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MetroLeads CRM

MetroGuild India


MetroLeads is an open canvas CRM platform catering to multiple business and industries such as Medical Devices and Services, Real Estate, SaaS, HR, Finance, Construction, Management Consulting, Retail, IT Consultancy, Software, Manufacturing etc because of it's flexibility.

Pricing of MetroLeads CRM

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Key Features of MetroLeads CRM

  • keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Reports
  • keyboard_arrow_right CRM integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Document Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Automation
  • keyboard_arrow_right On-Demand (SaaS)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Quotes
  • keyboard_arrow_right Territory Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right Contact Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Call Routing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Application Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Social Media Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Forecasting
  • keyboard_arrow_right Auto-Dialer
  • keyboard_arrow_right Drip Email Marketing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Capture
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Scoring
  • keyboard_arrow_right Ratings & Reviews
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Reporting
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Nurturing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Source Tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Analytics
  • keyboard_arrow_right Inquiry Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Access Monitoring
  • keyboard_arrow_right Contact Manager
  • keyboard_arrow_right Access control
  • keyboard_arrow_right Cloud & On-Premise Telephony
  • keyboard_arrow_right Custom Sales Funnel Flow
  • keyboard_arrow_right Call Hunting & Routing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Online Portal & Magicbrick & 99 Acres Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Facebook Lead Gen Ad Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Call & SMS Tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Dashboards
  • keyboard_arrow_right CRM Analytics
  • keyboard_arrow_right Developer API
  • keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates
  • keyboard_arrow_right Mass Email
  • keyboard_arrow_right Private Cloud
  • keyboard_arrow_right Appointment Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Forecasting
  • keyboard_arrow_right Opportunity Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Force Automation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Call Recording
  • keyboard_arrow_right Applications Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Custom Fields
  • keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Comparisons
  • keyboard_arrow_right Activity Tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Assignment
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Distribution
  • keyboard_arrow_right Pipeline Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Analytics
  • keyboard_arrow_right Campaign Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lead Segmentation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Web Forms
  • keyboard_arrow_right Import & Export Data
  • keyboard_arrow_right Customization
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sales Pipeline Tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right Interaction tracking
  • keyboard_arrow_right Document Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Custom Sales Cadences
  • keyboard_arrow_right Online Offline Lead Capturing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Pre Sales Cadences
  • keyboard_arrow_right ERP Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Social Media - Profile Enrichment
  • keyboard_arrow_right Offline Lead Capturing - Events & Conferences


Deployment : Web Base
Payment : Monthly,Yearly
API : Yes
Customization : Yes
Mobile Support : Yes
Languages support :
Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses MetroLeads CRM

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
MetroGuild India

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Metroleads is an easy to use Lead Sourcing, Tracking and Customer Relationship Management Platform with native support for VOIP and Cloud Telephony.

With MetroLeads, Lead Capturing, Lead Management and managing your communications has never been easier because of its simple Intuitive and easy to use Interface with automatic lead capture and creation in the system reducing manual CRM data entry with no duplication allowed in the system along with correlation with the source of the leads from the web, telephone, email, & text.

MetroLeads CRM Screenshots (4)

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User Reviews (2) Ask a question

Bipul Stokes
Amazing Software!!!
Overall rating

I heard about Metro Leads from a friend, who works as a sales team manager in a well-reputed organization. Only then, I adopted the lead management software for my business and was then astonished by the remarkable results. Not only did I get more leads, but also integrated my lead management channels, which led to more sales within a short period of time. I am more than happy within this lead management software and will continue using it to track, manage, and engage my business leads. 

Diana Qusetal
Position: Manager 
Best Order Management Software for Business
Overall rating

Metro Leads is web-based Order Management Software designed for all type of business. I have use this software more then 3 year and it's very easy to manage all details. Newcomers can easily handle this software. Metro Leads provide 24/7 support, If you have any query you can as them any time. I am very happy after using this software. I highly recommended.

FAQs of MetroLeads CRM

Q. What are the main features of MetroLeads CRM?

The key features of MetroLeads CRM are as follows:

label CRM & Sales Reports

label CRM integration

label Document Management

label Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

label Marketing Automation

label On-Demand (SaaS)

label Sales Quotes

label Territory Management

label Sales Tracking

label Contact Management

label Call Routing

label Application Integration

label Social Media Integration

label Forecasting

label Auto-Dialer

label Drip Email Marketing

label Lead Capture

label Lead Scoring

label Ratings & Reviews

label Sales Reporting

label Lead Nurturing

label Source Tracking

label Real Time Analytics

label Inquiry Management

label Access Monitoring

label Contact Manager

label Access control

label Cloud & On-Premise Telephony

label Custom Sales Funnel Flow

label Call Hunting & Routing

label Online Portal & Magicbrick & 99 Acres Integration

label Facebook Lead Gen Ad Integration

label Call & SMS Tracking

Q. How much do the MetroLeads CRM cost?

Cost not specify.

Free trial : No.

Q. Who are the typical users of MetroLeads CRM?

MetroLeads CRM has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does MetroLeads CRM support?

MetroLeads CRM supports the following devices: IOS, Android

Q. Which operating system does MetroLeads CRM support?

MetroLeads CRM support the following operation system : Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Q. What payment method does MetroLeads CRM support?

MetroLeads CRM support the following payment methods : Monthly,Yearly.

Q. What is the deployment type?

MetroLeads CRM has deployment type : Web Base.

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