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Bpm’online is a global provider of top-notch process-driven CRM for marketing, sales, and service. The beauty and the core value of bpm’online products are the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales, and service on a single platform. 

Pricing of bpm'online CRM

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Key Features of bpm'online CRM

keyboard_arrow_right Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebooks

keyboard_arrow_right Cloud Computing

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Dashboards

keyboard_arrow_right CRM Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Developer API

keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Generation

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Automation

keyboard_arrow_right Mass Email

keyboard_arrow_right Partner Cloud (VAR or Service Provider)

keyboard_arrow_right Plug-And-Play Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Product Database

keyboard_arrow_right Project management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Quotes

keyboard_arrow_right Solution Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Opportunity Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Management

keyboard_arrow_right Customer DataBase

keyboard_arrow_right Workflow Management

keyboard_arrow_right Call Center Management

keyboard_arrow_right Pipeline Management

keyboard_arrow_right Contract Management

keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Proposal Management

keyboard_arrow_right Inquiry Management

keyboard_arrow_right Interaction Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right List Management

keyboard_arrow_right Quotes Management

keyboard_arrow_right Access Monitoring

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Dashboards & Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Case Management

keyboard_arrow_right Contact Manager

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Support

keyboard_arrow_right Document Management

keyboard_arrow_right Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Collateral

keyboard_arrow_right On-Demand (SaaS)

keyboard_arrow_right Performance Management

keyboard_arrow_right Private Cloud

keyboard_arrow_right Products & Price Books

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Social CRM

keyboard_arrow_right Appointment Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile App

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Force Automation

keyboard_arrow_right Field Sales Management

keyboard_arrow_right Dashboard

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Scoring

keyboard_arrow_right Campaign Management

keyboard_arrow_right Web Forms

keyboard_arrow_right Import & Export Data

keyboard_arrow_right Manage Quotations

keyboard_arrow_right Team Management

keyboard_arrow_right Landing Pages

keyboard_arrow_right Product Catalog

keyboard_arrow_right Customization

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Pipeline Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Omnichannel Communication


Deployment : Both
Payment : Both
API : Yes
Customization : Yes
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
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Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses bpm'online CRM

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:

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Bpm’online is a global provider of top-notch process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service. The beauty and the core value of bpm’online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what’s relevant. Today, the company serves thousands of customers worldwide.

Bpm’online CRM software delivers end-to-end processes to manage a complete customer journey – from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance.

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User Reviews (4) Ask a question

Cassandra Daniels
Position: HR Advisor 
via Linkedin
Awesome CRM
Overall rating

Extensive functionality and user-friendly interface. Powerful business process tools.

Jeremy Viberdorf
Position: Project Manager 
via Linkedin
Powerful and visually appealing CRM
Overall rating

Among other vendors that we considered, we choose bpm'online. With the help of bpm'online CRM, we aligned the work of our marketing, sales and service teams and integrated data from different channels. The bpm'online system provided us with the convenient tool working with lead management. Now, our marketing team can track the complete customer journey. Also, reporting dashboards are powerful and visually appealing. We definitely made a right choice.

Viral Virani
Good software for customer support
Overall rating

My company depends mainly on the quality of customer center performance. It was a huge relief when we launched BPM online CRM. Every single task is organized in a way that it will speed up the workflow and improve our service for customers. My team is able to process all client requests on time without the help of any agents. BPM Online CRM has truly become an important asset for my firm. We have been at the receiving end of some really positive feedback. My firm has largely benefitted from implementation of this CRM software. My team uses all the analysis functions related to work performance for our service agents. This feature helped us to evaluate the time spent by every agent on different activities. It also helped us in reducing the amount of time spent on data input and analysis. Overall, I have observed immense amount of efficiency in the workflow and business processes ever since we deployed BPM online CRM.

Manisha Lakhani
Great Software
Overall rating

BPMonline is a cloud based CRM software that merges client relationship management and business process management tools. The heart of this CRM system is its business process design that allows better process modeling and execution. Implementation of a new process is as simple as modifying an old one. BPM online CRM is easily customizable and it gives my business an incredible insight into product and business development, account ROI etc. Data entry and analysis can be now automatically done with the help of BPM in a matter of minutes. My firm develops custom e-commerce campaigns for a wide range of clients. We needed a solution that would seamlessly blend sales tracking and project management. BPM Online's process creator allowed my team to build a complex process that would adapt to our client needs in real-time and align with the sales process. The reporting capabilities are great and all the reports can be customized. BPM online CRM offers what other CRM software can't at a price 10X lower than them. Great software!


FAQs of bpm'online CRM

Q. What are the main features of bpm'online CRM?

The key features of bpm'online CRM are as follows:

label Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebooks

label Cloud Computing

label CRM & Sales Dashboards

label CRM Analytics

label Developer API

label Email Integration

label Email Templates

label Inventory Management

label Lead Generation

label Marketing Automation

label Mass Email

label Partner Cloud (VAR or Service Provider)

label Plug-And-Play Integration

label Product Database

label Project management

label Sales Quotes

label Solution Management

label Sales Forecasting

label Opportunity Management

label Lead Management

label Customer DataBase

label Workflow Management

label Call Center Management

label Pipeline Management

label Contract Management

label Real Time Analytics

label Proposal Management

label Inquiry Management

label Interaction Tracking

label List Management

label Quotes Management

label Access Monitoring

label Sales Dashboards & Reports

Q. How much do the bpm'online CRM cost?

Cost not specify.

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of bpm'online CRM?

bpm'online CRM has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does bpm'online CRM support?

bpm'online CRM supports the following devices: IOS, Android, WinPhone

Q. Which operating system does bpm'online CRM support?

bpm'online CRM support the following operation system : Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Q. What payment method does bpm'online CRM support?

bpm'online CRMsupport the following payment methods : Onetime, Saas.

Q. What is the deployment type?

bpm'online CRM has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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