Best IT Asset Management Software For Business

Spine Assets

Web Based Asset Management System
Spine Assets is a user-friendly IT asset management software solution for managing the acquisition, relocation and disposal of your assets. It also provides features like depreciation calculation, physical verification, barcode reader, importing data, etc.

BMC Asset Management

Software BY BMC Software
BMC asset management tool that helps you gain control, compliance and visibility of your IT assets to generate maximum return on your IT investments.It is a seamlessly automated process that effectively manages your IT assets.

SysAid IT Asset Management

Asset Management Software BY SysAid Technologies Ltd.
SysAid IT Asset Management provides a complete record of all computers, mobile devices, software, and other devices on your network, including their attributes.

ServiceNow Asset Management

Asset Tracking Solutions BY ServiceNow
ServiceNow is an Asset Management tool that tracks hardware assets and software assets by collecting inventory, financial and contractual information. This enterprise asset management software system helps asset managers plan the IT inventory according to the organisational needs.

Asset Panda

Cloud Asset Management Software BY Asset Panda
Asset Panda offers a centralized asset database along with world-class customer support and secure access to your asset management system. It's web based asset management software is highly flexible with unlimited configurations that quickly integrate with legacy systems.


IT Asset Management Tool BY Samanage Ltd
Samanage IT Asset Tracking Software allows you to easily control your technology environment. It delivers a superior user experience in the cloud by providing quick insights into what is being used across a network by tracking different assets.


Asset Management Solutions BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase.


IT Asset Management Software BY Lansweeper
Lansweeper asset management automatically scans and rescans all of your network computers and devices as you configure it. PCs that are not part of your network can be inventoried as well thanks to the agent included in all licenses.


IT Asset Tracking Software BY Wasp Barcode Technologies
AssetCloud is an asset management tool that provides improved check-in/check-out processes, faster auditing, and accurate reporting. It presents all the required hardware, software and asset tags you need to implement an asset management system.

Microsoft Asset Management

Software BY Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Asset Management helps you to get most returns from IT investments. It controls costs and risks; optimizes the use and cost of existing software assets and aligns your investments with your business goals.

Kaizen Asset Manager

Asset Tracking Solutions BY Kaizen Software Solutions
Kaizen is an asset management system that helps you to track your assets, how much they cost, and more. This asset tracking app is easy to install software enables you to use existing barcodes or create your very own check in and check out tools.


Powerful Cloud Based IT Asset Management Software
Freshservice is a cloud based ITIL Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that adds user experience on top of powerful Ticketing and Asset Management capabilities serving more than 13000 customers worldwide.


Asset Lifecycle Management Software BY Symphony Summit
Summit Asset Management Software focuses on minimizing cost and increasing the return on IT investments with the help of their ITIL 2011 certified solution. This online asset management app manages software compliances, software and hardware metering.

RAM Asset Management

Asset Management Solution BY Real Asset Management
Real Asset Management is the solution for Asset Tracking, Fixed Asset Accounting, and CMMS. Designed for the especially construction business. Its features can control, track and record on auditing, risk management, error-less asset report.

Ivanti IT Asset Management

Asset Management App BY Ivanti
Ivanti IT Asset Management is one of the top asset management solutions designed for small and medium businesses. Ivanti's Asset tracking solutions are a business practice that includes overseeing and enhancing the buy, arrangement support, use, and transfer of software resources within an association.

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Asset management refers to a system that monitors and maintains the valuable things of an entity or group. It manages both, tangible assets such as land, machinery, buildings and intangible assets such as goodwill, patents, copyrights, intellectual property, and financial assets. It is a systematic process of identifying, managing, monitoring, upgrading and disposing of assets in a way that is beneficial for the entity.

With the change in the Market, most of the assets are now available on digital platforms. Thus, Asset management is also coined for ownership of digital property, transfer of digital assets, digital value, software inventory, etc.

Asset Management can be classified as follows:

  • Asset management of hardware assets
  • Asset management of software assets

What is IT Asset Management Software?

The software which is used to manage all IT assets of an organization like shares, bonds, real estate, copyrights, software licenses etc., is called IT asset tracking software. Any organization whose business is mainly around dealing with assets will definitely need to make use of asset management solutions as they play a major role in the progress of any industry. Many industries nowadays have both tangible as well as intangible assets that need to be managed in an efficient way.

How does an Asset Management System work?

Asset management system starts with taking stock of all IT assets of the company, right from machinery equipment to electronic items to furniture. This tool assists in speeding up the management process of IT assets. An organization can keep records of their assets with the help of this system by preparing specific schedules and records of the replacements. The asset management solutions also calculate depreciation and can be programmed to give the reminder as and when there needs to be a replacement or repair of any of the assets.

The management of intangible assets like computer software, patents, copyrights, business policies, license terms, etc., is far more difficult than tangible assets. Even items like computers, printers, typewriters are also considered as assets and are taken care of by this software. IT asset management tools play a major role in tracking all computers, printer etc. placed in the organization. IT asset management software also keeps the records regarding maintenance or services provided to the equipment. ITAM tools also show that which assets are most useful for the organization and which are less useful.

Tasks Carried Out By Asset Management Software

  • Determining Strategies for all Equipment: The entire ITAM software system costs are calculated with analysis, so as to determine the investment and operating costs for a particular time period.
  • Contract Management: The Asset Tracking Software manages your contracts efficiently and safely. It helps you upload and attach documents to contracts. Helps you with managing leases, warranties, and contracts. Automatically monitors important contracts.
  • Reporting: With this feature, the software alerts you with custom and also detailed web reporting. These reports are enabled with animations and display options.
  • Software License management: Software asset management system links software to proof of purchase, selling, and installations. It also alerts and updates the users with licensing problems.

Must-Have Features of IT Asset Management Software:

There must be several functions offered by the asset tracking software. It depends on the needs and requirements of the particular organization. But if we look in general, following are the functions that an it asset inventory tool can perform:

Asset inventory streamlining:

Take advantage of proven, flexible or customized inventory processes. IT Asset Management should be ready to take the time and hassle-free asset inventories with:

  • An integrated agent-push utility
  • Customized inventory processes that support network inventory and standalone device inventories and multiple scheduling choices
  • Scan-on-demand of specific devices for real time computer inventory information
  • Automatic product updates

Software usage:

IT Asset Management Software should leverage its collection of frequently updated software inventory and license data to offer visibility into desktop and server-side software usage trends.

  • Create detailed and extensive reports, including the usage reports with software license management tools
  • Get detailed tracking for application runtimes
  • Identify major applications and target unused applications for reduction
  • Track the software usage to specific users and devices
  • Track the usage of software even the devices are disconnected from the network

Automatic identification of asset:

The software asset management system automates and accelerates the process of identification of all the hardware and software assets. Asset identification features must include:

  • Automatic recognition of the products and devices
  • Auto-discovery that checks software against a knowledge base
  • Recognition of software suites
  • A fast and convenient mechanism for adding devices and products

Usage and compliance reporting:

Compliance reporting is enriched by a reporting engine from Business Objects, which is included with Asset Management System. Its reporting capabilities must include:

  • An integrated reporting across all the Configuration Management products
  • Comprehensive web reporting with multiple charts and display options
  • Asset history and trend analysis
  • Custom reports and alerts

License management and reconciliation:

License management and license reconciliation features in asset tracking system make it possible to keep your software licenses in perfect sync with the software you actually use.

  • Automatically reconcile discovered and purchased products and devices
  • Links software inventory to proof of purchase and installations
  • Drill down the compliance reports for underlying purchases and installations
  • Receive automatic email that notifies you of the licensing problems

Integrated contract management:

IT Asset Management tools leverage the information in the database to manage IT contracts. An efficient IT asset lifecycle management software makes it easy to deploy and manage applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Manage all the details of a wide range of IT contracts, including maintenance, warranties, and leases
  • Automatically monitor and be notified of key contract milestones
  • Associate contracts with specific licenses, IT assets, and users
  • Upload and attach documents to the contracts
  • Define lease related schedules

What are the Benefits of Using an IT Asset Management System?

  • You don't have to entrust someone to manage your assets. Even if you hire a company to manage them for you, it is a good choice to know what is going on by following along with your own software. If you don't trust anyone else, asset management system will give you the best and safer option.
  • IT asset management software are more affordable than an asset management company or an asset manager. Start with the asset management solution and see if you can efficiently manage your assets or not. You can always hand it over to an expert later if you feel you can no longer manage everything effectively on your own.
  • The features of a good asset tracking software will show you exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to effectively manage the assets you hold today and the ones that you will pick up in the future.
  • The risk of missing something important is reduced significantly when the asset software is used effectively. The biggest risk when managing your IT assets is missing out or losing track of small details. This happens when you are disorganized, but effective asset management app holds it all together so you are always organized.

Asset Tracking System helps you focus on other areas of your organisation by aiding you in the process of management. It is a clear choice for organisations who would like to emerge successfully.

Impact of IT Asset Management Software

It is certainly undeniable that asset management tool is the key to the door to success. It hugely impacts a company. It helps the company find stability with asset management. Many companies have started using this software irrespective of their asset size. The impact of it has been widespread.

  • One doesn't need to worry about entrusting the software. It provides a safe and effective management to handle and improve your IT assets.
  • IT asset inventory management software keeps a track of Investment of future endeavours and also keeps a track of the older ones. Also, provides an insight into which to discard and how to discard.
  • One need not worry about hiring someone to manage and look after the assets. Be rest assured that they are in safe hands and well monitored.
  • IT hardware asset management software certainly improves the work environment, increasing efficiency and creating a proactive atmosphere. It sets everything in place and organizes it effectively.

IT asset tracking system takes all your responsibilities for managing IT assets and it facilitates you to focus on other major activities of your organization. Go ahead and select the best IT asset management software that satisfies all your requirements.

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