Best Customer Loyalty Software in 2018


Software BY Survaider
With Survaider's customer experience solution, you can collect all the feedback from your customer in real-time with the simple and single platform for growing your branding and revenue.

Comarch Loyalty Solutions

Software BY Comarch SA
The COMARCH Loyalty Management System is one of the challengings for customer-oriented enterprise to create a strong bond between the customers and brand. This customer loyalty software has maintained high levels of the customer satisfaction can easy engage by the personalization contextual.  

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Solutions
Annex Cloud's Customer Loyalty program is enhanced with Social Commerce solutions that work together to engage, delight, and reward customers.

Capillary Loyalty Management Software

Software BY Capillary Technologies
Value your customer by using leading customer loyalty software, Capillary Loyalty Management Software. Its automated Loyalty Manager provides real-time performance record of your customers and helps you to reward them aptly. 

iVend Loyalty

Software BY CitiXsys Tech Solutions Pvt. Limited
Retain your customers by providing time to time rewards and loyalty to them using iVend Loyalty, the leading customer loyalty software. Its auto detect operation mode detect easily who is eligible for what and help you out to disperse the rewards accordingly. 

Aimia Customer Loyalty Management

Software BY Aimia
Aimia is a global leader in designing, launching and managing loyalty programs worldwide. By developing strategies from the perspectives of the customer as well as the company, we have gained a unique awareness of the customer enabling us to establish personal connections, form real relationships and create long-term customer loyalty.


Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement Software
OptCulture is a customer loyalty and engagement product which enables retailers to engage effectively with their customers through our event triggers, digital receipts on purchases, SMS Integration, Promotions, Email marketing and triggers.

Boltzmann Loyalty Management System

Software BY SERETOS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
You can easily configure various customer loyalty programs by using robust customer loyalty program software, Boltzmann Loyalty Management System. The customer loyalty software can be functional with or without 3rd party catalogue service provider. 

Preferred Patron Loyalty

Software BY Preferred Market Solutions, LLC
Preferred Patron Loyalty Software is a special design for small, medium and large loyalty management software with features such as gift card system, CRM, membership portal, referral tracking, loyalty card system and etc. It has offered by four editions like as bronze, silver, gold and platinum according to the different budget of businesses.


Software BY The Loyalty Box
The Loyalty is a most popular of Cloud based customer loyalty software for working on the web, mobile, and point of sale system which customers move between storing environment seamlessly. It is a very nice support to customization for growth driven retailers in the customer loyalty program software.   

One Loyalty

One Loyalty is one of the best customer loyalty management software Application Development Company in India. Provides E-loyalty management software services, Hotel Loyalty program, loyalty programs for retail stores and loyalty management development software for end users.


Software BY Yotpo
One of the most powerful features of Yotpo customer loyalty solutions is can generate customer data like drive traffic, reviews, marketing and increase sales managing. This customer loyalty software can increase reviews leading to higher on-site marketing without effective and SEO ranking.

SailPlay Loyalty

Software BY SailPlay
SailPlay Customer Loyalty Management Software allows to build single loyalty programming for offline & online stores and also can be using the SailPlay software interfacing with work on the customers.

BI WorldWide

Best Customer Loyalty Management Software
Cloud based popular customer loyalty software and customer retention solutions for your business. Convert current customers into passionate ambassadors for your brand.

Channelplay Loyalty Program

Software BY 1Channel-Channelplay Limited
ChannelPlay loyalty program is considered as a product feature and its definition of being an ‘initiative for appreciation & retention’ is becoming bleaker by the day. Every stakeholder in the sales value chain, from your national distributor to end consumer, expects a loyalty program as a ‘standard’ offering. To add to this, impact on your brand image of a successfully running loyalty program is as significant as that of a properly functioning product.

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Nowadays, retaining a buyer or even making new customers is not easy. One has to strive and show how are they better than their competitors. Here is where the Customer Loyalty Management System comes into the picture.

With the number of E-commerce websites growing by leaps and bounds, the competition among eCommerce websites in selling the products, retaining the old customers and gaining new customers is also increasing. A customer loyalty software platform helps in taking care of all these things and many more to make the E-commerce business a successful one.

What is Customer Loyalty Management System?

Customer loyalty solutions is a software consisting of a set of functions to help you retain your existing customers and secure many more. The software helps in the management of customers by letting you find out who is spending how much and on what products. The customer loyalty management system solutions ensure no potential shopper is left ignored by your online store. Thus, it is an integrated system for managing people to make the most out of your business.

Features of Customer Loyalty Management System

  • The customer loyalty management system solutions aim at increasing sales, retaining buyers, ensuring excellent customer experience, and gaining loyal consumers at the same time.
  • Secondly, it is about managing your customers and analyzing the shopping behaviour of your customers. This analysis allows you to manage your ‘influential’ customers effectively by offering them timely rewards and discounts.
  • The best web based loyalty program software helps in the planning of discounts in a way that is profitable for the company as well as the customers. For example, regular visitors can be entertained with additional discounts, etc. with a view to make them shop again.
  • The software helps in planning, developing and executing the customer loyalty program software for small businesses. The customer loyalty software also helps in developing rules of the program, the rewards and communication of the same.
  • The customer loyalty program app for small business takes care of the overall management of a company’s customers by helping the Admin plan and executes better customer experience.

Advantages of Customer Loyalty Management Software

  • The customer loyalty software solutions helps in making the visitor to the E-commerce website to stay for a long time and turn the visitor into a potential customer. The software tracks the potential customers searching for similar products in your website and makes them visit your website by providing incentives to the visitor such as making the first buy a free one or a by providing a great discount to the first time buyer etc.
  • The customer loyalty management software helps in retaining the old customers by making them visit your website again and again and encourages them in buying products by rewarding bonus points or giving discounts for the next purchase which is not available to the normal customers. This makes them feel special and encourages them to visit your website again and again to make purchases.
  • The customer loyalty program application encourages the customers to refer the website to their friends, relatives and their social networking accounts by providing them incentives.
  • While you may be busy taking care of the business, the customer loyalty software solutions can follow up the visitor or customer about their experiences and opinions on the website. These surveys help you to improve the business by rectifying the mistakes specified by the customers and the visitors.
  • The software sends a detailed report of the new customers brought by the software, the surveys are done, the number of repeated customers etc. to you through E-mails.
  • Some customers who stop coming to the website are brought back to your website by the software. The customer loyalty solutions bring back the customers by providing the incentives, discounts etc. which is a big deal to any business.
  • The software takes care of wishing the loyal customers on birthdays etc. to make them feel special.
  • The repeated customers are the ones who bring profits to your business and these customers are taken care of by the software. The software treats the best customers of your website with huge discounts and incentives which encourages them to buy more products and bring more customers to your website.
  • The software helps in tracking the customers, visiting and buying activities etc. and sends them follow-up Emails about the products that they were interested in and the discounts on the products they were interested in and persuades them to buy the products.

Some Potential Cons of Customer Loyalty Management Software

  • While it is good for any business to get improved, the amount being spent on rewards, discounts and incentives may be much more than the profits earned which can potentially take the business down into losses.
  • The E-mails and the tracking done by the customer loyalty program application may annoy the customers and visitors if it is done on a frequent basis.
  • The software can prove highly efficient for one's business but may not prove to be good for your website which makes the amount spent on buying the software a waste.

Points to Consider While Buying Customer Loyalty Software Solutions

  • When buying the customer loyalty software platform, the reviews about the software should be checked. The percentage of successes gained by the E-commerce websites similar to your website should be taken into consideration before buying the best online loyalty program software. This increases the chance of success.
  • The rewards, incentives and the discounts provided by the software should be calculated carefully and should be checked whether it is feasible for your business.
  • Any website or an E-commerce site will take some time to get into the customers and you have to wait for a period of time to really see success. It depends on the choice of the website owner to wait patiently for some time before buying the customer loyalty program software for small businesses or to buy a software as soon as the website is started.

The basics of the business such as maintaining the quality of the products, delivering the products on time, replying to the queries and requests of the customers are essential and should never be neglected. The customer loyalty solutions would not be of much help if the website quality and the quality of the images are poor. So it is better to first take care of all the essentials of the E-commerce website before going for the customer loyalty software solutions which may help to improve your online business.

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