Best Employee Engagement Software and Solutions in 2018

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Automate your HR process with Zoho people to maximize your most important asset - your people. It is web-based HR and Payroll Management system for small-medium and enterprise businesses. Zoho people is easy to use and user-friendly software with integrates more powerful features.

Best employee engagement software
Synergita is a cloud-based, continuous employee performance management software. It automates employee talent data, employee goals alignment, continuous employee performance reviews & feedback, employee engagement, employee development & retention. It is extremely simple and easy to use.


Best employee engagement software industry
Hyphen is an employee engagement platform for coworkers to share their opinions and feedback securely. It's Pulse Polls and advanced analytics provide leadership with key insights. It lets employees be a part of the decision-making boosting employee retention.

forBinary - Employee Engagement

All in one Solution to Digitize your Business
forBinary helps you create smart, engaging & multilingual mobile app, without any coding in 15 min. It also provides a clean and organised CMS platform which helps you to stay connected with your audiences, improve your core process and automate your work.


Leading employee engagement tool
Officevibe is an employee engagement solution that provides simple ways to measure employee satisfaction and actionable tips for a better workplace. These are the makeup of employee engagement activities and can create a great company culture.

Qualtrics Employee Engagement

Software BY Qualtrics LLC
Qualtrics is a rapidly developing SaaS corporation and provider of managing insights in the employee engagement platform. It is a proven driver of employee motivation, employee retention, and employee satisfaction, productivity, and quality.


Software BY Bitrix Inc.
Bitrix24, a popular employee engagement platform, comes with instruments regularly used by employees like tasks, time management or documents. It also doubles as HR information system with company directory, org chart, vacation approval requests, etc.


Software BY 15Five
15Five is the leading company that provides Employee Engagement platform. It is trusted by over 1100 reputed companies to manage the employees' performance, feedback, and engagement that helps them to grow business outcomes and improve employee satisfaction.


team engagement software by TEAMPHORIA
Teamphoria is one of the employee engagement tools you need to amplify your team’s energy and increase company revenue. Teamphoria takes a multi-faceted approach to engagement measurement allowing you to monitor growth and employee motivation in real-time.


Software BY Peakon
Peakon is the smart Employee Engagement platform that automatically collects the feedback from employees and analytic it. Can be accessed from anywhere for every employee. Supports more than 20 languages to deal with business strategy.?

Quantum Workplace

Software BY Quantum Workplace
Quantum Workplace’s employee engagement software to engage employees, increase retention, and power employee performance. Employee involvement leads to more productive, profitable, and customer-focused employees.


Software BY HighGround
HighGround is cloud-based employee engagement tool to continually capture the voice of the employee through pulse, benchmarking and polls surveys. It collects the data and then analyzes the results.

Natural HR

Software BY Natural HR Limited
Natural HR offers the complete solution to your everyday HR business needs that is simple to set up, easy to use and efficient to administer. Natural HR is totally scalable, so as you grow, it grows seamlessly with you.

Tap My Back

Best Employee Engagement Solutions by TAP MY BACK
Tap My Back is an employee engagement tool to boost employee motivation and employee retention. It gives team members the motivation to keep improving their productivity and performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team.


Software BY Impraise
Impraise is the best Employee Engagement software that gives the mobile app for real-time feedback. That improves the performance of the employee and motivate for their goals and objectives, insightful analytics and enhance the skill of theirs.

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What is Employee Engagement Software?

When you engage an employee in your business, it is highly essential that he/she gets the proper insight into the working methodologies and also possesses the necessary skills for better involvement in the projects he/she is being landed into. The software exclusively developed for this purpose is the employee engagement programs. It creates the perfect platform for analysis of the individual skills of the employee through various types of challenges posed and thus creates better efficacy in terms of employee retention. This software also facilitates greater business ethics and proves a better strategy for incorporation of employment statistics in the vital growth of the business at the forefront.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Software for Business:

The benefits of employee engagement software in your business is highly attributed to these main factors which are listed below accordingly:

  1. Gain a better understanding of the skills of the employee and have greater insight into what nature of job suits him/her best.
  2. Provide the effective platform to facilitate his understanding of the organization and improve his skills to a higher level.
  3. Have the perfect form of professional communication in a highly interactive manner.
  4. Highly essential for mass recruitment-based segregation.
  5. Creating a positive work culture by raising the standards of employee involvement.
  6. Greater employee retention through increased employee engagement activities, employee satisfaction, employee motivation, thus increasing the productivity.
  7. Highly essential to obtain important feedbacks for promoting the better growth of the organization.

Features Of Employee Engagement Software

  1. Detailed analysis reports on the performance of the candidate in the corresponding assessments.
  2. Graphical representation of strengths, weaknesses, performance-based ranking, etc.
  3. A highly interactive user interface for an enhanced user-end experience.
  4. Creative and smart solutions in terms of design aspects.
  5. Real-time updations of data for better analysis and implementation of various strategies.
  6. Cross-platform synchronization for better implementation over all devices.
  7. Customizable widgets and functionalities as per the various business requirements.
  8. Incorporation of various levels of assessments as per the ranking statistics.
  9. Implementation of different modules in correspondence with the job profile of the candidate.
  10. Designed to provide effective outputs especially for multinational corporations and very large businesses.
  11. Reduced time complexity factors for greater economic utilization and increased productivity.
  12. Survey features for important feedbacks on the whole.
  13. Highly equipped database with a  greater availability of learning resources and a vast variety of assessment strategies.

What Are The Essentials To Keep In Mind While Buying This Software

  1. Always check for the different kinds of modules which are offered in this software. The availability of different modules is highly worth the investment.
  2. Check for the quality of the resources available in the corresponding database.
  3. Check for the compatibility requirements of the given software in your system.
  4. The user interface should be highly user-friendly and the navigation quite precise and clear.
  5. Check for the time complexity issues especially when it comes to real-time assessments and report generations.
  6. The software should be available at a reasonable price.

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