Best Intelligent Phone System in 2018

The Virtual Phone System for Super Efficient Teams
CallHippo, the most powerful and easy-to-use VoIP based Virtual Phone System, which takes your business productivity & sales engagement to the next level.

System BY RingCentral, Inc
RingCentral is the award-winning solution for communication and collaboration. It is the server-based, most flexible, customized and cost effective solution. Empower the workforces to be connected by voice, video calling, team messaging, collaboration, online conference meetings.


System BY Grasshopper
Grasshopper is a one of the best Intelligent Phone Software that uses tall free numbers to increased the companies. Which has supply true 800 tall free numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers when a call comes than hold music, unlimited extensions, faxes emails and voicemails by emails.

System BY is the advanced intelligence telephony system to get own international toll free and local numbers of more than 120 countries. Not required any additional set-ups. By this we can manage our official conversation very effectively and efficiently moreover we can do call forwarding, call recording, call schedule etc.


System BY MightyCall
MightyCall is a web-based Intelligent Phone Software. This Intelligent Phone System provides high-quality sound, unlimited SMS, and calls available in a monthly recharge plan. toll-free numbers, while use listens to music and call comes than automatically music stop, multiple extension and empower social sites.


System BY Aircall
Aircall is a simple Intelligent Phone System for built business tools. Serves the way of features i.e business hours, receive international calls. interactive voice response, show calls in a call list, real-time modification, check the feedback from users. The customer can block the numbers.


System BY Bitrix Inc.
Bitrix24 is one of the latest Intelligent Phone System for social participation, communication, and enterprise management. Automatically connect to social sites i.e facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and google messenger. Simple and easy to use for users and gives high performance.


System BY Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd
Knowlarity is a fully featured Intelligent Phone Software for communication with consumers by cloud telephony. It is specially suitable for all size of companies. Which has an outbound calling, virtual number and call center, easily accessible for users and provide safety to users data.


System BY j2 Global, Inc
eVoice is a web-based Intelligent Phone System for small size businesses. Flexible systems that increase business, simple to use without setup and hardware, also user can do conference call through this virtual phone systems. It's added characteristics i.e voicemail, professional greetings and runs on android and ios mobile device.


System BY Talkroute
Talkroute is an Intelligent Phone System for run companies by managing call and forward to anyone. It is very helpful to build a relationship with clients and also save our time. Also, show missed the call in call menu, track the call, audio prompt, voice mail, reporting. The user can do text messaging if the net is not supported.

Virtual Phone Line

System BY Super Technologies inc
Virtual Phone Line is a complete intelligence management tools that used to attend the calls anywhere in the digital world. Qualities i.e Quick active number, transfer call by IP address, SIP forwarding, flat-rate billing, alert message of low balance and directly bill pay by credit card.


System BY, Inc
VirtualPBX is a fully featured intelligent phone solutions that save traditional phone systems and offers VoIP, analog and smartphone options. Modern qualities i.e personal preference, route call, multiple phone number options, voicemail, conference call and allow automated calls to departments like 2 for services and 3 for accounting.


System BY Zapier Inc
Zapier is the main intelligent management software that connects automation to regular uses for users. It has a nice user layout. Innovative design attracts the users and generates traffic on that.


System BY
TollFreeForwarding is the main Intelligent Phone System to activate international phone numbers. Characteristics i.e call forwarding, make a timetable, IVR, record calls, voicemail, and reporting. This type of features useful for good performance and fast work.


System BY Vonage
Vonage is a cloud-based Intelligent Phone System that unified communication for small and medium-sized business. Features i.e business asset by customers budget, good services, customize and save time and money and give smart advice.

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