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Top Customer Engagement Software In 2018


Software BY Enalyzer
Enalyzer provides a very powerful solution for the customer engagement and this is the best of the free version. Integrated versatile survey web app, which has features that can be launch on the platform.

First AI powered chat platform - modular chat platform that gives businesses the ability to talk to their website visitors, answer their queries in and turn them into paying customers. With, you can expand the channels through which customers can engage with you - website, SMS, email or social media platforms.

Nutshell CRM

Software BY Nutshell CRM
Nutshell is the great CRM software to the sales team to achieve the goal, motivate and make them more productive. Specially designed for the small sector because of user-friendly and affordability. Including with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office/Outlook. It has been trusted by thousands small business.


Software BY SalesforceIQ
SalesforceIQ smart and simple CRM to build stronger relations with customers and provides an intelligent tool to increase the revenue. Manages automatic sales pipeline, Deal closures, business development, day-to-day interaction and more.


Software BY WORKetc Pty Ltd
WORK[etc] is the combined solution of customer management and sales. It manages whole the process from lead to sale it and records the complete customer history. Parallelly manage the project & task, invoicing, etc. Also, supports Android and iOS mobile app.


Software BY TrackerRMS
TrackerRMS is the solution for customer management. Specially designed for small and mid size business for improve their customer data and build the stronger relationship. Seamlessly manage pipeline and sales cycles and having the functionality to track the sales.


Artivatic enables to build intelligent solutions
Artivatic helps businesses to create Human-brain like an intelligent system based on genomics and neuroscience capabilities to scale efficiency. Artivatic is an end to end plug-in-play business intelligence with neuroscience focused automated decision making advanced AI/ML platform.


Software BY vCita
vCita is the amazing solution for the customer management solution. Manages your business and the schedule and better interaction with customers at a short span of time. Design for small business to develop their customer experience and increase reputation. Seamlessly provide Client management, Reservation booking, Online Payments, Sms marketing etc.

Mothernode CRM

Software BY Mothernode
Mothernode CRM is the leading company to provide customer management and CRM. It is the cloud-based solution to collaboration between sales and marketing departments, regardless to choose the way of communicating with customers from anywhere in the world and from any computer or mobile. 

Base CRM

Software BY Base
Our advanced sales platform gives reps the tools they need to focus on revenue generation no matter whether they are in the field or at the office. Top-rated mobile apps help salespeople get more done every day while spending less time taking notes and entering data. Intelligent features including email sentiment analysis and our smart auto-dialer let reps work more deals with greater attention to detail, allowing a highly-personalized sales experience to be delivered with high velocity. Intelligent out-of-the-box reports and automated prescriptive insights give sales leaders the ability to individualize coaching, with each rep getting personalized, actionable steps to improve their sales performance. Base allows you to do this at scale with customers including Groupon and Expensify achieving extraordinary sales efficiency increases and revenue growth. The days of buying eight different software products to manage your sales team are long gone. Trying to integrate your CRM with your email, smart phone dialer, sales reporting package, lead scoring, etc. it’s a headache you could do without. That’s why Base is the only CRM platform that includes everything you need to run a sales team, in one place.


Software BY SalesNexus LLC
SalesNexus is the web-based CRM solution to help out the sales and marketing companies. Including sales automation, email marketing, collaboration and customized dashboard to fulfill every need of company. It's packed offers the lead management too, from generating lead to nurturing the leads. 

PlanPlus Online

Software BY Complete XRM Inc.
PlanPlus is the web based solution for customer management for sales and marketing firm. It is the only solution to deliver the best combination of over 15 million people and powerful customer relationship to improve the productivity with planning, sales, marketing, collaboration and project management tools.


Indian GST magento extension,Indian GST extension
CedCommerce launched the Indian GST Magento extension. After installing the extension, Magento sellers can sell their goods according to the new Tax slab under GST. GST Extension provides the functionality to apply appropriate Indian GST rates on products that belong to different tax slabs.


Software by Brainsphere IT Solutions
FactsERP is an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution suitable for large and midsize organizations. FactsERP features part-number inquiries, sale tracking, order registration and integrations with supplier portals.

123Coimbatore CRM Software

Best Lead Management Software
This Customized CRM is a web based solution which assists to increase more sales by assigning, automating and effectively tracking the leads. Complete customized CRM, in a few approaches, to outfit your accurate business requirements.

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What is Customer Engagement Software?

Personalised, dynamic and flexible by nature; Customer Engagement Platform is a comprehensive set of tools that enable business managers to streamline customer interactions and boost relationship with them in the best possible ways. Using this software, communication heads can reach their potential targets and loyal consumers through a variety of channels like emails, web chat, social media, etc. Above all, they can integrate all these mediums and develop a centralised CRM infrastructure for more convenience and benefits.

Features of Customer Engagement Solutions

For developing long-term relations with the target audience, business managers must look for:

  1. Quick Integration: A good customer engagement software must quickly integrate with marketing systems, business development software as well as customer support databases. It must easily sync with all the business apps that are commonly used by the employees. The software must not only serve the communication guys but be of great help to the marketing as well as customer support executives. As and when required, management should also be able to use the software and derive the necessary information.

  2. Mobile and Remote Accessibility: In present work scenario, employees prefer to work at their own pace, which means they must have the privilege to access official information from anywhere and anytime. To address such requirements, customer engagement software should have high compatibility with mobile devices and other browsing platforms like tablets, laptops. The software must allow employees to fetch data using their personal devices, without facing any hassle. At the same time, data must be extractable on-the-go. So, even when a staff is not present in the office, he or she can still work with remote access.

  3. Customisation: That’s the MOST IMPORTANT feature. The software must adapt to the working systems and procedures of the organisation and work and fulfil all requirements on a day-to-day basis. It must have enough scope for customisation so that employees can achieve maximum utility of the software and enjoy the flexible operations in meeting their objectives.

  4. Real-time Reports: Real-time reporting is another important feature of a customer engagement platform. At any point of time, the software must generate real-time reports, provide useful information and help the management and employees to make informed decisions concerning the future.

  5. Campaign Management: Customer relationships are best improved with campaigns. And with a powerful and efficient campaign management solution, the software must consistently aid in the campaign activities. From initial campaign plans to test and deployment and not to miss customer tracking and real-time follow-ups, the customer engagement system must be a complete package in 360° campaign management.

Benefits of Customer Engagement Software

And with the above-mentioned features, communication departments and the entire company is sure to enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Quicker Brand Recall: When businesses develop a consistent relation with their customers, the latter also pays back with a quick brand recall. The moment a customer gets personal attention, he or she is bound to remember the brand. Thus, more than a high-budget marketing activity, a customer relationship software can give a quicker brand recall to any business.

  2. Improved Team Collaboration: Centralised information brings all teams together and binds them in a common forum. Since most businesses have an inter-connection of the marketing, communications and the customer support teams; each knows what the other is doing. As a result, there’s increased collaboration and bonding among all employees of the teams.

  3. Better Customer Service: Consistent team collaboration further enhances the productivity and performance of the individual team members and the team as a whole. And when the three pillars of an organization give their best effort, customer service is sure to improve and reach an ultimate level. While using the custom engagement software, employees become more efficient in tackling customer woes and offering best possible guidance or solutions to their loyal consumers. In this way, they end up creating a difference in the quality of approaching customers and acquire good mind-share among the target audience.

  4. Higher Revenues, Trust & Credibility: And on receiving extraordinary service, customers fall for the business and purchase its products or avail its services. Increasing purchases automatically drifts up sales and brings more revenue to a business. Besides financial success, companies win over the trust of their customers and become more credible, compared to other industry players. Thus, a customer engagement system makes way for higher revenue figures and bridges the buyer-seller gap with a small hyphen called “trust.”

Drawbacks of Customer Engagement Software

No doubt that good quality customer engagement solution is sure to skyrocket business, however, most solutions still face the threat of:

  1. Security: Safety and security are of primary concern as most businesses are baffled with ways of protecting their sensitive data from being leaked to the outside world. Although the present-day software features anti-virus protection, yet it fails to keep a distance from hackers and spammers. Hence, software security still continues to be a shortcoming of such new-age customer engagement solution.

  2. Maintenance & Update Costs: Conventional software requires timely updates and maintenance, failing to do which, it becomes a victim to viruses and illicit hackers. To ensure smooth and consistent functioning, business heads must schedule for regular software updates (as updates are not automatic in all software) and maintenance sessions. This also means additional maintenance costs, which further increases the company budget.

  3. OS Connectivity: While most customer engagement solution easily adjusts on different browsing platform, however, a majority of these software fail to connect with different OS. It may so happen that employees can access their software data from their Android-backed PC, but fail to sync with the application from their iOS devices. This is yet another challenge that causes inconveniences to many employees.

  4. Inability to Define Individual Utility: With hundreds and thousands of employees enjoying quick access to the software database, the hour calls for defining individual access towards specific information. For example, an IT person will never require customer interaction data. Similarly, information pertaining to marketing analytics won’t be of any purpose to an IT or software guy. Amidst such circumstances, organisations must define who can see what and improve the internal security of the software.