Best Construction Management Software in 2018

Astral Real Estate Management System

Best Construction Management Software for Builders
Astral construction software helps them to manage their organisational data on one platform, It provides them a one point solution for managing construction projects, payments, monitoring activities happening at different level.

Real Builder

Complete Construction Management Software for Construction Industry
Real Builder By Dataman is a complete best construction ERP software designed to meet the ever growing demands of real estate industry. It is a highly useful for construction industry developers, builders, contractors, and infrastructure developers.

Tiemchart Project Management Software

Best construction software by TIEMCHART
TIEMCHART is an award-winning web-based enterprise project management solution created for all types and sizes of enterprises. Its tools are user-friendly and give the best output. We also offer the free trial that gives an exact experience of the software.


Construction Management Software Free Download by Procore Technologies
Cloud based construction software to clients across the globe. Using its award-winning suite of construction management tool, hundreds of thousands of registered Procore users manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more.


Building Construction Software by Viewpoint
Viewpoint is best online construction management tool that allows you to coordinate and collaborative web based construction software solution to achieve your day-to-day business activities and manage multiple projects.


Complete Cloud Based Construction Management Software
Pricing starts from : USD 15 User/Month
WorkflowMax offers complete, easy web based construction solution to managing project, lead manage and document management. It is provided for features like as a lead manager, client manager, purchase orders, quoting, time sheet management, etc.


Construction ERP Software by Mutha Technosoft LLP
Best cloud based construction management software for construction professionals manage their clients, projects, invoices, documents, scheduling, & more. 30 Day free trial.


Cloud-based construction software
eSUB is the best construction project management software India for subcontractors. It is cloud based construction software provides your team with the tools and information it need to track every project detail directly from the field. 

Builder MAX

Construction ERP Software For Construction Industry
A online construction management system catering all management and business needs of the builders.The package contains modules for controlling all the business aspects of building industry with central data repository to administer multiple projects with ease and efficiency.

Binary Real Estate ERP

ERP Software For Construction Industry
Binary Real Estate ERP is with the leading technology and business Solutions for the Real Estate industry locally and regionally. Construction ERP Software/ Construction Management Software has pioneered the concept of on-demand, totally web-based applications for contractors & builders.


Free Construction ERP Software by Cims ERP
CIMS is free cloud based construction software for the builders and contractors. A complete project friendly suite developed under the guidance of the specialist. Wide clarity on all your projects accompanied with specialized reporting production monitoring.


Best Web based Construction ERP Software for Real Estate
Pricing starts from : USD 24 User/Month
StrategicERP is web based construction management software. We provides an end-to-end business solution specifically tailored to cater to the needs of Real Estate and Infrastructure Industries with the modularized and innovative technology created by IITians.


Free Construction Software by MobileERP Softech P Ltd
MobileERP is cloud based free construction ERP software with top features such as document management, file sharing, bidding, collaboration & project management for architects, engineers, & construction teams. Try it's free demo today.


Cloud Based Construction Management Software
Bhoomi allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company's manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads. I like to say it's cloud based best construction software in india.


One of the most popular construction accounting software solutions
BlueDolphin is a leading online construction management software widely adopted by the construction industry. It enables medium to large construction companies manage all aspects of construction management including Tender Preparation, Project Management, Accounting, Billing, Asset Management, Procurement, Scheduling and HR.

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Introduction to Construction Management Software

Construction business has been a vital pillar of our society. However, there is a deep need to have a strong support system to streamline its functioning and operations. Construction management software is that tool which leverages construction companies and builders to carry out cost-effective and time-bound construction work.

From past decade, the product has gained quite popular amongst the construction community owing to its advanced integration and ability to automate the operations.

What is Construction management software?

Technically speaking, construction management software is a technologically-driven tool aiming to make the construction operation swift and hassle-free.  It falls in the project management category as it helps in doing effective management of the on-going projects and work.

Frankly speaking, it is a set of some integrated modules that help you to do your construction work efficiently and promptly.

Alongside, it helps construction professionals to make a concise decision, plan a business strategy, allot a budget for a particular project, and perform various other similar operations.

Importance of Construction Project Management Software

For any construction business, it is very important that they use their tools and machinery skillful. Alongside, the inventory should be updated to know what is required. Construction business also demands a skilled team for a particular project. For instance, to build a residential complex, you would be requiring a team of engineers and interior designers in coordination.

All this can be done by implementing the web based construction project management software. As software for construction management has all records regarding the inventories and resources, it helps you to do intelligent allotment. Furthermore, the automated integration of general contractor software helps you to eliminate the human errors while handling any project.

Also, the construction estimating software helps you to do cost estimation which provides you an insight of the budget required for the project

Features of Construction Management System

Construction management software provides you with a full set of features that help in managing the construction project effectively. Some of the key features are:

  1. Takeoff: This feature helps to perform takeoff entirely electronically, by eliminating the need for paper records. Construction estimating software empowers quicker & more precise takeoffs.
  2. Project Scheduling: It is one of the important features that uses Critical Path method(CPM)  for an efficient schedule of people, tasks or resources. Construction scheduling software helps to track who is working at what location when project resources will arrive. When web based construction software comes to activity scheduling, most systems uses Gantt charts.
  3. Project Management: With this feature, you can track project expenses, manage critical documentation and work together with all the parties included in the project. Construction project management software like wise tracks estimated project costs against actual in order to help with the budget.
  4. Job Costing: Most offerings are planned around a job costing module that permits accounting staff to allot costs by the employment and by CSI code to oversee projects profitability. Construction estimating software handles overall job costing needs of contractors.
  5. Customer Management: It helps in tracking customer data like contact information, past collaborations, future potential customers etc. However, some ought to assess homebuilder CRM framework due to their unique needs.

Also, some of the other features include:

  1. Employee Time Sheet
  2. Construction Estimating
  3. Project & Portfolio Management
  4. Field Service Management
  5. Bid Management

Benefits of Online Construction Management Software

There is no second opinion that construction project management software has made construction work organised and cost-effective. Other than that, there are many far-flung benefits of owning construction software. The major ones can be stated as:

  • Easy and planned management- For any construction company, doing the team, and work management is a daunting task. They have to work hard to maintain constant communication within the team. As the size of a construction team is generally big, doing that is again is the tough job. It can be achieved easily with the help of construction project management software.   Software for construction management made the management easy and timely with the help of its automated feature. Most of the construction management software comes with cloud-based integration which allows key staff to share, import, and export data and other essential information easily.
  • Error-free documentation with the help of construction management software- For any construction company, maintaining the record of the work is a cumbersome job. The physical documentation of the record not only consumes a lot of time but also comes with an assurance to have some errors. In that case, the companies struggle hard to maintain the authenticity of the records. Construction companies can easily eliminate this factor from their operation by using construction software solutions.  Construction project management software will do automatic document processing for you. Alongside, the automation of documents will assure you for quality and timely work.
  • Easy access to information and data- When a company takes the help of construction project management software, it basically brings all of its information and data over a single platform. Doing so helps the company to provide an easy access to its information and data center to the staff. Furthermore, having all the information over a single place speeds up the tasks like auditing and documentation creation.
  • Cost-effective operations- In general, project management software for construction come with a full suite of modules like documentation management, invoicing, inventory management, and workforce management. With such widespread integration, construction software eliminates the need to hire individual professionals. Henceforth, it makes the operation cost-effective.
  • Software for construction management increases your efficiency- With the automated operation, error-free and detailed reports updated inventories and customised invoicing, you easily leverage your efficiency. Project management software for construction is known to help construction professionals to do timely completion of the projects by reducing the efforts that one put in each task.  It not only unifies the operations but also make sure that the work is allotted to the right professional leading to right resource usage.
  • A project management software for construction improves the quality of your service- When you have all the work done by the right candidate, it is imperative that your service quality will improve, With the help of construction software, you can easily decide which professional should be allocated what project as it stores the details of both the projects and the professionals.

Things to Look Before Implementing Construction Management Software

Construction management software has made construction business speedy and hassle-free ever than before. In this technology-driven world, it has almost been one of the most essential and imperative tools of any construction business. While buying construction software is something which can’t be ignored, there are certain factors that should be taken into account before implementing construction management software in your organization.

Understand the basics of the software: Usually; project management software for construction comes in two categories: Cloud-based or web-based and on-premise based software. Before buying one, it is essential to understand the basic difference between them.  

Cloud-based construction project management software allows users to access the information and data related to the organization from anywhere. An app support is also often accompanied it. You have to pay the monthly fee for it and the provider will bear the costs of regular maintenance and updates.

On the other hand, premises-based construction software gives you more control over the operations and the team. It will install on your computers and system and demands an IT-team to handle any system related issues. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, its maintenance is cost-effective.

As both of these projects management software for construction operates in a different manner, it is essential to know what you want. For a small-scale business and start-up, we would suggest you to for cloud-based construction software solutions. A premise-based one is the best bet for a large scale industry.

Pay attention to the cost: Cost always plays an important role in any purchase. Being an alert buyer, you should be aware of what you are getting at what price.

Company Size: Larger companies need a construction ERP software package with more features and enterprise solutions to manage projects and their employees. It includes advantages like GPS locators, time-clock input, and RFID material labeling. On the other hand, for small scale companies, these features are pointless. They should buy the package with ‘bare bone’ functions.


The features: It is more than important that your construction management software comes with a full suite of features to handle all your construction business relates operations. Your chosen construction project management software should come with basic features like document management, job, and reporting.

Construction management software is an approach to improve your existing construction business or start a new one. The Real Estate software or construction software features are unique for the construction management tools and can focus the difference between going over a plan and making a benefit.

Construction Management VS Project Management

Understanding the basic difference between a construction management and project management makes you aware to choose the right tool for your organization.

In construction management, tasks like jib scheduling, allotting the right tools and machinery at the construction site, negotiation the pricing and decline of the projects and hire the subcontractors and construction team comes.

On the other hand, project management deals which task like ensuring the timely completion of the entire project, making a strategy, hiring the right resources, and maintaining the industry standards throughout the projects.

Need for Construction Planning

Planning is important for any business to taste the success. In absence of this, chances are high that your organization will lead to downfall.  The same is applicable in the case of the construction business. The need of planning in construction can be elaborate as:

To use your resources intelligently - When you are in the construction business, your resources are your main asset. Using them intelligibly is the key to success. General contractor software helps you to do so. When you have the updated inventory, you know what is required and what is not.

To do the timely completion of the projects- Construction planning is more than important to complete the projects within the set time-frame. Any delay could lead to various operational issues. An construction management software help you to do job scheduling and set realistic team goal via which you can ensure the timely completion of the projects.

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