Best Architecture Software in 2018 for Architects & Builders

Autodesk Architecture

Software BY Autodesk Inc.
It's develop higher quality, more innovative projects with tools for design, documentation, visualization, and simulation available in Autodesk architecture software. Improve communication throughout the project lifecycle by more securely managing and sharing data with collaborators and stakeholders.

Allplan Architecture

Software BY Allplan Deutschland GmbH
Allplan Architecture is object-oriented 3D design software for the complete building process. Allplan Architecture supports architects and designers from presentation of the initial draft to the production of working drawings and detailed design layouts, as well as construction cost planning.

3D Architect Home Designer

Software BY Eleco Software Limited
3D Architect Home Designer range of software is powerful and flexible 3D home design software dedicated to small and large scale projects including new builds, self-builds, house extensions, renovations, loft and garage conversions, outdoor and indoor living spaces.


Software BY Trimble Mobility Solutions
SketchUp users are architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers. They are the people who shape the physical world. They are important, and they deserve great tools because great tools produce great work.

ConceptDraw PRO

Software BY CS Odessa Corp.
Conceptdraw Pro is world-class diagramming platform that lets you display, communicate, and present dynamically. Powerful enough to draw everything from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics.


Software BY ACCA software
Edificius architecture software allows great freedom with custom Working Drawing layouts and import/export in standard formats such as DXF/DWG for your CAD drawings, OBJ and 3DS for your 3D models, BMP and JPG for your renders.

PC Architect 2D

Drawing Automation at its Best
Pc Architect-2D is a Cad based Architectural Software developed by a Group of Architects based in Pune, Mumbai & Ahmedabad. Everybody now a days has One or the other Shortcuts developed at the smaller level.

Chief Architect

Software BY Chief Architect Inc.
Chief Architect Software is a leading developer and publisher of 3D Architectural home design software for builders, designers, architects and home DIY enthusiasts. For professionals, we publish the Chief Architect® software product line, the most popular product for residential home design.

Vectorworks Architect

Software BY Vectorworks Inc.
Vectorworks Architect software delivers an exciting suite of capabilities that takes you from sketch to BIM. Get inspired and maintain your creative edge as you explore and develop your ideas right in the program. Work with collaborators in the same file. Design in 2D or 3D.


Software BY SoftPlan Systems Inc.
SoftPlan home design software offers practical tools that are simple to learn and easy to use. SoftPlan offers a unique and industry leading solution for residential and light commercial design. Maximum automation combines with a short learning curve to create unlimited home design possibilities.


Software BY SmartDraw Software LLC
SmartDraw's architectural drawing software, designing architecture plans has never been easier. Whether you are a professional designer or a beginner, the ease of use and broad selection of templates and examples help make you instantly productive.


Software BY GRAPHISOFT SE. offers state-of-art architectural design software for free: here you can download ARCHICAD, GRAPHISOFT’s 3D architectural design software with the industry-first GRAPHISOFT BIM Server application for model-based team collaboration.

ZWCAD Architecture

Software BY ZWCAD Software Co. Ltd.
ZWSOFT providing the most reliable and outstanding CAD/CAM solutions for its customers. Our products meet the needs of drafters across the 2D and 3D design industries, including AEC (architecture, engineering, construction), mechanics, manufactures, and electronics.


Software BY Digital Canal
SolidBuilder has been known world-wide as the most powerful, flexible and proven professional design software for builders. Its front end, Building Blocks make it fast and easy to learn and use. Simply move blocks around on your screen, size them, and let SolidBuilder build the accurate scaled 3D model for you to render and print your plans.


Software BY PS Software Solutions LLC
ArchAdministrator is high quality, easy to use and fully integrated accounting, document, resource and project management software for architects and engineers that runs on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and more.

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What is an architecture software?

Architecture software is used to make 2D and 3D structural, home and remodeling designs. Architects, interior designers and students use these software’s for designing and visualizing the structures to be built. They are used to create architectural drawings, documentation and making design iterations which otherwise is a tedious process.

Architecture software’s are used by seasoned architects, proficient interior designers, beginners and students for class projects and by civil engineers. In this age of automation, professionals are adopting software’s and tools that reduce their efforts and the time consumed in making detailed structural plans.

The wide range of 2D and 3D plans and automated features makes the designing easier. Professionals can choose from the basic software’s for learners to advanced software’s for the professionals.

Features of an architectural software

It’s a tough task to choose the right architecture software to suit your needs. Often selecting the industry’s top software will not be the best choice. Firstly determine the priorities such as the operating system you’re using (Windows or Mac), the cost, functionalities and interoperability. The functionalities vary – the needs of an architecture student are different from those of an architect, interior designer or a civil engineer.Features of an architectural software

Listed underneath are the features your architecture software should possess:

  1. Technical support – Architecture software’s come with many features and functionalities. Features needed by a beginner are different from those required by a pro, hence ensure that the software you select supports your level of learning. Is it accompanied by a manual or a technical support team you can reach out to immediately if stuck at any point?
  2. User friendly - In case of sustainable designs, the architecture software needs to be such that the changes made with respect to one parameter have to be implemented throughout the project. Such a software leads to consistent and efficient designing. Is it easy to use, can it be operated without a manual? The key to good designs are easy to understand features, consistent and fault-free designs. Before purchase check if the software is compatible with your operating system.
  3. Supporting building information – The software supporting building information works wonders for your business. Supplementary information such as 3D designing, complete documentation, list of all materials needed and cost approximation should be provided by the architecture software. This is particularly helpful for professionals working on industrial and residential projects.
  4. Sustaining Workflows – In the architectural profession it is essential to analyze every proposed concept, set timelines and meet goals during the entire project cycle. Look for a software that supports workflows and keeps each progress in check.
  5. Flexibility – If your workstation has multiple people working on the same system, look for software that supports the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals. Simple user interface, ability to draw from scratch and including components such as roof, windows and other objects makes the designing easier.

Importance of architecture software in making your business grows:

Noted underneath are the benefits afforded by architecture software’s for corporate firms and startups.

Saves time by breaking down barriers – These intelligence based software’s aid in building and managing construction projects at a faster pace and are cost effective. The comprehensive solutions including design, documentation, collaboration and conceptualization to enhance decision making and improved business.

Improves efficiency – A lot of time which would otherwise have gone in conceptualization, designing and meeting goals is saved by using architecture software’s. Sustainable practices, accurate analyses and collaborative workflows shared and conducted on cloud allows businesses to climb the ladder of success quickly.

Buyers Guide: -

In order to shortlist your architecture software you have to go through some of the key things to look into: -

  1. How often its software upgrades.
  2.  Before buying software ask for free trial or demo for 7 to 10 days if the software provides.
  3. Also look at the industry alignments if the software provides all those.
  4. Check the compatibility and user friendliness of the software before buying it.

Some of the issues encountered with the architecture software: -

  1. Compatibility – Some software’s are compatible with Windows while others with Mac. Remember to check the software’s compatibility with your operating system.
  2. Installation – When the software is not installed properly, it is unable to run the desired functions. Ask the software company to install it on your system.

Inability of the support staff to assist you virtually in times of technical issues can become frustrating. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Documentation – Enhanced PDF’s, Smart dimensioning, Revision clouds, Refined interface, Ribbon galleries, Help windows, command preview and intelligent command line.
  2. Design – Online maps, Realty computing, Surface curve computing, context sensitive press-pull surface, surface analysis and in-canvas viewport control.
  3. Connectivity – A 360 connectivity, inventor file support, AutoCAD 360 app and DWG technology.
  4. Customization - Sysvar monitor and Expendable UI.