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SoftwareSuggest, a marketplace for business software on Friday announced plans to hire 1000 new employees for the upcoming year 2018-19. Founded in 2014, the company will hire 1000 members to its headquarters at Ahmedabad, across various divisions including digital marketing, lead generation, node development, sales, design, and testing.


We stay in the technology era and it is difficult to keep a tap on various software or apps available. The hurdle is over, where, SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. They list, review, compare and offer a free consultation of business software solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the match for your business.


SoftwareSuggest is undoubtedly crossing borders in creating benchmarks in the field of software discovery and recommendation platforms. According to their customers, SoftwareSuggest has provided them with the best options to choose the software according to their needs.

Logo-img/media/productnation_logo.png is India’s leading business software discovery and recommendation platform. Product Nation interviewed Ankit Dudhwewala, co-founder and CEO of the company to understand their journey thus far.


SoftwareSuggest is a software discovery and recommendation platform for businesses. They not only list software in various categories, but also provide comparison between products and free consultation. Thus, they enable Indian businesses to make the best decisions for their company.


The number of cloud based solution players in India are increasing and this is further supported by the VC money being put in companies (over $5 billion were invested in 2014). This along with other factors has made software much more affordable for SMEs and thus increased the demand for it.


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We know the world is going digital. Yet one chunk, and a massive one at that, is still far away from getting fully online – that’s small businesses. This digital divide in business is stark in Asia, especially India.


Software is supposed to help businesses run smoothly but very often it is a source of dissatisfaction and unnecessary expense. The appropriate software improves the efficiency of a business while the mismatch brings negative effect on company’s financial records.


Selecting a software is a humongous task for any organization. There are multiple software choices available but, SMBs are never sure of the one that will perfectly fit their requirement. Large companies have full time CTO and hire consultants to help them select the right software, but for small and mid-size companies, more often than not the computer admin acts as the consultant and the CTO.


A first of its kind in India, is a business software recommendation and discovery platform. It helps businesses select the right software solutions based on their specific recommendations.

Logo-img/media/moneycontrol.gif is a Business Software Recommendation and Discovery Platform. The start-up helps businesses select the right software solutions, meeting their specific requirements. SoftwareSuggest simplifies the tedious decision of selecting a software.


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Do you ever wonder while selection of softwares for your need? Ankit Dudhwewala, an entrepreneur from Ahmedabad has co-founded a startup called SoftwareSuggest with Piyush Patel for you. To know more about him and his startup, have a look at our startup talk with Ankit Dudhwewala (co-founder,


Selecting business software is a complex procedure for SME's. Therefore, SoftwareSuggest aims at simplifying this process by Listing, Review, Comparison & free consultation for business Softwares.


There is an abundance of options available for SME's, to pick the best vendor/software for their businesses. SoftwareSuggest is helping SME's get right software.