler process.

RecruitPro 360

Fully Customizable ATS
ATS system built to monitor recruitment process and manage candidates for agencies and search firms. Features like a user-friendly interface, automated resume import & export facility, user communication, etc,


Complete ATS solution in India
CATS is one of the top ATS software available in market. It is the quickest growing applicant information system for recruiters and HR agencies. CATS is a 100% web based ATS software for the whole candidate selection process.

Talentpool - Recruitment Software

Enterprise Recruitment Management Software
Talentpool is an enterprise ready recruitment management software that helps recruitment teams increase their throughput with a unified collaboration platform, centralized database and streamlined processes.

CV Analytics

Easy to use ATS App
Best applicant tracking software that makes your hiring process very easy. The software pricing begins with $45 trial plan. It provides Social fields into your application, along with other resume fields.

Alchemus Recruiting & Talent Management

Cloud Based Applicant Tracking Software
Alchemus Recruitment management & applicant tracking system solution is a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees.


Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System
Resumefox is a simple online applicant tracking system for small business and recruiting professionals in India that saves the hiring time and costs by at least 70%. It helps to speed up the recruitment process along with resume parser and ATS.  

Bullhorn ATS

Best Applicant Tracking Software on the Market
Bullhorn ATS is 40% faster than comparable ats systems & can help recruiters generate up to 43% more placements. Bullhorn mobile ATS software lets you view & edit candidate records, notes & access placement data on any device.


Cloud based ATS System
employAstar is a cloud applicant tracking software system that gives 360-degree view of clients, contacts, candidates and requisitions for the companies in India. Online recruitment system generates offer letters within a click and cut short the time involved in your recruitment cycle.

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What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that assists in the recruitment process by selecting only the best-suited resumes from among thousands which companies receive for a specific position. An applicant information system does not analyze your resume different from the Recruiters as both of them are simply looking for specific criteria required for the job. Basically HR people look for grounds of rejection like lack of relevant skills, spelling errors but on the other hand, applicant tracking software operates by searching some specific keywords in your resume.

Application tracking system or ATS System are a big hit with established companies, corporate and MNCs who have to work on the continuous engagement of labor force. So, what exactly is this software all about?

Ideally used by hiring agencies/companies and HR Departments, Applicant tracking software is most suited to track job requirements/opportunities that arise; stores resumes; candidate information and contact details and has all the relevant database saved up for future reference. Basically, recruitment solutions are the electronic version of our entire hiring process.

There are two kinds of software for this purpose. One is the electronic version that is available to the standalone computer only. Nowadays, the cloud computing software version is in demand, where in all the data is stored online on a remote server and can be assessed through different gadgets. We have listed top 10 applicant tracking systems for small business above with compare, pricing, reviews and more in this page.

The principle task of application tracking system is that it can quickly give you the information that you need and increases your efficiency. In this process, there is less time wasted on tracking individual profiles and you can extract information of any candidate even after a long time.

What can you do with recruitment solutions?

  1. Search candidates based on their qualification level, age, years of experience and even school/college they attended
  2. Manage the resumes efficiently without having to use cumbersome methods of making electronic files and folders that make the database a huge task
  3. Connects with your website and updates all the candidate requirements by posting job requirements
  4. You can have a good database of clients and candidates
  5. The applicant information system software allows you to collaborate all your sources ie. Social media resumes, emails as well as data saved in storage devices.
  6. One stop look at all the activities of the hiring process is possible without disturbing other staff or team members.

How Application Tracking System (ATS) helps for Running your business effectively?

  1. Consolidates data: The employee profiles, their psychological test scores, training information and all relevant HR data is integrated by applicant tracking system and HR software.
  2. Tracking Facility: The applicant tracking software solutions track the information of all the candidates with easy to use search options. Automated communication for sending updates to applicants, interview request and other communication is also done.
  3. Improving hiring process: The job applicants are screened better with more time saved by software usage thereby improving the quality of applicants. This adds value to your brand also.
  4. Evaluation: With inbuilt metrics, you can evaluate the employee performance and select candidates for promotion
  5. Saves time: Time is saved due to automation in scheduling the interviews, screening potential candidates, short listing them and matching them to your requirements.
  6. Saves money: Lots of money is saved by avoiding to use of paper and postage. The companies can also save on hiring employees to do the job of recruitment and HR. This means that the company might require only 2 employees instead of 5 to do this work.
  7. Talent management: The software helps in hiring employees with all abiding legal agreements/contracts and also engage in professional development
  8. Intelligent business: The software provides valuable insight regarding compliance models and ROI. These reports generated in real time help in planning and sourcing candidates immediately over multiple locations using the web-based software technology.


  1. The software rejects candidates who do not fit your requirements but it cannot choose the best candidate for you.
  2. Potential candidates might be rejected only because they have switched their career or their skills are different in spite of having the good experience.
  3. Sometimes the cloud-based or Installed based software any, might not act reliable/accurate. It might reject the candidate if it is unable to scan the documents properly or find the resume too complex.

Staffing is Significant

Discovering and recruiting the apt human capital is crucial as regards the proper functioning of businesses is concerned. The right breed of human resources is an imperative factor here, without which establishments will not be able to thrive. Even if the management shells out money in a grand scale for setting up the latest technological tools and supportive materials, devoid of competent manpower, there will not be any positive results. Resourceful workforce is an essential factor if the company wishes to move ahead with upbeat results. Hence, it becomes the principal task of the all company management to do the staffing process in a flawless manner. It becomes tedious when the recruiter receives hundreds of applications for a job. Recruiting the perfect skilled human resource for the position should be worth the investment of time and money as the whole recruiting process is after all never easy.

ATS is the Modern Trend

The recruiting process must be based on practical grounds, and only then, companies will be able to attract the competent workforce. This is particularly true in today’s world, in which just a single job position will have a huge number of applicants, which may stretch even to hundreds of thousands. However, the conventional forms of the workforce selection are outdated. In our time, most of the establishments that like to perform the management functions professionally don’t depend on such obsolete forms. These methods require more effort and time, and more to the point, there is no guarantee that the recruit is apt for the related job. Hence, many of the modern managements go for ‘Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)’.

ATS can be defined as a digital room of a company, in which the company performs the manpower recruitment processes effortlessly and efficiently in the most convenient way. The software gives the company the leeway to unify efficiently, the various entailed tasks of the recruitment, and perform them in a cohesive manner. In fact, ATS has become a must for all growing companies.

There are different types of ATS Software. Depending upon the business one can avail the perfectly suitable one. By using an effective ATS, the HR manager can avoid going through the vast collection of CVs. The possibility of conducting live video interviews is another attractive feature. Moreover, there will be a digital library, which will be useful for storing the data collected for future requirements. The collaboration facility is an added advantage, through which the managers can share work, which will yield perfect work. The provision for customization will pave the way for applicant engagement. Using ATS has turned out to be the easiest and the effective way of staffing and personnel management these days. It comes with a big pack of benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Use An Applicant Tracking System

There are a number of reasons why the HR Department of your Organization should use an Application Tracking System for recruitment. Listed below are some of the prominent reasons:

  • Unique Place For All Applicant Records
    With competition rising every passing day, maintaining records of all the candidates has become an uphill task. An ATS Software helps you get all your forms and applications at one place. It also allows sorting, sharing, and even contacting candidates. If hired, that employee can be integrated directly into the Applicant Tracking System in order to avoid on-boarding chaos.
  • Social Media Integration
    These days most of the ATS allows the users to automatically connect social media platforms and that too of your own choice. One of the biggest advantages of an ATS Software shares information about your job openings through social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform, ATS allows you to reach and contact talented candidates.
  • Increase Your Candidate Pool Of Qualified Applicants
    By using ATS, you can manage as many platforms as you need for developing your own exclusive pool of qualified candidates. Also, ATS allows candidates to apply directly to your company from any platform. This will help your Company in creating a database of the candidates and finally ‘scan’ their talents. All other methods to create such a database will result in chaos.
  • Easily Meet The Mobile Demand
    Surveys are conducted and it shows that 7 out of 10 job seekers use mobile devices to apply for any job. Therefore, it becomes necessary to develop an ATS which is mobile friendly so that one cannot miss the opportunity to hire quality candidates. Having a mobile friendly ATS increases your talent pool by a whopping 70 percent. To avoid alienating all the people who use mobile devices to apply for a job, it is very important to develop a mobile ATS so that the candidate can apply directly for your company in a few simple steps.
  • Conserve Time, Reduce Drop Off
    ATS is very much reliable when it comes to saving time. Whether it is automated social sharing or managing email templates or delegating tasks, ATS simply performs everything and saves valuable time of the HR personnel. One of the most important things is that you do not have to look at unqualified resumes when using an applicant tracking system. Researchers say that ATS saves your time by about 75 percent. According to a recent study, reducing the amount of time taken to apply for a job reduces the drop-off rate of applicants.
  • Light On Wallet
    One of the cheapest services an organization can afford is having an ATS Software in place. Once you will compare how much you are paying for the job ads and recruitment agency fees, you will come to know that implementing top ATS systems are much cheaper. In the US, it is estimated that a company tends to save more than $9000 annually if they use the best applicant tracking software for their recruitment process.
  • Avoid Interview Blunders
    We all have witnessed interview blunders and often faced them as well. Fluency in the language is the most important protocol in any interview, and certain words or questions are prohibited. ATS simply helps you to avoid these blunders and makes sure that you as an HR personnel are unbiased and compliant to all the set protocols of your Organization. The ATS makes sure that the HR personnel is not discriminatory while selecting a candidate.
  • Customizable And Configurable
    Corporate offices, Manufacturing units, and even Retail stores -  all prefer a system that can offer custom application processing. And the ATS is known for its superb configuration and customization features. A Company or Organization can add and customize different features according to their requirements. Some of the most in-demand customizable features of the ATS are:
    1) Video Interviews
    2) Pre-assessment of Candidates
    3) Requisition Automation Process
  • Eliminate Non-Qualified Applications
    The Applicant Tracking System can literally hand pick applicants by selecting the best applicant as per the requirements of the Organization. The ATS sets all the requirements per se: Years of Experience, Personality and Analytic Assessment, Qualification Assessment, Skill Assessment - all of which ultimately brings out a candidate with relevant skills required for the job.
  • Improve Company Image By Improving Employee Retention
    ATS software solutions play a vital role in selecting the right person for the job, so there will be a likelihood that both the employer and employee are satisfied with each other. This along with organizational support and cordial atmosphere, a strong bond between employee and organization is created, which often leads to employee satisfaction and retention. These days people will trust a company more that uses modern technology which informs the people about their selection procedure at each and every stage. A Company also has to assess their employees in terms of Performance, Level of Dedication and much more, and maintaining records of all these data is a costly affair. But with an ATS in place, the Company can easily solve all these cumbersome issues and subsequently enhance their image.

Working of ATS

Suppose an applicant submits an application for a particular job through the ATS, then, all of his or her individual information, which includes the contact address, contact mode, educational highlights, professional experience, the basic covering letter, and the curriculum vitae, will get uploaded to the system. The company management can view the details, send an email or other related notices to the candidates, and can conduct interviews. The details can be passed from stage to stage, in accordance with the candidate’s performance in the selection process. It becomes handy for the personnel management staff to manage the records of the selected candidates for all the organizational matters, including the payroll creation.

Popular ‘Applicant Tracking Software Applications’

The method of functioning and the manpower requirement of organizations will vary. Hence, companies must choose an ATS that will perfectly go well with the practical necessities. There are numerous ‘Applicant Tracking Software Applications’ out there in the contemporary market. However, the most common ones are Zoho Recruit, Greenhouse, Jobscience, RecruiterBox, Jazz, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters, Bullhorn, Jobvite, and Workable.

Workable stands first with a user-rating of (4.80/5). Greenhouse with (4.69/5) come next. RecruiterBox (4.65/) comes in the third position. The others are Jazz (4.52/5), Zoho Recruit (4.49/5), iCIMS (4.49/5), SmartRecruiters (4.24/5), Bullhorn (3.97/5), and Jobvite (3.89/5). Out of this bunch, iCIMS and Bullhorn can be considered as high-end, as far as the pricing is concerned. Others come under the average category. Bullhorn, iCIMS, Jobvite and Greenhouse do not offer a free trial. The rest of the bunch offers this valuable feature, which will be of much help to the users. Choosing the perfect ATS perfectly for your business can bring you the joy of seamless business experience.

Features of ATS System:

  1. Usage:
    1. The applicant tracking software solutions have easy navigation features making it possible for you to work on the software without getting stuck up
    2. All tasks have inbuilt support system with instructions on how to go through each step in the software data compilation
  2. Communication:
    1. The applicant tracking software is ideal for communication with clients/candidates.
    2. Mass emails are possible with this automated software
    3. All the communication that takes place is stored so it can be viewed or retrieved at any time.
  3. Career Sites and Social Media:
    1. Most top rated & best applicant tracking systems can be integrated with career sites like Candidates might not be aware of this but it helps companies in hiring suitable candidates. Some software can be integrated with social media pages for publishing openings and collection of resumes.
  4. Managing Resumes:
    1. The application tracking system software collects resumes from emails automatically. It uploads emails at one go enabling you to view them together.
    2. Contact information is saved in the contacts format so that you can directly go to that section to contact them.
    3. Good search options are available for candidate profiling.
    4. Duplicate documents or even duplicate candidate data are detected.
    5. Candidate resumes are accepted in all file formats.
    6. Consolidation of the applicant is done from all sources.
  5. Tracking Applicants:
    1. You can customize the recruitment and selection process.
    2. Team members can do different work at the same time quickly saving time.
    3. Applicant’s status can be checked regarding their progress in hiring process.
    4. Sometimes companies might get large numbers of resumes which might be difficult to go through. Application tracking system software gives you selected candidates to check on.
  6. Hiring Management:
    1. You can automatically update the careers page on your website by publicizing openings. The Same benefit is seen on your social media pages also.
    2. Applicant’s questionnaire is customized according to your needs.
    3. Filters are automated making it possible to email applicants.
    4. You can check on the applicants that are automatically selected.
    5. You can export all the relevant data in excel file.
  7. Collaborating Recruitment process:
    1. You can share updates and evaluate candidates internally.
    2. Automated emailing to candidates is possible.
    3. You can create and delegate tasks to team members during the process.
    4. Sharing information of potential applicants with team members is possible.
    5. As an administrator, you can manage access information for different employees or team members

Other features of ATS:

There are other features of the ATS. The candidates can be assessed through online tests and can be interviewed virtually to know the skills and their suitability for the company. In addition to the smooth recruiting process, ATS provides the ease of virtual meetings through video conferencing with guaranteed authenticity. The incorporation of ATS in mobile platforms makes the job easier. A majority of recruiters have Smartphone access 24/7, and the mobile career page will make it easier for the candidates to log on and apply faster than ever. The mobile experience of ATS makes recruiting possible anywhere and anytime. 

ATS provides Advanced Search tool which provides the feasibility of searching a candidate as per the required skill just by typing certain keywords and phrases. The interview tools, on the other hand, become handy while scheduling interviews and video conferences. ATS provides you with analytics which will allow you to gather, store, and generate reports to guide you throughout the hiring process. Companies spend a huge amount every year in recruiting Human resource, so choosing wisely by investing the right amount of time and money is the priority. With the ATS, you can have an effortless and efficient hiring process. 

Social media recruiting also brings the social media pools which will provide an abundance of active as well as passive applicants. Candidate data are pulled into the system and managed for checking and piling as per needs. At times personal communication with the applicants without compromising on the hiring process becomes very much helpful. ATS helps in smoothing the communication process allowing you to contact multiple applicants without worrying about manual emailing. ATS makes sure that the applicants are updated with their screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and the given offers. 

Applicant Tracking System Advantages

The realm of recruiting has been completely revolutionized by the use of applicant tracking systems; they are the perfect tool for employers to build a dream team! ATS software can help an organization choose the best talent available in the market by selecting the most suitable resumes for specific vacant job positions. It is versatile in nature and performs a multitude of functions such as tracking job opportunities, managing resumes, updating candidate information, storing contact details and maintaining relevant recruitment databases.

There are number reasons why recruiters are adopting applicant tracking systems to transform their talent acquisition process. Here are some prominent advantages of applicant tracking systems that can have a huge positive impact of your bottom line results –

  1. Saves Time and Money - ATS software solutions play a vital role in saving organizations huge amount of time and money by automating tedious HR administration processes. Personnel related expenditures that come due to piles of paperwork get eliminated and cost efficiency of the recruitment procedure is enhanced.
  2. Magnify Your Talent Pool – An applicant tracking system is a repository of information about potential candidates. Since an ATS can be integrated with a number of platforms which include social media also, your company can form its own database of suitable candidates who can be potential hires in the future. It can identify suitable applicants and categorize them for job positions that are best suited to their skill set.
  3. Streamlines the Hiring Process – An ATS acts as a one place recruitment stop for all resumes, applications and forms. It streamlines the talent acquisition process by systematically sorting, filtering and storing recruitment related data. Your recruitment process is simplified and you have a constantly updated talent databank to cater to all your manpower requirements.
  4. A great first Impression – Applicant tracking systems make the entire recruitment process a delightful experience for candidates! It is fair, transparent and convenient in nature, and informs candidates at every stage of the procedure. This leads to a strong connection between the organization and candidates.
  5. Integrates All Recruitment Channels – Applicant tracking systems can largely increase the social reach of your organization by integrating with various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is also mobile-friendly so potential employees can easily apply directly for jobs through their smartphones, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

There is no doubt that applicant tracking systems can completely transform your recruitment process! It can massively improve the quality of hired candidates, and can make sure you fit the person on the job. In the context of the current talent wars, an applicant tracking system is the perfect tool that can be leveraged to attract, identify and retain a diverse workforce for your organization.

Building Executive Buy-in

Creating the executive buy-in feature within the ATS is a bit demanding task. Resourceful ideas hold the key here. Blending some specific features, which will be handy for the practical functioning of the different sections of the company, is an effective way for attracting the top management personnel.

The ATS must be handy for the HR department, as well as the various other organizational divisions. However, to persuade the management personnel to buy the software, it must have some gripping elements that will focus on the overall management of the company. In short, ATS must make the administrative functions more efficient, reduce the prolonged process of hiring, and must centralize the various tasks related to the employees. A common language and a shared perspective are needed for proper functioning of the ATS.

The role of the CTO/CIO, CEO and the CFO in giving advice and suggestions, is very much important. Involving the CTO/CIO will help in minimizing the burden because the IT department constantly aligns itself to the data management, the security and the digital infrastructure of the company. Making the HR and IT teams stand together will attract much more buy-in from executives.

In today’s business market, talent and leadership shortage are two major challenges. Involvement of the CEO will ensure the data analytics and HR team effortlessly review CVs and other key metrics, with the prediction of needed skills in mind. This helps in attracting the required talents at a lesser cost of finance and time. The finance cannot be overlooked. The investment of time and money in ATS and the output needs to be checked. Who, other than the CFO, can provide better advice on this? The CFO will ensure that what is invested is being returned to the company fruitfully.

Challenges of ATS:

  1. Lack of awareness of the latest technology.
  2. Underdeveloped corporate brand.
  3. Workflow of the recruiters’ mismatch with the ATS.

Over time ATS is gaining interest. With an effective ATS, a dedicated HR and IT team, you can guarantee your company a grand success. Try it Now!

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