Top Bulk SMS Software in 2018

Communication Simplified
MOBtexting is a leading Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). MOBtexting provides A2P Messaging & Cloud Telephony Services to promote businesses, automate customer interactions, improve customer engagement, track the communication, etc.


Software BY Exotel Techcom Pvt Ltd
Exotel is a business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for you Business. You can set up an efficient call routing/management/recording system in 5 minutes of cloud telephony device.

MessageMedia Web SMS

Software BY MessageMedia
MessageMedia Web bulk SMS software platform lets you send text messages directly from your web browser to customers everywhere. It’s fast, intuitive, and couldn’t get any easier. Review replies in your browser or forward to your mobile phone.

Cellent EMS

Software BY Cellent Technologies
An easy to deploy, in-house bulk SMS system that enables you to send single or multiple messages in multiple formats to any mobile user across the world.

Imagic SMS

Software BY Imagic Solution
Bulk SMS Software - Professional allows you to send mass sms from your PC using either GSM phones or Windows based mobile handsets.

SMS Add-On

Software BY Uneecops Technologies Ltd
The WorkS SMS Add-On tool that is user-friendly to cater to business needs. We understand that keeping a track of on-going business activities is of utmost need of the hour and hence, this tool that works via GSM modem and on all SMS Gateways has been specially designed for SAP Business One customers.


Software BY Walkover Web Technologis Pvt Ltd
MSG91 is an enterprise bulk SMS software solutions provider that is on a mission to elevate the standard of express SMS services through the world's best panel and a robust mechanism.

Mass Mail Script

Software BY PHP Scripts Mall
If you want to have an efficient Email campaign we provide you with the best Mass Mail Script enriched with all new attributes, ease in using and adaptable. Mass Mailing Software is developed by the open source language like PHP, MySQL and Ajax so that you can assemble and install this script in few minutes.

Atomic SMS

Software BY AtomPark Software
Atomic SMS is a software for Windows designed to provide mobile marketing sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your PC or laptop desktop just using your internet connection. Our bulk SMS software is working through Atomic SMS Sender gateway to guarantee the highest SMS delivery rates.


Software BY TextMagic Ltd.
TextMagic is an all-in-one bulk SMS software platform for sending SMS notifications, reminders and alerts to your customers, staff and suppliers. 

Tatango SMS marketing

Software BY Tatango Inc.
Tatango offers education, consulting, and support to help businesses launch and grow their Bulk SMS marketing initiatives. Tatango clients the ability to launch a fully functioning, nationwide SMS marketing campaign in the course of days. SMS Marketing

Software BY
Our web-based SMS marketing platform makes it easy to send SMS online and receive SMS, so you can create your own interactive campaigns. Bulk SMS software sends to highly personalised text message marketing campaigns, we’ll help get your message to your customers.

DRPU Bulk Text Messaging

Software BY DRPU SMS
DRPU Bulk Text Messaging software provide professional and flexible bulk text SMS marketing solutions that help you sending unlimited SMS to individual or group globally. With experienced team of engineers, we are devoted to providing easy to use Bulk SMS service software with advanced features set that fits every user budget.


Textlocal is the #1 business SMS product
Textlocal is the most comprehensive SMS-based mobile marketing and customer engagement product for businesses and multi-award-winning bulk SMS software with over 1,65,000 enterprise customers.


Software BY SMSDeliverer
SMSDeliverer software is a low-cost and extremely effective mass 2-way Bulk SMS software which supports various types of GSM dongle/modem. It allows you to send out bulk SMS messages in one hit via PC.

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What Is Bulk SMS Software?

Short Messaging Service (SMS) has taken on quite a broader perspective in the various business activities and marketing strategies alike. What sets bulk sms apart from the other services is its highly effective communication possibility applied on a greater scope of business activities. The effective use of bulk SMS softwares to deliver excellent business communication creates the perfect rendering of highly crucial business and financial solutions on a greater scale. Listed below is everything one needs to know about this software!

Purpose of Bulk SMS Software

  1. The basic purpose of this software is to create potential business standards through integration of messaging services into mainstream business

  2. This software is highly equipped to deliver professional business communication on a large scale through limited use of resources and inexpensive investments, yet gain potential advantage of improving the sales and business to the intended target customers.

  3. Highly essential in fields and categories specifically related to improving the sales and creating effective financial solutions for the corresponding business organization.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

  1. Highly inclusive of affordable services as per the business requirements and specifications

  2. Improved customization features to enhance flexibility factors in the corresponding communication aspect.

  3. Targets a large number of business clients and customers in a very limited time scale.

  4. Highly effective for translation of business opportunities.

  5. Cross platform compliance features to implement scalability factors

  6. Creative and effective design solutions for a high end user experience.

  7. Highly easy to use.

  8. Module differentiation features to provide customization on different scale for improved achievement of objectives.

  9. Creative financial solutions with comprehensive and detailed reports on the same, coupled with the strategic analysis features.

  10. Exquisite functionality features to implement better business solutions.

  11. Highly accurate and inexpensive marketing strategy.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Software

  1. This serves for quite an affordable form of market-centric communication for improvement of business standards on a larger scale.

  2. High end design solutions for enhanced user experience.

  3. Highly market centric strategy to create better business opportunities.

  4. The individual reception of the business communication without the actual presence.

  5. A great way to bring out new ideas and effective business opportunities personally to the intended recipients.

  6. Effective integration and synchronization features for  better integration into the overall database.

  7. Creates the perfect financial solutions for enhanced performance.

  8. Increased customer range, and targets all levels of society as per the business objectives.

  9. Creates a perfect potential for enhanced financial solutions on a massive scale.

  10. Segmentation into different modules helps in effective usage of the corresponding software.

  11. Generation of analysis reports creates highly monitored business facilitation.

  12. Mass target applicability through digital communication creates perfect rendering of business workflow .

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