Nothing is as challenging as managing a virtual team. Only some possess the capability to work with virtual teams and ensure good quality work within deadlines. And if you are one such diligent Project Manager, there are some key areas you need to work on to successfully manage your virtual project team.


help desk software has been around for the long time in the industry even at that time people used typewriters, telephones, dictation machines , etc., were used for the customer support. Late in 1960’s call centers emerged in big companies for the efficient complaint solving, later on after 10 to 20 years outsourcing began within companies, with the deployment of the help desk, later on with world wide web, emails etc.


While running a small business, you have perhaps never realised the efficiency and benefits of using a Point Of Sale (POS) system. Point of Sale is a computerised cash register which goes beyond cash management and helps you keep real-time record of your orders, customers, purchases and inventories - all of this at the same time. With POS software, you can accept plastic money, automate transactions, and store all information in a centralized digital database. Whether a small retail store or a food joint or even a salon; POS is suitable for all sectors and types of business.


Human Resource department is the workforce of any business organization. Human Resource Management is one of the top priorities for any organization aiming to maximize employee performance and productivity. HR personnel are required to execute many activities to include – recruitment, training, development, performance appraisal, and most importantly employee benefits.


When we talk about the Real Estate business, getting leads is one of the foremost concerns for any real estate agent or broker. All brokers have a desire for earning more bucks. The more deals you catch - the more bucks you will make! Also, the real estate is a very dynamic field. New modern trends and updates keep coming up in real estate. Real estate developers and agents both need to keep up with the latest trends in order to survive the cut-throat competition of the real estate world.


Sales force automation (SFA) software is a system that automates business processes such as sales processing, inventory control, and prospective customer interactions. It also facilitates the analysing of sales forecasts and performance of the salespeople. Sales force automation (SFA) software package includes a web-ready database, an e-mail package, and customizable templates suited for all types of businesses. Sales force automation (SFA) software enables you to enhance and streamline all stages of sales in your business, from lead management to analytics and estimation.


HR is one of the vital wings of an organization. Monitoring and keeping a track of all employees, managing organizational resources and working in close collaboration with the administration makes HR a crucial department of any business. Companies just can’t do without their HR team. Of late, technological advancements and progresses in various business sectors have brought significant developments even in the HR department.


From dealing with staff to acquiring sales and allocating growth prospects! Goodness gracious!! As a company owner, you have a lot of stuff to deal with. Even if you possess a slight business or are just starting up, I know you are constantly under a lot of burdens. After all, if nothing else, your firm has to keep its head above water.


Human Resource Management or HR, an integral element of an organisation, is designed to increase employee performance as per the strategic objectives of the employer. It is primarily concerned with: Management of people in the organisation and its policies, training, development and recruitment of employees, industrial relations, organisational changes and so much more.


Projects are the lifeline of any business organization, and this means that without proper planning, the right tools, committed team members and a strong leader, any project will fail. In today’s highly competitive scenario, Project Managers need to adopt creativity and innovation to stand out from the crowd. This is where Project Management comes into the picture.


Recruitment is an important process for any company as it brings the brightest candidates into the firm. However, at the same time this process can be time consuming and lengthy for both recruiters and the candidates. Thus, companies have moved on using An applicant tracking system(ATS) or Recruitment software.


Time tracking software is used in synchronization with other work management tools such as tools pertaining to Accounting, Customer Support etc. Time tracking also helps the Management and the HR teams of Organizations in studying employee behavior and efficiency as well as formulate management policies.


Sales Force Automation or SFA in short, is probably a term that should seem to be a synonym for Sales to any business concerned about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). If your business deals with more than a handful of customers and sales is the primary objective, SFA is your new best friend.


Through modern technology businesses have been able to create process automation for the organization for a number of customized office applications. They have also been able to restructure their labour resources and revisit as well as redesign the various workflow steps to make the overall operations more process driven eventually leading to more efficiency and profits.


A Sales Force Automation software is a system designed to deliver complete automation in routine sales processes. The software enables significant reduction of the sales cycle duration and increases the productivity levels of salespersons. A Sales Force automation software can be easily integrated with other management software, thereby increasing revenue generation too. This useful software finds application in various small businesses, SMEs, and large corporations.


The Fixed Asset Accounting Software primarily caters to the accurate calculation of depreciation values and comprehensive reporting of all financial information related to fixed assets on the balance sheet. The Fixed Asset Accounting software is used for preventive maintenance procedures, detailed financial accounting and asset tracking implementations. Deployed in various SMEs, small and large business corporations, fixed assets accounting software automates various accounting procedures and tracking systems.


Technology has changed our world completely in the last many years. On one hand, technological integration into businesses have made them more accessible and efficient, on the other hand it has brought about economies of scale and helped enterprises grow faster. Today, there is not one core industry that is not aggressively working towards better technological innovation and integration in its processes and systems. Whether it is Manufacturing, Services, Infrastructure Development or Real Estate, technology is changing all the sectors for the better.


An eCommerce company needs to understand the continuously changing consumer behavior and demands if it wants to bring-in more sales and revenue. And, with more and more eCommerce portals mushrooming every day, 'luring' customers to come and shop on your online store is a tough task. But by adopting some specific marketing tips and strategies in your eCommerce business, this tough task can surely be eased. Here are the top 20 eCommerce Marketing Tips which you should not ignore if you want to make your eCommerce portal a 'WINNER' by all accounts.


This technology driven era is quite susceptible to potential security threats from hackers and cyber criminals. The one particular sector which obviously stands at greater risk is the eCommerce business. With faster checkout systems plus easy buying and selling options facilitated online, people nowadays resort to a greater amount of online shopping and transactions, thus creating significant chances of security breaches and attacks.


A Help Desk Software is basically designed to carry out any particular customer service management, as a means of enhancing customer satisfaction and customer retention. A help desk software is a highly customer responsive business solution that can help your business attain better growth and subsequently better financial standards on the whole.


This guest post idea revolves around how organization can benefit from performance management software. How to better select right performance management software for your business and how it can prove a pivotal business model.


Those who are well versed in the field of business have an obvious knowledge of how important it is to maintain a record of the various expenses and the cash flow of the business for greater efficacy and financial productivity on the whole.


An IT Company needs to be up and running 24×7 if it needs to earn more revenue and profits. But it isn’t always possible to have a 100% operational up-time, and hence the best way to handle this situation is by using Help Desk Software. Such a Software helps IT Companies organize and automate information and eliminates many manual processes. With the implementation of a Help Desk Software, an IT support specialist will no longer have to laboriously solve issues manually, dig through unorganized emails or let Customer Requests slip through the cracks.


Every business needs to have a definite amount of cash flow in the form of profits for ensuring higher growth and revenue. A well built stock management system plays a crucial role in the maintenance of these pre-defined cash flow inputs for better productivity on the whole.


The presence of a highly effective Stock Management System can not only improve the business standards on the economic forefront but also facilitate greater growth.


Every single person on this planet is in the lead. Who of course, doesn’t dream of uncountable riches and undying success in his/her life? However, things that are worth achieving are not so easy either. One needs to put in a lot of brains and dedication to make things happen in this truly crazy world.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, one buzzword that is being implemented across the globe is the cloud. They use it for everything from data storage to business connectivity. And using it for HR is an obvious move for business owners around the world.


Love the way technology has eased itself into the daily lifestyle of people! With the increased automation and quicker operations, I couldn’t help but notice the interesting turn of events I have had lately.


2016 may be considered the best year for e-commerce, with some amazing developments happening in this field. E-retailers are using data, analytics and innovative interaction to retain existing customers and gain new ones.


Keeping the track of finances is one of the most crucial aspects of managing any kind of business. It is essential to produce professional invoice for clients in order to make a positive impression, yet large business that deal with a high volume of small transactions often don’t generate the invoices at all.


We talk about the different techniques of branding, let us first get acquainted with the word “Branding”. Branding basically means building your reputation and increasing visibility in your industry.


Inventory or stocks are the lifeline of a company or business, and managing it properly is what makes the difference between company’s success or failure.


The prisoner’s dilemma is a standard example of a game analyzed in game theory that shows why two completely “rational” individuals might not cooperate, even if it appears that it is in their best interests to do so.


SoftwareSuggest is an online software discovery & recommendation platform. We provide free consultation on software and help SMEs select the right software for their organization.


Let us start with a simple fact, no one can dispute over the countless benefits technology has brought us. It has allowed us to improve, perform and connect our resources beyond imagination!


Applicant tracking systems are great for HR professionals and recruiters. Even though there are disputes about their effectiveness as they target keywords more than candidate skills, it greatly helps recruiters to minimize the size of talent preposition without wasting their precious time and energy.


Technology adoption in business continues to grow at a rapid rate. As businesses grow they demand even more accessibility to information and popular business management trends are the task forces to these demands.


Technology has advanced over the years, from the first invention of the computer that has spawned the imagination of generations to the invention of the drone, it is only understandable that in the coming few years too we can expect the human mind stretching itself to produce a gazillion more inventions.


The issue of funds is always a thorny one in most businesses. Funding can sometimes spell doom for a startup and even for established businesses. Startups will obviously be more affected by this lack of funding. This makes funding the number one concern for any startup.


It is evident that we live in a world of dynamic technological revolution. It’s hard to keep pace with the various new inventions that are profoundly affecting our lives in incomparable ways. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such radical technology which seems to have grabbed everyone’s attention in recent times.


Have you reached a stage where your businesses’ ambitious growth goals require a surge of lead generation? And, probably you are considering something like bringing on board a swarm of outbound prospectors to help you with lead generation?


Witty and Wise are the two drugs you need to get addicted to for becoming a successful entrepreneur. You need not have bags full of bucks or a lot of resources to be a bang on entrepreneur. Believe me you just need to be wise and astute enough to use the best available resource which is your determination and passion.


Customer Relationship Management is definitely one of the key pivotal areas in business management and has a far reaching impact on the bottom line results of a firm. Every business can capitalize on immense gains through optimizing CRM in the most effective way. It has the power to revolutionize the way a company interacts with clients, handles customer inquiries, advertises its products and establishes long term relationships with its target base.


Technology has started turning tables for traditional businesses. It has completely changed the modus operandi for the execution of the business. It is all about adaptation at the end of the day; adaptation to change but people soon realized that effective use of technology may lead to ease in the functionality and thereby nurturing the business to grow.


We are mostly baffled with a question of arranging high funds and heavy business model to implement. A decade back, this problem was a hindrance to many new business startups and entrepreneurs, but not anymore. With the advent of e-business and e-commerce, it became easy for many business owners to overcome the drawbacks of traditional way of doing business.


Time is one of the most important assets for an entrepreneur. When you’re juggling many responsibilities you have to carefully plan every second, weigh opportunities against each other and choose what best suits your purpose.


Internet of things (IOT) has created a lot of buzz over the last 2 years. Every day we are hearing of a possibility of connecting almost every device to the internet. On other fronts, the claims have been materialised. More and more devices are getting connected to the internet every day.


For an entrepreneur it is always about being alert to upcoming opportunities to bring about the value to his/her ideas by using the minimum threshold resources and generating outcomes that are in-line with his primary objective.


“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.” – Byron Dorgan As wisely put, businesses aren’t always just about the size, it’s about the capabilities. Quality would only improve if the personnel would follow a foolproof system.


A single commonality between an entrepreneurs and a sportsperson is passion to fight that drives an individual to get involved and give the maximum of one self. That passion keeps the creativity and enthusiasm alive in both; a sports person as well as an entrepreneur.


Time is probably the most important asset for an entrepreneur. They have to carefully plan every second of their life, weighing opportunities against each other and choosing what best suits their purpose. Every second they save can be utilized for an otherwise lost opportunity.


A few weeks ago we shared a blog post with a short scene from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. I got some responses saying that this movie sheds a bad light on salespeople’s Behavior and perception.


More and more people are embracing the phenomenon of increased connectivity through smart gadgets and wireless technology. Appliances are coming out with sensors that detect change and adapt their functions accordingly. It is only fair to say that the next era in technology will be that of Internet-of-Things (IOT). IOT is the phenomenon of gadgets embedded with sensors which are constantly connected to a network or “things connected to the internet”.


According to the networking equipment, the number of connected objects in the world will cross 50 billion mark by 2020. In 2012 the number of objects connected to the internet was 8.7 billion. Internet of Things is already a big phenomenon and is the future of all technology.


Periscope is an app that lets you live stream video straight from your phone. This stream can be viewed by your twitter followers and complete strangers who happen to stumble upon it. The viewers have the option to comment on your live stream and “heart” it.


A small business is defined as a business (corporation, limited liability company or proprietorship) with 500 employees or less. Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. To attain the aforementioned aspects, present and future performance of a business, needs to be measured by setting a few standards.


Keeping the same in context, we are introducing SoftwareSuggest insights. In our first research, we have profiled the school management software industry and have answered of the questions based on our data.


n today’s highly competitive market of E-commerce Business, each and every company needs to keep ahead of the crowd to gain and maintain their lead in the market. Innovation is the key here.


Every E-Commerce retailer wishes to have customers and not just ‘e-window shoppers. Online retailers are continually looking for new and innovative approaches to convert more e-window shoppers into e-customers.


Technology! There have been multiple debates over this little word. Technology is shaping the future at a very rapid pace. Some say it’s a boon, some say bane. Either way, it has managed to create a huge difference in everybody’s life. Nobody can live without mobiles, television or even an air conditioner.


Hotels must take this opportunity by offering various mobile features that helps to reach out their potential customers, enhance brand visibility and be with the guest during the whole lifecycle. Here, We list 6 such mobile apps that will be useful for hoteliers as well as their customers.


Some of the hotel management software that helps hoteliers to manage their hotels efficiently and thus enhancing their hotel operations & customer experience.


Technological changes in the medical industry are not just limited to medical procedures. Clients, patients, medical professionals, medical students, researchers and consumers shape these medical technology trends.


Personal finance software helps understand your spending and saving patterns and take appropriate decisions to optimize them. However, choosing the right personal finance software can be a difficult and confusing task.


Keeping your employee productive and engaged to work can be a tough challenge. But now with the availability of human resource software in the market it is made easier. HR Software is one of the most important & powerful tools to invest in for your business.


Managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a painful task. Each and every department is important to be handled in order to ensure its proper functioning like a MNC.


Restaurants have busy nights almost everyday. Here, no tables are empty and more often than not, customers are in the waiting room. Waiters are busy serving and clearing tables, no cylinders are ideal and everything is on fire.


eCommerce platforms are becoming increasing popular for small & medium retail business wanting to sell online. There is no hassle of developing a website or integrating it with other tools and software.


With the number of online shoppers increasing on every month, it is not enough to have only an offline store. An online store is a must to have. ECommerce platforms software has come in handy for small and medium business to create online presence.


You started your own business some while ago and now it has started scaling to its fullest capacity, after the sheer hard work that you put in. Real traction, boost in revenues and a huge customer list determine the success of your business and they’re growing exponentially well.


Online software is now replacing the traditional versions that promise greater (and responsive) connectivity and updates in real time. Are you into this switch? The tremendous potential for connectivity has shifted the perspectives from offline to online.


One of the biggest influencers on customer service has been the rise of social media.Till now companies have focused on factors such as First Call Resolution (FCR) or Average Hold Time (AHT) to gauge customer service agent’s performance as a link between the contact center and its customers.


The market has been abuzz lately with cloud based applications and let us admit it, there is more to come.The industry is adopting Cloud based solutions like never before and start-ups are cashing on this technology.One such cloud based technology which is fast gaining its hold in the Indian market is Cloud Telephony or IVR solutions.


Billing and invoicing software probably are the most used software in the world. And India has some very efficient software product that are being used all over the world. Here is a list of 15 #MadeinIndia Software for billing and invoicing .


Growth and revenue maximization is the ultimate goal of any business organization and what could be a better way to achieve this goal than to utilize a software that will help you maximize your sales, manage cash flow efficiently, maintain healthy customer relations and increase your productivity in general.


Cloud based Accounting Software are becoming increasingly popular for small and medium business. There is no hassle of installing it, the data is safer on the cloud and the costs works out to be much less for the multi user version. India, has managed to produce quite a few efficient cloud accounting software.


Main reason behind choosing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & lead management software is to cut down the sales time and add to the quality of client service. With a well equipped CRM & lead management system, customer relations would improve and the process of customer tracking is going to get efficient.


In the last three to four years, social media marketing has increasingly become popular. Consumer product companies have special budgets for social media, though when it comes to business-to-business companies (especially in India) its marketing benefits are overlooked.


The main aim of all Housing and Apartment software’s are to bring in a transparent management and account handling system that is solely handled by technology and all users can have access to all system related information.


The most trending buzzword of this decade is Entrepreneur. Starting your own business is far more than a dream, probably you would have given up a highly successful job to make your brainchild a reality.


Financial data integrity and security are top priorities for any business and Cloud accounting software tools offer a perfect solution that leads to only one thing - peace of mind.


From social media, medicine to space, Big Data has changed the pace at which the fields of science and business grow. The concept is expeditiously becoming a buzz-word around corporate houses and governments. So what exactly is Big Data? Here’s a closer look at why Big Data is a big deal.


There is no denying the fact that e-commerce has re-entered India and is here to say. Even the small and medium retailers of the country want to ride the wave and are ready to make a fortune out of the market place concept.


Document management was essentially born out of the need to manage ever growing amounts of information being created within organizations and enterprises. As the business grows, it becomes increasingly complicated to gain access to accurate and relevant information from the bundles and stocks of paper documents and files and as a result precious paid working hours of the management is wasted.


In 2012, online businesses grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion in the history of ecommerce development. It’s projected that there will be 175 million people shopping online by 2016. But finding the perfect ecommerce solution is a task. Surprisingly, there are only a few simple guidelines for choosing a solution that suits your needs.


Big Data: the concept is becoming the buzz-word around the corporate houses and governments. In recent years, the internet boom has given birth to new terms in data management, like never before. According to McKinsey – a business using big data to the full could increase its operating margin by more than 60%.


E-commerce forms the core of our activities. It is thriving in India, thanks to a booming online retail industry. The Indian e-commerce industry has grown to $16 billion in 2013, showing a staggering growth rate of 88% and it is just increasing.


A right POS software gives the business a new level of control over operations; boosting profits, and will help it fine-tune its business model. The wrong system, however, can be a waste of resources. These 7 features while buying a POS Software will reduce your burden.


Wanting to start your own technological compaly? And you're lacking knowledge and training in technology? Find answers to questions which will help you understand technology better.


Does your business face problem of customer communication? CRM Software is the only solution to this problem. CRM is not just a software, it’s an approach to know the customers’ needs and nature in order to develop a stronger relationship with them.