Top Fleet Management Software Solutions in 2018

Fleet Track

Software BY Vimukti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Having trouble in tracking your vehicles maintenance, service and equipment records? Here is the Fleet Tracking Software which allows you to analyze the vehicles fuel records, services and odometer history wherever you are.

InfaGPS Fleet Management System

Software BY InfaGPS
InfaGPS Fleet Management System is a leading provider of fleet management solutions with over a 100 active GPS devices on the field and growing fast.. We aim at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of hardware as well as software support.

MAKTree Fleet Management System

Software BY MAK Tree solutions Pvt. Ltd
MAK Tree uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions.

HELIOS - Fleet Management system

Software BY Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
HELIOS FLEET helps to manage all the activities from trip sheet, driver settlement, fuel tracking, TAT of vehicle, tracking, billing to attached or market vendor and financial control over fleet hub. HELIOS can be integrated with an ERP to provide a seamless solution.

Soma - CMFS

Software BY KVS Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Soma - CMFS is one of the best Fleet Management System solutions which covering the entire activities of any transport segment. Fleet management software is a completely integrated solution designed to meet the requirements of any organization with a fleet of vehicles.

Duplex Online Car Booking

Software BY Duplex Technologies
Manage your bookings with Duplex online car booking software. With this software, customer can book a cab easily.

Asset Vehicle Tracking System

Software BY Asset Telematics Pvt Ltd.
Asset Fleet Management System is a web based application with fully automated end to end solution that provides comprehensive, time centric,flexible and scalable solution for Asset tracking. With fully automated system it would provide online information about Asset location.

ERP for Fleet management

Software BY Eresource
The challenges faced by the Fleet Industry started witnessing rapid changes with the advent of eresource's Fleet Management ERP. This user-friendly fleet management software helped many small and medium sized organizations.

Lozics Transportation ERP

Software BY BNG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Lozics Transportation ERP module provides ERP solution to SME sector.  Can be managed logistics operation, fleet, warehousing, marketing etc. The user's unique requirements BNG Infotech undertakes complete software.

Trimble Fleet Management Solution

Software BY Trimble Mobility Solutions
Trimble Fleet Management Solution is an on-demand solution that empowers fleet managers, vehicle owners with GPS based real time tracking and monitoring of vehicles from internet at any time, from any place. 

B-VISIBLE Fleet Management Solution

Software BY BLUEOCEAN Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.
B-VISIBLE Fleet Management Solution includes vehicle tracking and monitoring remotely, vehicle maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, speed management, fuel management, route optimization, driver management and safety management.

TIBEI Fleet Management System

Software BY TIBEI
TIBEI fleet management system is a ready to turn-key solution for fleet tracking. We provide both hardware and software to automate the complete life-cycle of fleet management and tracking with integration options to your existing software platforms.

Lok's Fleet Management System

Software BY LOK Solutions Private Limited
Fleet Management System is designed to be both a fully integrated or stand alone computerized fleet management system. The recognized market leader in both private and public sectors, this system provides a fast, easy and effective way to organize and run your fleet from day to day.

Far Eye Fleet Management System

Software BY RoboticWares Pvt. Ltd.
FarEye Fleet Management System delivers real-time information; cut costs & response time; & provide opportunities for revenue generation. We increase companies’ productivity and reduce costs. We make businesses more efficient and flexible.

EAMbrace Asset Management

Globally recognized enterprise asset management.
EAMbrace is designed to help organizations of all size better manage its assets spread across various locations. It acts as a perfect fixed asset register software. 

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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is, simply just, the administration of an organization's vehicle fleet. It is a function which permits organizations that depend on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks connected with vehicle speculation, enhancing productivity, benefit and lessening their general transportation and staff expenses, giving 100% compliance with government legislation. Fleet administration can incorporate a scope of capacities which incorporates vehicle telematics, driver administration and fuel administration.

What are the benefits of Fleet Management Software?

1) Maximize Driver Satisfaction: Fleet management system keep great drivers through enhanced driver visibility and by decreasing the measure of manual work that your drivers need to do, expanding safe driving and efficiencies.

2) Increase Profitability: Fleet manager helps to save money on various working expenses by streamlining your fleet's fuel proficiency, better overseeing driver execution, streamlining reporting, enhancing routing, and making proficient utilization of your trailers.

3) Improve Fleet Fuel Management: Fleet management solution helps to lessen fuel expenses and repair bills by minimizing unnecessary idling, over-revving, hard braking, inappropriate moving, and speeding, while amplifying the productivity of courses.

4) Fast and Simple Communication: Fleet management software helps to send routes and instructions to your drivers with the click of a mouse. In-vehicle sensors empower complete vehicle observing. Adaptable driver structures permit you to tailor to your business needs.

5) Retain Customers: Enhance your productivity and client benefit by guaranteeing that your client's cargo arrives securely and on time, while giving continuous access to data on where their freight is on the planet.

Also Other benefits includes:

  1. improving efficiency
  2. improving productivity
  3. reducing overall transportation costs

How does a Fleet Management System work?

The most essential function in fleet administration framework is the vehicle tracking system segment (this part is normally GPS based). This keeps you upgraded with a vehicle's area, heading and speed. Propelled fleet management software solutions connect with the vehicle's locally available PC to accumulate vehicle information. Subtle elements, for example, mileage and fuel utilization supply easy to read mechanical diagnostics.

Key modules of Fleet Management Software

Fleet management’s class-leading end-to-end capabilities help organizations streamline processes across all business functions via the following key modules:

  1. Vehicle, spare parts, and general procurement

  2. Auto workshop

  3. Financial accounting

  4. Business intelligence

  5. Human resources

  6. Document management

  7. Rental, leasing