Best Business Data Entry Software In 2018

forBinary - Data Collection

All in one Solution to Digitize your Business
forBinary helps you create smart, engaging & multilingual mobile app, without any coding in 15 min. It also provides a clean and organised CMS platform. There is a dedicated forms feature to cater to your data collection requirements.

Acme Insight

Billing, accounting and inventory software.
Acme Insight is comprehensive software, specifically made for the Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors by considering all the complexities of their business.  


Software BY Phoenix Software International
Entrypoint is a complete application development package for creating high-performance data entry applications, with special features for clinical trials. Access Entrypoint i4 on the web or your local machine. Entrypoint uses SQL databases for data storage.

Cohesion Data Entry

Software BY Cohesion Medical Ltd
Cohesion Data Entry Systems are useful for improving the process of entering data into any Clinical Information System. These options can make the data entry process more efficient and less stressful for users.

Jambo Data Entry

Software BY JAMBO
Jambo offers specialized facilities for manually entering research data that has been gathered using paper forms. The web based user interface makes it possible to do data entry from any location.

Smart Assets

Fixed Asset Management as per Companies Act 2013
Smart Assets is an enterprise Fixed Assets Tracking and Management software to track and manage the Fixed Assets Software. Smart Assets™ software has modules for tracking of the fixed assets and Depreciation of the Fixed Assets.


Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses
SlickPie is free online accounting software for small businesses, offering online invoicing and billing, automated receipt data entry, financial reporting, bank reconciliation, and more.

DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse

World's first Logical Data Warehouse
Data Virtuality’s data integration solutions enable detailed insights from real time and historical data with any BI tool. By combining data virtualization with an automated ETL engine, customers benefit from reducing their data integration effort by 80%.

EpiData Entry

Software BY EpiData Association
EpiData Entry is used for simple or programmed data entry and data documentation. Entry handles simple forms or related systems Optimised documentation and error detection features.

Gcisol Data Entry

Software BY Gcisol
Gcisol has developed number of data entry software till date which helps small and big size organizations and companies to maintain their data in a proper format. Data entry software is not just combinations of fields and button but they must be organized in such a way so that typing speed can be increased.

ABBYY FlexiCapture

Software BY ABBYY
ABBYY FlexiCapture software speed up business processes by using automated data entry software to eliminate time- and resource-intensive manual data entry. The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable automatic classification and data extraction. 

Lexmark Data Entry

Software BY Lexmark International Ltd
Lexmark Data Entry Software automates your document flow, which results in reduced processing costs, reduced processing time and improved accuracy. Automatic data entry software enables enormous savings in time and money when entering invoices and forms into a computer system.

Viking Data Entry

Software BY Viking Software Solutions
Viking Data Entry (VDE) has been the preferred solution for faster, easier, more accurate keyboard data entry from paper documents for over 20 years. VDE includes the tools that are critical for the most challenging key entry applications.

FastData Deluxe

Software BY Abraxas Energy Consulting LLC.
FastData Deluxe was built to revolve around Metrix 4 Utility Accounting software. This means that you can import meters along with any and all bill data directly from your Metrix 4 project.

QPSMR Data Entry

Software BY QPSMR Limited
QPSMR has a different approach to data entry; this innovative software incorporates simple survey set up with a fully controlled, easy-to-use, distributable data entry system.

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The changing technology has its maximum impact on the business. Those days are declining wherein the work is done manually. Business people are shifting themselves from manual work environment towards technologically done work environment. One of such affected work is Data Entry.

Data entry, being a process of transmitting all the data from physical documents to a computer is in itself, a monotonous task and time consuming too. Business doers have lot of such data, facts and figures that need to be transferred into computer, for which the software developers have come up with Data Entry System

What is a Data Entry Software?

Data Entry Software is a software that automates the workflow of transmitting the data into the computer. This software gives accuracy in the data transmission and almost minimises the human errors. Data entry software helps you save massive time and provides a better quality of the data. By using data entry software the data from various documents like bills, forms etc. gets automatically captured, understood and transmitted into the computer system.

How does a Data Entry Software work?

Data Entry Software uses the Optical Character Recognition Technology. This technology as the name itself suggests, recognizes the characters from the various documents management that a business provides and then transmits the same into the computer system of the business. It is clear from this that the number of errors can be reduced to a great extent as exactly the same data is transferred into the computer from the documents provided which might get wrongly entered if done manually.

What steps do I need to take to purchase Data Entry Software?

It’s all about the correct evaluation, the better you evaluate, the better you purchase.

  1. Find out the requirements of your business. This should be the first step as it will help you identify the best software for your business.  Every prospective user of the data entry software must be included in the decision making process so that a mutual agreement can be grasped.
  2. Ask the Expert: Share the requirements that you have identified in the initial stage with the data entry software expert or dealer and take his help in deciding which software will match your necessity the finest.
  3. Compare the Quality, Cost and the Services: In order to get the best of software, it is always better to keep the survey on. Keep taking advices and suggestions from the dealers of data entry software and compare the quality and the cost and the services the suggested software offer you. Compare it with the business requirements and place the order accordingly.

Do I need to train my staff?

Change is something which is most of the times resisted. Moreover, the new data entry system is definitely not going to work the same way. When the things change, it is always better to communicate the same to the concerned personnel and give them the required training in the form of basic understanding of the new process so that errors could be minimised and the quality of the work can be enhanced.

The above steps if followed carefully can reduce the burden of data entry of your business to a great extent. Implement it prudently and offer your employees a “Happy Data Entry Process”