Best Help Desk Software For Your Business

Cloud-based Customer Support Software
Deliver exceptional customer service with Freshdesk Online Customer Support and Help Desk. Freshdesk is the customer support software that gives you everything you need to delight your customers.

Simple Service Desk Software for Customers
Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. People interact with businesses every day across multiple channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media. Zendesk brings all this together in one beautifully simple help desk software platform, enabling you to create more meaningful and productive relationships with your customers.

Zoho Desk

The industry's first context-aware help desk
Zoho Desk, a cloud-based help desk software, enables agents to be more efficient, managers to be more influential, and customers to be more powerful. It's user-friendly, easily customizable, and doesn't even cost you much. Zoho Desk encourages you to keep customer service at the heart of your business.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Help desk software with asset & project management
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a user-friendly web based IT help desk software that you can use to deliver top notch customer service. You can quickly resolve user issues by tracking and managing the IT tickets.


Software BY Spiceworks Inc.
Spiceworks helps you run a ship-shape help desk, at the office and on the road. It acts as a customer service software and helps you manage user tickets. It intends to make the flow of your organization as streamlined as possible following the helpdesk support virtue.


One of the Best IT Help Desk Support Ticket System
Happyfox is a web-based help desk software hosted in the cloud. IT help desk tracks and manages customer request coming from multiple channels like email, phone, facebook and chat through a centralized IT help desk ticketing software for small business.


Multi Channel Customer Support Software
Kayako is a leading multi-channel help desk and live chat software. It builds web-centric customer support solutions that enable organizations to deliver a better helpdesk support experience to their customers and, as a team, work and collaborate more effectively.

Hesk Help Desk

IT Help Desk Tools BY Klemen Stirn
Hesk is one of the best and fastest web Help desk software, with their best in class customer support Hesk provides you grow your company in short space of time including features like Centralized helpdesk support system where you can organize, prioritize and track ticket category, ticket urgency and current status.

Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk Software BY SolarWinds Worldwide LLC
Web Help Desk Software is an IT helpdesk support software that delivers simplicity and automation in order to streamline IT asset management and IT help desk ticketing system. Its features include a built-in knowledge base, SLA alerting, IT change control, customer surveys, performance reporting, etc.

HelpSpot Help Desk

Software BY UserScape, Inc
HelpSpot help desk system is a completely web based helpdesk software. It is a very simple and easy understanding to automatically centralize information and making easier tracking updates.


Powerful Cloud based IT Service Desk Solution
Freshservice is a cloud-based IT Service Management and ITIL Service Desk software solution that adds user experience on top of powerful helpdesk ticketing system and asset management capabilities.


Software BY BMC Software
Track-It Help Desk Software includes everything you need to manage your IT Help Desk. Full featured, easy to use and cost-effective, Track-It! Help Desk is designed specifically with the needs of the small to mid-sized business in mind.


AzureDesk - Helpdesk software for all businesses
AzureDesk is the only helpdesk software that costs 5$ per month per agent that has all the necessary features of an enterprise-class system which is offered to businesses at minimal cost. Instead of spending a fortune on IT helpdesk support software you can try today for a 14 day trial period.

SysAid Help Desk

Best IT Help Desk Support Ticket System
SysAid is an ITSM, Service Desk and Help Desk software solution that integrates all of the essential IT tools into one product. It is one of the best IT help desk ticketing software for small businesses as it's rich set of features include a powerful Help Desk, IT Asset Management, and other easy-to-use tools for analyzing and optimizing IT performance.

NetHelp Desk

IT Help Desk Software Solutions BY NetHelpDesk Ltd
NetHelpDesk is a privately owned and run UK company that sells just one product; an ITIL-aligned IT ticketing system. It is one of the best IT help desk ticketing software for small business as it enables you to handle asset and ticket management from the same interface.

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What is Help Desk Software?

HelpDesk Software can be described as a computer program used to deal with customer queries and issues that arise in any particular business. Statistics suggest that around 60% of businesses which have installed these customer IT helpdesk support software have reported improved business standards, better customer satisfaction levels, and thereby more revenue. This customer service based software basically automates customer engagement process by providing streamlined workflows and business operations.

Dynamic Features Of Help Desk Software Solutions

Listed below are some highly dynamic and effective features of the online help desk ticketing software for small business which make doing business simple and more productive. Check them out

  • Automated Response System to ensure effective greater interaction.

  • Consistent high-performance levels when it comes to attending User Queries

  • Automated and Cloud-based Help Desk Ticketing Systems for auto-scheduling of customer/user queries.

  • Highly extensive database with better safety, security and privacy standards for all customers.

  • Cross-platform synchronization for better implementation of the software on various devices.

  • Efficient Decentralized System and Inter-Network streamlining of the available resources.

  • Reduced time complexity solutions for quicker and smarter performance levels.

  • Auto Report Generation and Critical Analysis of the Product Reviews.

  • Mobile intuitive helpdesk support for continuous monitoring of the IT Help Desk System even while on the go.

  • Highly effective and user-friendly interface for easy navigation solutions to both - the Administrator and the Customers.

  • Engaging visual representation for better insight into the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Customized functionality levels and notification systems

  • Highly reliable and secure solutions, with cloud support technology for better backup and storage options.

Advantages Of Buying An Online Ticketing System For Your Business

An online customer support software of such kind proves to be a sure-shot winner when it comes to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction in any business organization. Listed below are some of the advantages of installing the best IT help desk support ticket system in your business organization.

  1. Improved Security and Automated Operations: The main advantage of installing online helpdesk ticketing systems is its ability to perform automated operations in any business organization. Also, the ability of an IT help desk ticketing software for small business to perform all those operations with utmost security and in a streamlined as ticketing monetizes the process as well will help you gain higher customer satisfaction and customer retention. This enhances the business efficacy levels on the whole.

  2. Quicker Solutions: No customer likes his/her ticket unattended. The implementation of this particular IT ticketing system in your business will help you improve the query handling of the given customer with respect to its ticket generated, thus providing for faster processing of his/her requests. This will, in turn, ensure greater customer satisfaction levels, achieved due to faster response strategies of the software.

  3. Simplified Workflow: An IT help desk system primarily deals with the customer in a highly organized manner, such as through ticket generation, notification delivery regarding the particular process and so on. In other words, this kind of customer support software in SMBs help to simplify the workflow in an organization up to an extent ensuring complete transparency. This creates a wholly positive image of your business organization in the minds of the customers.

  4. Query Databasing And Critical Analysis: Best IT help desk support ticket systems also generate weekly reports of market trends, customer demands, and business requirements. This will help an organization to focus more on the development of quality products and services, by identifying and eliminating the potential glitches. This will result in high popularity level of your business among your customers.

  5. Better Customer Support System: Cross-platform synchronization and availability of the customer support ensure that a greater number of users can access the IT help desk portal of your business organization. This will create quite a positive impact on the customers, providing for improved reach and better growth strategy for your business.

  6. Reduced Paperwork: Digitization of information by a service desk management software will drastically reduce the paperwork in your organization and this will result in better pro-environment strategies. Moreover, the software will maximize the optimum use of available resources in your business.

  7. Saves Time: Implementation of an automated customer support will incorporate substantial automation into your business, thus providing quick and accurate solutions. An online help desk software will help in creating a better scope for improved productivity and revenue for your business.

  8. Quick customer service: Many times it will happen that your customers don’t feel like connecting via call or email. In IT helpdesk support software, a customer can generate tickets for their queries. As a support, you can push the matter forward and solve customer queries.

  9. A strong Knowledgebase: Services desk software lets you create a knowledge base of your product or services which will be highly beneficial for the customers as well as new employees. They can go through the knowledge base for some frequently asked questions and solve their doubts.

  10. Better customer support: IT Helpdesk support software can prioritize the generated tickets based on the urgency, so you can justify the customers well. It can also prioritize and distribute tickets according to various departments. Customer problems can be efficiently solved with this approach.


1. Can one have various integrations with helpdesk system?

Yes. Some of the best web based help desks software providesvarious integrations with CRM Software, analytics tools, JIRA integration, G suit etc. Integrations with such software make the workflow very easy.

2. How can one manage queries generated from different channels?

Services desk software collects all the queries from different channels at one place. So in a nutshell, you can find out all the queries from different channels at one place. Convenient!

3. Can one integrate virtual phone system with IT help desk solutions?

Yes. Various phone systems like RingCentral or CallHippo can be integrated with IT helpdesk support software. Many IT help desk tools has integration facility so that you can connect your calling software with this tool.

4. How will IT help desk and service desk software help one in the creation of knowledge base?

IT Helpdesk support software creates an SEO friendly knowledge base which can give you a rise in your search engine ranking as well. A customer can submit a ticket also where there’s a special attention needed. By creating a strong knowledge base, you can utilize your time in solving important issues.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to service desk software, it is highly crucial that you buy and install only the ‘right’ software so that better business standards can be established for your business. With the latest technological innovations combined with customized support solutions, these online CRM Software have the potential to revolutionize the way your customers engage with business organizations. If utilized in a proper way, the IT help desk ticketing software for small business can not only improve customer satisfaction but also can enhance the financial standards of your business organization. Thus, it can be rightly said that in this day and age, the use of a IT helpdesk support software is a must if you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds!

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