Best Employee Monitoring Software For Your Business in 2018


Cloud based HRMS and Payroll automation
HRAPP is SaaS-based HR software and complete choice for any organization to manage all time consume and tedious task of HR and Payroll. You can get a range of services that includes attendance management, statutory compliances, back-office assistance, and many other notable features.


No capex investment. No hardware installation.
We ensure the safety and security of gated enclaves by Intelligence Augmented Authentication of guests/visitors and service providers. Every entry to service providers, guests and visitors is resident initiated and authorized, therefore controlled.

Attendays HR Management Suite

Software by DayScholars Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Attendays HR Management Suite helps you to track your workforce time effectively, minimize compliance risks and make smarter business decisions.


Software BY Hubstaff
Hubstaff is providing complete solution of the employment monitoring. It not just monitor the employee work but track their time and then filter report will generate. Hubstaff always provides information by the export or mail the reports for external usage.


We Aim To Protect Before You Wish To Connect
FIOHO is a complete Helper Management Software to find, connect, hire and manage the helper/staff .It facilitates background verification along with salary and leave management to improve the way of managing helpers.


Software BY Deep Software Inc
SoftActivity is the helpful solution to monitor the employee work and behavior. It highlights the non-work related activity with a screenshot. It tracks the website which one and how many time visits in a day. Generates the report and schedule.


Software BY SentryPC
SentryPC is a best of employee monitoring software and cloud-based system to easily managing all computers in organization and employees team activities from anywhere at anytime. That is normal deployed to business networking and easy central log viewing via central networked.


Insider threat detection made easy.
Teramind is an amazing solution for employee monitoring. It captures and records every single action, which performed by the employee. Teramind detect the task, which is risky or reveals, by pre-defined rules for the company.


Software BY Veriato
Veriato is the most popular solution for the employee monitoring. It designed to deliver the unmatched visibility of communications activity of employees and contractor. It gives fully control and flexibility on the access and reviews.


Software BY Awareness Technologies
InterGuard is the most effective solution for employment monitoring. It protects the most useful tools like clients list, further business plan, blueprint, source code, etc. It recording all the systems and alert on suspicious behavior.

OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software

Software BY Wangya Computer Co., Ltd
OsMonitor is the quickest solution for the employment monitoring. It keeps their eye on the employee's unethical activity like games and other non-work-related. It records the screen, web visited history, chat, email, file copy, application, USB disk usage.


Software BY Birch Grove Software, Inc
ActiveTrack is the free cloud-based solution for the employee monitoring software and it trusted by more than 50,000 companies. It's having easy and real-time features to monitor the employee's activity and record it. 


Software BY iMonitor Software
iMonitor software is the top most and centralized software for the employee monitoring. It designed for enterprises, education and government sector. It protects the confidential data and generates the record and alert on copies data to the USB.


Software BY EDUIQ
Network Lookout is the delightful solution for employee monitoring. After installing this software it tracks the employee activities to increase the productivity. It gives totally record of visited websites and productive and unproductive work.


Software BY NesterSoft Inc.
WorkTime is monitoring on software usage by the employee & computer. It just monitors only on the employee performance, not espionage function. It records that how workplace system is used by whom and how long it.

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