Best Pathology Lab Management Software in 2018

Next Generation LIMS with Free Mobile App
Livehealth is an end-to-end collaborative document management software. Our product provides a perfect way to manage, maintain and share your health records. LiveHealth has the best electronic health records.

Medical software for Clinics, Labs & Health N/Ws
A simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessible, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders.


Lab Information System
Automation of Lab Reporting Minimize Human errors in reporting Workflow optimization NABL Compliant HL7 Compatible Reliable, Scalable, Configurable and Secured Compatible for integration with both Semi and Fully Automatic Analyzers Integrated with Web portal and Mobile Apps.

Aarogya - Hospital Management Software

HOSPITAL SOFTWARE BY Dataman Computer Systems.
Aarogya lab Management Software helps to safeguard the flow of information coming across. It provides for efficient decision making for general lab, hospital management, streamlining financial accounts and patient care.


Software BY Plus91 Technologies Pvt Ltd
LabC is a complete laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that supports different workflow processes, promotes multi-center / collection center collaboration, ensures regulatory compliance and lets you provide quick and accurate delivery of reports to patients.


Complete Free Lab Management software
Quartzy is one of the best free Online Lab Management System. It is very easy completely free to use, to manage lab and track lab order request. It track and process lab's orders from one central interface and easily to request supplies.

LAB Manager

Complete Lab Manager Software
LAB Manager provides complete reporting of Pathology Labs, Radiology, Ultrasound, MRI, and CT Scan etc. Laboratory information management system comes with an in build library of large number of tests with their reference range and interpretations.


Software BY RURO Inc.
FreezerPro is a Web-based Lab management software that providing high-fidelity metadata for reagents. One of best features is the ability to manage all attainment of and ordering in the lab system.


Software BY Prog4biz Software Ltd.
BookitLab is a cloud based lab management system that supports to all scientific equipment and powerful services. It has offers researchers extremely simple user interface that is important specially for Lab Management.


It is fully Web-based platform software in Anysolabs Laboratory Management software. Anysolabs are modules that is providing intelligence to identify and control for users logged into platform in users management system.


Software BY Agaram Technologies
QuaLIS is an enterprise scale web based lab information management software in India. QuaLIS’s integrated design helps in covering complete processes of laboratory. Lab management system is agnostic to server platform OS, database and client Platform. You can run QuaLIS in both Linux and Windows platform.

Attune LabKernel

Software BY Attune Technologies Pvt Ltd
Attune LabKernel is an advanced and contemporary software that combines all the collection centers, branches, and partner networks into a single platform to facilitate easy functioning like Doctors management, Patients Management, Billing, and reporting.


A complete Pathology Lab Software
One of the extremely world's most trusted of FreezerWork Lab Management System. That is used to manage laboratory and bio-repository management system. Freezerwork is computerized systems and regular backup processes in the software.

LabReporter XL

Software BY Diksha Online Software Private Limited.
LabReporter XL is the ultimate and unique Pathology Reporting Software for creating smart and accurate reports of pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound and ECG along with Patient Registration System, Lab Accounting and SMS Alerts. It has been trusted and approved as one of the best laboratory management software across India.


Software BY NextGen Healthcare
One of the Best NextGen Practice Management Software is an increase efficient, cash flow, reports compliance management and revenue. It is very easily to use, cost-effective and saving time by to check claim for errors data. NextGen is to suggestion course of action by pre-load claims rules, codes, and fee schedules and tasking system based on business rules monitors.

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Software designed to manage the operations of a lab, and reduce the work load is termed as Lab Management software. The main purpose of this software is to manage all the activities of a lab such as purchase of adequate instruments for testing, ensuring the availability of proper chemicals, etc

Features of Lab Management Software

  1. Data Tracking Support : The maintenance of a common interface, for the display of reports is generated on the software. This enables the wastage of time for the purpose of searching the reports.
  2. Flexible Functioning : The people working in the lab can work with comfort as the software provides the option to store every important aspect of the lab.
  3. Data Exchange Interface : Different individuals can exchange their data and reports on this software, leading to instant transfer.

Benefits of Lab Management Software

  1. Faster Transactions and transfer : There is an availability of a common interface for information and data transfer.  This leads to easy transactions which make the functioning of the organization very easy. 
  2. No scope of scarcity or deficiency  : Due to the inbuilt feature of purchase tracking, the availability of adequate amount of stock at the correct place and time is achieved.
  3. Increased Goodwill : The efficient derivation of results, and the increased accuracy, would lead to an enhanced goodwill and market value of the laboratory.


The purchase of this lab management system software would benefit the user to a great extent, in every aspect. Selection of the same would be a smart buy.

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