Best Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR Software)


Software BY Henry Schein Medical Systems
MicroMD EMR is a one of the latest emr for improving clinical productivity and eliminate paperwork process. This emr system consuming very less time to perform activities and services. Nowadays it becomes very popular among all the software.


Software BY QSI Management LLC
MediTouch is a fully electronic medical records software. Simple and easy to learn also customizable by users requirement. Cheap price so everyone can afford that. This year is completely integrated with EHR and practice management.


Software BY AdvancedMD, Inc
AdvancedMD is a web-based electronic medical records software offers streamlined medical billing tools and powerhouse performance. This emr system included practice arrangement, EMR, and EHR, scheduling. Save time and money to transfer data, charting and prescribing tools.

Praxis EMR

Software BY Infor-Med Inc
Praxis EMR is an electronic medical records software to give faster and smart suggestion to the customers. In a digital era, it is a fastest improving software. Trusted by lots of users to acquire the talent.


Software BY Kaaspro
75health is the leading electronic medical records software doctors, clinics, hospitals, and trainers. Advantages i.e extraordinary service and care of patients, treatment by expert doctors, nominee's data accessible over the remote place so it is easy for doctors to examine nominee's condition.


Software BY eMDs, Inc
eMDs is a current emr systems supplies technology and services to the customers to maintain their health. Help to make a smooth process either is save all the patient's old report, cheap on the coast and manage financial performance. This emr's main goal is to save patient's life at anyhow and anywhere.


Software BY Cerner Corporation PTY Limited
Cerner is an emr system for manage payment accounts. This emr is particularly designed for the small and medium size of business. Increase the quality of delivery and gather all the operational and clinical information and access by users demand.


Software BY eClinicalWorks Pvt Ltd
eClinicalWorks is an online-based electronic medical records software for healthcare and it. This emr suitable for all size of companies. Serves the way of features i.e emergency care facilities, ambulatory practices, connect with patients problem and give treatment.


Software BY Allscripts
Allscripts is an emr system for discharge planning, documentation integrity, and quality arrangement. Simple and easy to use also their process is easily understood to the users. Trusted by lots of organization to acquire the talent.


Software BY Celerity, LLC
CAM is a powerful electronic medical records software for mental disease and chemical dependency treatment. In this emr expert doctors treat to the abnormal patients and give the suggestion. It has a nice user interface.


Software BY PhraseExpander
PhraseExpander is an electronic medical records software for produce template by typing an abbreviation in any projects on emr. This project management system is a less time consuming to decreases the errors and gives a relevant solution to the users. Also, generate revenue cost in the company.

InSync EMR

Software BY InSync Healthcare Solutions
InSync is a web-based emr for streamline productivity. This emr systems main moto is spent more time with patients and give them best treatment also decrease operational price and manage accounting systems. Trusted by many users.

ReLi Med EMR

Software BY ReLi Med Solutions
ReLiMedEMR is an Electronic medical records software that allows quick user customization. Included modules i.e emr, practice management, Generate revenue cost, prescribe medicines, connected with patients reports and in-house.

ChARM Health

Software BY MedicalMine Inc
ChARM Health is an emr system for practice management, medical billing, and health care. Increase the efficiency of their facility and provide a better quality of care to the nominee. Benefit i.e store patients'data, give the guarantee to good service and  Simple to maintain software.


Software BY Bizmatics, Inc.
PrognoCIS is an electronic medical records software is particularly designed for medical officers of all specialties and sizes. Fast, flexible and reliable for patients care. This emr provides benefits i.e online payment, reminders of appointments, electronically sign and e-prescriptions.

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