List of Top Employee Management Software in India

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Pricing starts from : USD 0.76 Employee/Month Billed annually
Automate your HR process with Zoho people - employee management system to maximize your most important asset—your people.

Orange Payroll HRMS

Software BY Orange Web Technologies
Orange Payroll & HRMS Software the simple and effective online employee information system that provides employer everything for accurately and confidently track every aspect of employees Or contract workers.


Software BY Bizimply
Pricing starts from : USD 44.07 Per Month
Bizimply employee management system store all types of documents from CVs to training cards, making sure employee management software is accessible to the right people within your organization at all times.

NetSuite ERP

Software BY NetSuite Inc.
NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional employee monitoring software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

Natural HR

Software BY Natural HR Limited
Pricing starts from : USD 1.93 Employee/Month
Natural HR offers the complete employee management software solution to your everyday HR business needs that is simple to set up, easy to use and efficient to administer. Employee tracking system is totally scalable, so as you grow, it grows seamlessly with you.


Software BY Croner Group Limited
Croner employee management and reporting tasks quickly, easily and with minimum stress with Croner Simplify’s secure web-based employee management software combined with proactive support from your consultant.

Halogen Performance

Software BY Halogen Software Limited
Halogen Performance is never been easier to transform your employee information system from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process.


Software BY BitraNet Inc.
WebERP4 employee management system makes it easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. Employee management software makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location.


Software BY ResolWeb Technologies Pvt. Ltd
ResolWeb employee management software is easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. Employee monitoring software makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees at different location or from different location.

GIDS Employee Management

Software BY GIDS Infosoft Pvt Ltd
GIDS Employee Management System can help you meet these big challenges of improving employee performance using employee monitoring system. Organizations succeed when they continuously nourish the top performers and improve the poor performers.

AtDrive Employee Management

Software BY AtDrive Group
AtDrive offers you custom made employee management software to fulfill all your employee management needs. We create easy and flexible employee management systems.


Software BY OrangeHRM Inc.
OrangeHRM is the best employee scheduling software and robust and scalable employee information system with configurable workflows, custom reports, advanced rule-based engines and superb customer support.

E-Gatepass Contract Labour Management System

All the formalities of ESI/PF/labour laws at one
We have done a lot research and development in the system in the lats 4 years and come up with a comprehensive solution e_gatepass that is appropriate for corporates and big and medium size organisations.

Alpha-e Payroll Software

Simple and easy software for HR.
Pricing starts from : USD 227.27 Per Year
Alpha Payroll is a simple and easy software for H.R. This software generates monthly H.R Payslip, (Supoort Finger Print & Barcode Show Card) Time & Attendance report, Allowances/Deduction, Prof.Tax , P.F & ESI Reports, Loan Management etc.

Intoweb Human Resources

Software BY Intoweb Business (PTY) LTD
Intoweb Human Resources is best employee tracking software to record various information in HR requirements. Buy off the shelf, or Intoweb will customise their employee management software to suit your unique needs.

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What is Employee Management Software?

It is very easy to check and track all the departments at the press of a button with the help of Employee management system. Employee tracking software helps the organization make the system easy to manage and monitor employees from different locations. This employee monitoring system helps in supervising productivity and employees work report. Employee management software includes a employee tracking system that can save both time and money. These all features help a particular organization when they have employee information system.

Features of Employee Management Software:

  1. Employee details and designation
  2. Add Manage Employee
  3. Work report
  4. System backup facility
  5. Task status and log details
  6. Performance Management
  7. Administrative Permissions
  8. Projects/Clients
  9. Call Register List
  10. Internal messaging center 

Benefits for Employee Management System

Information sharing: The quick communication is allowed by sending messages through system. Employee scheduling software is not like this communication couldn’t be done other ways but employee leave management system can be simpler to do everything you need using one program. You can also share information like job openings and employee performance evaluations. You can restrict access so that every employee who has access to the program only sees what they need to see. Employee management software is even an easy way to track sick days, vacation days, and to request time off too.

Make Changes Easily: A good employee monitoring software allows you to change employee information easily. There are countless reasons why you would need to do this from minor changes to promotions and new additions to your workforce. Keeping employee information correct and readily accessible helps with payroll, evaluations, and other matters.

Project Progress And Individual Employees tracking: If you choose an employee management system that has time tracking features, and you should, then you can keep track of exactly what your employees do. When you know how they are spending their time then you can spot anything that doesn’t look right and address it immediately. This will help you to see which employees should be in line for promotions and which employees are wasting company time and money. Clearly, this type of employee tracking system raises accountability to new heights to save you money and maximize productivity.

Choose An Employee Management System That Works From Anywhere: You should choose an employee monitoring software system that works from anywhere. That means that even if you travel around the world you will still be able to keep tabs on your employees. This can help give you peace of mind when you are away on business or away on vacation. You can check up on the progress of specific projects or you can see how employees are spending their time and how much time they are spending doing everything they do.

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