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Zoho CRM Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
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Best CRM Software for Your Business in India


All in one CRM
A smart CRM that provides you with contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, telephony, newsletter management, 2-way emails, real time activity alerts, third-party integrations, and much more.


Digital CRM
CRMNEXT is the leading global cloud CRM solution provider. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships.

ProsperWorks CRM

Software BY ProsperWorks CRM
ProsperWorks is the leading company to provide CRM solution and recommended by the Google. It also helps to make your team more productive. Seamlessly provide lead management, source management, and opportunity management. Manage names, company, email, phone, status, and owner of the lead.


Web based Real Estate CRM Software
T3 CRM for Real Estate & Construction is very rich in functionality and is an industry specific product. The build in process at each level of modules makes it very easy for the user to move to the next level of cycle in a much easy way.

Billing Provisioning CRM

The Subscription billing and provisioning platform
Trigital Technologies, A SaaS Billing & CRM Company with Diverse Experience that provides end-to-end e-business solutions and services to Media, Data & Voice segments. Trigital provide the comprehensive SaaS based OBS Solutions. which is faster, flexible, yet a Enterprise Grade.


CirQ is most advanced & affordable POS in India!
CirQ is an all in one point of sale software with World Class features at lowest price allowing unlimited no. of users in one license. It enables to manage Inventory, get Insights, Engage and Retain Customers etc.

Employee Management Software

Get Free Demo of Web based customizable Software A
Sagar employee management software helps you to tackle personnel issues from tracking employee information, to staff scheduling, to performance evaluations. The workforce management requirements vary from organization to organization.

STYLICIOUS - Billing Software

Software BY Stylicious Inc
It Offer Billing Software to the clients. This product is full-fledged windows based ideally suitable for canteens, bazaars, super markets, retailers, sweet marts, grocery shops, departmental stores, garment segment etc...


Software BY Logicbox
Logicbox is an easy and accurate information complete CRM and Business application software with great user interface for all types of businesses. It is a CRM software solution offered by Logicbox to customer winning in the markets like as manufacturing, industrial, automation and many more.  

Novosales ERP

SAAS Based ERP and CRM Solution
Novosales SaaS Business Platform to customize and build new solutions, for your complete organization or for just a department. Novosales customizable business app's, allows you to build greater visibility, transparency, and accountability into the functioning of your organization. This clarity brings effective flow of information and it's availability as and when needed.

SalesGrow CRM

Salesgrow CRM is very demanding CRM product.
SalesGrow CRM provides you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Its very useful for client interaction. It has many features like lead management,organization management,territory management,task,event,quote,account,vendor,customization ,Apps and add-ons,campaign management,email,task etc.

Beehive ERP - CRM Software

Software BY Beehive Computer Systems
ERP/CRM Software Designed for Small & Medium scale Industries. There are different version of the software as per Size of the company, Company type – product based / project based activities.

Star HelpDesk and CRM

Customer relationship management software
It is a software suite that enables customer support or support desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests. It builds on this definition of helpdesk software by creating a powerful ticket management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations.

Digital CRM

Asp.Net based Digital CRM with source code
Digital CRM is Asp.Net web based CRM application which captures companies, leads, order, purchase marketing, accounts and manage customer’s complaint related details. Digital CRM purchase management module manages Indent, quotation, purchase order, material receipt and job work order process.


Recruitment CRM/ATS built for growth
Vincere is the world’s 1st fifth-gen software for ambitious recruiters. We are user(You)-centric, data minded, process driven, mobile enabled and inexpensive. Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself. No contracts, no fuss. Start your 14-day free trial.

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What is CRM Software?

The key focus of customer relationship management software is to enhance the quality of the relationship between an organization and its customers, along with empowering sales and managing the workload of the sales team with efficiency and easiness. These techniques are improved through the storage and organization of customer data and in addition sales leads and marketing data.

One of the key benefits of CRM system is to merge all client information into one easily accessible client interface, removing the requirement for independent spreadsheets, documents and different tools for business. This gives a solitary view of whole client life-cycle, from fundamental personal information to recorded communications with staff. CRM tools are not just used to stay informed about client communications, but also those of vendors, partners, and suppliers.

CRM applications mainly incorporate tools that allow users to track emails and log calls, attach dates and records, stay informed of services delivered and undelivered services, oversees leads captures and follow-ups and categorize issues and potentialities. Many customer relationship management software now provides features that consider performance and productivity monitoring. Also, For smaller team free CRM software are also available.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps you to carry out your day-to-day business tasks and activities (such as sales, HR, campaign management etc.) with its applications.

Today CRM software can be installed in your office, inside your corporate firewall or be made available to you as a cloud-based (web-based) software as hosted by a CRM provider and accessed by you anytime anywhere via the hosting services.

Implementation of CRM System

The CRM tools Implementation can be best understood as stage process. Starting from gathering the information of your customers and evaluating it for using that information to increase your sales, marketing and customer experience.

  1. Information Gathering -  Firstly you need to gather the information that your customers need to be identified by you and their behavior should be categorized. The companies having online customer services and their website can have the advantage over other companies in the market. The customers can fill, update and maintain their own data when they are buying something or inquiring.
  2. Information storage - The relational database is the best-centralized customer database in which the storage and management of your customers’ information can be done in a most effective way. The relational database will allow you running all of your systems from the same origin. It also ensures that everybody is using up-to-date and accurate information.
  3. Information Access - Information Access will be the next stage after collecting or gathering the information about the customers and storing it centrally. It is important to make this information available to all the staff members in the most useful format.
  4. Study the behavior of the customer - You can begin to profile customers and develop various and important sales strategies by using data mining tools in spreadsheet programs which can analyze the data to identify patterns and relationships. So the analysis of customer behavior is a most important aspect in CRM programs.
  5. Marketing more aggressively and effectively - It is the mindset of many companies or businesses that the high percentage of their profits is generated by a small percentage of their customers. The companies can target and reward their most valuable customers by using CRM systems. They can gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs.
  6. Intensify the customer experience - A small number of customers who are having complaints often take up a disproportionate amount of staff time as a small group of customers are the most profitable. The staff will have more time for other customers if the problem of customers having complaints can be solved quickly.

Key Modules of CRM Tools

1. Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a software tool that automates each and every task in the function of Sales. Right from order processing to order tracking, managing information, contact management, inventory management (monitoring and control), customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. SFA is time-saving, improves performance and in turn revenues, and takes care of customer service resulting to repeat customers.

With this tool, you and your team can have instant access to order details. This way you are able to share a close connection of trust with the customer, guiding him to the status of the order's arrival. Any query made by the customer about his order can be answered by you in a matter of seconds because all the real-time information is available right in front of you.

2. Lead Management

Lead management is the first step of acquiring the customer. Once this step is completed, leads(a list of strong potential buyers with some of their details) is passed on to the Sales department. In this way, lead management process acts as the bridge between two important departments, namely marketing and sales.

This is the process in which your company engages for the very first time and interacts with your buyer at a stage where he is just a potential buyer. This process often becomes challenging when your leads are in the numbers of thousands, lakhs and more. Why will this tool work for your company? Well, for one it will keep your company focused on the tactics that work and bring in the right leads. Further, you can track leads effectively with this tool and you can clinch most of your winning deals. For example, you've launched toothpaste and it's getting very popular among the youths, like the college youths. You can then tailor-make your campaign focusing on the likes of college youths to engage them more effectively.

3. Opportunity Management

The tool of Opportunity Management gives you the pearls of opportunities in sales. Pure leads are just basic information and that's meaningless unless it is filtered as per your company requirement. This analyzing and filtering job is done by this tool. It judges the leads and puts the qualified ones as an opportunity in the sales pipeline. Would you like to waste your time on meaningless and useless leads? Of course not! That's why this software is for you as your hundreds and thousands and even lakhs of leads are processed and filtered through this sophisticated mechanism so that you can focus on relevant information in a relaxed way. Thus in this way, this tool efficiently supports the sales automation tool function.

4. Contact Management

This is much more than your Outlook's list of contacts. Over the years, sales management and contact management software have evolved as close-knit tools. It is vital in this age to have your contact information fully synchronized with your sales software. Here the behavior of your contacts is integrated with their names in the list, so you get a 360-degree view of his entire purchase history, likes, dislikes, preferences etc. This is a great guide in a go; it is like the social security in the U.S. On the press of a button, you get all the information on a certain customer to take the performance of your sales and customer service team many levels beyond. An example of this is if you are selling life insurances and you are calling to discuss a new plan with your customer, wouldn't you like to know all about that person before you start a discussion with him?

5. Task Management

How do you ensure your sales rep is following the right path "step by step" in his sales process? You can simply spell the steps out, beforehand. Yes, absolutely. And here in this aspect of CRM, Task Management takes care of exactly this. It lists out these steps as "tasks" and keeps it as a ready reckoner available for your sales force to access it anytime they need it. For example, there could be a common folder that gives access to every sales person to the rules as well the best practices of each sales stage clearly defined.

6. Sales Forecasting

In your highly comprehensive and integrated CRM software, you can easily predict (to a high degree of accuracy) the future sales of your product. Since you have a robust infrastructure in terms of lead management, you can easily come to near accurate ballpark figures of your product's future sales and create necessary marketing and business plans according to that.

For example: If you are in the book business, your pre-orders and your sales inquiries are going to be extremely important to you. Publishing costs are high per single copy. Hence, one has to keep the campaign running judiciously strictly as per your sales pipeline.

7. Campaign Management

Wouldn't it be great to run your marketing campaign from your CRM system? When all your customer information is inside the storehouse of your CRM tool, why not launch your campaign from there itself?

You can do it effortlessly. Campaign Management is now available as part of the CRM solutions and you can launch and track the success of the campaign right from your CRM software.

For example: If you are running an online ad on Facebook for your contact lenses, and you are using all the customer intelligence info from your CRM to target your campaign to the right audience. If during the tracking of your campaign that a new type of lens is getting more popular within your customers, you can create a new campaign just focusing on that lens that people seem to be like more and ordering more. You can even set your campaign on automated Drip mode. Your campaigns are 100% traceable and measurable and you can evaluate your campaign for your every single cent spent.

8. Invoice Management

This tool is going to save you from a future headache. Managing invoices is the most boring and monotonous part of being in business. With your CRM software, you can now raise bills and invoices automatically. Once your order is finalized, the software will generate your invoice as per the quotation. Your invoice management can be automated by your CRM system end-to-end. You can even set alerts and reminders for your invoice due dates.

9. Social CRM

With the advent of social media, this is a new feature added to the CRM tool. This tool enables you to manage your social media interaction with your customers.

Banking and finance have a lot of consumer data and profiling to deal with. One such institution is Wells Fargo that is serving more than 70 million individuals, and managing their databases. Acknowledging the fact that many of its customers are using multiple banks, they decided to go the extra mile to build their connection with their customers and started using Social CRM. This worked wonderfully for them as all of their filtered leads got instantly serviced through the CRM and turned into their happy customers. So much so that the head of Wells Fargo Wholesale Service Group was quoted saying that they see cloud as the future to help businesses connect to their customers around the world, not just to the services but to even build products and make for risk management strategies.

10. CRM & Sales Reports

You can build numerous reports with CRM and have the perfect overview of your company's performance.

In a click of a button, you can view reports as summaries, tables, matrix and even in different visual charts as per your needs. There are multiple layout options in your CRM software. You can also customize your dashboard to keep monitoring your important graphs.

Not only that, you can also share these reports with your teammates, in only a few clicks by turning the visual into a PDF, XLS or CSV attachment.

11. Mobile Edition

Here the power of CRM gets manifested with the sheer brilliance of mobility. You can access your CRM on your mobile, with or without connectivity, wherever you go and whenever you want. You can configure your mobility device (Smartphone or tablet) to be able to view the most important information at all times on your customized dashboard. Mobile customers work faster, generating searches, reports, action et al...much faster than other peers. The swiftest way to manage your team is to use the mobile edition of CRM solution and make way for more brilliance.

12. Cloud / On-Demand (SaaS)

CRM now uses the cloud-hosted delivery method vis-à-vis the traditional "on-premise installation". SaaS technology allows hosted delivery or cloud computing and lets businesses gain a rented "anytime anywhere" access to their CRM systems. Most business leaders are going for cloud computing and the shift in CRM management has been an organic one. The prime benefit of the SaaS model is that it charges the business on the basis of usage. Other than this benefit, there are faster implementations with contract lock-ins, improved uptime, 24/7 support and increased return on investment.

CRM SaaS is available in three different versions - 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

Features of Customer Relationship Management Software

Although customer relationship management nowadays have become a pile on bells and whistles to attract customers, the fact is there are some core features that lead to having real-time impact on businesses. So, it is highly important to keep in the mind some essential features of this tool before finalizing it for the business.

  1. Simple & easy integration: It is always advisable to have CRM with easy and simple integration process as it will not make any sense to have the tool if one cannot use it. Difficulty in integrating and using the tools leads to de-motivation of users and lead to no-where in such terms
  2. Remote Access: It is a must to have remote access to the data stored in Customer Relationship Management software as it is no use if it can be accessed only in the office. Data must be accessible in all forms and from all locations. There is another brand new usage of remote access of data. 24/7 availability is the key factor of success nowadays and thus to ensure this, one needs remote access to any data through CRM systems.
  3. Mobile Access: With mobile access, it is meant that one can able to see data on their hand-held devices. People now traveling around to the world to make their business go global needs such a useful software to work with their walk and get in business anytime and anywhere.
  4. Strong Multi-channel Support: Software must have this feature to strengthen the mobile access of data or documents. Such features enable mobile usage of software and make workflow smoother and easier. With strong multi-channel support, CRM tools enables the work go smoother and ensure better results for the business.
  5. Integrated Analytics: It is equally essential to understand the data and analyze on it accordingly. So, along with data collection, it is important to have the access to the decision-making analytics tools as well.
  6. Campaign & data Management: The software must have the campaign as well as data management tool. This will enable any and every business to have a watch on the entire workflow along with managing multiple data list.
  7. Flexible and Customization: There is a CRM aphorism that each CRM has s special touch – meaning customization in itself. Customizations lead to fulfilling the exact requirement of business and fetch invaluable results.
  8. Lead generation along with follow-up tracking:It is not advisable to depend solely on the sales but has CRM system developed to create leads and have a follow-up function attached to it. Such tools can always help the business grow and fetch in more fruitful results through its operations.

Benefits and Uses of CRM Solutions

To grow business in a smart and different way and reach to the world, Customer Relation Management software could be one of  the keys. Once a luxury meant for large companies, the customer relation management software has now become one of the most critical components for a successful business setup.

The focal point of customer relationship management software is to enrich the qualitative aspect of business by enhancing the relation between the business body and its clients. This sort of software enables the business to strengthen the sales team by managing their workload with efficiency and smoothness. Further, these given techniques are upgraded through storage method and by organizing the customer data. In addition, through sales leads and marketing data.

Another major benefit of using CRM solution is that one gets a consolidated data. Customer relationship management software can merge all possible information provided by customers in one straightforwardly accessible client interface. This way CRM system removes the requirement of separate spreadsheets, documents files and other tools used in businesses. Thus, such consolidated interface helps get a solitary view of complete life-cycle of client’s work starting from the fundamental information to various communications with employees. Various CRM tools and software are used to keep selves informed about the vendors, suppliers, and other partners along with client’s communication details and other aspects.

This new-age technology called customer relationship management system primarily incorporate the tools that make the users track various emails and logs; it is also used to used attach data and records. It helps the business stay informed of services that are delivered or undelivered. It also helps oversee leads and capture the workflow and follow-up accordingly, follow-up and categorize all issues as per their potentialities.

The latest developed best CRM solutions also provide some features which consider the performance as well as the productivity of business. However, use of such tools are subject to technical knowledge but such technical advancements have helped businesses reach a new height.

Latest Trends in CRM Software

‘Customer Relations’ is the most critical for the life of any business. Delayed assistance, unhandled emails, unresponsive helpdesks, etc could definitely lead to a dent in customer relations, loss of customer trust and subsequently lead generation. This is where keeping up to date with the latest market trends becomes important. A proper study and research about the latest trends is imperative for succeeding in any industry. Keeping this fact in mind, below are some notable latest trends in Customer Relationship Management software industry:

  1. Advent of Social CRM - Human-beings are social animals, and since consumers are also human-beings, they love interacting with each other. With the popularity and spread of social media, there is perhaps not a single day when people haven’t interacted with someone. According to a recent survey, around 50% consumers use social media for making purchase decisions. This being a crucial factor, social CRM software has emerged as a must-have for businesses. The customer support module of the software should be prompt and socially active as it is seen that socially active customer support desks drastically increase customer loyalty and customer retention.
  2. Rapid growth of Cloud CRM - It shouldn't be surprising to know that nowadays more businesses are opting for Cloud CRM solutions. Apart from affordable pricing, these solutions are flexible, updated regularly and easily maintained. And businesses are keenly adapting to employee requirements and quicker consumer assistance. Cloud Saas CRM software typically serves all the above benefits. Add to that, precise consumer statistics, regular feedback and real-time analytics are some other remarkable benefits of this latest CRM system trend.
  3. Integration at its peak - A single software package for all departments makes business tasks smoother and seamless. Integrating CRM software with all departments is much time saving and cost efficient. Apart from that, management of such a compact business system is very efficient and error-free. The hefty burden of accounting, sales monitoring, customer relations, purchase requisites, email campaigns and the like could be reduced to a far extent. An ideal automated system is the one where ERP and CRM function simultaneously in a business, leaving no room for extra sweat. This sort of integration is the latest rage among CRM system software prospects.
  4. CRM Predictions using Analytical Statistics - CRM software are being coupled with real-time analytical statistics data for predicting consumer trends and behavioural moves. And by peeping into this data along with larger business purchase and sales trend data, the advanced CRM tools have become ideal in predicting sales points and positively affecting the sales funnel. Business could capitalize on this latest trend and generate more leads.
  5. Better Customer Experience - Every customer looks for a human touch, and they find it missing in online business. This is exactly where brick and mortar business scores over online business. A rising trend in online CRM software is to establish peer-to-peer relations with customers and make them feel part of the business. This relieves the customers’ craving for having human relations, subsequently enhancing the business and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  6. Inclusion of Content Marketing Software into CRM - Content marketing is no new word in online business. Building consumer trust and generating online sales is synonymous with content marketing. Personalizing dynamic emails and landing pages through CRM systems is crucial for nurturing leads and landing more sales. One of the latest trends is to integrate content marketing into CRM software. This helps the marketing and sales teams to customize their marketing strategy by using customer feedback and statistics made available by the CRM solutions. The same data can be capitalized in the content strategy. This induces a higher probability of generation of leads and potential sales!

All business firms strive to interact with their customers, streamlining their services. In order to deliver steadfast services, they use a CRM system to manage customer information. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a vital aspect for any business firm. No company wants to stain the relationship with their customers.

With the digitization of information, it has become increasingly necessary to tackle vast loads of information using software. You can monitor the calls, chats, emails, purchases, and other details of your customers using various CRM tools. Today, companies are integrating these tools on their platforms to develop a seamless customer relationship management system.

Advantages of CRM software

A CRM tool enables you to leverage the functional efficiency in the following ways:

  1. Storage of information: A CRM system functions as a centralized database, stockpiling all relevant information regarding your customers. You can assess this information anytime, sort out relevant details within a short span, and share them to your employees. You can also optimize the format that suits your end.
  2. Information gathering: A well-structured database contains information from different quarters of your business. A CRM software gathers data from different departments, like marketing, billing, sales and so on. These are further categorized to enhance the operational efficiency of the users.
  3. Analysing customer behaviour: It is necessary to assess the behaviour of your customers when you strategize your digital marketing tactics. A customer relationship management software helps you to analyse customer behaviour, study trends of sales, and their purchasing habits. It analyses the ongoing trends to make decision making easier for your future marketing policies.

Why your business needs a CRM software?

With the given advantages, every business house needs a reliable CRM management system to optimize their functioning. The powerful tool keeps you updated with purchasing attributes of your customers.

Evidently, a better-informed company can launch aggressive campaigns. You can intensify the experience of your customers when you know their tastes, habits, and preferences. A reliable CRM solution makes your task easier by performing a variety of analytical functions. Briefly, your business will enjoy a better functional set-up when you have an efficient CRM tool.


1. What are the key functions of a CRM software?

The key functions of a CRM system include:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Task management
  • Opportunity management
  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation
  • Lead management, and much more.

2. What type of CRM hosting services can I opt for?

You can choose cloud based CRM system or on-premise CRM tools, depending on your requirements.

3. How can I choose the right CRM solution?

You need to talk to the experts, who decide the solution based on your needs. You may want to reduce buyers’ churn, secure your data, allow your employees to operate remotely or seek other services. You can also use a software discovery platform like SoftwareSuggest which can suggest best suitable CRM solution according to your need.

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