Best Collaboration Management Software


Team Building Was Never This Easy!
Hallwaze is a provider of a Cloud based Rich, Interactive, Social & super Secure Collaboration & Messaging Platform for Enterprises. In today’s competitive world, innovation and collaboration are fundamental to success.


Software BY Basecamp
Pricing starts from : USD 99 Month
Basecamp - project management software and collaboration tool is designed to store and share information within a team. It includes a calendar and to-do section, but is it not a project planning software.


ProofHub helps you to manage projects of all sizes
Pricing starts from : USD 45 Per Month
ProofHub is an online project management software and collaboration tool. ProofHub provides your team the right tools for better project planning. Make notes of important points that get skipped after a discussion within this online project management tool.


Work Smarter Together
Pricing starts from : USD Custom License/Month
Taskworld is a full-featured project management tool which offer advanced analytics, built in messaging and tons of other great features which easily managing projects and serves seamlessly and straightens out the curved parts of team/project management.


Software BY Deskaway
Pricing starts from : USD 25 Month
DeskAway is one of the best online project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work. It is 100% Web-based tool. You can try it before you buy it.

Avrut Innova

Software BY Avrut IT Pvt. Ltd.
Avrut is an enterprise wide project management system designed to automate all processes related to standard architectural and engineering practices for small and medium size of business. With the help, you can work as collaboration software with internal and external team members and associates.

Zilicus PM

Software BY Zilicus Solutions
Zilicus, is project management software and collaboration tool on the market, includes in addition to typical features resources tracking, wide reporting options or customization options. Its user interface with icons makes it easy to use.

Comindware Tracker

Non-coding workflow management software
Comindware provides non-coding workflow software for business process modeling and management, workflow automation and productivity boost. Minimize dependency on IT and empower non-technical users to design, run and modify Workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.


Software BY SalesForce Inc.
Chatter is the leading enterprise social network that allows teams to take action and sync up like never before. And because it's built on the Salesforce1 Platform, you can create custom actions and deploy instantly to every desktop and device, and access any app from a fast, easy-to-use social feed.

Remind me this

Software BY Centramation System private Ltd.
The Software helps in Work on multiple projects, track task progress,brekadown complex tasks into easy sub tasks,helps in issues of bug tracking. Track the issue/bug through various stages, until it’s completely resolved.Collaborate with your colleagues or friends.


Build a Remarkable School
SchoolPad are on a mission to help Schools progress better by making teachers more productive on their day-to-day administrative tasks and improving the levels of parental involvement through better parent teacher communication.


Software BY Com Tec Co Technologies Ltd
Pricing starts from : USD 0 Per Month
Infolio is the cloud based Collaboration software and can access on devices desktop, tablet, and mobile. Put effortless collaboration by just clicks and comment on any widget, annotate documents, quickly review updates, share your thinking with the team, and receive instant update notifications.


Software by Kantask, Inc.
Pricing starts from : USD 149 Month
Kantask is a visual collaboration software that can be used by teams from different departments. It allows the visual interaction of multidisciplinary teams on a single board, aligning processes and resources along a specific objective


Excellence at Work
WorkMarshal provides you with a single, powerful, and robust project management platform that helps you achieve and maintain excellence at work. It's Simple, Affordable and Effective with One Month Free Trial


Intelligent Support Platform
An intelligent platform for technology support and customer service that enables you to deliver simple, predictive, and personal experiences at scale. Relay also has an expert network where you can seamlessly access remote and field services to augment your existing operations without adding headcount.

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What is Collaboration Software?

In simple words, Collaboration Software is another category of software used in business that adds the capabilities of networking or social networking to the business processes. At the root, Collaboration Software essentially seeks to incorporate knowledge management into the business processes enabling the employees to share information and work in a collaborative manner so that business operations can be performed and problems can be solved in a more efficient manner. Business operations in today’s date call for tools which enable ease of access and use, along with integration suites supporting a common set of functions and collaboration between teams for instant messaging and tracking of issues. Collaboration Software addresses these needs and facilitates ‘working together’ by enabling sharing, processing and managing files, and other data or documents among several users so that they can work jointly on a project even from remote locations.

Must Have Features of Collaboration Software

In order to facilitate working together among employees a good Collaboration Software must offer the following essential features:

  1. Communication: Communication is the most basic requirement in any business operation. Any Collaboration Software must offer a platform for communication, via email, chat or instant messaging.

  2. Conferencing: Owing to the pressing demands of businesses, collaboration calls for more than basic communication. There is a need for real-time collaboration between project members across a unified screen where they can each provide their inputs. Collaboration Software platforms must come with tools and features that enable conferencing between people and teams for real-time collaboration.

  3. Coordination: Even as they are spread across locations, businesses have the same goals. Collaboration Software must have features that help the workforce manage complex tasks that are interdependent, by facilitating work in a coordinated manner so that the common business goals can be achieved.

Advantages of Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software creates several strategic policies and opens up a plethora of organizational benefits like:

  1. Cost and Time Saving: Businesses nowadays operate around tight schedules. And with their widespread footprint, it becomes tedious to move employees to another location for the purpose of training or working on a project at a different location. By the use of collaboration Software, the time and cost involved in travel can be saved. It also helps save the costs that would have been incurred in communication through phone calls or snail mails.

  2. Combines product Development and End Result: Successful delivery of a task or a project requires the coming together of several different things. Collaboration Software offers ease of set-up and navigation and come with the ability to handle copious, complex and frequently changing tasks with the constantly growing industry and customer demands. It offers secure delivery and exchange of data and information among members of the team or organization, who can exchange this information and come up with a unified solution that is mutually agreed upon. As it enables a unified discussion, there is better confidence in decision making with heightened efficiency in operations which helps produce a quality end result for business success.

  3. Overall Increase in Employee Satisfaction: Collaboration Software creates a more transparent workplace resulting in the easier identification of skills and increased trust and accountability. It enables the employees to work better with increased exchange of ideas and information, fostering their professional and personal growth. It frees up more time, reduces stress, induces learning and creates an atmosphere for growth which makes the employees feel more satisfied. Happier employees translate into a better performance which again leads to business success.

  4. Improves Client Relations: With Collaboration Software, clients can receive regular updates on the progress of their projects and resolve any hiccups along the road right away. It helps build customer communities by the creation of dedicated workspaces where clients can share information and collaborate in the workflow. It creates an opportunity for business to demonstrate their strengths to the client with a well-organization communication system and creates better customer relationships.

The bottom line is investing in Collaboration Software is investing in Business success.

Disadvantages of Collaboration Software

Although Collaboration Software offers a myriad of benefits, there is also a slight downside which includes:

  1. Unreliability: If the servers on the Collaboration Software, the point of everyone working together no more stands valid as employees will be forced to work separately.

  2. Conflict of ideas: Collaboration Software might lead to the emergence of too many people trying to become leaders. Moreover, everyone has different ideas and working styles for the execution of the same task which might lead to conflicts. Moreover, people in strong positions may sometimes supersede ideas.

Collaboration software might lead to an inequitable workload and disjointed documents. Hence, it is important that guidelines be defined from the start.

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Collaboration Software

In order to achieve the targeted businesses goals and deliver on the promises with smooth collaboration amongst employees an organization must look for the below features before making a purchase from a vendor offering a Collaboration Software:

  • Remote Access: Any Collaboration Software must be able to offer remote access to employees when they are out of office. They must be able to access the portal from any network; else it beats the entire idea of having collaboration software.

  • Security: Since collaboration software is all about sharing of data and information, it must offer user-based or group-based security features in order to secure data flow and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it must come from a trusted vendor and the security features must safeguard documents throughout the portal. The vendor must provide regular back-ups in order to prevent any loss of data.

  • Applications: The applications must be easy to use and access. The Software must be able to cut down on the time spent in looking for a particular application. It must come with a document repository which enables storing and retrieval of information.

  • Integration and Automation: It must be possible to integrate the existing tools with the collaboration software and also to add new features as and when the business requires it. It should be able to reduce the workload by providing automation of workflows and documentation. It must also be able to generate automatic alerts whenever there are new changes or updates that the users need to be aware of.

  • Customization: Every business has different needs. Collaboration Software that a business invests in must be flexible enough to incorporate the features that the organization needs. It must come with custom modules and tools that can make the interactions easier. Most of all it must be user-friendly.

At the end of the day, Collaboration Software is a business investment. If not managed properly it can turn into a cost. Hence, it is important that it comes with customizable features suiting the business vertical and must also be managed properly so that it can become a resource that it is intended to be.