Best Leave Management System

Comprehensive Web Based HR Management System
Looking to centralize your HR process across your multi-branch organization.  Look no further. Timelabs is the preferred next generation Web Based comprehensive HR Management System for SOHO, SME & Enterprise to centralize attendance, leave & payroll over the web.

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software
HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured.

System BY Greytip
The greytHR is very easy to use and paperless web-based employee leaves management software designed specifically for businesses. This software is entire to process will be documentation on emails and leave history can be review easily and very secure.

System BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Automate your HR process with Zoho people to maximize your most important asset - your people. It is web-based HR and Payroll Management system for small-medium and enterprise businesses. Zoho people is easy to use and user-friendly software with integrates more powerful features.


Time & Attendance Gamified
1st to Crack the Gamification code on Attendance Platform. Employee Engagement & 100% state wise statutory Compliant Cuckoo Tech is the only one which can live up to your expectations, challenges, and aspirations. Clients tells us, it surpasses their expectations.

Best Timesheet software in India with HR & Payroll
Keka HR is the only platform that has complete Timesheet capabilities that allows tracking Client & Project hours. And it comes completely integrated with Leaves, Time & Attendance.


Manage your HR Payroll needs from hire to retire
IDPAYTEK is available both on-premise as well as on cloud concept, it addresses your HR and Payroll needs from hire to retire. Paytek HR payroll software caters to a wide range of complexities and helps you to implement personalized pay packets.

HRMantra HR Mobile App

World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
HRMantra mobile app automates great number of HR activities right from a time a candidate applies to a close till he quits like candidate interviews, online tests, updating employees info, Over time, posting company policies, practice leave.


System BY e-days Absence Management Ltd
e-days leave management is orderly manner your processes and eliminate paperwork. To easily recording information and simple functionality such as fill application form, view leave, cancellation of leave option etc.

Pacific - Your own HR mobile application

A mobile application for managing HR functions
PACIFIC is a mobile application for efficient management of line HR functions. It helps front-line managers in managing day to day activities like attendance, leave, expense, track location & compliance of staff in the field, TA/DA etc.


System BY Ironflow Technologies
Time-Off is the best web-based leave management system. It is very simple to use and implementation and automatically message or email notifications of leave on requests and rejections.


System BY Expert Outsource
PlanMyleave is a very simple, easy and flexible online leave management software with the self-service dashboard in the system provided. It is easily custom setting on leave types and plans your staff based on the month and yearly calendars.

Intoweb Leave Management

System BY Intoweb Business (PTY) LTD
Intoweb is to choose types of leave allowed like as sick, annual, study, unpaid etc. and approve setting on the leave application. It has reports on employee information, leave request, holiday lists in the excel and PDF formats reports.

WorkForce Leave Management

System BY WorkForce Software, LLC
The WorkForce software is easy and select data to include reports such as employee id or name, leave yearly, status, department and the output format for pdf files. It's notifications can be posted on the dashboard for announcements and to automatic workflow leave requests present approve paths.


System BY Tanda
Tanda is online employee leave system that fully customizable to suit the needs of your business. It is to get the status of leave, view attendance records and to apply for leave in the leave management system software.

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What is a Leave Management System?

In simple words, Leave Management System is a software where employees can apply for leaves and manage their time and attendance.

Human resource management is one of the most important fields of any business. And to calculate the performance of every individual it is important to know how many hours one has invested in work. In many good firms, number of working hours in the company, is a base for employee promotion or increment.

In a nutshell, it’s quite important for the management to know how an employee is performing, and total number working hours of employee is a very important factor.

Here are some reasons why companies use a Leave Management System:

  1. Know exact working hours of Employees: Leave Management Software allows you to track the working hours of each and every employee. This system can be integrated with biometric devices or GPS. Your employees can punch their entries of working hours through any of these devices, and the system records each entry. Many good leave management solution give you real-time entries as well.
  2. Approve or Reject employee leaves: As a manager of a particular department, you can approve or reject leaves of your employees. You can see the history of a particular employee, so you can decide whether to grant leave or not. You can also decide whether to give Paid Leave or Unpaid Leave.
  3. Know your leave balance: As an employee, you have to manage your monthly leaves. Leave rules change from company to company. As an employee, you have be aware of the balance of your paid leaves and unpaid leaves. According to your current leave balance, you can decide whether to apply for a paid leave or an unpaid leave.
  4. Know Your Attendance: As an employee, you must be aware of your attendance in the company. Fewer working hours may hurt your image in your organization, and more number of working hours can create wonders for an employee. With the Leave management software, you can track your attendance daily, and analyse whether you have to focus more on work or not. On the other hand, you can also apply for overtime, and your leave management tools will be your proof. In many professions, on field activities are involved. These employees can apply for n no. of hours for such purpose.
  5. Inform Every Employee: Many leave management systems have the feature of notice board where admin department or HR department can post news or current opening details. This way every employee of the company can be notifies within few seconds. An interesting feature of leave approval system is “Creating groups”. By creating groups, employees can exchange information, spread news, arrange group activity etc.

Why a Leave Management Software is necessary?

As an organization, your employees are your real assets. If you fail to acknowledge the efforts of your employees, you might receive negative reviews from your employees. On the other hand, appreciating your employees for their hard work has always paid off for any organization.

A leave management system gives you real pictures of your employee’s work. You can identify who is giving enough efforts to your business or you can motivate employees to work hard. Based on the performance of your employee, you can reward him increment or promotion.

You can also identify people who are investing enough hours at work but can not complete tasks on time. You can teach better ways to handle the tasks, and improve their efficiency.

For any employee, his entire work journey depends upon how much efforts he or she has given. Leave management platfrom is a mirror which will show each employee’s performance pitch perfect.

Strategic Benefits of Leave Management Software:

  1. It is very important for every individual to invest his best in the completion of a project or meeting deadlines.
  2. Every country has various laws regarding leaves to employees. If those laws are not followed, employer may face legal allegations. Your leave management system is a proof that you’re following laws by the government.
  3. Employees can reimbursed remaining leaves at the end of the year. Every company has different rules for such matters.
  4. Defining employee performance at the end of the year.
  5. The software gives strong data base for you to decide regarding the increment of the employee.
  6. You can study patterns of breaks taken by employees. You can define the most efficient time to work in the entire day. Hence, you can schedule your task in the same way.

Bottom Line:

In the growth of a successful company, there are always some genious employees who have given their sweat and blood for the organization. And to identify such talents, it is very necessary for you to own a system which gives a base for that.