Best Laundry Management software

TailoBill - Perfect Tailoring Software

India's Best Tailoring Store Management Software
TailoBill is designed to facilitate management for EVERY Tailor shop owner, regardless of how complex your business process is. With TailoBill, You can view real-time details like Sales, Orders, Ready Orders, Financial Reports, Date wise workload, delayed Orders, Delivered & Undelivered Items, Expenses and Payment Tracking.

Illustris Laundry Management

Software BY Illustris
Illustris Laundry Management is enabled by very handy functionality and features that would decrease effort. Simple and laid on the line functions that would shorten day to day order management in your laundry.

Goodbox - Readymade Apps

Get a Mini App - Readymade Business App in 5 mins
Get a Mini App in 5 minutes using the Goodbox Mini App builder. Mini Apps are Readymade Apps that are less than 1% the Cost of an App. 20,000+ Businesses have got their own. Mini Apps have features similar to that of large online apps. No need to make your own app now!

Geelus Tailoring Software

Software BY Geelus
Geelus is a complete POS and management suite for Clothing Alterations & Tailoring businesses. Geelus can help you increase your sales, serve your customers, manage your employees and improve their productivity.


Software BY LineTech
Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and medium range industrial/commercial laundry service management software. after coming into existence our company must always be focused on one core goal and this is to raise the productivity and effectiveness of industrial laundry tools.

Avancee Booking Solutions

Hotel Management Software
Avancee Booking Solutions is a cloud based SAAS Booking Solutions provider. It offers Hotel Sales Management; Inventory Management/Distribution Platform.

Pure Automate - Hotel Management Software

Property Management Software
Turning focus from simply selling rooms to providing flawless guest experience is what pure automate hotel management is all about. Simplify hotel operations and drive your business to success. Claim your 30 days free trial !!


Software BY Liza Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Laundry / Dry Cleaner business comes with a very intense level of responsibility to handle the valuable garments. It need a proper and perfect garment tracking system to avoid swapping or mis deliveries.


Purbis is a readymade online food ordering system
Purbis is a ready made online food ordering and delivery system. Purbis can be used for both the single restaurant as well as multiple restaurants. Its suitable for any online ordering and delivery sectors like food ordering, laundry ordering, logistic booking, courier booking and much more supported on both web and mobile platform.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software

The best way to manage your dry cleaning business
Quick Dry Cleaning Software can help you efficiently manage your dry cleaning, laundry or Laundromat business with minimal effort and training required. The software is available as cloud-based.


Software BY Intellitech Computers L.L.C
Diodes WEGA-LMS, a Laundry management software to control commercial and industrial laundry activities. including laundry management software we can improve our company efficiency and reduce expenses. WEGA-LMS has various modules like Laundry receipt at reception, Laundry collection, washed laundry receiving, ironing table management etc.


Software BY Teammate Technologies
Nowadays every business is moving towards easy to use a method with technology that software will perform the day to day system easy to small and big laundry owners in India.


Software BY emQube
The first system is an integrated system that services customers within locker systems with a web interface. The software method controls the lockers placed in building proposition for customers to place dirty laundry in closet and pick up clean and pressed laundry a day following from the same lockers.


Software BY Laundry Software Solutions
Laundry Software Solutions is an innovative method development company produce real solutions to the industrial laundry and textile rental industry.


Software BY F1 Technology Consulting Ltd
There is absolutely no faster, easier way of maintaining a growing and vibrant Laundry business. Laundry Management System can simplify business and increase productivity. SwiftKleen scalable and flexible architecture allow it to handle even the most network of the business method in any kind of laundry outfit.

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