Best Digital Voice Logging software


Software BY Collabspot
Collabspot voice logging software is the only Chrome Extension that provides Gmail users with 1 click access to Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Employees data from related business applications.


Software BY NewVoiceMedia
NewVoiceMedia digital voice logging software's call centre software solutions allow you to connect everything you know about your customers and prospects to every conversation you have with them. 


Software BY Natterbox Limited
Natterbox digital voice logging software provides Cloud-based voice services that transform how your business communicates. It give you complete control and flexibility of voice which is all easily managed online, at the click of a button. 


Software BY CallHub
CallHub digital logging software is the only software that smoothly integrates with your CRM. Reach right people at the right time with our Phone Banking, Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software. 


Software BY Voice Print International
VPI digital voice logging provides unmatched variety of options for accessing single-media or multimedia recordings – interface and manner of search depends on the needs and objectives of each user.


Software BY DialMyCalls
DialMyCalls  started out as a wake up call service that was one of the internet's first web-based wake up services, allowing you to setup and manage your wake up times directly online. 

Puget Sound Instrument

Software BY Puget Sound Instrument
Puget Sound Instrument is a full service provider for Two Way Radio, Marine and Surveillance Electronics. It's range of voice logging accessories and add-ons allow you to scale your surveillance system up or down to suit your application's unique needs.

My Digital Shield

Software BY My Digital Shield
MyDigitalShield (MDS) digital vioce logging offers free MDS Cyber Breach Guarantee,backed by Assurant, for all commercial V-Shield Subscriptions. It is Full-service cyber security, from the MDS cloud to your network, through any gateway.


Software BY DigitalWaybill
DigitalWaybill offers courier software with the features you need at a price you can afford.  It is here to make sure your delivery software is up and running and doing its job for you, so you can focus on meeting your customers’ needs and growing your business.


Software BY UserVoice
UserVoice digital voice logging makes Product Management & Customer Support Software to help companies build better products and support their users. It think helping you create happy users who love your products is big business.  


Software BY j2 Global, Inc
Evoice digital voice logging has been dedicated to helping small businesses manage calls more efficiently, maintain a professional image, and empower our customers with the freedom to work from anywhere.

Call Loop

Software BY Call Loop
Call Loop digital voice logging the easiest way to create & send voice broadcasts, sms marketing campaigns, alerts, notifications, and reminders to contacts.


Software BY Cloudinary
Cloudinary is the image back-end for web and mobile developers. An end-to-end solution for all your image-related needs. It is the end-to-end solution for all your image and video needs. 

Total Recall VR

Software BY Prolancer Pty Ltd
Total Recall VR is a professional, fully featured and cost effective audio logging and call recording system. Enterprises and governments world-wide use it to log and create electronic records of many forms of audio communication including telephone, 2-way radio, broadcast radio, public address, room microphones and much more.

Gaytes Voice Logger

Software BY Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd
Gaytes Voice Logger can be used at its best to monitor and control the business. Voice Logger is a software solution to record aII incoming and outgoing calls, which Iater on can be retrieved for analysis and many other purposes. Recordings start and stop automatically using either phone Iine voltage sensing or audio activation.

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