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Fotune HR Consultants

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Fortune is the most trusted human resource consulting company in India. Also having lots of reputed clients. Upheld by a good ERP and enough involvement in hr services and related exercises help Fortune HR achieve magnificence in giving very talented and experienced experts.


Services BY TridIndia
TRIDINDIA provides professional HR consultancy services in India. It offers services that envelop manpower planning, association organizing, strategy, vision and mission organizing, pay to benchmark and that's just the beginning.

EZ HR Consultant

Services BY EZ Rankings
EZ HR Consultant is one of the leading HR consulting firms. Also manage the fresh recruiting, Employee Benefits, Payroll system and allow to create candidate portal to upload the profile. Offer proficient and 360-degree ability obtaining and advancement administrations.

Cornerstone International Group

Services BY Cornerstone India
Cornerstone is one of the most experienced and top hr consulting firms. Use solid, set up connections and amalgamate with a confident and persevering way to deal with give our customers access to industry pioneers, key chiefs, and the best official ability.


Services BY Shilputsi
SHILPUTSI an HR consulting firm in India. It enables associations to accomplish your human resource targets by advancing strategy that is lined up with marketable hr strategies and an attention on best human resource practices.


Services BY Symmetrical Management Consulting
Symmetrical is an hr outsourcing company that provides hr services in India. Dealing in automobile, banking, BPO/KPO, consumer & financial services, media, IT & technology, manufacturing etc firms.

Impeccable HR Consulting

Services BY Impeccable HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Impeccable HR is an easy and smart hr services provider. This is more than just a software. Helps to manage talent acquisition, HR advisory, training & development for hiring. Suits for automobile, banking, finance, and logistics.

ABC Consultants

Services BY ABC Consultant
ABC Consultants is a very experienced human resource consulting firm. It is one of the pioneers of recruitment in India. It's established in administration and counselling to convey a one of a kind way to deal with enlistment.

Ethos HR

Services BY Ethos HR Management & Projects Pvt Ltd
Ethos is the provides HR consultancy services and project management services. It is an effort to make an incentive in talent management and business management consulting services. It has experience in talent acquisition, outsourcing, corporate learning, etc.


Services BY Infovision HR Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
Infovision is an hr consulting firm that provides amazing hr services. This is cost effective and time bound exercise taken by forceful enlistment group deals with the whole procedure from ad to on-loading up of the hopeful.


Services BY OPTIMUS HR Consulting India Pvt Ltd
OPTIMUS is a human capital consulting firm. Provides an extensive variety of hr services to nearby industry and vast scale worldwide organizations. Enables customers to discover answers for enhanced efficiency in basic HR administration regions.

MANCER Consulting

Services BY MANCER Consulting
Mancer is one of the leading HR consulting firms having customizable solution for startups, SMEs and family business. Offers services with including executive search/selection, staff leasing, RPO and talent analytics.

Prompt Personnel

Services BY Prompt Personnel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd
Prompt Personnel is one of the HR consulting firms, which is driving supplier of expertise with benefits that incorporate Executive Search, Executive, Staff Leasing, RPO, Talent Analytics, Start-Up Boot, mEdge, and ManCamp.

Lakkho HR Consultants

Services BY Lakkho HR Consultants Pvt. Ltd
Lakkho is a top hr consulting firm/hr consultancy services provider firm in India. It provides hr services to the corporate in the regions of recruitment, Manpower Consulting Firm giving a variety of Services to the labour needs of different segments.

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The idea of HR consulting services is widely accepted all across the globe because of numerous benefits it provides to an organization. By choosing the right people for the organization, the company can focus more on their core roles. But, hiring the right people eats a lot of time, and that might distract you from your core motive.

That’s where the HR consulting services comes into the picture. The HR consulting services understand your company’s motive, goals and objectives, and hire the right people according to your company culture. The business world has proudly accepted this idea and a majority of the companies now outsource the matters of human resource.

Future of human resource:

The HR industry has been changing from time to time. From hiring people to outsourcing people, this industry has grown up a lot. Let’s have a look at the future and upcoming challenges of HR services:

1. Cloud:

According to a 2016 KPMG survey, 42% of the companies are thinking about shifting to Cloud HR System. After a year of that news, many companies must have taken a step forward. The reason why such a huge amount of companies are changing the way their human resources works is because of the endless benefits cloud services.

Whether it is security or whether it is unlimited storage, cloud technology is the future of HR services. We can already see the growth of cloud in every department, whether it is sales or finance or marketing. Hence, cloud HR software is the nearest future.

HR consulting firms would surely move towards cloud as entire HR industry is expected to grab this change.

2. A better level of recruitment:

As the job profiles are becoming more and more focused, the recruitment will be more centred towards skills. By far, companies have realised the exact nature of each and every job profile, hence the hr consulting firms can find the right candidates for the businesses.

With increasing use of Applicant Tracking System, the human resource consulting industry is more focused on better user experience. Not just for the applicants, but also for the HR consultants.

3. Outsourcing:

Sure, the human resource management is one of the most important parts of any business. But, maintaining & managing people, and activities of HR services can be tedious. That is the reason why HR consulting firms were born. The prime motive behind these top hr consulting firms is to load off some weight from your company, so they can focus more on your business.

From the past few years, companies have started outsourcing their human resource activities, and the results are tremendous. Companies are growing because they have one less department to handle, so they can focus more on their core business.

Impact of technology on HR services:

1. Remote working:

As the cloud has covered almost every company in one or another way, there is a fair chance of a majority of people working from home. In the future, we could see a possibility of employees working from remote locations, and running a business. The whole idea of virtual business is already widely accepted, and cloud technology has given it the needed wings.

In this scenario, HR consulting firms must match their pace with the companies. They must be advanced, more flexible, and adaptive to change.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Giant companies are investing more in artificial intelligence or machine learning technology, these days. The prime goal is to reduce human efforts. But, as this technology will grow, there will be lesser people required, because machines will replace people with many repetitive jobs. With the intelligence growing in machines, there will be very few roles left for humans.

Now, if we consider this assumption is true, there will be fewer people who can afford the services companies are providing, lesser people will have the work profile. HR companies must take necessary steps in such conditions.

Benefits of HR consulting services:

We have talked about benefits of HR Consulting Services here and there. But, let’s find out the exact benefits of hiring HR consulting services for your business:

1. Recruitment:

Recruitment is one of the most tedious tasks any business can face. Finding the interested crowd, interviewing the candidates, and choosing the right people. This entire process eats a lot of time and efforts. But, we can not argue with the efforts and time invested in this process because finding the right people is extremely necessary for the growth of any business.

One of the major benefits of hiring an HR consultancy services is - it takes the efforts of hiring people on behalf of your company.

2. Team Formation:

One of the finest helps HR consulting firms do are - helping you build the right team. The right team means a lot to building a brand, and the consultancy will help you find the people who fit in your team.

In finding the people with right technical knowledge, positive attitude, creativity, HR consultancy services can work like a charm for you. Plus, HR companies have the core experience in recruitment and onboarding, so it is a wise choice.

3. HR Outsourcing Services Duties:

HR consulting firms will take a lot of weights off your shoulders by handling your HR services. Whether it is onboarding process, attendance and leave management, payroll processing etc.

You can sit back and focus more on the core goal - Your product! The companies who have outsourced their HR recruiter roles surprisingly found developing more than the companies who haven’t.

Advantages of hiring an HR Consultancy:

1. Save the cost of hiring human resource consulting firm:

As we know by now, the consultancy will handle your entire HR department, so you don’t have to find the people for your HR team. There will be lesser people to manage because of hr outsourcing, and the remaining people are managed by the consultancy. So, it helps you focus more on your core values.

2. Access to a huge network:

When you hire employees by yourself, you have limited channels of sharing your job openings. In other words, you have limited reach of sharing the information of job openings. But, that is not the case with hr consulting firms or hr companies.

Having connections with various channels like recruiting software or social media platforms, hr outsourcing consulting firms have a wider reach of people. That simply means HR services can spread to more people than you! More people will know about your current job openings, more people will apply for it, and you will have a better chance of finding the right employees.

3. Makes sure you are following the law:

Yes! The HR services don't end right after you hire an employee. It is much more than that! Every country has defined laws about employment and basic wages, and every company has to follow each one of these laws. If you failed to follow any of the laws, you may have to face a penalty.

By hiring an HR Consultancy, you are making sure that you are following each and every law of employment. The consultancy makes sure that you don’t receive any penalty from the government.

4. Saves Cost and Time:

Last but certainly not the least, saving of huge cost and time. The process of sorting right candidates and inviting them for the interview eats up a lot of time. In many hr consulting firms, there are multiple interview rounds, and the process will cost you a lot of days and money.

The HR consulting firms will definitely make sure that you don’t have the issues of hiring. You can invest this time in core tasks.

Buying Considerations for HR Consulting Services:

We saw some tremendous benefits offered by HR Consultancy services. But, there are some things you should keep in mind before connecting hands with the consultancy:

1. Know your needs:

Of course! It is essential to know your need before outsourcing any of your services, not just human resources.

Are you a small business or a medium scale?

What are your hiring requirements?

What is the strength of your staff?

What is an expected strength of staff in the upcoming year?

What level of authority are you willing to give to the consultancy?

What will be your budget for the consultancy?

These are few questions you should ask yourself before finding HR Consultancy. By asking yourself these questions, you will ease down the process of finding the right consultancy and save a lot of time.

2. Evaluate their expertise:

Before selecting the consultancy, make sure they are sound with HR policies and laws. Checking their industry experience will help you a lot. A fresh consultancy may not be up to the mark with the laws and government notices, but an experienced consultancy must have gone through these process in their lifetime.

3. Their offerings and specialities:

Many hr companies offer only hiring and onboarding, not the entire HR services pack. Before jumping to any conclusion, make sure you are going with the right consultancy. What is your need? Is your need the speciality of the consultancy?

Finding the right consultancy can takes loads off your shoulders, so choose wisely. Make sure the functions that you are looking for fall under consultancy’s specialities.

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