Top Email Tracking Software in 2018


Email tracking and Presentation Analytics tool
Yesware builds prescriptive an all-in-one sales tools that help sales teams sell smarter. Yesware more popular because of they best features such as live meeting, Document open tracking, Live presentation & analytics, Email Trakcing and many more. Try Free demo now. Also you can find best yesware alternatives here.


Software BY HubSpot
Sidekick gives actionable insights into prospect and customer activity. The sales team loved it when I could send them a compiled list of visits and activities all connected together into one cohesive view.


Software BY Mixmax, Inc
Mixmax is a powerful email platform that brings the power of the web to your email authoring experience. Our Enhancements bring complex workflows - scheduling a meeting, creating a survey, formatting a code sample - directly to the email without ever leaving your compose window.


Software BY GetNotify
GetNotify is a Free Email Tracking service which notifies you when the email you send gets read. We send you an email read notification as soon as the the recipient of your sent email opens and reads your email.


Software BY Bananatag Systems Inc
Bananatag integrates directly with your Outlook, Gmail, or Lotus Notes allowing you to add tracking features without needing to change existing workflows. It's as simple as checking a box to track emails right from your compose window.


Software BY The Mailtrack Company S.L.
MailTrack’s unlimited Email Tracking Daily Reports are one of the many email analytics tools that we offer to those who upgrade from MailTrack Basic to MailTrack. These reports will reach your inbox every day, and let you know which emails were and weren’t opened the day before.

Streak Email Tracking

Software BY Rewardly Inc.
Streak creates a visual of the history of your message views so you can understand what's happening at a glance.


Software BY, Ltd
DidTheyReadIt, e-mails that you send are automatically and invisibly tracked. The instant the recipient opens your message, DidTheyReadIt automatically notifies you.


Software BY ToutApp Inc
Tout is an easy to use platform to make your entire team more successful from prospecting to closing and customer success. Standardize your processes, streamline hand-offs between teams and gain visibility into your entire sales cycle with ToutApp.


Email and Presentation Analytics tool
LiveHive improves your team’s productivity, email effectiveness, and follow-up–delivering a 4x increase in connect rate–through automation and engagement analytics. 


Software BY ContactMonkey Inc
ContactMonkey tracks every email you send and gives you a real-time notification in your sidebar when your email is opened, how many times it’s been opened, the location, the device used to open it as well as what hyperlinks have been clicked.

Cirrus Insight

Software BY Cirruspath Inc
Cirrus Insight include the ability to track email opens, clicks, and replies; book meetings with prospects in one click by email; merge Salesforce email templates; and sync emails and calendar events with Salesforce.


Software BY ClearSlide
We provide a cloud-based platform that gives sales teams access to deep analytics and insight into how customers interact with content over email, on the phone, and in person. ClearSlide increases seller productivity, sales management effectiveness, and improves impact and consistency of messaging.


Software BY SalesLoft
Integrate sales communication for email tracking and sales calls to track all communication activities in one platform, and use engagement to trigger your next activity.


Software BY MSGTAG
MSGTAG works with most popular email programs, including Outlook & Outlook Express. MSGTAG runs in the background while you send your email as usual. This means that you don't have to write your message into a strange little box, or alter email addresses before you send anything.

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