Best Automation Testing Tools 2018


Best automation testing tool by Ranorex GmbH
Ranorex is one of the top software testing tools. It is a very simple tool for testing desktop, web and mobile applications. Has various useful features including capturing and replaying, keyword driven test and data-driven test. Automation test management tools support various user interfaces, namely, Java, HTML, iOS, Android and many more.

SmartBear TestComplete

Tools BY SmartBear Software
SmartBear TestComplete is the latest automation testing tools. It has scalable and simple powered with GUI testing system. It software testing tools specially built for the web, windows, Android, HTML5, Java and many more other such applications. This software is broken out into three modules, namely, desktop, web, and mobile. 

Selenium Automation Tools

Tools BY Selenium
Selenium is a latest automation testing tools used for any size of companies. It composed of several components which make the web automation testing process simple, fast, reliable and easy. Software testing tools work well on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

Katalon Studio

Automation Testing Tools by KMS Technology
Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful test automation solution for Mobile, Web, and API testing. It is a viable alternative to both open-source and commercial test automation solutions. Katalon Studio was set to be an affordable solution to deploy - learn - scale automation testing on all popular platforms. The tool supports various testing technologies (Data-Driven Testing, TDD/BDD, Page Object Model, etc.) and integrates with the modern ALM systems (JIRA, qTest, Slack, CI, Katalon Analytics, etc.).


Tools BY Qualitia Software Pvt. Ltd
Qualitia is the software testing tools that enables to provide all the test related functions in one place. It is very fast and reliable for scriptless testing. It has a number of modules which makes testing easy and fast. Automation test management tools highly customizable for any size of businesses.


Tools BY TestingWhiz
TestingWhiz is a software testing tools for innovative, automated solutions to worldwide enterprises and companies. Automation Testing tools are simple to use and can integrate seamlessly with bug tracking tools like FogBugz, Mantis and many more. It has an Object Eye Internal recorder and has built-in JavaScript with more than 290+ other inbuilt testing commands.


Tools BY Applied Testing and Technology, Inc
ApTest is the best automation testing tools that help to manage software and hardware items. It raises organizational consistency and control throughout the testing process. It is modern, simple to use for with intuitive interface.

Sahi Pro

Software Testing Tools by Sahi Pro
Sahi Pro is an automation testing tools. It is open source and can perform multi-browser testing. Written in Java and Javascript programming language it is a good choice among all the automation tools. It includes attributes, such as the flexibility to work on any browser, stable, simple to arrange automation testing, and so on.


Tools BY Rainforest
Rainforest is latest automation testing tools which help you predict the problems that can be faced by customers before code hits production. it does this at the speed of continuous delivering. It helps you build test cases easily. It is one of the most accurate tools for testing all your test cases on a wide array of platforms. 


Tools BY Ubertesters
Ubertester is an all-in-one mobile and web automation test management tools. It manages the development cycle, provides bug testing and tracking. It tests usability, functionality, and localization. It simplifies your software beta testing activities by managing and monitoring all processes in real time.


Tools BY Gurock
TestRail is an automation tool which helps you create, manage and run test cases in the most efficient manner. It helps you get real-time insights regarding the testing progress and also provides a seamless integration with test automation and issue tracker.

Test Studio

Tools BY Progress Software Corporation
Test Studio is an all-in-one automation testing tool for GUI, performance, API and load testing. It is suitable for web, mobile, and desktop applications. It supports many programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, Silverlight, etc. It can seamlessly integrate with Visual Basic Studio 2010 and 2012.

Silk Test

Tools BY Micro Focus
Silk Test is the best automation testing tool which is designed to perform Regression and Functionality testing in the best possible manner. It supports object-based implementation. Different technologies can be tested using this software namely, Mobile, Java, DOM, Firefox and many more.


Tools BY Testplant Inc
Eggplant is the latest automation testing tools which help to make the easy process for automation testing user-centric raising its efficiency and making it quick. It allows traditional, exploratory and automation testing at one central location. It can run on Mac, Windows or Linux.


Test Automation on Cloud for Web & Mobile Apps
Saves at least 70% of the maintenance efforts by using Dynamic Locator Strategy and AI to suggest affected tests to run for the changes in the application under test.

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