Top Appointment Management System in India


Appointy is the simplest yet powerful appointment management system. Having advanced features that help to grow and manage the business. It allows to schedule and accepts online appointment, sends automated email/SMS, request, approvals etc.


System BY SetMore
Setmore is free online appointment Management software. Beautifully designed with super intuitive features like just drag & drop to book appointments. Clients can schedule an appointment at anytime anywhere, without any phone calls.


System BY Addy Systems LLC
TimeTap is a full online scheduling for directly convert user's missed call into Booking Appointments. It is easy-to-use for developing the site and increasing traffic on that. It's having characteries like manage appointments, customize booking forms, directly generate email, vital mobile applications, 2-way calendar syncs.


System BY vCita
vCita is the amazing solution for the customer management. Manages your business and the schedule calendar and better interaction with customers at a short span of time. Seamlessly provides Client management, online reservation system, SMS marketing etc.

System BY is a cloud-based appointment manager. Completely suits for service industries. With this solution, users can schedule an appointment, collect feedback to optimize the revenue, reminders and improve the performance.


A web-based hospital management ERP
MediSteer is a web-based state-of-the-art product covering all aspects of operations and management of small, medium and large-scale hospitals. It helps in improving operational effectiveness and customer care resulting in reduced costs and medical errors.

Acuity Scheduling

System BY Acuity Scheduling
Acuity Scheduling is the best companion of appointment scheduling software. The customer can see the real-time schedule calendar and available slot, self-select and book appointments or cancel them in advance.


System BY TimeTrade
TimeTrade is the smart Appointment Management Software that provides customized service to all the customers, anytime to improve consumer loyalty, satisfaction, maintain relationship with the existing customer, and expands sales growth.


System BY BookingBug Limited
BookingBug is web-based Appointment management Software. It empowers associations to market and offers their services through multiple channels. Regardless of whether schedule the appointments by the hour, day or week, run events, classes or courses, BookingBug gives tools to simply and safely manage appointments from end-to-end.


System BY ScheduleOnce
ScheduleOnce is an end-to-end Appointment Management platform that engages with all major calendars, CRM, and web conferencing tool. Serve the service to various firms i.e. financial, consulting, healthcare, hospitalities, and education and IT Companies.


System BY Bitrix Inc.
Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM software which provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. It is a collaboration platform that's perfect for CRM. It has over 30 tools that will help your business grow and enjoy the work in a team.

Appointment Plus

System BY StormSource
We're the worldwide leader in online appointment scheduling solutions that helps thousands upon thousands of businesses in 16 countries operate more efficiently and effectively. In short, we completely automate the scheduling process for businesses and organizations that depend on accurate appointment scheduling by letting their customers book appointments and reservations online.


Advanced online appointment scheduler
BookSteam is the leading online appointment scheduling solution which is packed with premium features such as client reminders, client reviews, payments, multiple locations and many more. Book appointments easily with the help of this scheduling software.

hCue's Clinic Management Software

Intuitive Clinic Management System-High Efficiency
hCue is a cloud based Clinic Management Software for doctors. It helps you to book doctor appointment online, to be discovered easily, and connect to pharmacies and labs, Refer and be referred by fellow doctors using hCue's Clinic Management System.


Zenoti is a leading cloud-based, business software
With Zenoti, spa and salon managers are able to manage their appointment manager, POS, CRM, employee scheduler, payroll, and inventory. It also helps them with marketing promotions, online reservation system, online sales, etc.

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From a small spa to a crowded hospital, no matter how small or big your business is, it will be scattered if appointments are not managed well. Previously, appointments and schedules were managed manually. The traditional way of managing appointments was not promising, and numerous detailed used to miss. To a business that highly depends upon appointments, this is not acceptable.

Appointment management software is highly beneficial to book appointments, manage schedules, meetings or any important gathering. It is available in both: Desktop application & web-based systems.

Appointment scheduling software has proved itself beneficial in many genres of business because of following benefits:

  1. Reduce missing appointments: Appointment management software drops a reminder to your clients when the scheduled date of the meeting is close by. Many times it happens that clients fail to show up because of their busy schedule, and they miss out appointments. Online appointment scheduling software drops a reminder to every clients or customer who is up for a meeting in upcoming days.
  2. Clients can schedule an appointment: The scheduling software allows clients to book appointments or a meeting by himself as per his free slot. Appointment management software shows the free slots to clients and gives a calendar view. Based on client’s own availability, he can book a meeting and track it.
  3. Staff management: Apart from managing clients, this system can manage your staff as well. A manager or a CEO meets a lot of people everyday which also consists staff. When you’re having a large number of workforce, it is convenient when employees know when his manager or CEO is available. This way, employees don’t have to waste their time in waiting, as well as CEO can also know the matter of the meeting.
  4. Link to your website: Linking your appointment management software to your website can give you numerous benefits. Potential clients can schedule an online demo for the product or one on one meeting. Many potential buyers may want to know more about your products or services, it is a good chance to educate your buyers about your product. If it’s easy for a prospect to schedule an appointment directly from the website, it creates a very good first impression about your company.
  5. Finding success ratio: At the end of the month, you’ll have all the data regarding online appointment booking. You can find out your success ratio by simply counting the number of successful meetings out of total meetings. You can change your strategies to increase the number of successful meetings. You can find loopholes in the way you present your product to your clients. Based on this number, you can change your business revenues.

Industries where Appointment Management Software can be used:

Online appointment booking system has proved itself to be very productive where meetings and gatherings are extremely important:

  1. Hospitals or clinics can use doctor appointment app where patient appointments are very necessary
  2. A Gym or a health centre
  3. Consultancy services like tax consultant, HR consultants, or financial advisors
  4. Restaurants and hotels where waiting lists are arranged based on the availability
  5. Spa or meditation center where schedules are booked in advance
  6. Library or paid office space where meetings are held in advance
  7. Auditorium halls where events are pre-booked on a specific time and date which cannot be compromised

Some of the important features Appointment Management Software provides:

  1. Online appointment bookings from clients
  2. Improved management of data from all the clients and subject of the appointment
  3. Tracking of meeting or appointment
  4. Reminders to clients about their schedule or meeting with the help of schedule calendar
  5. Better staff management and improved efficiency
  6. Online payment acceptance from clients
  7. Promotions and deal management

Bottom Line:

Any individual whose business entirely depends upon schedules, meetings, and appointments, this software can bring a lot of great benefits to him. A chiropractor or a gynecologist whose business entirely depends upon the number of patients, this online reservation system is immensely necessary for him. Any small business like a spa or a consultancy service where every meeting can bring business, this appointment manager software is necessary.

In a nutshell, an appointment management software can manage your meetings or online appointments, and staff so well, so that you can focus on achieving your main goal.