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We are CRM Software provider, we provide CRM (customer relationship management solution) for; call center CRM, iCRM, marketing CRM, support CRM, education CRM, sales CRM etc. Our aim is to provide low-cost CRM and enterprise CRM solution for small and medium-size org.

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Pricing of iCRM

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USD 12  User/Month
Free Trial
Sales Automation
Marketing Automation
Support Automation
Call Center Management
All Features included

Key Features of iCRM

keyboard_arrow_right Case Management

keyboard_arrow_right Contact Manager

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Support

keyboard_arrow_right Document Management

keyboard_arrow_right Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Collateral

keyboard_arrow_right On-Demand (SaaS)

keyboard_arrow_right Performance Management

keyboard_arrow_right Private Cloud

keyboard_arrow_right Products & Price Books

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Social CRM

keyboard_arrow_right Survey Management

keyboard_arrow_right Territory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile App

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Force Automation

keyboard_arrow_right Field Sales Management

keyboard_arrow_right Dashboard

keyboard_arrow_right Pipeline Management

keyboard_arrow_right Contract Management

keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Proposal Management

keyboard_arrow_right Inquiry Management

keyboard_arrow_right Interaction Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right List Management

keyboard_arrow_right Quotes Management

keyboard_arrow_right Access Monitoring

keyboard_arrow_right Multi-Channel Communication

keyboard_arrow_right Omnichannel Communication

keyboard_arrow_right Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebooks

keyboard_arrow_right Cloud Computing

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Dashboards

keyboard_arrow_right CRM Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Developer API

keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Generation

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Automation

keyboard_arrow_right Mass Email

keyboard_arrow_right Partner Cloud (VAR or Service Provider)

keyboard_arrow_right Plug-And-Play Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Product Database

keyboard_arrow_right Project management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Quotes

keyboard_arrow_right Solution Management

keyboard_arrow_right Appointment Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Opportunity Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Management

keyboard_arrow_right Customer DataBase

keyboard_arrow_right Workflow Management

keyboard_arrow_right Call Center Management

keyboard_arrow_right Campaign Management

keyboard_arrow_right Web Forms

keyboard_arrow_right Import & Export Data

keyboard_arrow_right Manage Quotations

keyboard_arrow_right Team Management

keyboard_arrow_right Landing Pages

keyboard_arrow_right Product Catalog

keyboard_arrow_right Customization

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Pipeline Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Dashboards & Reports


Deployment : Both
Payment : Both
API : Yes
Customization : Yes
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses iCRM

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:


ipercepts has been established as a software company in India, The company has been with the aim to provide affordable and advanced software solutions to the small, medium & large size organizations across the globe, The focused area of service is into CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) which helps in automate and streamline the business activities like Sales, Marketing and Support automation very effectively.

Our objective is to provide a CRM solution to every businesses no matter what is the size and revenue of the company. As we have understood during our experience of Implementations that every business needs the CRM software to manage their business efficiently and provide the Pro-Active customer service.

Our team is having an extensive experience in consulting and implementing the CRM software across the industry verticals. We help organizations embrace disruptive technologies, arming them with best in class solutions that augment their business capabilities.

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iCRM Customers

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verified reviewer

iCRM is Best and affordable CRM Software from ipercepts

star star star star star     2017-06-09
star star star star star    2017-06-09

We have been using iCRM from ipercepts since last 7 Months, the software has all the necessary functionalities we needed and it is very user-friendly. We are managing our Lead Management and Customer Support activities from iCRM.

FAQs of iCRM

Q. What are the main features of iCRM?

The key features of iCRM are as follows:

label Case Management

label Contact Manager

label CRM & Sales Reports

label Customer Support

label Document Management

label Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

label Expense Management

label Invoice

label Marketing Analytics

label Marketing Collateral

label On-Demand (SaaS)

label Performance Management

label Private Cloud

label Products & Price Books

label Supplier and Purchase Order Management

label Social CRM

label Survey Management

label Territory Management

label Sales Tracking

label Mobile App

label Sales Force Automation

label Field Sales Management

label Dashboard

label Pipeline Management

label Contract Management

label Real Time Analytics

label Proposal Management

label Inquiry Management

label Interaction Tracking

label List Management

label Quotes Management

label Access Monitoring

label Multi-Channel Communication

label Omnichannel Communication

Q. How much do the iCRM cost?

The iCRM has 1 plan - Standard USD 12 (User/Month).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of iCRM?

iCRM has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does iCRM support?

Note : We are updating soon

Q. Which operating system does iCRM support?

iCRM support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does iCRM support?

iCRMsupport the following payment methods : Onetime, Saas.

Q. What is the deployment type?

iCRM has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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