Best Loan Management System in 2018

Logic Research - Loan Management software

Software BY Logic Research Labs
Logic Research - Loan Management software maintain records of loan details and loan payments is useful for Loan Provider Companies and Finance Companies have various features such as Create Loan Scheme – Loan number & Customer Details – Material Information – Value of loan amount – Loan Installment – Rate of interest % – Discount – Corresponding Reports.


Lead Management for Financial product distributors
SimTRE’s offers a complete lead management solution for financial product distributors & loan intermediaries for managing both secured & unsecured loans. Its end-to-end solution from lead to payout (commission) management.


An NBFC Management software from KAPIL IT.
An integrated Loan Management System for Non - Banking Finance COmpanies, Nidhi Companies, and Producer Companies. FINSTA has been designed with the State-of-the-art technologies to reduce the organization operational cost and analyze the work progress.

Cyrus - Loan Management Software

Software BY Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cyrus is a renowned loan management software provider company. Loan Management Software usable for financial companies. By this software, you can manage credit and debit transaction and many more financial tasks. We design standard loan management software for business ahead.


Software BY Delter IT Complete Software Solutions
Webfin is an online micro loan management software. Our loan management software and it supports all the current Delfin features like pay system integrations, fingerprint scanners and signature pads. Loan management software can be used in any size of micro lending business, from small, single offices to big groups and even in banks.

Guarde - Loan Management System

Software BY Guarde Software
Guarde Software's Loan Management System (LMS) is a unique software solution designed for the complex task of managing loan receivables and loan funding. Based on the core strengths of the well-known broking software F.B.I.M.S (also provided by Guarde Software), the LMS provides the tools necessary to manage a funding business.

Payday Loan Manager

Software BY Payday Loan Manager
Using Payday Loan Manager is like having your loan business open 24/7/365. Even better its open in every home and business with an Internet connection making it possible for customers to send you a loan application anytime of the day or night. Payday Loan Manager is integrating with Teletrack and Check Loan Verify making it easier for you to view reports on loan applications.

Binary Stream - Loans Management

Software BY Binary Stream Software Inc
Binary Stream's Loans Management eliminates the need for spreadsheets, reducing the risk of manual errors and improving the accuracy of your financial data. It is easily evaluate your monthly payments or the life of the loan with the Loan Calculator, easily add additional charges to your loan and have them deferred for any period needed.

Construction Loan Manager

Software BY Land Gorilla
Construction Loan Manager is an innovative, cloud-based loan management platform for construction and renovation lenders. The Construction Loan Manager software is a scalable platform and provides necessary solutions for both pre-closing due diligence and post-closing loan administration.

RECKON Loan Management Software

Software BY Xentric Technologies
RECKON Loan Management Software is a growing priority for all types of loan providing companies to eliminate manual loan management and streamline the procedures. It is a strategic and obviously a positive decision taken by the banks to move ahead with advanced loan management application that has simplified the loaning process for the customers as well as has enhanced the productivity of the loan providers.


Software BY Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation
LOANLEDGER is an online, real-time system that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, agings, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses.

finPOWER Connect

Software BY finPOWER Australia Pty Ltd
finPOWER Connect is designed for the Hire Purchase, Finance and Lending and Investment industries. It is currently New Zealand's leading finance software package and is enjoying a strong, growing presence in Australia. finPOWER Connect is a revolutionary new loan management system that draws on over 30 years of experience in developing systems for the finance market.

MLM Software India - Loan Management Software

Software BY MLM Software India
MLM Software India offers web-based Loan Management Software and IT services to resolve lenders problem. Loan and lending is a profitable business in current economic environment. Lenders must need loan management software to track information such as due installments, payment collection, current balances, interest and penalty calculation etc. 

EMV - eFinance Software

Software BY EMV Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
eFinance Software is a Windows based Loan management software that allows local as well as Corporate financers to organize and manage loan, Payments, receipts, penalties, client and custom reports for their routine work. FeFinance software has greatly improved the efficiency and organization of our Local Producer Loan Program.

Turnkey Lender

Software BY Turnkey Lender
Turnkey Lender. Cloud-based, online lending system for entrepreneurial lenders and mid-size financial institutions. Our software engineers took their large retail loan expertise, adapted the principles to meet the unique needs of leaner lenders, and seamlessly embedding industry best practices for underwriting and loan management into the functionality.

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