Best Content Management System (CMS) Software


Software BY ImpressPages
ImpressPages is a PHP framework with content editor. It's a tool where easy code meets easy admin. ImpressPages is build for website developers and content managers.


Software BY NetSuite Inc.
LightCMS is a complete content management system including blogs, forms, calendars, photo galleries, e-commerce and much more. LightCMS revolutionizes the website experience by combining content features and a complete Ecommerce experience in a single platform.

Avani Content Management System

Software BY Avani cimcon techenologies
Avani Cimcon Technologies' Content Management System (CMS) is your chance to maintain your website and web content yourself, quickly and cost effectively. It works on the concept of "Do-It-Yourself", i.e. you can yourself create web content like images, text, document, web pages etc.

Eastern Enterprise Content Management System

Software BY Eastern Software Systems Pvt Ltd
ECM solution is primarily aimed at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventually disposal.Enterprise Content Management also eliminates redundancies and inconsistencies in the content.


Software BY OpenText corporation
OpenText Content Management Software enable more effective capture of all types of information-both structured and unstructured-and deliver it in context across any application, platform, or process. With secure access to information from any device or location, you can ensure that your people have the information they need, when and how they need it, to do their jobs and work more effectively. 

ColdFusion CMS

Software BY Savvy Software Inc.
Savvy content management software puts web site management in the hands of the people you rely on to create and update website content.  Easy to use.  Easy to install. Easy to extend. This ColdFusion CMS is cross browser and cross platform compatible, making it perfect for municipalities, schools, universities, small and medium sized businesses, non-profits and associations.

Interactive Intelligence Content Management

Software BY Interactive Intelligence Inc.
Interactive Intelligence content management software combine all types of information to be shared throughout the contact center and enterprise. Scanned images, documents, spreadsheets, photos, call recordings, and video files. You can easily store, organize, and secure all of these in a customized structure that you establish.

WebDAM Content Management

Software BY WebDAM Solutions
WebDAM Content management tools is the cloud provide efficient content life cycle management. The majority of companies require some form of online content management in order to create and share their content.


Software BY Jadu
Jadu content management software empowers organisations of varying sizes within government, higher education plus solutions for commercial and not for profits. simple to use web-based publishing tools enable non-technical authors to easily publish information.

Lexmark Content Management

Software BY Lexmark International Ltd
Lexmark content management software direct and control the entire lifecycle of documents, video and other forms of content whether they reside on premises or in the cloudv while protecting and keeping you in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. Promote secure access and use all of your vital information in the context of the application, process or device at hand.

MODX Revolution

Software BY MODX Systems LLC
MODX Revolution is the web content management platform for those that truly care about no-compromise design and exceptional user experience. It gives you complete control over your site and content, with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing needs.

Ingeniux CMS

Software BY Ingeniux Corporation
Ingeniux CMS blends modern CMS software with Old School content management philosophy. We believe digital marketing is an ecosystem, content should be separate from design, decoupled architecture lowers costs and increases performance, and a CMS should not limit the way you design or develop websites.

Titan CMS

Software BY Northwoods Software Development Inc.
Titan CMS web content management software powers websites, intranets, extranets and portals for over 400 clients worldwide. Titan CMS is filled with pleasant surprises a search engine that is better than most, a tagging engine for organizing your content, a simple WYSIWYG.

Ektron CMS

Software BY Ektron
Ektron CMS enables you to create, deploy and manage enterprise-scale, global, personalized websites. Empower users, designers, and developers to work in parallel, speeding time-to-web. Make content updates directly on the site using an intuitive browser-based editor.


Software BY TYPO3 Association
TYPO3 CMS provides the basis for modern content management - always with a focus on the current needs of businesses and public institutions. TYPO3 CMS is the right choice, enabling you to manage your content and assets - always with a focus on your current needs.

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What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System is basically a software with the combination of automated algorithms that can be used to author, organize and store the content for the business purposes. “Content” in a broader view involves ample of things like documents, invoices, images, audio, video and even multimedia.

The market of Content Management Software is divided into two main product categories:

Web Content Management: It is basically the CMS for a website, also known as “Web-CMS (W-CMS)”. A W-CMS helps us create published and unpublished content within a website which is intended for Public Distribution. This may facilitate any type of web based content.

Document Management: These are also known as DMS. This often deals with the electronic and printed content which is not being created for public distribution.

Become Smarter!! Make it simple with the best content management tools!!

To thrive in the market with opulent competitors, one has to have that appealing content so that one can gain maximum viewers of his/her site and can grow the business to the par excellence.

  1. Create Effective web contents: A typical content management software allows you to create effective content for the website so that you to gain maximum visibility of the customers.
  2. Manage the content (video, audio, images, multimedia): The Content Management Software allows you to manage the already incorporated contents in the website like images, documents, multimedia, etc.
  3. Compatibility (with the browser): Most CMSs are compatible with the latest browser so that it becomes easy for anyone to use it.
  4. Easy Storage: Lots of Content Management Systems allows easy storage for the website.
  5. Best organization:  Content made by any of these software provides the best organization of the content with lots of suggestions.

Benefits of using a Content Management software

Here goes the list of the benefits that a CMS provides you.

  1. W-CMS :
    Publishing: It facilitates online authoring and publishing of sundry blogging modules, text editors etc.
    E-commerce: Create and maintain an online store.
    E-forms helps us create transitional contents including forms or online purchase.
    Social Networking: Allows readers to interact with published content, including commenting and social sharing features.
    Intranet: A W-CMS is also used to create a private internal website for creating content amongst employees.

  2. DMS : Document and image processing: Helps you to scan images and print documents.
    Management of Digital Assets: this enables us to upload, store and organize the media, such as photos and videos.
    Case Management: Generate forms, auto populate fields enhancing workflow functions.
    Contract Management: track and automate transactional contents.
    Records Management helps to maintain the records.
    Business process management helps you provide tools for workflow management and business intelligence.
    Reporting and Analytics help to extract key insights from company’s unstructured content. 

Analyze Your Potential as a Buyer

As a buyer you must take care of the following things:

Getting Upgraded from Print Document Processes: Buyers that are newbie would be evaluating content management software for the first time. They might be looking to digitize records and modernize the company’s documents and therefore they would need a starter to mid-range document management solution.

Departmental Buyers: Some buyers that want to manage content only for a specific department would require applications that integrate with their customer relationship management software.

Enterprises that are Large: These large firms have multiple software systems that need to interact with the Content Management System and that may require extensive customizations. Normally, these firms are basically looking to ensure security, create a consistent process across the organization and conduct analysis to improve business processes. So, they would require enterprise CMS.

Creating Website with Greater Functionality:  Buyers that are the newbie as well as those who are experienced and are looking for the Web-based Content Management Software to create a website for their company, a user-friendly W-CMS would be best suitable for them which has up-to-date tools for engaging readers online.

Highly Regulated Industries: There are specialized CMS products that are dedicated to compliance, audit trails and reports that can serve the market of the regulated industries such as banks, health care, and government.