Best Document Management System For Your Business

Simply Document Management
EisenVault is a cloud-based document management software used by a number of industry Segments. Catering to specific requirements of different job roles by taking away the hassles of document management.

dMACQ Document Management System
dMACQ document management software packs powerful functionalities to consolidate all your document and content management on to one single platform.  dMACQ DMS is platform neutral and dMACQ has capabilities to integrate the DMS.

Easy and Simple to use HR Software
greytHR is the preferred document management software for businesses. It automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,800+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, we understand what it takes to deliver a high-quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis.

ShareDocs Enterpriser

ShareDocs Enterpriser
ShareDocs Enterpriser is a high-tech and secure document management software that lets you create, share, preserve, procure and manage official documents. Taking the Green Initiative forward, it helps you make your business go paperless.

eFileCabinet Document

Software BY eFileCabinet Inc
eFileCabinet document management software is provided of desktop or web-based management system. This DMS software is used to manage and storage of businesses documents and protect their data regardless of industries.


smart document management system
LogicalDOC is a high-performance document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to companies and organizations of any kind and size all around the world.


Software BY Laserfiche
Laserfiche is an electronic document management system (EDMS) that provide a framework for organizing all digital and paper documents. It provides the ability to rapidly find, retrieve and share all the documents in the repository.

M-Files DMS

Software BY M-Files
M-Files DMS is an online DMS software that is easy to install and learn, reliable, powerful and secure – without breaking your budget. It Integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer and supports all apps.

Alfresco Document Management System

Software BY Alfresco Software
Alfresco is how great businesses share, organize and protect their documents. Whether on the go or in the office, I make it easy for people to quickly locate the exact document they need from among many thousands of files.


Software BY docSTAR
Docstar Document Management Software is an extremely important EDMS. It is easy to create customizable electronic forms with no needed for IT and also anywhere, anytime and any form of DocStar eclipse forms.


Software BY OpenDocMan DMS
OpenDocMan is a fully open source DMS. It is a based around the concept of limited access, changed tracking and centralizing storage. The DMS software should offer an easy-to-use file structure that makes sense to users such as a cabinet-drawer-folder approach.


Software BY Kensium Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Doccept is a multi-user electronic document management system (EDMS) that allows businesses to become better organized, more secure, and decidedly more efficient.


Software BY VRS software
uniDMS enables sharing of the knowledge documents yet protecting the confidentiality. Document Management Software (DMS) negates any chance of overwriting, tampering, duplication or waste of effort in creating already existing documents. 

OmniDocs ECM

Software BY Newgen
Newgen OmniDocs ECM Suite drives comprehensive life-cycle management of enterprise content through its Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Document editing software enables users to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of content.


Software BY Dess Technology
DessDMS is a complete Document Management Software solution that gives your organization the benefit of creating a centralized repository or a library used by enterprises around the world for efficient management of data and business processes.

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What is Document Management System?

Document management system is an electronic filing cabinet used to store, manage, access, edit and track electronic documents and images. They work in collaboration with scanners to convert paper files into digital. Using search engines, a DMS quickly fetches the required file or document.

It is a system that manages, stores, preserves, secures, minimises the risk of or the danger pertaining to the important documents of the Company. It also helps in digitally uploading and filing various documents. Document editing software or document scanning software also provides facilities like scanning, editing and easy accessibility and searching of documents. This tern some overlap with the most popular concept content management software and it's often viewed as the main component of enterprise content management and related to many other solutions like digital asset management software etc.

Is document management system needed for your business? Or why should you go for a DMS software?

Firstly, it is never the size of your business that will help you determine the above. If your business handles memos, emails, files, print-outs, files of clients or files of human resource, forms, charts, data, figures, finance related data then definitely document management software will help your business a lot to make all the document related work efficient and will help you save a lot of time and physical storage requirement will be reduced.

Even small businesses face lots of problems due to improper handling of papers. They have faced the situations of data getting lost, damaged or misplaced and then they end up wasting time in searching the same. As per the current law, preservation of documents is mandatory for many companies. So if a proper electronic document management system (EDMS) editing software is selected the above worry can be brought to rest.

Starting from the Incorporation papers of a Company to its endless transactions a Company is surrounded by documents. These documents serve as a source of Information, knowledge, evidence, data, facts, figures and what not? We all know how important these documents are and how essential it is to manage and secure them.

While discussing the security of documents, we can never disregard the strict punishments that are being forced nowadays by several acts if the necessary documents are not protected. Seeing the volume of documents and their compilation on a regular basis, many businesses have adopted Electronic DMS Software (EDMS) which enables the business to:

  1. Have a central safe for records that are easily searchable
  2. Paper records can be uploaded and filed digitally
  3. Maintaining documents in the electronic form decrease the physical space requirement.
  4. It lowers the risk of losing the documents.
  5. It additionally minimises the risk of damaging the documents.

Moreover, it is a comprehensive collection of features that covers many different applications. So it is necessary that you must analyse a few key things before choosing the electronic DMS for your business. Human Resource Management Software has one module for document management.

Document Management Software Features

You must ensure that the electronic document management software that you have elected simplifies and organizes your work. You must ensure that the DMS or data editing software:

  1. Allows coordination through easy sharing of documents for a better teamwork.
  2. The scanning capability of the system must be checked: like bulk scanning, identification of separate documents, placing of the documents in the correct folder.
  3. Look for a system that facilitates editing of documents.
  4. The search facility should not be a complex one.

What are the benefits that you can avail of Document Management System?

  • Calamity Repossession: The risk of any calamity always haunts the owners and the employees of an organization. Come calamity, gone the documents. But with the help of document editing software or document scanning software, the above risk can be totally eliminated.
  • Security of the documents: As per the current rules and laws, preservation of document for a particular number of years is mandatory for many companies. Document management software not just helps in preserving the documents but also allows checking who is viewing or editing the documents.
  • Above being the main benefits, buyers also enjoy advantages like easy searching, accessibility, and editing of the documents. 

“Organizations have no end, but the preservation of the documents!” Therefore it is always better to ensure yourself and the business against any unwanted risk.

Market Trends in Document Management Software

  1. Cloud Computing Cloud computing feature is useful for businesses of all sizes. Ease of access, reduced costs and lesser need for storing data on the hardware, makes cloud computing a hot trend for 2016. With the cloud, the team members can save, edit and access documents irrespective of the time and place. With this technology, businesses do not have to worry about the storage space running short since it is hosted in the cloud. Many offer a wide range of storage spaces that can be expanded as per the demands of the business. 

    Data can be efficiently shared across multiple branches. Gone are the days where businesses had to worry about physical storage because data is stored in the cloud in the software.
  2. Mobile With so many organizations operating remotely and a necessity for the workforce to access their documents on the go, the DMS is becoming mobile friendly. The mobile DMS trend is rising exponentially.   

    Using a mobile-enabled document management system, it becomes easy for a salesman to show digital brochures of the latest products. Document management software on mobile simplifies the tasks of a contractor who needs to access his drawings at a work site. These drawings need not be carried to the site, they can be merely accessed via the DMS software on his mobile.

    The adoption of a mobile-friendly DMS is beneficial for all businesses and users. For employees who have an onsite job, such as the sales, logistics and delivery workforce, the mobility of electronic documents is a boon.
  3. Archiving Many private and government organizations need to store their documents for the long term. For both business purpose and regulatory compliance, automatic archiving is an integral part of the DMS software.   

    For past few years, organizations are shifting their documents to electronic format for long-term storage. The problem of retention is solved by migrating the paper documents to an electronic format. Digital records when stored in hardware or software applications still have a risk of becoming outdated.

    Many older generation storage tools are becoming obsolete and the digital records cannot be retrieved. The 2016 document management trend is to archive the electronic documents. Software developers will have to work to identify and incorporate a method wherein the records can be stored, protected and accessed for a long time.
  4. Sharing information across devices - Businesses, based on their needs, have different document management requirements. As many companies hire employees who work remotely, they are looking for solutions that can be accessed from any device with an active internet connection. The team gets complete access to the system irrespective of their geographic location.

    By utilizing DMS, companies are able to cut down on costs, increase team productivity and lower the handling time. Along with cost saving, businesses are implementing it for building customer loyalty. Using this technique, it is possible to collect both organized and unorganized information and deliver it across multiple platforms and processes.

    With instant access to information whenever needed, teams are able to store and fetch data to perform their jobs efficiently. Time spent on searching for the required information is reduced to increase productivity and simultaneously providing a memorable user experience.

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