Best HR Gamification Software in 2018


Software BY EmployeeConnect
EmployeeConnect helps to boost the HR with gamification solution. Creates engaging programs for improving the communication among the team and develop the strong relationship between employees and also helps to plan the goal and achieve them.


Badgeville provides the most advanced & determinant gamification solution, which analytically designed to keep a record of the employee, their overtime, appraisal,  a guide to planning the goal and achieving it. Integrated with a trustful app.


Mobile, real-time, anonymous employee engagement
Hyphen is the trusted by the reputed business for the gamification solution. It helps to track the employee's throats, ideas, feedback and leader's analytic reports, which helps to solve the issues. Also inbuilt with a smart and powerful app.


Time & Attendance Gamified
1st to Crack the Gamification code on Attendance Platform. Employee Engagement & 100% state wise statutory Compliant Cuckoo Tech is the only one which can live up to your expectations, challenges, and aspirations. Clients tells us, it surpasses their expectations.


Software BY WooBoard Pty Ltd
Wooboard is a gamification software provides the platform for any size of business to recognize, discover, encourage and boost the confidence level in the employee for increasing the productivity and performance. It uses social media for the gamification.

Playlyfe Gamification Platform

Engage your audience with Playlyfe!
Catalyst is a  gamification solution for medium size business and enterprise to accelerates sales productivity, the product designed to integrate with the reputed platform. It collects real-time the performance data of every employee to gamified the dashboard.


Software BY Spinify
Spinify is the customized leaderboard platform for the gamification. It is a TV and desktop based solution. Integrated with a smart app to motivate the team with an easy setup with 100 theams to get started and engage the team and earned sales reputation.


Software BY Mambo Solutions Ltd.
Mambo.IO offers on-premise and Cloud-based software for the gamification. Integrated with any system to simulate the customer loyalty management, employee productivity, eLearning, and training. It includes a rewards system, behavior tracking, social networking etc.


Software BY Motivosity, Inc
Motivosity is specially designed to improve the work experience. With this solution, CEO or proprietor can increase the productive results for the business in a competitive atmosphere with pleasantly. It connects the people by the feedback, formal award and peer-to-peer recognition.


Software BY CloudApps Limited
SuMo Motivate is the most experienced solution to meet every unique need and requirement. It would be to customize the solution to track business, employee skill, behavior, finance etc. On the daily basis, interacts with employees and gets engaged with the production team to deliver more output.


Software BY Funifier
Funifier is a simply amazing solution for the gamification. Parallely it provides employee engagement and customer retention. It integrated with a smart application. Helps to instantly and smart decision maker app.


Software BY GetBadges
getbadges HR gamification is the cloud-based solution for a motivational and dynamic system to improve the staff energy level. It builds the strong relationships among the team by using an exclusive gamification experience.


Software BY Pug Pharm Productions Inc
Picnic is the gamification solution with a highly satisfied solution by the customers. Integrated with powerful features to manage loyalty and revenue. Interacts with the employee to get the ideas and suggestion on projects or solve the issue. 

Moroku Gamification

Software BY Moroku
Moroku is a web based solution of the gamification, which suits for the SMEs. Integrated with mobile banking and payment experiences. Also, supports mobile gaming and social media. with the Moroku Game System, enables businesses to thrive with Marrakash.

emee Gamification

Software BY Persistent Systems Limited
emee is providing a flexible and customized platform for the HR and Gamification. Also, provide the loyalty to manage the employee's behavior and manage their data. emee is the mix and match type solution to manage all size of the business.

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