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Easy and Simple to use HR Software
greytHR is the preferred time tracking software for businesses. It automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,800+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, we understand what it takes to deliver a high quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis.

Best Timesheet software in India with HR & Payroll
Keka Timesheet Management System is the only platform that has complete Timesheet capabilities that allows tracking Client & Project hours. And it comes completely integrated with Leaves, Time & Attendance.

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Automate your HR process with Zoho people to maximize your most important asset - your people. It is web-based Attendance Management System for small-medium and enterprise businesses. Zoho people is easy to use and user-friendly software with integrates more powerful features.

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software
HRMantra is the World's most feature rich Attendance Management System helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured.

PeopleApex is a multi-country payroll & HRsoftware
PeopleApex is an integrated end-to-end enterprise-level HCM solution, designed to empower the employee with robust employee self-service (ESS) and at the same time provide a holistic view for managers with manager self-service (MSS). It is designed by industry experts having multi-country in-depth HR & Payroll expertise.

PeopleStrong Alt

On demand HR Technology.Aims to #SimplifyWorklife
PeopleStrong Alt is an HR SaaS technology which can solve over 40 compelling HR problems for you. A comprehensive HR solution on the cloud for recruitment process outsourcing, talent acquisition, applicant tracking system, timesheet management system, leave and attendance.

Paywell Payroll Software

One of the most Innovative Payroll Solution
Paywell software is empowered with user defined Earnings, Deductions, Loan Heads, Component Masters and other statutory configurations.Once the paywell software is configured as per your time attendance system & leave policy, Overtime & COFF rules with accurate Master data, you can process payroll and the associated statutory compliances with a single click.

HR-One: Complete HR Software

Best Attendance Management Software
HR-One is a very easy, smart, scalable and cost effective HRMS solutions in Time attendance software. With 14+ power packed modules, it is well equipped to handle complete HR operations from hire to retire. Available on cloud and on-premises, HR-One comes with flexible pricing options.

EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness

Best Attendance Management System for School
EDUMAAT is an enhanced ERP that automates the education sector that starts from student admission to graduation. An educational institute is a place where the management, the students, the parents and the faculty are identified as stake holders.


Time & Attendance Gamified
1st to Crack the Gamification code on Attendance Platform. Employee Engagement & 100% state wise statutory Compliant Cuckoo Tech is the only one which can live up to your expectations, challenges, and aspirations. Clients tells us, it surpasses their expectations.

Timelabs Professional

Comprehensive Web Based HR Management System
Looking to centralize your HR process across your multi-branch organization.  Look no further. Timelabs is the preferred next generation Web Based comprehensive HR Management System for SOHO, SME & Enterprise to centralize attendance, leave & payroll over the web.

Accord e-HR

A complete workflow based web based HR Solution
Intelliob Accord e-HR is a revolutionary HRMS system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management, Accord timesheet management system solution has been designed with a view to integrate all HR related functions. try it demo for attendance management system free download.


Comprehensive Employee Payroll & Tax Management
PayCare is a comprehensive HR and Payroll Management solution. A revolutionary Online Attendance Management System that promises to take the pain out of HR Department. PayCare is a part of Intelliob Accord family of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Framework.


Best cloud based attendance management system
Managing time attendance and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a Payroll Manager. Intelliob time and attendance & timesheet management system record time and attendance details from fingerprint attendance management software biometric devices. It's best timesheet management & attendance system for all business.

ADP for Time Management

Payroll Software on Cloud
ADP Vista HCM SM is best attendance management system. It designed to handle complexities of all types of business. Once the hr software is customized to your business requirements, you can process payroll and the associated compliances such as TDS, PF and ESI deductions with a single click.

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What is Time and Attendance Management Software?

Time management software is always a crucial parameter of measuring productivity of employees in any organization. Modern day offices need a foolproof, automated attendance management system that helps them in measuring individual performance of employees and thus, in calculating overhead costs. Time and Online Attendance Management System Software has replaced traditional attendance and leave management method by automating the process and directly storing attendance information on a central database.

Time management software is a specially designed application developed to capture employee attendance in real-time, manage leaves and prepare customized reports. An advanced level attendance management application must perform the following tasks.

  1. Simple attendance registration: Track attendance registration of all employees in your organization from a simple attendance registration interface. Ensure accuracy and compliance through easily manageable application and leverage transparency and maintain workflow.
  2. Overtime management: Maintain proper record of employees working extra hours. This helps in managing both finances and human resource management. The time tracking software would offer insight on task distribution and help maintaining compliance with overtime laws.
  3. Leave management: Leaves allotted, applied, approved and denied; all managed through a single platform. Registered users can track, check and apply for time-off from its interactive self-service interface.
  4. Real-time reporting: Most attendance management applications now allow data capturing in real-time. You can now view or demand reportswhenever required. Most vendors would also allow customized reporting and scalability according to your business requirements.
  5. Controlled accessibility: Rights can be reserved for viewing, entering, modifying or deleting data to certain users, based on his/her position in organization hierarchy. The log maintenance system will maintain detailed logs on modified data and will make information available to the reporting module.

Time and attendance management software has become an essential business tool for modern organizations with disperse workforce. Simple front end UI (user interface) allows employees to manage their own attendance.

How Time and Attendance Management Software can help your business?

Benefits of a time and best attendance management software is multidimensional since it helps in streamlining operational and management process by automating employee attendance process in a disperse work environment. Since most organizations now work with teams located in different time zones a centrally management attendance and time management software is the demand of the time. The traditional, manual online attendance management system was cumbersome and offered no guarantee of accuracy. On the other hand, modern, advanced time and attendance software captures real-time data and offers customized reporting solution. It is smart and hassle free and also allows you to meet compliance with labor and overtime laws.

The benefits offered by a modern attendance management application are numerous. Contrary to popular belief, i.e. only large organizations benefit from automation, even small and medium size businesses too can leverage benefits of an automated attendance register system. Several vendors nowadays offer extensive customized versions of their primary product to suit specific business needs of customers. Special modules can be designed or those not required, can be omitted to make the product suitable and budget friendly.

Best attendance management software streamlines and automates operational process and makes the work of human resource managers easier. Through a user friendly interface users can directly login to their respective accounts to update attendance, check leave status and apply, register overtime and more.

The reporting module in most such application is comprehensive and cohesive, which means consolidated reports can be generated on real-time basis. Both pre-defined and customizable report templates are available to generate reports for specific purposes.

Time and attendance management software helps reducing overhead expenses by offering insight to measuring employee productivity. Simultaneously it also helps with attaining labor law compliance and auditing. Success of such application, however, depends on right selection. It is therefore important that one must perform a market research and get comparative review of couple of similar software before selecting the one suitable for his intrinsic needs and budget.

Important features of a Time and Attendance Software

Attendance software has become an important tool for the management in any organization to keep track of employee activities and productivity to optimize cash flow and minimize waste. Timesheet management system helps with monitoring employee performance and payroll software by offering insight on company hierarchy structure. Time management software can turn into a formidable business tool for management. A time and attendance management software suit can generate, manage and maintain records on payrolls and taxes that are required during auditing. An attendance management system software can keep track of employee attendance, work assigned, leaves, overtime and more from a single, integrated platform. Efficient attendance management software should be scalable and adaptive to the changing business requirement of the user. Below we have listed important features of time and attendance management software to help users find a suitable one from the myriad options available.

  1. Attendance management: These applications offer a user interface with login option where users can register their attendance themselves. It will maintain a complete log of employee attendance for each employee and maintain records for reporting and future references.
  2. Leave management: Through user interface, employees can check number of leaves allotted to them; as well as apply and keep track of time-off granted or denied. On the other hand, this report becomes useful for the employee attendance management system software while calculating salary and taxes.
  3. Overtime calculation: If employees are working extra then proper overtime log needs to be maintained. Most attendance system would allow maintaining records for extra hours put forth by employees.
  4. Reporting and compliance: Time and attendance software are designed as per government labor laws to help organizations meet regulation compliances without hassle. The reporting suit helps generating standard reports and can also be customized to prepare specialized reports as per the intrinsic requirements of the organization.

Another important feature that one must check while opting for an automated time attendance management system software is scalability. There are now both locally and cloud hosted solutions available. The later options also allow you to save big on licensing and managing software application, while you can continue enjoying uninterrupted service. The third-party hosted option is more suitable if you are looking to cut back on your IT expenses. There are also customizable applications available that can be designed as per your organization size. While deciding to invest on time tracking software & attendance management software perform a thorough market research before you opt for one. A timesheet software listing a review website can be your best option regarding it.

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