Best Insurance Software Solutions in 2018

Customer ID Verification Software

Best Customer Verification Software Company India.
With increasing pressure in this fast-growing field and recent advances in mobile technology, it’s far too easy to get left behind. Fortunately, SIPL can remove these difficulties and put you in the forefront with our mobile apps.


Digital CRM
CRMNEXT is the leading global cloud CRM solution provider. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships.


Software BY 3i-infotech
3i Infotech offers insurance organizations an array of powerful solution accelerators and software that enable efficient end-to-end management of insurance business processes. With cutting-edge automation capabilities and quick-to-deploy solutions, our offerings help companies eliminate operational inefficiencies and speed time-to-market across the entire portfolio of investment products.

Pega Insurance

Software BY Pegasystems Inc
The World’s leader Insurers Transform Their Business with Pega These industry leaders are using Pega solutions to improve customer service and marketing increase sales pattern and streamline underwriting and claims.


Software BY Computer Sciences Corp
CSC present the insurance industry including innovative and differentiated systems to sell and support policyholders on each device though help enriched interactions between the insurer and their brokers and agents, policyholders, and all different customer-facing personnel covering ecosystem partners.


Software BY Sapiens International Corporation
Core software solutions for some financial services industry - Property&Casualty, General Insurance, and Life&Pension Management software. Sapiens Reinsurance is a complete solution authorize insurers to manage the entire range of reinsurance contracts and enterprise for all lines of business.


Software BY Fadata Bulgaria
Fadata is an advance European provider of software resolution for General insurance INSIS fully supports only and unit-linked products, group life products, commercial and personal non-life lines of business, unit-linked products,health products.

Prima Insure

Software BY Prima Solutions
Prima Insure is a fully web-enabled software program that meets all Internet, extranet, and intranet, want for the multichannel allocation and management of non-life insurance products.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite

Software BY Guidewire Software Inc.
Guidewire InsuranceSuite signifies a proven solution so support optimized insurance process for insights obtain from an engaged global customer area and empowers worker, representative, and customers to respond and adjust to market development.


Software BY World Assurance Inc.
QuickAssure Cargo streamlines the method from policy issuance to organization and claims management allowing the Underwriter to implement the proper terms, conditions, limits and restrictions of the policy in order to properly manage and control the individual risks at the time of placement.

Insurance Software

Cost Effective Software Products and Services For
We provide differently and cost effective software products and services for P&C Insurance and financial business client. We provide project management and consultant service too.


Artivatic enables to build intelligent solutions
Artivatic helps businesses to create Human-brain like an intelligent system based on genomics and neuroscience capabilities to scale efficiency. Artivatic is an end to end plug-in-play business intelligence with neuroscience focused automated decision making advanced AI/ML platform.

KAEM-Auto Insurance Claim Tracking

Auto Insurance Claim Tracking and Management Softw
KAEM - AICTMS Auto Insurance Claim Tracking and Management Software: This Software tracks all stages of an Auto Insurance Claim including payment due with reminder emails after TAT. Customization is also possible.

Attune ClaimBook

Case Management System for Health Insurance Claim
Claimbook helps hospitals by accelerating overall discharge process of insurance patients, enhances Hospital revenue collection by increasing effective bed care days in hospitals for new admissions and preventing revenue leakages in payment collections from TPA/Insurance companies.

SymbioSys New Business

Software BY C2LBIZ Solutions Private Limited
SymbioSys New Business system has been designed to significantly enhance new business productivity and quality. It fits snuggly within insurer’s existing environment and becomes a strategic differentiator as it improves the agility of the insurer to respond to market and competitive needs.

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