Best Inside Sales Software in 2018

Software BY Elastic Inc is the advanced and insight Inside Sales Software. It helps to make more calls and very accurately manage all the entries. Reduce time in data entry and dialing the numbers. It just one click for make the call or shoot email.


Cloud-based CRM that supercharges your sales team
amoCRM is web-based Inside Sales system with integrated with powerful Sales tool. Delivery lead scoring and nurturing, email marketing and sales analytics tool. Supports custom field creation, unique tags that allow to user to manage sales and contacts.


Software BY Raynet
RAYNET CRM is the leading company to provide Inside Sales software with CRM. Also, supports the mobile app to access the process anywhere at any time. Having advanced features of Sales management, Reporting tools and Email marketing for increasing sales with decreasing calling time.


Software BY Logicbox
Logicbox is SaaS-based Inside Sales platform that integrated with CRM to increase the sales productivity of startups, small and midsize business of any industries. Having standards features that can be configured to incorporate and automate the sales process.

Inside Sales Box

All-in-one inside sales software
Inside Sales Box is all-in-one Inside Sales software that helps to convert more visitors into customers. Completely suits for startups to enhance their contacts, get relevant traffic, Lead management, Predictive dialer, and Email Tracking.


Software BY Talkdesk
Talkdesk is a Cloud-Based sales floor. It is a way to connect visitors and agent's call center that they justify. It has many features like it starts the sales process automatically and shows team performance.


Ambition is the best Inside Sales Software and integrates with Data secure platform and intelligence features of performance management of sales team in real-time, Goal management, analytical dashboard, scoreboard and powerful metrics builder.


Software BY VanillaSoft Inc
VanillaSoft is simply the most creative Inside Sales Software for sales teams and phone saller. It is a web-based inside sales software. It includes flexible data management, email, call record etc.


Software BY PhoneBurner
phoneburner is empowering numbers of clients and millions of calls. It helps to approach 447% more customers per hour. Having CRM to manage and sort prospect in a very efficient manner, for that there is no require any additional software.

EVS7 Inside Sales software

Software BY Electronic Voice Services, Inc
EVS7 is one of the best inside sales software solultion. It is a less time-consuming for users and sales team.they support some instruments like transparency between visitors and users so it gives success to the website.


Software BY CrankWheel
CrankWheel is the web-based Sales Management platform and completely manage all the features of Inside sales companies. It offers live sales presentations and customers a way to request product demo in real-time by providing Request Demo button on your website and convert the number of customers.


Software BY Platformax
Platformax is a completed web-based inside sales software. It is very powerful productivity tools and easy to use reports and effective inside sales management for small & medium businesses. Easily to customize reports adapt to business needs and daily email summaries.


Software BY RingDNA
RingDNA is one of the best inside sales software solutions. It is helping us to be exponentially more productive and Hands-down the top workflow of any telephony solution. It is very smart and amazing integrated of call recording, tracking and call center within CRM.


Software BY Meetime
meetime is the best solution for Inside Sales Software built for salespeople by salespeople. Also, integrated with Salesforce, Pipedrive, CRM company and Google Calendar for managing entire firm automatic.


Software BY Outreach
Outreach is an Inside Sales software. Specially design for startups, small and medium-sized business to help their sales team for better communication and performance on calls that make more effective at dealing.

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