Best Artificial Intelligence Software


Software BY Brainasoft
Braina is one of the best AI software that supports multiple languages and serves as a virtual voice recognition software for Windows PC. Using this software, users can convert speech to text at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence software supports more than 100 different languages and helps to make tasks easier.


Software BY 5Analytics GmbH
5Analytics is an AI software for implementing digital business models by improving and automating commercial decision-making process. Best AI software has a good and intuitive design. It is modern yet simple to use and can integrate seamlessly with existing applications.

Manthan Artificial Intelligence

Software BY Manthan Software Services Pvt. Ltd
Manthan AI is an AI software for better business analytics. It is best artificial intelligence software customized to suit the retail and consumer businesses. It offers a full range of an AI-powered analytics to help you modernize your business and yield more profits. It supports multiple languages and is a must-have if you are in business like fashion & apparels, restaurant, laundry, and so on.


Software BY Intellectsoft US
Intellectsoft is an Artificial Intelligence Software for taking your business to unmatched heights. It helps to make the various functions involved in business easier and simpler. It has a module for each department for automation, high security, increasing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

B2B Artificial Intelligence Software

Best Artificial Intelligence Software by MRPFD
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) is a best AI software which can manage all the aspects of the manufacturing process. It has got a number of modules namely master production schedules, bill of material, purchase management, capacity planning, contract management, tool management and much more. These modules help you manufacture more effectively and efficiently thus increasing your profits.


Software BY Yseop
Yseop artificial intelligence software can be your best companion for Smart Natural Language Generation (NLG). Using this software you can create a link between humans and machines by writing and explaining data in six different languages. It can be used on your PC or on your personal cloud and provides you the power to be multilingual.


Artificial Intelligence Software by das-Nano
das-Nano is the leading company AI software for scientific research, technological and international companies. It helps to perform complex functions in an easier manner using various technologies such as Nanotechnology, etc. It serves a number of attributes such as safety, accuracy, optimum solutions, perfect layout, and much more.

Driverless AI

Best Artificial Intelligence Software by
Driverless AI is an open-source Machine Learning and Data Science platform. It has been ranked among the 16 best vendors by the Garter’s 2018 magic Quadrant. It is best AI software great support for people from different fields as it helps the users extract insights from data. It has a number of satisfied customers including Cisco, Comcast, Progressive and many more.

Ultra Hal Assistant

Software BY Zabaware, Inc
Zabaware has introduced Ultra Hal Ai, an award-winning chatbot. It artificial intelligence software works as your personal assistant and can understand spoken or typed English. It can be your guide or entertainer as it has the power to discuss any topic learning from whatever you speak.

Atomic AI

Artificial Intelligence Software by Atomic Reach
Atomic Reach is a content marketing AI software that gives suggestions and recommendations on how to write the most impressive content. It engages with social sites to promote the data and provides unmatched guidance that helps to create unique high-quality content to attract traffic. 


Best AI Software by Albert Technologies LTD
Adgorithms is a best artificial intelligence software for empowering teams from different departments of your business perform better. They have something for each team from every business, whether it is small or big. It is a software that learns and scales with your business.


Software BY DemandJump, Inc.
DemandJump is an Artificial Intelligence Software for finding qualified traffic sources. It is a complete package with features that help you perform a number of attributes, namely, maintaining a strong relationship with customers, grabbing traffic from competitors, directing teams to work more efficiently, making way for cross-channel analysis and much more.


Software BY Metigy
Metigy is a modern AI software for utilizing social marketing to the fullest. It has advanced modules which help you give unique ideas to derive the best out of social media pages on different platforms. It is easy to learn and has an intuitive interface. 


Software BY Astro Technology, Inc
Astro is a best artificial intelligence software powered with modules that can manage all your emails in the perfect manner. It AI Software is loaded with numerous characteristics such as compatibility with Gmail, segregating the most important emails from the not so important ones, identifying the unread emails and notifying you to unsubscribe it, and much more.

Orb Composer

Orb Composer is a smart ai software for composing music. This Artificial Intelligence Software includes modules that help in various operations, such as, playing for missing instruments, generating accurate music design, selecting different parameters i.e dark, contrast, tempo etc., arranging instruments, giving unique ideas and much more.

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