Best Legal Software for your Law Firm 2018


Web based Law practice management software
Clio is an advanced cloud based law practice management software which helps to improve your firm’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It helps you through matter management, accurate time tracking, billing processing, reporting, payments, and much more. It is a highly secure software and protects your client’s data with high-level of security.


Legal Solutions Software BY SmartAdvocate
SmartAdvocate is one of the best legal case management software. It is available for installation, as well as, cloud based legal software. It is an award-winning software loaded with features, reports, and capabilities to manage all the aspects of your legal cases. It provides full security to data on your server.

Legal Files

Legal Solutions Software BY Legal Files Software
Legal Files is leading legal software to cater to legal management needs of your firm. Whether you are a small scale organization or a big-one Legal File has is facilitated with all the modules you need to manage your legal cases. It has got a wide range of satisfied customers including CME Group, Liberty Mutual, BMW and many more.


One of the Best Law Firm Software BY AppFolio, Inc.
MyCase Law Firm is a fully featured cloud based legal software programs suit catering to all the needs of a modern law firm. It is highly customizable and adapts itself to suit your specific needs. This lawyer software can record all the legal documents needed by you without any storage limitation and can keep them securely for further use. 


Legal Practice Management Software BY AbacusNext
AbacusLaw is a comprehensive cloud based legal software. It is serving law firms from past 30 years and is a pioneer in this field. It helps you simplify your workflow helping you perform your business activities with much more pace and much more effectively. It can be accessed on your mobile devices giving you the freedom to move.


Law Firm Software BY PracticePanther
PracticePanther is an extremely easy to learn and easy to use law practice management software. It is an all-in-one software which can manage everything required for your business in one place. This lawyer software is a mobile-friendly interface which can be easily used without any training.


Legal Solutions Software BY Smokeball
Smokeball is an affordable and intuitive lawyer software. It makes business easier for small law firms providing everything in one place. It can be customized according to the area of the jurisdiction you are practising in. This advocacy software can perform simple, as well as, an easy task to manage your law business more smoothly.


Lawyer Software BY Logikcull
Logikcull is a user friendly and secure eDiscovery software. It is one of the top cloud based legal solutions software for enterprises, law firms, and governments providing them with complete control of the legal discovery process. It can be accessed on mobile, tablets and other mobile devices. It helps to find the documents with at a rapid speed and provides full security to the data.


Lawyer Software BY CASEpeer
CASEpeer is a legal case management software catering to all the needs of people involved in the legal profession. It specializes in dealing with personal injury attorneys. It is the best law firm software that will serve you perform your business undertaking better whether you are a sole lawyer or a law firm. It provides a high degree of security to your client's data and helps you earn goodwill among your clients.


Legal Solutions BY LeanLaw
LeanLaw is a timekeeping and management software which takes your law practice to a different dimension making it paperless. It helps you become efficient, powerful and proactive. This legal software helps you manage your schedules to help you be on time thus having a good reputation among your clients. Once you have entered timekeeping data you can utilize this data to generate accurate bills on time with just a few clicks.


Legal Solutions Software BY Zelican Technologies, Inc
Zelican is a comprehensive lawyer software with an approachable user interface and a modern look. It is cloud based legal practice management software and can manage all the undertakings of Law firms, Lawyers, and Attorneys. It provides you with clients data management, time tracking management, billing management, and much more. It helps you provide unmatched efficiency to your business winning your customer’s confidence.


Lawyer Software BY HoudiniEsq
HoudiniEsq gives you all the insights needed by you to make profits from your law firm. Whether you are a small firm or a big one this software manages every aspect of your firm in the best possible manner. It is a be web based law firm software and comes with the option to use it in Cloud or On Premise. It easily integrates with applications such as LawPay, Word, Excel, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

LEAP Legal Software

Lawyer Software BY LEAP Legal Software
LEAP Legal Software is one of the highest rated law practice management software in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. It helps to store all your data, whether client related or matter related, in one electronic file. It is an all-in-one software you require to manage each and every aspect of your law business. It can manage your email, time, billing, reports, accounting, and much more.


Software BY Needles Case Management Software
Needles is a powerful cloud based legal practice management software. It helps you manage everything you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively providing you with a competitive advantage. It helps you manage your clients efficiently keeping your contacts organized providing you with matchless communication tools. It helps you with documentation and creating reports. It helps you perform all these activities and much more.


Legal Solutions Software BY INSZoom
INSZoom is a robust and secure legal software which helps to manage your law firm’s immigration practice effortlessly. If you are a law firm operating in immigration domain this software is the best choice for you. It is delivering full legal case management software for more than a decade. It is highly customizable and can be customized to suit your specific firm needs.

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What is legal software?

The latest buzzing trend in the legal corporate world is the implementation of legal software systems suites to enhance a multitude of functions such as billing, bookkeeping, documentation, client records, scheduling, and appointments.

Small law firms, mid-sized legal corporations or multi-national law organizations all utilize lawyer software to streamline their business operations, automate workflow and save time on tedious administrative tasks. Online advocacy software is indeed a huge asset for any law firm as it helps them enhance their efficiency, productivity and escalates bottom line results exponentially.

What is meant by legal case management software?

Legal professionals working in universities, research firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies are all relying on the best legal case management software platforms to boost up efficiency levels. Legal case management software for small firms are specialized tools that can help organizations automate their daily workflows such as monitoring billable time, scheduling legal appointments and storing massive amounts of classified legal data.

Legal case management software can help companies maximize revenue, save vast amounts of time and speed up routine procedures, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of legal firms. Organizations can purchase the best legal practice management software as a “stand-alone solution” or as part of a larger legal practice management platform. The main purpose of law firm software programs is to help a law firm run more smoothly and handle the entirety of the organization’s legal functions – making life easier and simpler for everyone.

What are the various types of legal software available?

There is a wide variety of top legal software suites available in the market today, and it is important to choose a software platform that will cater to the size and practice requirements of your legal organization. So make sure to research well, and invest in the best possible types of lawyer software for your company.

Here are some variants of legal management software available for legal professionals:

1) Time and Billing Software:

Keeping track of time and billing clients accurately for the services provided is an essential function of any legal firm. Time and billing software is a great way to manage client timesheets, invoices, receivables, accounting, and records – it surely makes sure that time and billing activities are automated, thus saving time and reducing error probabilities.

2) Document Management Software:

One of the biggest challenges for legal companies all across the globe is managing huge amounts of documents, paperwork, and files in a secure and efficient manner. Since most of the legal data is confidential in nature, it is very important to make sure that the information is not misappropriated or leaked to unreliable sources.

Documentation management software is the perfect solution for legal organizations, as it stores legal documents safely on the cloud – ensuring their constant accessibility through any internet connected smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

3) Customer Relationship Management Software:

CRM software is an absolute necessity for any kind of business and legal firms are no exception. Lawyers need to keep in touch with long-term clients, manage their contact details, track leads and prospects – thereby engaging them in positive lifelong relationships.

Customer relationship software tools streamline the communication process between lawyers and clients, so as to smoothen legal processes throughout the lifecycle of the business relation.

4) Finance and Accounting Software:

Managing the financial records and keeping track of accounts if critical to the long-term success of any legal organization. Financial and accounting legal practice management software packages provide specialized financial tools that monitor accounting ledgers, profit and loss statements and overall financial performance of the firm. Thereby reducing the workload of staff by automating tedious accounting processes.

There are a number of advanced online advocacy software packages in the market – it is important to carefully examine all law firm software suites and take a well-informed decision to maximize organizational benefits.

What are the common features of legal case management software?

Most online legal software suites have tons of confusing features, and it’s difficult to actually decide what will be useful for your organization.

Here are some key features of the best legal practice management software platform that you need to keep a lookout for:

  • Comprehensive Reporting Analytics: It is absolutely essential that your legal case management software should be able to formulate quick, understandable and visual reports. Detailed and easy-to-comprehend reports give a holistic overall picture to legal professionals and allow them to make correct business decisions, keeping your legal firm on the right track. So make sure your lawyer software has advanced and sophisticated reporting options to save on tons of time and enhance the overall productivity of your company.
  • Schedule Management: Legal management software needs to increase efficiency by making sure that team members remain aware of their various events and appointments. Schedule management feature makes sure to streamline and manage all calendar events, making sure that notifications and alerts remind you of any essential business meetings that you may miss. It is a great way to make sure your weekly schedule remains on track and definitely pumps up the overall proficiency levels.
  • Legal Office Management: Top legal software needs to provide for a centralized storage location for all case-related data, with the ability to customize screens, menus, and tasks that are important to the organization. Legal office management module ensures to keep your client-related information safe, documents managed and tasks organization so that your legal workforce can emphasize on important business matters, thereby increasing the overall bottom line profits.
  • Time Tracking: This is an absolutely critical feature for any small law firm software as efficient time tracking lies at the core of any successful law firm. Your legal software should be able to track time in both online and offline mode, enabling users to manage client timesheets accurately. This is a very helpful feature as it also automates billing procedures, reassuring your valued client base that they are getting charged only for the exact time of legal service provided.

There is no doubt that online advocacy software is bringing about a successful revolution in the business arena – so make sure your organization invests in the best legal software suite to keep your end figures running sky-high.