Best Corporate and Retail Banking software

Sap Retail Banking

Software BY SAP
Increase the customer experience while boosting profit margins with SAP’s retail and corporate banking software. It applications can help to all streamline core operations control risk and compliance, and meet higher capital demand.

STYLICIOUS - Billing Software

Software BY Stylicious Inc
It Offer Billing Software to the clients. This product is full-fledged windows based ideally suitable for canteens, bazaars, super markets, retailers, sweet marts, grocery shops, departmental stores, garment segment etc...


Software for financial systems
KoenigFinance is an easy-to-deploy software platform based on the 3-tier architecture and Microsoft technologies. It comprises stand-alone functional modules, each developed to solve a specific set of business tasks. Contact us for a free real-time demonstration.


Portfolio management System
Complete Portfolio Management solutions for various products like Equity, MF and ETF,  Both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary portfolio can be managed, Inbuilt algorithm which provides trigger for order generation, Receivable / payable fees computation

DYN Digital Signage

End to End Digital Signage Solution
Yash Infosystems is a provider of software and hardware for Signage installations around the world. As a technology, Yash Infosystems represents an effective alternative for communicating with customers, employees and clientele. We provide End to End Digital Signage Solution without any third party dependency.

Pega Retail Banking

Software BY Pegasystems Inc
Few business face many operational challenges as retail banking. Product offerings and service channels are constantly developed, as is the regulatory environment. Against this backdrop, major financial institutions constantly turn to Pegasystems for retail banking solutions that help them efficiently handle great business difficulty.

SIT Retail Banking

Software BY Strategic Information Technology (SIT) Ltd
SIT's Retail Banking software relies on a complicated architecture that can combine with ATMs and other 3rd party systems that need to deliver the complete retail banking customer experience. Faster to market retail banking Portfolio Plus supports both fabulous retail banking work branches and tellers, and virtual banking. 


Software BY Temenos
CorporateSuite provides one system one view for all corporate banking needs today and tomorrow. Declining profit margins, growing attrition and increased competition suggest that corporate banks must nevermore before faced so many difficulties.


Software BY Luxoft
Luxoft offers the global corporate and retail banks big quality technology solutions and assistance that help daily tactical activities and long-term important planning. It is performed to the implementation of regular practices in banking and to the continuous improvement of solutions in accordance with a growing business and regulatory climate.

Bobs Guide

Software BY Myguides Ltd.
Finding the retail banking software most suited to requirements is easy with bobsguide of ATM technology to electronic commerce solutions and card processing it offer the most up to date knowledge on retail banking systems in the commercial sector.


Software BY SAB
SAB's retail banking software solutions expand on a modular architecture with larger than 200 modules include all aspect of a bank's business. These retail banking software solutions can be distributed of a unique enterprise-wide usage or individually in special business solutions.


Software BY Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
Nucleus Software give world best retail banking solutions to an ever-growing global customer base service lines, supporting multiple products. This depth of global finance activity helps us deliver innovative banking solutions that create continual value for customers.

Capital Banking

Software BY Capital Banking Solution
Capital Banking Solutions allow integrated software systems designed to help the business purpose for retail and corporate banks. Retail Banking skill include counter operations, checkbook workflow, management of the check clearing cycle, funds transfer, bills of exchange, term deposits, card management and management of redeemable loans.


Software BY Zafin
miRevenue for Retail Banking For various banks the status quo is no longer an option. Amidst a backdrop of growing competition from new market entrants and powerful regulations about the transparency of information retail banks quickly recognize that they need to do more with less and find the new method to create fee-based revenue.


Software BY Printec Group
Printec is producing state-of-the-art and cost-effective software systems for Banks and Financial Institutions, enabling them to follow the regulatory mandates, maximize theirs customer relationships, enhance customer experience and minimize operational charge.

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