Best Customer Support Software For Your Business in 2018

Cloud-based Customer Support Software
Deliver exceptional customer service with Freshdesk Online Customer Support and Help Desk. Freshdesk is the customer support software that gives you everything you need to delight your customers.


B2C Marketing Automation Suite
WebEngage, a SaaS based B2C marketing cloud helps businesses run cross-channel user engagement workflows across multiple channels like a website, mobile app (push notification/in-app messaging), email, SMS and browser push notifications.


All-in-One CRM for Businesses
SoulCRM is incredibly simple and efficient web based software specifically designed for all type of  businesses. It's a complete business solution that connects your business across marketing, sales and customer support departments.


Software BY Exotel Techcom Pvt Ltd
Exotel is a business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for you Business. You can set up an efficient call routing/management/recording system in 5 minutes of cloud telephony device.


Software BY Fizzy Software simplifies customer data analysis, marketing and support. Our integrated crm, email marketing, live chat, feedback and more allows you to capture, engage and retain your customers from one single dashboard.

Zoho Livedesk

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Customisable chat button for your website for the visitors/users to connect them to your agents on live chat. 


Software BY Mobius Solutions Pvt Ltd
With EazeSales your Distributors, Wholesalers and other Channel partners can also log on and interact – they can see status of their orders, payment status. You can see inventory and sales figures in this integrated CRM application.


Software BY Mobius Solutions Pvt Ltd
EazeSupport is web based customer support software built to provide support reps with an intelligent and flexible platform for all their help desk requirements. There are various elements of the application which work together seamlessly and provide the support teams the help they need


Software BY SupportBee
SupportBee Helps Your Team Collaborate & Deliver Friendly Customer Service. It converts your email into customer support system. It is easily to manage emails for all the departments with organizations from single inbox in the software and manually refresh pages for the new tickets in SupportBee.


Software BY Cayzu Inc
Cayzu is a cloud-based help desk software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium-sized businesses. Cayzu features include ticket management, Facebook & Twitter integration, mobile apps, real-time reporting, and instant notifications; manage multiple brands from a single portal and more. 


Software BY Zendesk
Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. People interact with businesses every day across multiple channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media. Zendesk brings all this together in one beautifully simple help desk software platform, enabling you to create more meaningful and productive relationships with your customers. 

Cases App

Software BY Apptivo Inc.
Our software record issues faced by customers, assign employees to follow up, communicate progress to customers and include cases in project scope.

Uni Retail

Software BY VRS software
UniRetail Software is a fully integrated retail store management software solution that's affordable, quick to implement and easy to use in Mumbai. It offers very user friendly GUI, Installation, Operation and Quick Start Up guide to get you going right away.


Software BY TeamSuccesso
Wisemirror is a online survey creation tool for professionals and organizations. WiseMirror provides detailed analytics based on the survey results received.


India's #1 end-to-end Call Management System
MyOperator serves as a virtual intelligent phone operator for businesses that manages, tracks and stores all the call details and business leads. They offer Toll Free number with a smart call management system or virtual PBX system. It helps to builds a target database which can be used to improve your sales, data and customer support.

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 Customer retention is the most important aspect of any company’s brand reputation management and loyalty program. To keep your customer in the loyalty loop, you need to address their issues more hastily and maintain a very transparent relationship with them. This is where a good customer support software comes to your rescue.

What Is Customer Support Software?

In order to manage customer database, companies need a reliable system that can handle their customer interactions efficiently. Customer Support Software helps manage both inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels and resolves issues.

A customer service software uses all available platforms for communication with great accuracy and eases out this otherwise irksome job. When the customer issues are resolved quickly they come back for other queries related to the product or services. A company gains word of mouth publicity by this which is very crucial for the company’s reputation.

Key Features Of A Customer Support Software

This type of software deals with customer queries and complaints. It includes better customer relationship management, contact management, and registration mechanism.

A well-implemented customer service software increases satisfaction and is transparent. This, in turn, helps the companies to retain their customers and build customer loyalty.

  • Automated Solutions: It provides automated solutions which are much better than the manual customer support. Thus, catering to the needs of customers is made easy and done more effectively.
  • Live Chat: It allows customers to interact directly with agents via chat instead of calls. This is a highly preferred method of interaction with many customers. The agents are able to instantly derive key content from those interactions.
  • Multi-channel Management: A customer support software enables you to manage interactions through different channels including phone calls, web, emails, live chat, mobile apps and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. All interactions are stored in the software and routed to appropriate agents for resolution.
  • Analytics: It enables managers to create reports that provide insights on team performance, the time is taken to resolve issues of customers, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Reporting: A customer support software helps you to manage details regarding the previously resolved issues which can also be made available for public viewing. This ensures increased transparency and helps in building the trust of the customers which results in higher customer retention.
  • Customer Self- Service: It provides an online based page with previously resolved issues and answers the most commonly addressed issues for reference. Basically in form of FAQs and how- to pages.

Types Of Buyers According To Their Business Requirements

  • Enterprise buyers: These buyers usually need integrated software solutions, as they provide services to a lot of customers and work for companies with a huge customer base. To support their needs they usually buy a best of breed system.
  • High volume call center buyers: These buyers are operating one or more large call centers. They are looking for automated rules and scripts, which is supported by many customer services software.
  • Small business CRM buyers: These small businesses are looking to expanding their customer base. Hence, they are looking for customer interaction tracking to boost relationships with strong customer service and support software.
  • Field service buyers: These buyers usually work for firms that deliver services at a customer location. Majority of their customers access the software from their mobiles. Hence, they prefer a software with mobile support. These buyers will look for strong client data integration with other applications.

Latest Trends:

The most recent trends and developments in Customer Support Software are listed below -

  • Personalized Responses: Instead of generic responses, the latest trend is to focus more on a customized way of providing support to the customers for the related issues without wasting much time.
  • Self Servicing: This new trend enables the customers to sort out issues on their own with the help of the referral materials provided in the form of FAQs pages. The advantage of this is that the concerned agents get ample time to focus on complex customer issues that need more attention and cannot be resolved by the customer alone.
  • Consistency: Consistency is a key aspect of customer support and not just a trend. it is a requirement in the present scenario. As more companies are turning to their customers for feedbacks while brainstorming the solutions.

Benefits of Customer Service Software:

As mentioned earlier the overall benefits of using Customer Service Software is huge. Some of the advantages are listed below -

  • Increased operational efficiency: Time-consuming repetitive processes like ticket sorting, routing, queuing, reporting can be automated, hence increasing the overall operational efficiency.
  • Solicit testimonials: The solved issues and customer’s positive experience can be repurposed as a product testimonial for your site or software review platforms. The recording and further use of the conversation can be done with permission.
  • Build a knowledge base: The resolved tickets can be used to build your FAQ page which in turn removes the repetitive workload.  
  • Improved Coordination of Accounts: When paired with sales force automation systems the customer support software can provide better transparency into customer’s data. This can be beneficial as the sales representative will be better informed about any pending issues before making a call.
  • Improved Scalability: By handling straightforward issues directly from the customer self-help systems, the customer with more complex issues gets faster access to agents. A growing company will expand faster while maintaining and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced time to resolve issues: The time taken to resolve the issues is greatly reduced by the use of Customer Support Software. The software is automated and the use of self-help systems saves a lot of time.
  • Deliver 24/7 support: Many solutions provide a feature that the customers can use to send their inquiries via email outside of business hours. These are automatically converted into tickets which are then routed to the first agent that is available during office hours for resolution. In this way, you are providing 24/7 support to your customer base.

The insights gained from your customer database can be very useful. The issues, tickets, resolutions, cases and support interactions give you valuable insights into your market. By implying analytics you can run reports on key metrics. You can discover the patterns or trends. This provides you with a better understanding of your product’s vulnerabilities based on customer complaints.