Top Exit Intent Popup Software & Plugins For Your Website


Software BY Connecto
Connecto builds tools that helps marketers/product managers communicate better with their visitors. It is capable of making an impact on any website be it Education, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Health or any other sector.


Software BY MaxTraffic
MaxTraffic is an advertisement platform that will make sure your hard-earned website traffic will be converted into revenue you deserve. We turn your bouncing visitors and shopping cart abandoners into customers.


Push your website's limit
Feedify gives you the divergent tool for customer engagement software for your website. Which is integrated with web push notification, customer feedback across the channel, exit intent and drip campaigns with powerful customer analytics.


Exit offers that increase conversion rate
Picreel is an exit intent technology that gives you control over the movement of traffic out of your website. We convert abandoning web visitors into customers! Picreel is a powerful lead generation & conversion rate optimization service.


Software BY OptinMonster
OptinMonster converts visitors into subscribers & customers for websites and applications. It is the best lead-generation plugin for WordPress that allows you to create attention grabbing optin forms that convert. OptinMonster enables you to create professionally designed optin forms without writing a single line of code in 60 seconds flat.

Hold on Stranger

Software BY Hold on Stranger
Hold on, stranger! anticipates the exact moment your visitors are about to leave, so you can jump in and present a super targeted offer with an unparalleled,conversion pulling, attention.


Software BY Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.
Unbounce is Conversion Rate Optimization and self-serve hosted marketing tool that allows marketers to build, publish & A/B test landing pages without IT. Using the template library you can build click through, lead gen, sales letter and video landing pages in minutes.


Software BY OptiMonk
OptiMonk Exit-intent technology provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email subscription list. Our messages show up with a special offer at the exact moment a visitor is about to leave your site – down to the millisecond.


Software BY Wishpond Technologies Ltd.
Wishpond is simple marketing software. Use it to create landing pages, contests, popups & more. It is simple marketing software. You can create landing pages, contests, promotions, forms, popups, ads & email campaigns using Wishpond.

Bounce Exchange

Software BY Bounce Exchange
Bounce Exchange predicts what your visitors need in real time to convert at a higher rate. Our advanced behavioral automation guides them down the conversion funnel based on their unique action pathways.

Exit Monitor

Software BY Exit Monitor
Exit Monitor gives you the ability to drive more revenue to your business by leveraging customer data to capture more leads and turn visitors into paying customers. Our custom built visitor behavior learning algorithm and exit intent technology allows Exit Monitor to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page.


Software BY Reel
Reel technology tracks exactly where your mouse was, where it is and where it is going. It’s like a heatmap where we track your every movement and by analyzing the duration of your resting moments and your overall velocity we can anticipate when you are about to leave the browser plane and right that split second we can trigger an event to stop the visitor from leaving.

Popu Ps

Software BY Popu
POPU.PS is a Web Service which Helps you Create & Manage Popups Windows for your Websites. It's Quick and Easy to use. It then Gathers Important Analytics about how your Popups are Progressing. A great online tool for Single Website Owners, Developers, Webmasters or Marketers.


Software BY UsabilityTools
UsabilityTools When localising your website, you have to consider many more points than just translation. It is help optimize websites for higher conversion and better user experience. UsabilityTools gives you insight into what users say and what they do.

Zoom Analytics

Software BY Zoom Analytics
Zoom Analytics is a Web Analytics that allows you explore the connections between users behavior during their visit to website and the characteristics of the user. It is designed to uncover hidden connections using a statistical algorithm engine. These connections are 'Insights' to your business. The engine looks for user interactions (actions) and user properties (persona) that affects your goals.

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