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HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

Hyper Drive Information Technology

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HDPOS is the best accounting software. It has ease of use and nice interface. It is a Windows based Billing, Inventory Management and Accounting Software and it easly Install on single computer or multiple Terminals.

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Awards

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

Pricing of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements.

HDPOS smart for single computer
USD 295.45  One Time Cost
Free Trial
For Single cash register
Very easy user interface.
Manage billing
Design your own barcode stickers.
No need of specialised barcode printer.
Unlimited customized reports.
Different invoice printing format
Shop online with no additional cost.
Complete 2- way SMS interface.
financial accounting
Get started very quickly
HDPOS smart for Multiple Terminal
USD 545.45  One Time Cost
Free Trial
For Two clients connected to a single server on LAN or over the internet
All Features of Stand Alone Version
HDPOS smart on cloud subscription
USD 53.03  Per Month
Free Trial
Update your price changes instantly at all locations.
Manage separate price list per location if needed.
Single customer database to recognize your customer database at any location
Single database for your online and offline customers
Central loyalty point accumulation for your customer.
HDPOS Synch Service
USD 507.58  One time
Free Trial
This service will be useful if you are using your own server over the internet to connect more than one locations of your business.
This will submit all invoices made remotely to the server and also download changes made in the central server to the remote client database
You will be able to Synchronize your remote computer data with your server with a click of a single button on the remote computer.
With this service, you will be able to generate sales invoices at remote locations in Disconnected Mode.
It is possible that you face slowness or interruptions due to slow and unreliable Internet connections. To work with good performance and avoid system outages due to Internet connection unavailability, you can use this service.

Key Features of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

keyboard_arrow_right Asset Management

keyboard_arrow_right Banking Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Budgeting

keyboard_arrow_right Database backup/restore (Management)

keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right HR & Payroll

keyboard_arrow_right Investment

keyboard_arrow_right Job Costing

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile Support

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Location

keyboard_arrow_right Multiple Company

keyboard_arrow_right Online document storage (back-up)

keyboard_arrow_right Payment Gateway Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Payroll Management

keyboard_arrow_right Product Database

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Recurring invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Taxation Management

keyboard_arrow_right Vendor Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice Designer

keyboard_arrow_right Vat

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Company

keyboard_arrow_right Accounts payable

keyboard_arrow_right Bank Reconciliation

keyboard_arrow_right Fixed assets

keyboard_arrow_right General Ledger

keyboard_arrow_right Invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Order

keyboard_arrow_right Notification via SMS and Email

keyboard_arrow_right Cashflow

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Layer Security

keyboard_arrow_right Barcode Scanning

keyboard_arrow_right Cash Management

keyboard_arrow_right Point of Sale (POS)

keyboard_arrow_right Application Integration

keyboard_arrow_right SMS Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Balance Sheet

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Order

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Custom Fields

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Optimization

keyboard_arrow_right Multi-Location

keyboard_arrow_right Order Processing

keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Shipping Management

keyboard_arrow_right Transfer Management

keyboard_arrow_right Tax Management

keyboard_arrow_right Budgeting & Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Audit Management

keyboard_arrow_right Purchasing

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Claims

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting Management

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Management

keyboard_arrow_right Document Printing

keyboard_arrow_right Financial Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Bookkeeping

keyboard_arrow_right Bill & Deposit Reminder

keyboard_arrow_right Import & Export Data

keyboard_arrow_right Profit / Loss Statement

keyboard_arrow_right Contacts and smart lists

keyboard_arrow_right Search / Filter

keyboard_arrow_right Data Backup and Restore

keyboard_arrow_right GST Compliance

keyboard_arrow_right Tax Liability Register

keyboard_arrow_right Customer tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Monthly GST Report

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Person Monitoring

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Analyse Report

keyboard_arrow_right GST audit report

keyboard_arrow_right Collaborate

keyboard_arrow_right Capital Gains reports for Stocks and Debt MFs

keyboard_arrow_right Full-Fledged Security Module

keyboard_arrow_right Reorder Management

keyboard_arrow_right Traceability

keyboard_arrow_right Material Workflow

keyboard_arrow_right Service Tax

keyboard_arrow_right Checks & Controls

keyboard_arrow_right Web-based reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Collections

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Audit Trail

keyboard_arrow_right Barcode Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Management

keyboard_arrow_right Document Management

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Management

keyboard_arrow_right Financial Management

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Manufacturing

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Currency

keyboard_arrow_right Multi User login & Roll based access

keyboard_arrow_right Online Banking Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Outstanding

keyboard_arrow_right Payment Handling

keyboard_arrow_right POS invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Production Management

keyboard_arrow_right Quotation & Estimates

keyboard_arrow_right Security Feature

keyboard_arrow_right Time Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Warehouse Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Currency Support

keyboard_arrow_right Fast Search

keyboard_arrow_right Data Security

keyboard_arrow_right Accounts receivable

keyboard_arrow_right Business intelligence (BI)

keyboard_arrow_right Fund accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory control

keyboard_arrow_right Order entry (OE)

keyboard_arrow_right Receiving

keyboard_arrow_right Billing System

keyboard_arrow_right Payments

keyboard_arrow_right Manage Customers and Suppliers

keyboard_arrow_right Invoices

keyboard_arrow_right Ecommerce Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Channel Management

keyboard_arrow_right Applications Management

keyboard_arrow_right Compliance Management

keyboard_arrow_right Profit & Loss Statement

keyboard_arrow_right Income Statements

keyboard_arrow_right Bills of Material

keyboard_arrow_right Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Order Fulfillment

keyboard_arrow_right POS Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Orders

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier Management

keyboard_arrow_right Billing & Invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Barcoding / RFID

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Orders

keyboard_arrow_right Permission Management

keyboard_arrow_right MIS Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Revenue Management

keyboard_arrow_right Spend Management

keyboard_arrow_right Reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Discount & Schemes

keyboard_arrow_right Utilities

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Management

keyboard_arrow_right Track Account

keyboard_arrow_right Reconcile Statements

keyboard_arrow_right Data Import & Export

keyboard_arrow_right Pay bills

keyboard_arrow_right Cost Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Kitting

keyboard_arrow_right Data Security & Accuracy

keyboard_arrow_right e-Payment

keyboard_arrow_right ITC Match/Mismatch Report generation

keyboard_arrow_right Mailing list management

keyboard_arrow_right Stock Take and Monitoring

keyboard_arrow_right Event/Appointment Management

keyboard_arrow_right Multi-Branch Connectivity

keyboard_arrow_right GST returns

keyboard_arrow_right Responsive Support

keyboard_arrow_right P&L

keyboard_arrow_right Custom Pricing Models

keyboard_arrow_right Serialized Inventory Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Scheme Management

keyboard_arrow_right VAT / CST / GST Reports

keyboard_arrow_right TDS / TCS

keyboard_arrow_right Trading Excise Registers

keyboard_arrow_right Project Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Fixed Asset Management


Deployment : Both
Payment : Monthly,Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual license)
API : No
Customization : No
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
Hyper Drive Information Technology


  1. All System required accounts are Auto Generated
  2. You can create any number of additional Financial Accounts
  3. Connect all your Financial Accounts, Company and Financial Transactions to Tally
  4. Create Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDPOS smart via simple export and Import
  5. Flexibility to define multiple “Views” of financial accounts
  6. Ability to view Composite Ledgers. Powerful Cash Register Management. All financial transactions are created auto by HDPOS smart
  7. Purchases and Purchase Returns (with Tax Account Entries)
  8. Sales and Sales Returns (with Tax Account Entries)
  9. Received Payments from customers at a later date
  10. Made payments to Supplier at a later date

Many more auto transactions like,

  1. Gift card management (liabilities)
  2. Advance Bookings (liabilities)
  3. Back Transactions
  4. Credit Card Terminal Transactions
  5. Financing Agency (like Banks or Bajaj Finance etc)
  6. Maintain  your own FA accounts besides system accounts
  7. Link them to tally
  8. Add your own FA transactions
  9. Cash Receipt, Payment
  10. Bank Receipt, Payment
  11. Contra
  12. JV
  13. Check Management

Track Check status

  1. In hand, with bank, cleared, bounced, returned to customer
  2. Support For Taking payments from Financing Agencies
  3. Mostly useful for Electrical and Electronic Appliance Stores
  4. Manage Pending Amounts from financing agencies like Bajaj finance
  5. Manage Processing Fees for financing Agencies.
  6. Receive Payments from Financing Agencies in multiple modes

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Screenshots (15)

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Video

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Slideshare



HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers
HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing Customers


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User Reviews (9) Ask a question

verified reviewer

The best acccounting software for the price

star star star star star     0000-00-00
star star star star star    0000-00-00

We evaluated many different software products and put a lot of time into researching. We eventually went with the vendor that we felt most comfortable with both the product and the support staff. HDPOS offered multiple references in industries similar to ours as well as others. The financial statements, trial balances, and audit trails work to assist you in finding any posting errors. From an ease of use, straightforward accounting product. HDPOS will do more than enough accounting processing for the typical organization while costing more less than any other software. The customer support is great, they do quickly respond to us. HDPOS has everything we were looking for and there was no additional programming needed to accommodate our needs.


Multiple references easy to find errors ease of use valuable customer support


star star star star star Overall rating
star star star star star_border Features
star star star star star_border Ease of use
star star star star star_border Value for money
star star star star star_border Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

It is an easy and sleek user interface!!

star star star star star_border     2017-02-15
star star star star star_border    2017-02-15

HD is the best selling accounting management software. It has an easy and sleek user interface. Billing, inventory management and accounting are much easier with HD in place. I had tried all other business accounting software which even though were adequate, failed to be efficient in certain aspects. HD accounting software is feature rich, and worth the investment. The client support is prompt and supportive. Don't have to explore any other accounting solutions because of the functionality and features of HD. Happy with my overall service experience with HD Accounts and would recommend this software to everyone.

One of the most brilliant inventory management software

star star star star star     2016-09-16
star star star star star    2016-09-16

One of the most brilliant and exquisite piece of inventory management softwares I have come across. It is super awesome. Plus, it has helped me manage my inventory systems better and with utmost efficacy. I believe this is the top most inventory management software in business right now. I am totally impressed by this software and I would personally recommend it to all the other organizations as well.

many different opinions here, mine very positive

star star star star star_border     2016-09-12
star star star star star_border    2016-09-12

HDPOS is an easy to use billing and inventory and financial accounts management system. I have been using HDPOS Online to do the accounting for my organizations for more than 2 years now.  The HDPOS support is truly the best I have ever encountered for a software vendor. HDPOS accounting solutions help small to large organizations to keep all their financial transactions up to date and you can easily generate accounts statements  in just  a few clicks. I would like to say that HDPOS Smart accounting features are the most effective and highly efficient. 

Powerful Accounting Software

star star star star star     2016-07-25
star star star star star    2016-07-25

HDPOS has been the third accounting and billing software I have implemented in my own organization. We use this system more then 2 and half years. It will be the last one for various benefits It has given us comprate to previous one. It is very easy to use Accounting software and very user friendly functionality. It's both web and installed base accounting and billing management software specially designed for small and medium size of businesses. Pros : Cloud base so i can access all details from anywhere. various modifiable functionalities. Very happy with the tech support team for any small and large issues.

SAGAR  Varpe

User friendly

star star star star star     2015-11-16
star star star star star    2015-11-16

It is very user friendly software and easy to use One of the best.

The best solution with efficient and cost-effective

star star star star star     0000-00-00
star star star star star    0000-00-00

When I was facing the problem with the inventory part, then I investigated online and found it. I consider it the best solution of inventory management software as it has all great features. This software has helped me lot in managing the overall inventory of an organization in an efficient and cost-effective way. I am happy with this software as it helps in saving my time which I used to spend in managing the inventory for the whole day. It also helps in printing the sales invoice according to their language.


Complete solution for Accounts & Billing and bar code scanner

star star star star star     0000-00-00
star star star star star    0000-00-00

I have started using HD Accounts & Billing for my business. Initially, I was little skeptical about it but it made the entire billing, inventory management, and accounting system extremely easy. The best part about the HD Accounts & Billing is, it is very user-friendly and available at affordable cost. HD Accounts & Billing can also be installed in multiple terminals and it operates on windows. One can also design their own barcode stickers without having much knowledge about the barcode printer.The key features like multi-currency, online banking, Warehouse Management, Taxation Management and integration are helpful for those who have international clients.


User-friendly & Customized product

star star star star star_border     0000-00-00
star star star star star_border    0000-00-00

HD accounts and Billing is the best software which is user friendly in nature. It has helped me a lot in the field of billing along with tracking out the inventory and managing account in the better way in affordable rate. It can be installed in multiple terminals. It helps the users in designing their barcode stickers. Apart from that, they can get the facility of customized reports which can be prepared accordingly. It is multi-task software which helps the users in storing the online documents which can be easily accessed from anywhere. It will also help in email and bank integration.


FAQs of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing

Q. What are the main features of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing?

The key features of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing are as follows:

label Asset Management

label Banking Integration

label Budgeting

label Database backup/restore (Management)

label Email Integration

label Expense Tracking

label HR & Payroll

label Investment

label Job Costing

label Mobile Support

label Multi Location

label Multiple Company

label Online document storage (back-up)

label Payment Gateway Integration

label Payroll Management

label Product Database

label Supplier and Purchase Order Management

label Recurring invoice

label Taxation Management

label Vendor Management

label Sales Forecasting

label Invoice Designer

label Vat

label Multi Company

label Accounts payable

label Bank Reconciliation

label Fixed assets

label General Ledger

label Invoicing

label Purchase Order

label Notification via SMS and Email

label Cashflow

label Multi Layer Security

label Barcode Scanning

label Cash Management

label Point of Sale (POS)

label Application Integration

label SMS Integration

label Balance Sheet

label Sales Order

label Accounting Integration

label Custom Fields

label Inventory Optimization

label Multi-Location

label Order Processing

label Real Time Reporting

label Shipping Management

label Transfer Management

label Tax Management

label Budgeting & Forecasting

label Analytics

label Audit Management

label Purchasing

label Expense Claims

label Accounting Management

label Purchase Management

label Document Printing

label Financial Accounting

label Bookkeeping

label Bill & Deposit Reminder

label Import & Export Data

label Profit / Loss Statement

label Contacts and smart lists

label Search / Filter

label Data Backup and Restore

label GST Compliance

label Tax Liability Register

label Customer tracking

label Monthly GST Report

label Sales Person Monitoring

label Sales Analyse Report

label GST audit report

label Collaborate

label Capital Gains reports for Stocks and Debt MFs

label Full-Fledged Security Module

label Reorder Management

label Traceability

label Material Workflow

label Service Tax

label Checks & Controls

label Web-based reporting

label Collections

Q. How much do the HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing cost?

The HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing has 4 plans - HDPOS smart for single computer INRUSD 295 (One Time Cost),HDPOS smart for Multiple Terminal INRUSD 545 (One Time Cost),HDPOS smart on cloud subscription INRUSD 53 (Per Month),HDPOS Synch Service INRUSD 508 (One time).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing?

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises, .

Q. Which mobile platform does HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing support?

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing supports the following devices: WinPhone,

Q. Which operating system does HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing support?

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing support the following operation system : Windows,

Q. What payment method does HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing support?

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing support the following payment methods : Monthly,Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual license).

Q. What is the deployment type?

HDPOS Smart Accounts & Billing has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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