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Kreato CRM

Navrita Software Private Limited


Kreato CRM is a cloud-based automation & artificial intelligence powered Customer Relationship Management software for lead and sales management, built exclusively for small & medium businesses.

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Kreato CRM Kreato CRM

Pricing of Kreato CRM

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Sales Standard CRM
USD 10.91  User/Month/Billed Annually
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Or Rs. 900 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
Lead & Sales Pipeline Management
Auto Lead Capturing & Ideal Profile Scoring
Process Road-maps for Leads & Deals
Help Desk (Ticket Management)
Email Tracking (Opens, Clicks & Bounces)
Intelligent Data Fields
Sales Dashboards & Reports
Cloud Telephony & Email Integration
Minimum 3 User Subscriptions Required
Sales Plus CRM
USD 21.21  User/Month/Billed Annually
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Or Rs. 1800 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
Auto Lead Assignment
Auto Responders & Drip Email Campaigns
Sales Targets & Forecasting
Sales Email Synchronization
Automated Actions (Workflow Automation)
Workflow Approvals
Email Scheduling & Reports Scheduling
Team Activity Insights
Minimum 3 User Subscriptions Required
Sales AI Pro CRM
USD 36.36  User/Month/Billed Annually
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Or Rs. 3000 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
Pipeline . AI
Fruition Scoring for Leads & Deals
Predictive Customer Engagements
Email . AI
Out-of-the-box Sales Intelligence
AI Driven Sales Forecasting
Intelligent Call Routing & Call Popup
Full Profile & Layouts
Minimum 10 User Subscriptions Required
Sales AI Enterprise CRM
USD 68.18  User/Month/Billed Annually
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Or Rs. 5600 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
Virtual Email Engagement Assistant
Team . AI
Sales Gamification
Team Selling
15 Days Free Pilot
Go Live Premium On-boarding
Kreato Quarterly Review
Phone Support
Minimum 20 User Subscriptions Required

Key Features of Kreato CRM

keyboard_arrow_right Cloud Computing

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Support

keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates

keyboard_arrow_right Mass Email

keyboard_arrow_right Performance Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Quotes

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile App

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Force Automation

keyboard_arrow_right Pipeline Management

keyboard_arrow_right Interaction Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Access Monitoring

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Pipeline Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Dashboards & Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Case Management

keyboard_arrow_right Contact Manager

keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right On-Demand (SaaS)

keyboard_arrow_right Plug-And-Play Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Solution Management

keyboard_arrow_right Opportunity Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Management

keyboard_arrow_right Lead Scoring

keyboard_arrow_right Inquiry Management

keyboard_arrow_right Customization

keyboard_arrow_right Gamification

keyboard_arrow_right Multi-Channel Communication


Deployment : Web Base
Payment : SAAS
API : No
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses Kreato CRM

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
Navrita Software Private Limited

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Kreato CRM is a cloud-based automation & artificial intelligence powered Customer Relationship Management software for lead and sales management.
Key Features:

  • Lead & Sales Pipeline Management:
    • All smart lead management, sales pipeline management, and team productivity management tools to manage your sales process with a focus on customer success.
  • Sales Automation:
    • Kreato CRM automates most of the data entry and routine sales activities of your sales team. Frees up your sales team to spend more time on productive sales activities.
  • Process Roadmaps:
    • Process Roadmaps for Leads & Opportunities simplifies sales playbook automation, auto drives sales reps to be consistent with the process and enables repeatable sales success.
  • Multi-Channel Communication:
    • With the functional integration of email, cloud telephony and text messaging services, Kreato allows engaging customers from CRM via all main communication channels.
  • Artificial Intelligence for Sales:
    • Kreato embraces AI techniques to augment sales team capabilities to achieve better results – lead prioritization, predictive customer engagement, pipeline optimization and more.
  • Team Performance Management:
    • Leaderboards and intelligent analytics to track and recognize team performance.  Sales gamification to engage teams in play-to-win culture and motivate them to perform more.

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Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers
Kreato CRM Customers


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User Reviews (6) Ask a question

Madhan Kumaran
Position: CEO 
Helps to streamline and grow sales
Overall rating

All features in Kreato are amazing, User friendly Interfaces, Customization features, Interactive Dashboards, very good help & support system, SMS sending facility & Work Flow Automation. Choosing Kreato made easier with clear & affordable pricing structure. With Kreato CRM, now we get a clear visibility on our business process, sales and follow-ups.

Mariam Khan
Position: Director 
Makes sales team more productive and efficient
Overall rating

Kreato CRM has helped to automate and streamline most of our day-to-day activities and customer communications. Smart lists for leads and opportunities helps our sales team to effectively track sales and always focus efforts where required.

Prashant Chopra
Position: Director 
Good CRM at Good Cost
Overall rating

Mainly we were looking to streamline & automate our pre-sales process. And with cloud telephony integration, we could easily track responses to our Ad campaigns. The help & setup videos really clinched the deal. Special Thanks to Kreato support team for making it so easy to implement.

Wasim Shoheb
Very easy to understand software
Overall rating

Team KREATO is very nice and it is pleasant to be associated with this software team. The CRM system is exactly the way they have described it. Very easy to understand. It is obvious that a lot of hard work and detailing has gone into it. Whenever we need anything, the KREATO team is always willing to help. I recommend a trial to everyone.

Rutuja Chettarji
Helped me grow my business
Overall rating

Kreato CRM is one of the best crm softwares. I have used many crm softwares before but this particular one is the best until now. It has some serious potential modules that offer best business opportunities on the whole. I can completely trust this software with my client base for it has helped me grow my business standers to quite a significant level.

Prahlad Dave
Complete solution for the CRM
Overall rating

Kreato CRM is era of software’s for everything there is a software, but it is not necessary that those software’s are worth buying, but some software’s are really fantastic like the kreato CRM , this software is  complete solution for the CRM business origination providing the best services features including all those  who are related to business in India. The outclass features of this software which is suitable for small business in India is that it is available on monthly and annually subscription, it mean if you want try it or if you want it for sometime make yourself subscribed for the time period you want to subscribe. Kreato CRM provides accounting solution, and all those features which provide support to the business.

FAQs of Kreato CRM

Q. What are the main features of Kreato CRM?

The key features of Kreato CRM are as follows:

label Cloud Computing

label Customer Support

label Email Templates

label Mass Email

label Performance Management

label Sales Quotes

label Sales Forecasting

label Mobile App

label Sales Force Automation

label Pipeline Management

label Interaction Tracking

label Access Monitoring

label Sales Pipeline Tracking

label Sales Dashboards & Reports

Q. How much do the Kreato CRM cost?

The Kreato CRM has 4 plans - Sales Standard CRM INRUSD 11 (User/Month/Billed Annually),Sales Plus CRM INRUSD 21 (User/Month/Billed Annually),Sales AI Pro CRM INRUSD 36 (User/Month/Billed Annually),Sales AI Enterprise CRM INRUSD 68 (User/Month/Billed Annually).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of Kreato CRM?

Kreato CRM has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does Kreato CRM support?

Note : We are updating soon

Q. Which operating system does Kreato CRM support?

Kreato CRM support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does Kreato CRM support?

Kreato CRM support the following payment methods : SAAS.

Q. What is the deployment type?

Kreato CRM has deployment type : Web Base.

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