Best Customer Experience Management Software

Software BY Survaider
With Survaider's customer experience solution, you can collect all the feedback from your customer in real-time with the simple and single platform for growing your branding and revenue.


Software BY Intercom
Intercom knows the value of good customer experience for your business. It customer experience software understands how well-satisfied customers are can boost your revenues. It helps the sales, marketing, and support teams to communicate in a better manner with customers. It comes with the live chat module to help you connect with your customers. It helps the marketing team send messages, announcements and other information to customers with ease.


Best Customer Experience Management Software
CloudCherry is one of the best customer experience management software which provides the most simple, quick and comprehensive Voice of Customer platform. It can map, track and understand customer’s expectation providing you with better tools to render better services. It customer experience management solutions simplify customer interactions and enable you to capture data across multiple touchpoints.


Best Customer Experience Software
Clarabridge is one of the major software used by hundreds of brands to enhance their customer experience management software. It helps you capture all the interactions with the customer making it a point to miss not even one.


Software BY Medallia Inc
Medalia is one of the pioneers for providing enhanced customer experience management solutions. They have the best-in-class technology and services. They understand that each and every action with/ by the customer is holding a crucial role in business.


Customer Experience Software by Resonate Solutions
Resonate have a preconfigured customer experience management software to help you meet your customer’s needs by operationalizing their voice. It provides you with tools which help you manage VoC, CX, NPS and employee experience programs. It customer experience software solutions is a renowned software and are used by largest brands.


Software BY NGDATA
NGDATA understands that the company providing the best customer experience management software is the one with a breadth and depth of customer-centric data. It has tools to collect data from the customer from everywhere including web, social media, and other channels. It has tools that offer real-time insights and predictive analysis to render personalized experience to customers. It helps you understand customers better and act accordingly to fulfill their needs to the fullest.

Zonka Feedback

An enterprise-grade feedback management software
Zonka feedback in a comprehensive customer experience management software. It can take customer’s feedback through email, SMA, web and online survey. It works very well on iPads, Androids, and smartphones. It is a multi-channel feedback and survey application, which allows you to take feedback from the customer on different devices they possess.


Best Customer Experience Management Software
ClickSoftware is a software which provides customer experience management solutions to improve communication with your customers. This helps you deliver the best services to your customer in accordance with their requirements. It provides service providers bi-directional communication channels to communicate better with customers.


Customer Experience Software by Confirmit
Confirmit is a customer experience management software which identifies customer challenges and helps resolve them. It helps you provide unmatched customer experience by flagging issues of your customers and assigning it to someone. It even performs follow-ups with the customers to assure that their issues are resolved and they are satisfied.


Software BY KAVworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd
hAPP!! is a customer management tool which knows customer feedback is the key differentiator for businesses. It provides centralized customer base and helps you get details of all your customers at one place, no matter how wide your customer base is. It collects instant feedback from the customer through different channels like mobile, web, paper and so on.


Best Customer Experience Management Software
Zendesk is a cloud-based customer experience software used by over 2,00,00 organizations worldwide. They are the pioneer in this field. It provides 360-degree analytics about the full customer experience your customers have with your company. It helps you serve your customers in the best possible manner thus making your customers happy. Happy customers result in increased loyalty thus increased sales.


Software BY Mindtouch, Inc
MindTouch is a customer experience management software which provides an intelligent approach to ticket deflection. It provides your agents with smarter tools which help them resolve the issues of the customer's faster thus helping them close the tickets faster. This helps you gain goodwill among customers.


Software BY Geckolyst
Geckolyst is one of the best software to track and improve customer experience. It customer experience software collects data about customers from all text-based sources such as tweets, texts, blogs, emails, and so on. An insight on this data helps you to get an idea about ins and outs with customers thus helping you serve them better. It integrates NPS technology into your organizational structure.

Happiest Minds

Software BY Happiest Minds Technologies Private Limited
Happiest Minds is a customer experience management software that helps you provide better customer service experience with better analytics. It helps you provide enhanced omnichannel experience to your customers. It helps you meet the need of each and every customer at multiple touchpoints. It makes their shopping experience more delightful.

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