Best ERP Software For Your Business in 2018

A comprehensive ERP System in India
Tally ERP 9  is India's most popular ERP software solution for small to large scale of businesses. Tally ERP 9  is used by 11+ lakh businesses that make it the most popular ERP software solutions. You can even download the free version of it.     

800+ Centers for Training and Support, 8 Lakh+ Users
Marg provides a complete ERP solution for sales, distribution and manufacturing business. ERP software helps businesses to control their entire downstream supply chains and also help them manage their chain network.  


Best ERP software for Small Business
CAMS provides collaborative ERP solutions for all type of businesses. The ERP system utilizes web-based technology to let you handle your warehouse management, Inventory Management, Quality Management, Sales and Distribution and a lot more.

Astral Manufacturing ERP

A Complete ERP solution for Business
To track suppliers, materials and production costs and to support the maintenance of relationships with end customers Astral Manufacturing ERP Software provides one of the best ERP system. It helps your businesses with planning and execution of manufacturing projects.

MMI Xpert - ERP Software

A Unique Solution for every Unique Business
The ERP solution of MMI XPERT is very comprehensive and useful for those businesses which are focusing on significant growth. It offers a complete solution for small and midsize retailers that operate everything from a single store.  

Medico Sales & Distribution

Best ERP software
Medico shares a large market in India and across the country in the driven field of logistics and distribution channel management. Medico became favorite with distributors, stockists, and manufacturers of all types of consumer items because of the very responsible design inculcating system.

SAP Business One for SMEs

Best Online enterprise resource planning software
SAP Business One for SMEs is a comprehensive ERP software, which provides you the cost-effective integrated ERP solutions. It is specially built for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to manage work, maintain warehouses, help in dispatching of materials and improve the quality of the products.

Ray Tech Manufacturing ERP

Top ERP Software in India
The Ray Tech ERP system is a collection of tools, highly advanced business functional tools, to which many other modules can be attached or extended. It has numerous components which can be installed as required. Thus It provides easy expandability of the whole system.  


Best ERP Solutions - Power Of Technology Developed By IITians
This ERP software is designed for Real-Estate and Infrastructure Industry and has all ERP features as required in these industries. Being a feature-rich ERP system, it gives you complete control over your inventory management tasks, lets you handle financing, accounting, CRM tasks, sales, purchases, invoicing and HR related all operations. 

LOGIC Enterprise

Total Integrated ERP Solution
It is an integrated ERP software and it offers cost-effective solutions to its customers. It has many highly powerful features related to supply chain, Retail, Manufacturing, Wellness, fitness and other e-commerce sectors.

Oracle ERP

Software BY Oracle Corporation
It can empower your workforce to higher levels of productivity with the latest ERP software. Oracle ERP Cloud is the modern, cohesive and a total cloud application suite which handles products, procurement, and projects enterprise-wide.

Ramco ERP

Post-modern and cognitive ERP System on cloud
Ramco ERP system is cloud-based software. This ERP software offers you multiple solutions to ease down your work. It provides you a flexible workflow-based approach, Cognitive and self-learning solutions, Powerful tools for Analytics etc. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft certified Gold implementation partner
Microsoft Dynamics NAV helped more than 100,000 companies worldwide by its easy-to-use and very quick ERP software that manages the account, finance, operations, and supply chain of their business. It is a part of exposition from Microsoft that assist businesses to grow efficiently.  

Epicor ERP

Software BY Epicor
This is a global ERP solution which provides swiftness, flexibility and an option to improve customer responsiveness and helps you to reduce cost. Epicore ERP software offers an end-to-end software solution for businesses and enterprises. It is available on cloud as well as on premise.


Online ERP software for small and medium businesses
It is an open ERP solution which allows you to track your inventory across multiple warehouses. This ERP System is used for manufacturing setup, managing your customer issues and helping you to manage multiple user roles at a time.

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What is ERP Software and How Exactly Does It Work?

ERP Software is the commonly used acronym for enterprise resource planning, and it is used to signify the integrated management of core business processes. ERP software integrates important business activities to lead to operational efficiency generally through the use of modern technology and software suites. Companies all over the globe have realized the importance of efficient ERP Solutions development, and have adopted different ERP technologies to accrue business growth and productivity.

In today's fast-paced business arena, enterprise resource planning has grown and advanced to include business intelligence it is a definite must-have to gain a competitive advantage over rivals in the market space. There is no doubt that implementing ERP technology is a boon for any organization and ERP solutions can help a broad range of industries in a number of impactful ways!

What Is The Meaning of ERP Software System?

ERP systems comprise of a range of powerful and strategic business management software platforms that can be easily used to manage information in an organization. ERP software integrates all facets of an enterprise into one holistic database that can be accessed by individuals for better work proficiency. All core business functions such as accounting, human resources, finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer relationship management are efficient handles through an ERP system solution.

ERP software is a revolutionary tool that can enhance business collaboration, standardize business processes, advance operational efficiency, and help your company make the best data-driven decisions. Implementing this miraculous software not only increases employee performance and morale but also helps your organization delight its loyal customers by providing exceptional service.

ERP system is highly customizable and scalable platforms that will grow according to your organizational requirements. Currently, the markets are flooded with a host of service providers with diverse ranges of ERP system solution packages it is important for any organization to make a careful choice and invest in the most suitable system to achieve their organizational goals.

What Are The Various Types of ERP Systems?

There are a number of different kinds of ERP system available, and it is very important for companies to choose the best one possible so that they can accrue tons of advantageous benefits. Here are some of the diverse kinds of ERP software platforms:

  • Generalist - Most cloud-based ERP systems are a generalist in nature, and can be adapted to a multitude of processes across industries. They have a strong level of integration and can be scaled according to the magnitude of the organization. ERP vendors have the largest market share ever and are a popular choice for small businesses that decide to go in for ERP integration.

  • Vertical - Vertical ERP software are highly industry-specific, and they focus on a niche segment of a larger industrial market such as construction, retail, supermarket distribution, or pharmaceutical. Their modules are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the target industry and can also be customized for particular requirements.
  • Small Business - These are very widely used as off-the-shelf or on-premise ERP solutions for budding business firms of a small to medium size. They typically serve one or two business processes and leave out the rest thereby leading to a gradual and phased ERP integration in the company.
  • Open Source - Open source ERP solutions only comprise a tiny fraction of the entire market base, but they give firms the immense flexibility to develop their own apps and integrate them with the company ERP. These ERP systems can put out highly personalized processes that help companies cope with their diverse requirements

What Are The Various Modules of ERP Software Systems?

ERP systems are state-of-the-art platforms that have a number of important business modules to streamline work procedures. Here are some important modules of ERP systems that can help your business:

  • Financial Management - This module can manage your capital inflow and outflow in a structured manner. It has the capability to manufacture detailed financial management reports for different business units, along with handling vital financial parameters such as ledgers, balance sheets, tax regulations, and bank reconciliation statements.

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management module in ERP software is the best way to manage leads, contacts, and customer service as it maintains a consolidated databank of all vital information. It has helped to enhance customer satisfaction, pump up sales, and increase overall conversion rate.
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS) - Your ERP software can manage all human resource issues such as time tracking, performance management, compensation, leave management, and payroll system. The HRMS module is the best way to boost efficiency in the workplace as it eliminates unnecessary paperwork, and cuts down on manual human resource processes.
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management module covers all major aspects of your supply chain, including purchase order management, distribution, packaging, and retail. It streamlines all business activities to ensure uninterrupted business operations through a smooth supply chain.
  • Inventory - This is also known as the materials management module and it can help organizations keep a real-time stock of their inventory so that there is no shortage or surplus of material. It is the best way to track and locate materials in the company and is especially beneficial for manufacturing firms in any industry.

The various kinds of ERP software modules today include advanced and pioneering business intelligence applications, asset management, and e-commerce processes. It is important to make a careful choice and get the best modules for your organization to leverage the power of ERP systems in the best possible manner!

What Are The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

ERP software is the future of technology and can help any organization escalate its profits to great heights. It creates a dynamic culture of collaboration in the organization and minimizes extra costs at all levels. Here are some prime benefits of ERP solutions that can bring about a wave of instant productivity at your company:

  • ERP system can greatly help any company increase cross-departmental interaction and workflows, by bringing about a smooth integration of business processes.

  • ERP systems promote a high level of engagement and collaboration in the work environment by keeping a central repository of vital business data. This drives innovation, leads to better quality decisions, and enhances the workforce morale across the organization.
  • ERP solutions are the best way to augment data security as all access points at the data warehouse are strictly monitored. An astringent security protocol, password protection, firewalls, and data encryption ensure that essential information does not get into wrong hands.
  • One of the prime benefits of ERP tools is lower operational costs automation leads to a more efficient and productive workforce, that further leads to higher profit margins. All operating costs are kept within budget, and extra expenses are curbed across all levels in the company.
  • ERP systems bring about a huge amount of mobility in any organization employees can access all data across scattered geographical locations with the help of a working internet connection.
  • ERP system needs a very low capital outlay and has a very simple installation process. Most modules are extremely user-friendly and require no special technical knowledge – hence employees can easily access them across the organization.
  • ERP software vendors provide complete maintenance and support ensuring the smooth transition of your organization – it is generally a very quick and easy procedure to install ERP tools in a company!

ERP solutions can bring about a buzzing burst of efficiency at your organization and can optimize all functional processes. Using a centralized and comprehensive database, ERP systems drive profitability, productivity, and high output – leading to the achievement of long-term business goals. There is no doubt that ERP software is a transformational modern day tool that can go a long way in augmenting any organization’s bottom line results!

What Are The Must-Have Features of ERP Solutions

  • Separate modules for Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, etc.
  • An excellent user-friendly interface with extremely effective and straightforward steering systems for larger user productivity
  • Real-time generation of data for better management facilities
  • Detailed analysis and report generation schemes for critical monitoring and research options.
  • Extensive database and management solutions with easy query retrieval and update solutions.
  • Cross-platform synchronization for bigger relevancy over varied interfaces.
  • Highly secure systems for guaranteed transactional operations.
  • Easy creation of master data for greater insight into the various operations.
  • Proper full-time customization of widgets and different integral functionalities for making certain extremely effective and skilled performance levels for the assorted structure resources.
  • Great reduction in time complexity for better and quicker solutions
  • Enhanced facilitation of rollback features and auto emailing service for greater response strategy.
  • 24*7 customer support solutions for greater customer satisfaction and retention on the whole

Why Should You Use an ERP System Software in Your Business?

Basically, ERP software help in formulating systematic management solutions of the various resources of a particular organization. This helps in generating most money and structural stability for a bigger stand on the economic forefront. Research suggests that around 62 percent of the organizations and the various enterprises which have effectively implemented this particular software in their business have had unprecedented growth in their productivity levels. Also, they need to generate a major 55% increase in their revenue levels once the incorporation of the ERP system in their business.

What Are The Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an ERP Tools?

There are several crucial aspects that one must detain mind for creating bound an extraordinarily productive and economic statistics of the given enterprise at intervals the present economic forefront. For this terribly specific reason, one must implement the proper and extremely business compliant enterprise resource designing code for larger affectivity standards on the complete.

  • Set Your Requirements Straight-Research well on the kind of ERP software solution you need to implement in your given business. Take it slow in zeroing-in on some of ERP systems before you finalize on anybody. Don't be in any hurry and initially create an inventory of all of your needed functionalities and specifications. Narrow down your search for the foremost apt ERP answer on the premise of this list. this can make sure that you get to shop for solely the most effective one for your business.
  • Better Time Complexity- Some of the package tends to possess glitches in terms of real-time implementation and time complexness problems. Make sure to urge hold of solely that ERP tools which can not solely decrease the time complexness, however, offer bigger standard implementation on the complete.
  • Security Standards - Security is one important feature that needs careful implementation in any business organization. So check that that the ERP system corporations have ensured enough security layers to stay your steer aloof from any breach of a possible aggressor.

Most of the ERP solutions within the market comes equipped with a heap of functionalities and options. And, with the inclusion of latest technological innovations and extremely artistic solutions, An ERP software system is destined to quickly take the productivity levels of your business organization higher. this may ultimately guarantee higher business solutions and later larger money standards for you on the total. so by currently, it should become terribly clear to you that AN ERP tools can so sway be an extremely valuable plus for your business.

Top Enterprise Resource Planning Trends to Must Watch

As every manufacturing ERP has its pros and cons, it also has its trends based on new updates, new releases, and consumer demands. Below are the latest trends in the ERP solution industry:

  1. Classification of Tier I ERP systems will soon become obsolete - The concept of Tier I, II, and III ERP system and their differences will soon become obsolete and not the system itself. There are so many ERP tools available out there in the market nowadays and not just the big three's SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There is also open source ERP software like Odoo in the market which is freely available. There are hundreds of options available for all kinds of organizations including big corporations.
  2. The gap between ERP implementation success and failure is continuously increasing - It implementation failure is increasing continuously and does not seem to reduce currently. Yet, there are many success stories. The differences between success and failure are expected to remain and become more evident. Successful implementations will execute effective project management, organizational change management, and business process re-engineering. Failures in implementations will stop investment in such areas. The differences between the two groups will become more extreme.
  3. Cloud ERP is no more an issue -If companies want to migrate their ERP to cloud, it is no more an issue now. There are plenty of options available out there to help companies migrate their ERP to cloud. This trend is expected to continue in the future and will become part of the ERP system instead of just a buzzword. The question now is that which companies would move in this direction and which ones will not.
  4. Small and mid-size organizations are increasingly adopting ERP systems - Until recent developments in ERP software, huge corporations had a huge technological advantage over the small and mid-size corporations as only 3 big ERP's were available and that too at a high cost. Now, with the development of SaaS ERP systems, mobile technologies becoming more cost-effective and easy plus quick deployment, small and mid-size organizations are trying to catch up with big corporations. The ‘high cost of ERP tools and CRM software’ days are long gone. Open source ERP's are easily available in the market now, making it accessible to all sizes of business organizations.
  5. Cause of ERP failures are exposed by the high-profile lawsuits - The increasing need for an ERP Expert Witness is a reflection of the current trend in ERP implementations. Many organizations are getting trapped in lawsuits, out of which many are high-profile. These high-profile lawsuits are exposing the reasons behind ERP failures and other shortcomings in the industry. The parties and their ERP issues highlight the reasons behind ERP implementation failure and all this tell us how the failures can be avoided!

What Are The Disadvantages of ERP System?

Although the perks or advantages of ERP solutions are substantially solid, there may sometimes arise some problems, or in other words, there can be some potential cons of using this software. Listed below are some of the disadvantages that may follow the integration of this software in your business. Keep them in your mind to avoid them:

  • Not A Simple Single Software Solution - An ERP software differs in the various aspects, considering the fact that business requirements vary to quite a great extent in any given market. Accordingly, the particular software needs to be chosen for implementation. Hence, lack of universal modules in this particular software may pose some sort of disadvantage to some businesses.
  • Prone To Technical Glitches - Much as you would like to appreciate the software's efficiency, it is inadvertently prone to some technical glitches which might cause potential data loss and reduced productivity. For this, constant monitoring of the essential data needs to be maintained along with a scheduled regular backup strategy for the same.
  • Needs An Internet Connection - Most modules of the software can be best implemented only if there is a high-speed internet connection. Any lack of this particular part can create a substantial threat to the easy and smooth functioning of the various process modules of the enterprise system on the whole.

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