Top Customer Feedback Software in 2018 for India

Software BY Survaider
With Survaider's customer experience solution, you can collect all the feedback from your customer in real-time with the simple and single platform for growing your branding and revenue.


Software BY GetResponse
Pricing starts from : USD 15 User/Per Month
Getresponse is a fully featured sales automation tool with features like email marketing, drag-and-drop email editor, autoresponders, email templates, landing pages, forms, webinars, a/b testing, inbox preview, social sharing, spam checker, analytics, list management, responsive email design, multi-user access. They also provide integrations via api.


B2C Marketing Automation Suite
Pricing starts from : USD 0 User/Month
WebEngage, a SaaS based B2C marketing cloud helps businesses run cross-channel user engagement workflows across multiple channels like a website, mobile app (push notification/in-app messaging), email, SMS and browser push notifications.


Software BY Fizzy Software
Pricing starts from : USD 49 User/Per Month simplifies customer data analysis, marketing and support. Our integrated crm, email marketing, live chat, feedback and more allows you to capture, engage and retain your customers from one single dashboard.


Real-time Customer Experience Management Platform
Cloudcherry is a Real-Time, Omni-Channel Customer Experience Analytics, Feedback Management & Sentiment Mapping Product that helps brands track, measure & improve Customer Delight.


Software BY Canvass
Canvass is an all-in-one marketing software that helps businesses with lead generation, lead nurturing, marketing communication, and marketing automation.

WINHMS Feedback

Software BY Winsar infosoft
WINHMS Feedback automates the collection of feedback from guests directly without manual intervention and generates various analyses based on the feedback for corrective actions. Guests can submit the feedback electronically through internet from their home and the feedback will immediately auto-update to PMS.  

Zoho Survey

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Easily create professional online surveys. Gather opinions, analyze data and make smarter decisions.

Zonka Feedback

An enterprise-grade feedback management software
Pricing starts from : USD 166.67 Per Month
Zonka Feedback and Survey app is a revolutionary, out-of-the-box way of collecting customer feedback and taking surveys on tablets, iPads, mobile phones, touchscreen kiosks and the web. Works offline without the Internet.


Software BY TeamSuccesso
Wisemirror is a online survey creation tool for professionals and organizations. WiseMirror provides detailed analytics based on the survey results received.

VeCe Vendor Customer Enablement

Software BY Mann-India
VeCe Vendor Customer Enablement is a web based product from Mann-India technologies which helps companies to interact with their business partner in the real time scenario.


Software BY Zendesk
Pricing starts from : USD 5 Agent/ Month
Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. People interact with businesses every day across multiple channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media. Zendesk brings all this together in one beautifully simple help desk software platform, enabling you to create more meaningful and productive relationships with your customers. 


A must have for restaurateurs
MenuSquare is a tablet application for collecting customer feedback, customer contact information and building social media presence of your restaurant. It is also used by restaurant managers and owners for real time sales reports from any device.  

forBinary - Client Management

All in one Solution to Digitize your Business
forBinary helps you create smart, engaging & multilingual mobile app without any coding in 15 min. It also provides a clean and organized CMS platform, this platform helps you connect with your audiences, improve your core process and automate your work.


Software BY CustomerSure
Pricing starts from : USD 379.7 Per Month
CustomerSure is the innovative and award-winning solution for customer feedback management. Helps to measure and improve the customer satisfaction with claimed data. Automatically survey and get response rates with the short relevant question at the time. The way to take the feedback it may be comments, rating, or score.

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What Does Customer Feedback Software Mean?

In the world of cut-throat competition, your customers are the only way to survive with dignity and stability.   A company who values its customer and provide customer-oriented services will surely reach atop. In today’s’ scenario, taking customer feedback is more than an activity. It is a practice which helps you to gain an insight of your customers’ preferences and expectation and tailored-made your services accordingly. Customer feedback software helps you to achieve this. More and more companies are taking the mighty helped of this innovative technology to gather and record their customer feedback.

Technically speaking, customer feedback software is a web-based or installation-based technology designed to gather the customer feedback regarding the services. By gathering precise and real-time feedback, it also helps the services provider to make the necessary changes and modifications in their services to meet the customers’ expectations. Customer feedback software also helps customers to become a part of service deliverance.  The organizations can be benefited from customer feedback software by building a customer-centric service approach and deliver the services which are appealing to their customers. The chief goal of customer feedback software is utilized customer feedback in the advancement and betterment of services.

  1. Effective analysis of the needs of the customers
  2. Less risk handling in terms of acceptance of product in the market
  3. Formation of guidelines to create a plan of action

How Customer Feedback Software Helps The Organization?

Customer feedback software has now become a vital tool for any organization to firm their feet in the market or amongst the client base.  It not only helps them to get noticed in the customer pool but also makes them capable to deliver what exactly is required. There are numerous ways via which implementing the technological aid of customer service software help an organization.

Customer feedback software helps an organization to deliver what it required. It is very essential for any organization to deliver what is the demanded by the customer. The organization which delivers services which are not in line with the need and demand of their customers are going to face a tough time. By providing the real-time data on customers’ need and want, the customer feedback software helps an organization to delivers customer-oriented services. Again, customer feedback management software is highly useful to gain analytics of customer data regarding which feature of the service is liked by the customers and which are not. This factor is crucial to enhance the service quality.

Features Of Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback software is an automated suite of various features. The major features of it are:

  • E-mail marketing- This features of a user online feedback software helps you to get customer feedback in-person through an email. Also, it will allow you to send personalized service details. You can send emails with survey links attached to get direct feedback from your client with the help of this feature.
  • Autoresponders- With the help of this feature, you will easily get the response of your customers on its own. Once set, it will keep on sending auto-generated feedback response to your customers and get the feedback.
  • Form Building- Form building is one of the most important tools of product feedback software. With its assistance, you can easily create need-based and customized feedback forms with questions of your choice.
  • SMS Marketing- Receive the feedback of your customer on-the-go through SMS marketing feature. You can send messages with survey links to gather the customer feedback.
  • Webinars- This feature of customer service software will help you to organize various webinars to build a strong communication with your customers.
  • Landing Page- Landing page feature of your online survey software will help you to build an attractive and interactive landing page to engage the customers.

Role Of Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback software plays a vital role in the image building of your brand and to know your customer better.  Survey software helps you to counteract with negative reviews and feedback from your customers and guide you to build a workable strategy to eradicate completely.

Having a data of satisfied customer associated with your organization is surely one of the most crucial factors to determine your success at present and in future. You can only have satisfied customers if your services meet their exceptions. To get familiar with your customers’ preferences and expectations is a daunting task unless you don’t use product feedback software. By using product feedback software, you can easily know what your customers expect from your product and services. Henceforth, you will be able to deliver what exactly is required.

When customers are content and satisfied, they are likely to choose you again and again over other option. Thus, more revenue generation and sales.

Importance Of Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback software is a significant technology-driven tool for an origination to improve their services. Also, it is important to know up to which extend their service is able to satisfy their service and take the remedial actions for any dissatisfaction. The importance of survey software for an organization is wide and far-flung.

  • Product feedback software is important to find out the improvement areas for an organization- Your survey software gathers the qualitative data about your services and tells you about the area where you are lacking. With the help of this quantitative analysis, you will be able to work on those areas and develop customer-oriented services.  You can easily get an in-depth response about your service and your customers’ opinion about it by using client feedback software. Once you have all the data readily available, you will be able to realize which part of your service needs improvement which not.
  • User feedback software keeps all the customer data over a single platform- When you have user feedback software, you will have all the customer data over a single platform which allows using it intelligently. The easy accessibility of customer data is also important from the efficiency point-of-view. Instead to have customer data stored manual, the product feedback software store it at automatic platform improving your efficiency to use it.
  • Client feedback software helps an organization to know your customers better than ever before- Knowing your customer is the key to success. It is a daunting task in absence of user feedback software. With the help of survey software, you can easily know your customers and their preference and design your services accordingly.
  • Online feedback software helps you to identify at-risk customers- Customer retention could be a major concern for any organization. Identifying them and taking proper remedial actions is a life-saving tip for any organization. Product feedback software helps you to identify your at-risk customers easily. Losing a customer is something which no organization could afford these days.  User feedback software will help you to find-out the loop-holes in your services from a customer’s perspective and provide you an opportunity to rectify it on time. It is highly essential to reduce customer retention.
  • Client feedback software will help you to design a framework for customer satisfaction- The function of user feedback software is not limited to collecting customer feedback. It also helps you to design a remedial framework to enhance your customer satisfaction. You can easily design work strategies and plan using its reporting tools.
  • You will make your customer feel valuable by using survey software- When you seek opinions and suggestions from your customer through a customer feed software, you can actually make them feel that they do matter for the company. It will increase their loyalty towards you and reduced the chances to lose a customer.
There is no second opinion that taking customer feedback is the key to success and helps you to reach the pinnacle. Asking right question is as equally important as taking feedback because then only you will able to record the result-oriented feedback. Any irrelevant question will be failed to bring the right results. 
  • Likelihood- How likely is it that you would recommend our product/service to others??                                                                                                                                                                                                            
    Knowing the likelihood of your customers towards your services and product help you to realize how much trust they have in your service. No one will recommend any service and product to their near and dear ones unless they are not stratified with it. Asking this question using customer feedback management software will help you to know the mindset of your customers towards your brand. It is an NPS or Net Promoter Score and considered as a most reliable question to ask while you record the customer feedback using survey software. 
  • Suggestions- What is the one thing that you would like to change about our products and services? 
    Taking suggestions about your services and product help you to realize that what are the things that your customers like to change about your brand and product. This question is not only important from this point-of-view. It is also helpful to let your customer feel valued. 
  • Experience- How was your past experience with us?
    By asking this question, you actually get to know whether it is the first time the customers are using your service or not. It is also useful to have an insight into what your customers think about your service.  
  1. Efficient designing: The product can exactly be designed to meet the needs of the society. This would reduce the risk of losses or failure.
  2. Increased Profits: The cost of conducting surveys or any other methods is eliminated and single software enables us to get reviews at every stage. Customer opinion only a click away!

“Customer Experience and Insight is the next battleground”. Even after enhanced product display, if your product is not according to the whims and fancies of the customer, it won’t last long. Hence, choose wisely and earn with strategy.