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Hyper Drive Information Technology


HDRestaurant is an advanced automated point of sales software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. Easy to use, pictorial user interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.

Pricing of HDRestaurant

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HDRestaurant (Stand Alone)
USD 295.45  Onetime
Free Trial
Single cash register
Financial Accounting management
Stock Management
Barcode & Stickers
Auto Sales Price Calculation
Sales Return
HDRestaurant (Client-Server)
USD 545.45  Onetime
Free Trial
Multiple cash registers
Financial Accounting
Stock Management
Auto Sales Price Calculation
Item Management
HDRestaurant CS with Synch Service
USD 507.58  Onetime
Free Trial
Synch Service
Financial Accounting management
Barcode & Stickers
Item Management
Stock Management
HDRestaurant Cloud-based Subscription
USD 53.03  Per Month
Free Trial
Cloud based subscription Rs. 14,000/- one time setup charges
Financial Accounting management
Stock Management
Item Management
Barcode & Stickers
Gift Card
2-Way SMS

Key Features of HDRestaurant

keyboard_arrow_right Audit Trail

keyboard_arrow_right Budgeting

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Management

keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Maintenance Staff Management

keyboard_arrow_right Payment Gateway Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Payroll Management

keyboard_arrow_right Product Database

keyboard_arrow_right Quotation & Estimates

keyboard_arrow_right Taxation Management

keyboard_arrow_right Time Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Warehouse Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Orders Management

keyboard_arrow_right Reservation & Booking

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile App

keyboard_arrow_right Contact Management

keyboard_arrow_right Bank Reconciliation

keyboard_arrow_right Credit card processing interface

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory control

keyboard_arrow_right Order entry (OE)

keyboard_arrow_right Customer DataBase

keyboard_arrow_right Notification via SMS and Email

keyboard_arrow_right Delivery Management

keyboard_arrow_right Track & Secure Payments

keyboard_arrow_right Online Payment

keyboard_arrow_right Stock Management

keyboard_arrow_right Barcode Scanning

keyboard_arrow_right Loyalty Management

keyboard_arrow_right Ecommerce Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Wait List

keyboard_arrow_right Channel Management

keyboard_arrow_right Activity Management

keyboard_arrow_right Social Media Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Balance Sheet

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Order

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Custom Fields

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Optimization

keyboard_arrow_right Multi-Location

keyboard_arrow_right Order Processing

keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Shipping Labels

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier Management

keyboard_arrow_right Payment Processing

keyboard_arrow_right Feedback Management

keyboard_arrow_right Waiting Time Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Coupons

keyboard_arrow_right Scheduling

keyboard_arrow_right Subscriber Management

keyboard_arrow_right Manage Contacts

keyboard_arrow_right Credit Management

keyboard_arrow_right Promotions Management

keyboard_arrow_right Customizable Reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Booking Notes

keyboard_arrow_right Multiple Rate Plans

keyboard_arrow_right Single / Group Reservations

keyboard_arrow_right Gift Card Management

keyboard_arrow_right Search / Filter

keyboard_arrow_right Transaction management

keyboard_arrow_right Discount Management

keyboard_arrow_right Loyalty Card System

keyboard_arrow_right Rewards Management

keyboard_arrow_right Device management

keyboard_arrow_right Kitchen Management

keyboard_arrow_right Wait List Management

keyboard_arrow_right Custom Pricing Models

keyboard_arrow_right Serialized Inventory Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Food Safety

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right Banking Integration

keyboard_arrow_right CRM

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Support

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Management

keyboard_arrow_right Financial Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Multi User login & Roll based access

keyboard_arrow_right Payment Handling

keyboard_arrow_right POS invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Recurring invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Time & Attendance Management

keyboard_arrow_right Vendor Management

keyboard_arrow_right Referral Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice Designer

keyboard_arrow_right Food and Beverage Costing

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Currency Support

keyboard_arrow_right Vat

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Company

keyboard_arrow_right Business intelligence (BI)

keyboard_arrow_right General Ledger

keyboard_arrow_right Invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Order

keyboard_arrow_right Table Management

keyboard_arrow_right Order Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Credit Card & Gift Card Processing

keyboard_arrow_right Print Reciepts

keyboard_arrow_right Data Imports/Exports

keyboard_arrow_right Billing System

keyboard_arrow_right Invoices

keyboard_arrow_right Cash Management

keyboard_arrow_right Point of Sale (POS)

keyboard_arrow_right Online Booking

keyboard_arrow_right Referral Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Applications Management

keyboard_arrow_right Timesheet Management

keyboard_arrow_right Profit & Loss Statement

keyboard_arrow_right Income Statements

keyboard_arrow_right Bills of Material

keyboard_arrow_right Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Order Fulfillment

keyboard_arrow_right POS Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Orders

keyboard_arrow_right Shipping Management

keyboard_arrow_right Transfer Management

keyboard_arrow_right Barcoding / RFID

keyboard_arrow_right Affiliate Management

keyboard_arrow_right Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Mass Texting

keyboard_arrow_right Shortcodes

keyboard_arrow_right Text-to-Win

keyboard_arrow_right Instant Message Delivery

keyboard_arrow_right Activities Booking

keyboard_arrow_right Purchasing

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Guest Management

keyboard_arrow_right Revenue Management

keyboard_arrow_right Third Party Booking

keyboard_arrow_right Cost Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Kitting

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Activity Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Gift Card System

keyboard_arrow_right No-Card Loyalty System

keyboard_arrow_right Department management

keyboard_arrow_right Food Costing

keyboard_arrow_right Menu Management

keyboard_arrow_right Waitstaff Management

keyboard_arrow_right Reorder Management

keyboard_arrow_right Traceability

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Analysis


Deployment : Both
Payment : Monthly,Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual license)
API : No
Customization : No
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses HDRestaurant

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
Hyper Drive Information Technology

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HDRestaurant amongst the best POS systems for restaurants will take care of your table management, different hall management; take away, delivery, multiple printer support, kitchen order tokens and much more.

This restaurant POS system software presents you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. This is in-house dining deliveries and pickup.

You can track each order based on the workflow you have defined and move it ahead in your workflow based on the way you are running restaurant.

Get restaurant management software at HDRestaurant which includes restaurant POS billing system with multiple printer support, inventory tracking, kitchen orders and much more.

HDRestaurant offers following features:

  • Easy Pictorial Interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.
  • Setup your main screen as Restaurant Dashboard or Pictorial Billing Screen.
  • Intuitive user interface to manage your orders.
  • Dashboard view of order statuses. View all your orders in a single screen.
  • Track each order based on the workflow you have defined and move it ahead in your workflow based on the way you are running business.
  • Manage multiple halls with different price lists.
  • Customizable color scheme. You can customize the table display setting to your liking.
  • Manage table reservation and customer waiting list.
  • Handle your KOTs (Kitchen order token).
  • Multiple printer support.
  • Define your food items recipe and keep track of your raw Material.
  • Take orders over the phone and track your home delivery orders; this is useful when it comes to eateries that thrive on home deliveries.
  • HDRestaurant-inventory management pos system provides complete stock and inventory management solutions to run your business in smooth and hassle free manner
  • Maintain customer records, view their previous orders and do target marketing.
  • Get your Sales invoice customized to include images, business logo, printed in A4, A5, half A4, pre-printed stationery.
  • Email and SMS support.

HDRestaurant Screenshots (8)

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HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers
HDRestaurant  Customers


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User Reviews (7) Ask a question

Er.vipulkumar Kavad
Great POS Easy to use
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

We use HDRestaurant POS for our restaurant. It's very easy to place orders and kitchen receives the orders. The system is relatively fast and gets the job done. HDRestaurant has an incredibly simple user interface, as well as complex capabilities. It is fast, forgiving, and streamlined. I've used many POS systems, and HDRestaurant blows the competition out of the world. I liked the way the software is set-up and the flexibility it had to make quick changes. Easy to read receipts, manage, and helped tremendously with communications with the kitchen. The coursing system in place for fine dining establishments streamlines a time sensitive and detail oriented service process.


Fast, simple user interface, streamlines our process

Bhumika Gohel
Great for restaurants
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

HDRestaurant is highly intuitive and easy to use. HDRestaurant has developed and continues to enhance, one of the best POS platforms we have encountered. Their support is top notch and they consistently treat our business as an extension of their own. Easy to add new terminals. Offline mode has been vital to us when we have ISP issues -- everyone can keep moving and our business does not stop. HDRestaurant helped us become more efficient with our work. Back office has a lot of great features and insights. Very easy to understand and hand over to an accountant for the end of year tax purposes.


Reports are great offline feature reliable intuitive

Mikul Rathod
Restaurant billing and invoice generation is now easy.
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

Managing any restaurant was always a tough nut to crack since we install HDResturant. It has taken the responsibility of all the related tasks over its shoulders and streamlines all the operations. Table booking management can be done according to the customer preferences. The window-based client-server app is a great help. But the software takes a lot of time to respond at times and print merged invoicing.


Advanced point of sale for your restaurant, will do hall and table management, will help you out to print customized barcode and invoice billing printing.


While generating KOT with a mobile app, some features get merged. This issue is still persisting.

Alnoor Nanji
Very cost-effective restaurant management software.
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

HDResturant has been a great virtual helping hand for our restaurant. Now, we can easily cater a huge mass without creating any mess in orders and delivery. Multiple locations and combo orders are now easy to handle. The software needs to update its operating system as some of the features hang a lot. Multiple printer integrations need extra work.


Pictorial billing generation manages combo orders easily and effectively, has password protected access and supports multiple printers.


When working with multiple printers, the software often gets crashed. We always had this issue.

Hina Gupta
HDPOS is an awesome software
Overall rating

HDPOS for Restaurant & Bar is the ultimate Restaurant Management Software judging from my 7 years of experience using such software in a handful of restaurants I own. It got such an easy & charming UI with total customization features. It can easily integrate with CRM, upload Menu real-time to website and social media pages, synchronize table bookings, place and organize orders and even Recipe Management. All these come pre-integrated with POS modules and also provide real-time detailed analysis & insights in everything that comes under the roof. HDPOS is an awesome software and I can’t even think of one day without it! 

Dhiren Panchal
Great software & best service
Overall rating

The best POS for restaurants, HDPOS efficiently takes care of my customers’ orders and enables me to deliver their goods, irrespective of any location. Based on the nature of the purchase, the software helps in efficient delivery management and keeps a customer database. With this restaurant management software, I can also take good care of my inventories, generate POS invoices and manage payrolls of my staff. It is a compact application that serves a purpose in every nook and corner of the restaurant business.

Saurabh Patel
Excellent product for Restaurant and Bar
Overall rating

HDPOS is an excellent restaurant management software offering customized solutions for delivering goods to consumers in different locations. Its order tracking and delivery management feature ensure that all my orders are timely distributed at the right locations. The restaurant billing software also helps my consumers to process their credit cards and gift cards. Using this innovative software, I can also send notifications to my loyal customers and can reserve and book chair, whenever asked for.

FAQs of HDRestaurant

Q. What are the main features of HDRestaurant ?

The key features of HDRestaurant are as follows:

label Audit Trail

label Budgeting

label Customer Management

label Email Templates

label Expense Tracking

label Inventory Management

label Maintenance Staff Management

label Payment Gateway Integration

label Payroll Management

label Product Database

label Quotation & Estimates

label Taxation Management

label Time Tracking

label Warehouse Management

label Sales Tracking

label Orders Management

label Reservation & Booking

label Mobile App

label Contact Management

label Bank Reconciliation

label Credit card processing interface

label Inventory control

label Order entry (OE)

label Customer DataBase

label Notification via SMS and Email

label Delivery Management

label Track & Secure Payments

label Online Payment

label Stock Management

label Barcode Scanning

label Loyalty Management

label Ecommerce Integration

label Wait List

label Channel Management

label Activity Management

label Social Media Integration

label Balance Sheet

label Sales Order

label Accounting Integration

label Custom Fields

label Inventory Optimization

label Multi-Location

label Order Processing

label Real Time Reporting

label Shipping Labels

label Supplier Management

label Payment Processing

label Feedback Management

label Waiting Time Tracking

label Coupons

label Scheduling

label Subscriber Management

label Manage Contacts

label Credit Management

label Promotions Management

label Customizable Reporting

label Booking Notes

label Multiple Rate Plans

label Single / Group Reservations

label Gift Card Management

label Search / Filter

label Transaction management

label Discount Management

label Loyalty Card System

label Rewards Management

label Device management

label Kitchen Management

label Wait List Management

label Custom Pricing Models

label Serialized Inventory Tracking

label Food Safety

Q. How much do the HDRestaurant cost?

The HDRestaurant has 4 plans - HDRestaurant (Stand Alone) INRUSD 295 (Onetime),HDRestaurant (Client-Server) INRUSD 545 (Onetime),HDRestaurant CS with Synch Service INRUSD 508 (Onetime),HDRestaurant Cloud-based Subscription INRUSD 53 (Per Month).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of HDRestaurant ?

HDRestaurant has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does HDRestaurant support?

HDRestaurant supports the following devices: WinPhone

Q. Which operating system does HDRestaurant support?

HDRestaurant support the following operation system : Windows

Q. What payment method does HDRestaurant support?

HDRestaurant support the following payment methods : Monthly,Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual license).

Q. What is the deployment type?

HDRestaurant has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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