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MProfit Software Pvt. Ltd.


Mprofit is one of the best portfolio management and accounting management software for investors, traders, advisiors, corporates, family offices and CAs to manage your stocks, MFs & other assets.

Pricing of MProfit

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MProfit Investor
16 Portfolios/Year
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Manage Rs. 50 lakhs of investments
limited accounting capabilities.
MProfit Investor+
USD 45.45
16 Portfolios/Year
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Unlimited amount of investments
Full accounting capabilities.
MProfit Pro
USD 75.76
50 Portfolios/Year
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Plus F&O, historical pricing
Advanced reports.
All the features of Investor+
MProfit Advisor
USD 98.48
Per Year
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Portfolio Management Software for Financial Advisors, Stock and Sub-brokers and CAs
Manage all your clients' assets
Manage multiple client families
Import data from CAMS, Karvy, digital contract notes and over 2000 sources
Reports for clients such as annualised returns, caapital gains, Goals, Asset allocation and others
Advanced advisor reports
Auto price updates for stocks, F&O, ETFs

Key Features of MProfit

  • keyboard_arrow_right Balance Sheet
  • keyboard_arrow_right Accounting Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_right Tax Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Import of Digital Contract Notes
  • keyboard_arrow_right Bonds with and without indexation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Asset Allocation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Live Prices
  • keyboard_arrow_right Accounting
  • keyboard_arrow_right Income Statements
  • keyboard_arrow_right Portfolio Management
  • keyboard_arrow_right Profit / Loss Statement
  • keyboard_arrow_right Capital Gains reports for Stocks and Debt MFs
  • keyboard_arrow_right Annualised Return (XIRR)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Historical Valuation


Deployment : Installed
Payment : SAAS
Customization : No
Mobile Support : Yes
Mobile App : Yes
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Both (SAAS & One time)

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Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


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MProfit Software Pvt. Ltd.

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MProfit is an easy to use portfolio management & accounting software. MProfit is a preferred choice for investing community across investors, traders, family offices, financial advisors and chartered accountants. Data can be easily imported from share digital contract notes, mutual fund statements, bank statements and F&O contract notes.


  • Manage Stocks, MFs, Bonds, FDs, F&Os and Other Assets, View Combined Net Worth of Entire Family
  • Import contract notes, mutual fund and bank statements from over 2,600+ sources
  • Capital gains reports for Stocks, Bonds, Equity & Debt MFs (with or without indexation)
  • Other reports such as Annualised Returns (XIRR), Income Reports, Trial Balance, P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Simplified Accounting with Bank Import and auto generated vouchers from Portfolio Management
  • Auto price updates and historical prices

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MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers
MProfit Customers


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User Reviews (134) Ask a question

P. Prithviraj
Excellent Software with useful reports and prompt support team
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

I purchased MProfit Investor+ about 18 months ago and found that it is an excellent software to manage my investments. This prompted me to upgrade to Pro and I think it was a good decision.

MProfit has enabled me to split my investments into several portfolios which gives me an accurate picture to evaluate my investments against the recommendations of my advisors, and find out for myself how good or bad the advisors recommendations have been overall.

The reports are very useful and the Capital Gains calculations, including grandfathering, are accurate. It helped me a great deal in filing my returns for this AY.

A software can be only as good as the support we get. MProfit software gets frequent updates for fixes and enhancements. The support team is also very prompt and helpful in handling my queries and problems.

The Forum is also very useful with loads of information and tips.

I would recommend this software to anyone who needs to be in control of his/her investments.

Good job MProfit. Keep it going

Anu Bhatia
Kudos to the MProfit Team!
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

Your software is absolutely user-friendly and covers all aspects of trading with multiple brokers, covers equities and FNO. The reports are excellent. Most of all, I am grateful to the MProfit support team for their incredible patience and willingness to help-however basic the query might be.

Mansukh Savla
Must have software for all retail investors
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

The first important step to be taken after you start your investment is to manage your portfolio by doing an accounting for the same. While searching for an investment management desktop software I came across a name MPROFIT Portfolio Management and Accounting Software. I gave it a try since it had both the modules in one which I felt would make my investment journey a bit easy. 

I was amazed how easily and fast I could import and record all transactions and get all types of Misc. and Statutory Reports with almost zero effort. The accounting module is extremely user-friendly and much more easy and fast than the existing accounting software available in the market which is just like a blessing in disguise. Fast submission of accurate accounting reports during the year-end has now become an easy task.

Also being a desktop application along with many extremely helpful features makes information safe, secure and the best value for money. A very good and must have the software program for all independent retail Investors.

Really appreciate the effort you guys are taking at Mprofit and thank you for the same.

Adarsh B Hegde
Helpful Support Team
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

MProfit has a really helpful support team and solves our issues promptly. The way they handled my issues has made me their permanent customer.

Nirav Mehta
Very Good software & efficient support team
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

Mprofit is a very good software. Found it very useful for trades done in Stock Market. Was able to prepare and finalize my accounts quickly and efficiently.

Also the support provided by the team at Mprofit is highly efficient. Always the call back has come from their end whenever the support team was busy and till now very satisfied with the software and the support team.

Great Software
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

Great software. Too good for monitoring MF & STOCKS. Support Team is very helpful. Whole heartedly recommend.

I am a senior finance professional and I use it regularly and I have been able to decide on Investments.

Prakash Mishra
Best Customer Service
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

Your customer service is superb. I have not faced any difficulty since I started using MPROFIT. It is working fine.

My best regards to your highly efficient team members (May 31, 2018).

Kunal Jain
Best Solution to differentiate long term, short term and speculation
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

I think its a most awaited solution for the investors who were investing in Indian stock market. We all were always in need for a suitable accounting solution to simplify the various gains from the stock market. Best solution one can get to differentiate your gains into long term, short term and speculation.

Ashwin Balasubramaniam
Mprofit is easy to manage multiple accounts.
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

Mprofit has made managing multiple portfolios absolutely hassle free for me. I can now manage multiple accounts by spending not more than 15 minutes a day and its easy report allow me to get actionable insights. Capital gains and other reports make year ending also easy for me. Would gladly recommend this product to anyone managing large multiple portfolios. Please do note this is not an investment recommendation or technical analysis tool.

Karan Desai
All in all, 5/5 rating
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

Have been using MProfit to manage my portfolio for some time now and I must say that it is one of the best platforms that I have used so far. Being from the finance industry myself, I am fairly picky with how I like to see my portfolio and MProfit ticks most of the boxes. It is simple to use, shows all the relevant information succinctly and the HelpDesk is very good! They are quick to respond and try and action your suggestions quickly.

Mukul Katare
Another satisfied customer
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I am very satisfied with Mprofit support team, certainly excellent pms software with right price. I have raised the bar of my expectations with Mprofit. I highly admire the hard work of whole Mprofit team and hoping for maintaining long term relationship with Mprofit. I will refer this Mprofit to as and when somebody is looking for pms software.

Naresh Ranka
MProfit – A boon for Investors
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I had been looking for a good user-friendly accounting software for stock market investments and I had never found one until I was introduced to this software by a  friend of mine. I must admit that this was really far superior to what I could imagine and made life so much easier for me. What took me 30 minutes a day now takes only 30 minutes a month to record all transactions and get an instant report on current Capital gain statement along with current portfolio value. I am also impressed by the service of your team. Best wishes to team Mprofit!!

Rajesh MJ
MProfit of the Indians, By the Indians and For the Indians!
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

1) I have been using this software for the last couple of years and very much impressed with the features.
2) Easy to use software, supports importing of various formats from leading broker house, mutual fund houses, CAMS etc.
3) Variety of reporting options (especially LTCG) with just click of a button. Amazing...
4) Last but not the least, very good customer support even for the user using FREE Version of MProfit.

Great software with great features. Appreciate your efforts and Keep up the great work. Wishing MProfit team the very best for the future endeavors!

Shankar S
Position: CFP 
Happy clients make for a happy advisor
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

As an advisor both the correctness of data as well as after sales support is a big pain point, however in many years of using Mprofit Advisor can surely vouch for both data sanctity and sales support. One of the few organizations where updates are frequent and useful. Happy clients make for a happy advisor.

Mamatha Shetty
Very useful and hardly to find any complications
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I found MProfit very useful and all assets I can manage in this. It gives live prices and capital gain reports and many more reports. The support team is fantastic especially because they give quick response

Amar Bandgar
Position: Sub Broker 
Divided By Investments, United by MProfit
Overall rating
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

I don't remember since when I started using Mprofit, but it is the best portal. Divided By Investments, United by MProfit. is all can say about MProfit. Very fast response to queries. Sharp and up to date Support Team.

Mahesh Docherla
Made in India product with best customer support
Overall rating
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

As a physician, I have been dabbling in investments since 15 years but the problem has always been accounting and calculating tax estimates which my CA was reluctant to do. It was also tedious to take each contract note and entering every detail, especially when using all the services of an institution like ICICIDIRECT. I had started using MPROFIT since its inception when it was free to use and have gained complete confidence in the software and I am now a paid subscriber.

My CA also understands the reports very easily. MPROFIT does not charge anything etc for modifications & updates in software when the laws are changed and importing contract notes are completed in seconds. Any query is solved within a few hours in the daytime and where I do the query at night, I immediately get online assistance and correction within 24 hours without fail. The support team is prompt, knowledgeable and once they have contacted, they will put in the time necessary to solve the problem.

Such service at such low subscription is a rarity in India. You have all the aspects of an international standard services company in the form of customer services, regular updates, online rectification of problems, accountability and most of all patient and decent services. I recommend this software to each and every Indian and hope that everyone encourages MPROFIT which follows excellent business and work ethics. This is one "MADE IN INDIA" company which truly deserves our support and everyone should make use of the services provided by this company. Thank you.

John Henry Joseph
It is very simple and powerful financial application.
Overall rating
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I am blessed to have MProfit as my digital financial secretary. The MProfit is very simple and powerful financial application. I got MProfit support at my door step many times. I had been using many applications and now I ended up with MProfit. It covers all modules of finance / investment.
The only one thing that all NRI would really to have is 3 digit fractions in currency.
Thanks to MProfit.

Unmesh Kulkarni
Mprofit is a very easy to use and good support team
Overall rating
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I feel following are the best aspects of Mprofit

  1. One stop solution for PMS which covers almost all Indian financial instruments like Stocks,MF, Bank accounts, PF, Home loan, Gold, ULIPs etc.
  2. Easy way to import transactions from various sources. I was able to import all my transactions from various sources with a click of button. Transactions can be imported from almost all banks, all stock brokers etc.
  3. Lots of reports to do analysis of financial progress
  4. Good security and privacy as data stays on my laptop instead of cloud.
  5. Special kudos to support team. I got my queries answered in 8 working hours always.

One small improvement area is XIRR calculation. It can not be calculated for specific selected period. The period has to be always till end of current financial year. But I am sure Mprofit will add this feature too.

Elangovan Vijayarajan
MProfit is a best software and good supporting team
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I am using the free version of Mprofit. When I had a problem in importing Contract Note, I got a good support from the support team in a very very shortest possible time and it was sorted out in just an hour. Really very happy about the services... All the best wishes for Mprofit Team.

Appreciate professional way
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I deeply appreciate the professional way in which my issue was handled. Kudos to the M Profit team.

Paras Kamani
Very Impressive Customer support
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

I was searching All in One accounting software (Stock/F&O/MF/PMS) on net and I found MProfit site. I got demo version, I used demo version only 5 days and immediately I purchased MProfit version. MProfit is very easy and very useful and amazing software. Less typing and few mouse clicks, All report are ready. I am very impressed with your constant support and fast service

Ankush Bhutra
Ideal solution with time saver
Overall rating

Use of this software has saved countless hours as its very easy to import contract notes, Bank statements etc and create P&L, B&S. Also, customer support is prompt in resolving all queries

Dhrumil Gada
Position: Proprietor 
via Google
Good Product but can improve even more...
Overall rating

The product is good for managing a family portfolio and is even suitable for small companies to an extent. However, there is vast scope for improvement. It should include various features such as uploading and comparison with a model portfolio, auto updations of corporate actions, in-app connectivity access to companies freely available financial data etc.

Harsha M.S.
Awesome software with amazing response.
Overall rating

Support of MProfit is awesome in response and promptness. Every time, I contacted them, they have helped to solve the problem and their response is also very quick.

Udit Todi
User-friendly software with amazing support
Overall rating

Being a small investor, I came across MPROFIT through searching the net. Downloaded the demo version and found it extremely user-friendly. On exploring the software further and upon speaking to the MPROFIT team, it took me barely 2 days to buy the licensed version of the same. A few points I would like to place on the record.

1) Extremely user-friendly software
2) The support team is very friendly cordial and professional
3) Super fast response time
4) Any queries I had with respect to learning the software or importing the data, were more than adequately answered.

Wishing TEAM MPROFIT all the very best for the years ahead.

It's best customer support software
Overall rating

I found that one of my contract notes was getting messed up while importing into Mprofit. I sent an email and got an acknowledgment from the developer in the middle of the night and a complete fix within 3 days. Truely happy about this. They really care for their customers.

Bhavana Desai
It's very simple and easy to operate.
Overall rating

I am very satisfied with Mprofit Software as its very simple, easy to operate and the reports generated are exhaustive. I had no difficulty in migration from the previous software due to the excellent, prompt and patient support from your Team.

The software is very easy to operate.
Overall rating

I really appreciate the company's technical support team. The software is very easy to operate. Your quick action is highly appreciable. I will always suggest to other about your service.

Kamal Kothari
Very accurate and perfect solution for GST
Overall rating

Thanks for resolving the issue of new contract note format post-GST. It's working perfectly now. Appreciate your prompt response and resolution which has been the hallmark of MProfit over the years.

Parinda Shah
The fastest and accurate solution and also having awesome support
Overall rating

The best thing I like about MProfit is the speed at which they resolve any support issue. The support team is super awesome.

Bhavesh Patel
Position: Chartered Accountant 
User friendly and the support team
Overall rating

The software is very much user friendly and the support team is always keen to respond quickly. Simply I like it.

Parth Joshi
MProfit has been quite useful for servicing clients.
Overall rating

MProfit has been quite useful for servicing clients with whom I have geographical distance barrier. Communication with clients has become very easy as reports generated out of MProfit are self explanatory. Useful tools provided for quickly finishing the work. Service from the team of MProfit has always been in time.

Sadashiv Kashyap
It is very helpfully Software
Overall rating

Mprofit has become an asset for our organization. I was able to get all the support I needed, 24/7. The support staff is very helpful and want you to succeed. The training programs provided me with all the knowledge I needed to run the software. This Software is an essential need of our organization, aiding us in all financial assets with single platform. If you're looking for an all-in-one portfolio management software, this is the one! Go and Grab It

Dr Harpal Singh Selhi
Position: Professor 
Wonderful Software
Overall rating

It has been a wonderful experience to interact with your support team. The support team members are very helpful and knowledgeable as well with an attitude to help the customers. Keep it up and I am sure no one shall be able to stop you from being no 1

Kamlesh Shah
Position: Accountant 
Excellent Software
Overall rating

Your software is excellent. Your team is very supportive all the time. I am very happy. I will purchase your software pro in short time for personal use

Sendhil Madhivathanan
Very impressive and great support team
Overall rating

I have been using the 200 users Advisor Version of MProfit for close to 3 years now. I have an IT background working for Software multinationals and have implemented Enterprise systems including Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. The first thing that impressed me about MProfit is the reliability factor. Even Enterprise systems throw errors and shut down forcibly. But this has never happened with MProfit and this speak volumes about its reliability.

The User Interface and Reports are very impressive and though it has some limitations in terms of data generated from advisor’s perspective, end users (our investors) love this Software and it is almost impossible for me to convince users to move to other platforms, including cloud based Architecture software. MProfit has an Android version too, that is used by many of PenguWINs investors and are very happy.

On the support front too, MProfit scores well and the support team has always been accessible. I have leveraged only a part of MProfit’s functionality and am slowly exploring the other features. End user help provided within the application is one area where MProfit can add more value. I have heard that MProfit is working on a cloud based architecture, which can remove the issue of a client footprint sitting on an investor’s laptop. I am extremely satisfied with MProfit and my sincere wishes to the MProfit Team

Khushal Jain
Position: Chartered Accountants 
Support team is very helpful
Overall rating

MProfit Software is very nice software. The support team is very helpful. All queries solved by them. My experience is very good.

Amar Vissamsetty
Appropriate software for the Investors / Advisory firms
Overall rating

Mprofit can only be described as an extraordinary value. A program that produces better financial and investment picture with the ease of Tax Reports for compliance. The price is truly modest when compared to competing products. Further, I have found that Mprofit comes with the prompt and best service imaginable. The response to queries are quick. The team and the employees appear to be highly qualified and have expertise that can be termed as M/s. Perfect & Company. I am of the opinion that this is an appropriate software for the Investors / Advisory firms.

I have evaluated few other software products either from vendors associated with my broker-dealer, or on my own. Mprofit product appeared to be the choice that I have seen for the ease of use and complexity of detail for reporting.

I hereby convey my best wishes to the Company and its Team for their effort, passion and determination in bringing up this niche product.

I aspire and would be glad, if Mprofit is deployed on the cloud together with user defined interactive charts and graphics.

Shah Sandeep
Mprofit is one of the most versatile product
Overall rating

Indian Stock Market, with ever changing regulations, legislation, complexities and hundreds of Brokers having their own way of generating contracts / reports etc is a nightmare for any any software developer who wants to automatize. Myself being a CA & having basic programming knowledge thought it was an impossible task till I came to know about MProfit in 2015.
Mprofit has made this herculean task a reality and it allows one to manage one's portfolio across different asset class in a fraction of a time and is quite simple to operate. A person having multiple broker accounts and multiple demat accounts can also have a seamless data updation, which is the beauty of product & shows the immense thoughtfulness in the product architecture.
MProfit team members deserve a big kudos for passionately resolving each and every query of users (2200+ broker/templates of different segments) Mprofit is priced at an affordable level even for a small trader / investor and is also given Free for the basic version - these traits are quite rare considering the Indian environment.
For the Accounting module, the idea of Importing the entire bankbook (even broker ledger) and minimizing the monotonous typing efforts, which otherwise are prone to errors, deserves a special mention. Also, getting a FAMILY / GROUP portfolio data with a single click is a boon.
In a nut-shell, Mprofit is one of the most versatile product for Portfolio & Accounting running successfully and am glad and confident that this "Made in India" product will be honoured globally.

Shreyas Shah
Excellent after-sales service
Overall rating

Excellent after-sales service! Have been using Mprofit since last few years. And till date all my requests or complaints have been satisfactorily handled very promptly.

Thanks. Keep going!

Mahendra Karangia
Easy to use
Overall rating

I would like to congratulate you on making this awesome software for Personal Portfolio management & PMS. I used the free version initially to test and was fascinated by the ease of use, especially the interface is absolutely clean and well managed. I bought the PRO version almost instantly after the free version.
The price of the Software is absolutely rock bottom against the features it offers - like Accounting Reports Year-wise, Stock-wise - Income Tax Return format - F&O - getting upload of Contract Notes from almost all the broking agencies, regular updates in the software as well as the different types of Contact Notes being added.
On talking about customer service, it is absolutely GEM. I get almost all the replies for my E-Mail queries almost instantly with proper guidance and also the over-the-phone help is marvelous.
All in all this software is a definite BUY for every investor with vast portfolios to manage - for unmatched features - easy to use / managing - every sort of info configured at finger tips - all this rock bottom PEANUT price.

Snehal Mehta
User friendly accounting and financial software
Overall rating

Mprofit is a very user friendly accounting and financial software. Moreover it has and excellent customer service and support system in place. I purchased this software through a friend's recommendation and am very happy with it.

Nikhil Gujar
Position: COO 
via Facebook
Excellent Software and more excellent Support
Overall rating

I started using this software since last year. The software does what it is intended to do. (Though as usual there are quite a few suggestions I have made which hope get incorporated). It integrates investments with accounts and simplifies most of the work. As far as support is concerned, I have not seen any company so much on their feet to answer the issues, either by email or phone call with team viewer support. I hope they improve their software in few areas like Insurance, while their share PMS module is just superb (even here I have one suggestion pending).

Himanshu C Shah
User-friendly and interacting Financial Software
Overall rating

MProfit is a very good, user-friendly, and interacting Financial Software. After a few days of FREE trial, I purchased it, and very satisfied, so far. Customer Service. Support is also very good. Pricing is reasonable.

Abhijit Diwan
Most suitable
Overall rating

I have researched personal accounting software for India market and I find MProfit most suitable. My first and foremost criteria were whether I can store my personal finance data on my computer and not on website, remote machines. MPprofit keeps all my data to my local machine. You can enter a vast variety of transaction data related to many investment options like Stocks, Mutual funds, PPF, and gold to name few. Another very awesome feature about MProfit which I like is they ability to import stock transaction contract notes from various brokers, import bank statements and if you bank import template is not available out of the box they will help you create import template just for you.

Also, another feature I liked is their live updates of data, CAMS online transaction data import. Their reporting engine to generate the various report is good. Accounting module is robust. It helped me import bank statements and you can get an idea about your expenditures, income with your own balance sheet.

Last but not least they have very good customer service, a rare trait for Indian mentality. As soon as I emailed their support I used to get call fairly quickly. I am a happy customer of MProfit.

GVV Satyanarayana
Mprofit is very useful to the investor
Overall rating

I am a new investor.  I invest through agencies or directly, so when I wish to see the investment details at a single place, I have to spend more time to collect the information. More over there is a chance of missing information. Your software is very useful to the investor like me so I can take my own decisions and compare the decisions with the export decisions. The reports are also very useful. At a glance, I can review my investments and take a decision to buy or sell. The group portfolio is also very handy. Thank you for offering free software. My rating is 5 stars.

Dharmil Motani
Position: Investor 
Best software to manage our Portfolio
Overall rating

It is the best software to manage our Portfolio. No need for manual entries as it automatically imports the Contract Note. They have templates for all the brokers. And the best part is their Support. They are very swift in responding to queries (there was a change in format of Contract Note sent by my broker. I emailed them and they immediately updated the template with the latest version). Thank You MProfit.

Jignesh Majmudar
Good software experience for stock investments
Overall rating

I am using free trial version since last few weeks and I am really happy that finally, I have found good software experience particularly for stock investments and live rates of shares,  % age gains etc. It is very user-friendly and one can use, even without much knowledge of computer. More to this there is very excellent support back up from Mprofit team. 

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal
User friendly, purposeful and very competitively
Overall rating

Purchased Mprofit after considerable study on available software on Portfolio management lasting five months in Jan 2017. It is a user friendly, purposeful and very competitively priced product. Product support team is thorough, smart and cooperative.

Ashwin B.
It is nicely customisable
Overall rating

I am still in the 30 day trial period of Mprofit.  It is obvious how much time can be saved by using this software.  It is highly useful there is no doubt.

It is nicely customisable, but a lot of work still needs to be done on it in terms of slickness of presentation and cloud features.

A special mention to the customer support team, they have been absolutely superb in answering my questions and walking me thru the software, processes, and technical queries.  Without them, the overall positive experience would have been seriously lowered.

Sarasij Majumder
It is a very good and user-friendly software
Overall rating

MProfit is a very good, user friendly, and interacting Financial Software. After a few days of FREE trial, I purchased it, and very satisfied, so far. Customer Service, and HELP, is also very good. Pricing is reasonable.

Hardik Patel
Excellently Software
Overall rating

I purchased it in august 2016 for 1st time.
I found it very useful for retail investor. It was very complicated to find out short term and long term profit before purchase of that software. But now it is very easy to calculate it. I also suggested to my friends and recently some of them also bought it.
This software is very excellent. I will definitely suggest to everyone who is dealing in share market.

Vidyasagar Mundroy
MProfit has been providing excellent and fast support
Overall rating

I wanted software to make it easy for me to store my equity transactions and compute STCG and LTCG required to file income tax returns. Found this amazing MProfit software package in 2009 and I have been happily using it since then. First time, I felt that India produced a world class software! One time saving feature I use, is  importing of contract notes from PDF files brokers send me. This prevents data entry errors and saves a lot of time for me. Its reports on STCG and LTCG can be readily used for filing income tax returns. 
To succeed any product, quick support to provide solutions to any problems customers face is very crucial. And MProfit has been providing excellent and fast support, as latest as a day before, during all these years. A big Thumbs up to MProfit! 

Vidya Nadkarni
Mprofit is good product
Overall rating

We have been using Mprofit Software from last  2 years. Your software is excellent. MProfit is a great product, but what we have liked the most is the prompt and quick response from the Support whenever we have faced any ssue. Must say, we are very impressed with the kind of service & your support team is excellent. We appreciate your team who were lending support till its resolution. Whenever we called your office for some assistance, we have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team. Great Going. Keep it up.

Deepa Nittala
User friendly, secure, scalable tool for investors and advisors
Overall rating

Thanks to MProfit software for creating a user friendly, secure, scalable tool for investors and advisors. I wish I had known about it earlier. But it has made meeting my professional obligations very easy. Best is the possibility of uploading any format like Karvy, cams, and CAS files and track investment progress. Clubbed with a responsive support team which is extremely proactive. I am your proud user and recommend more advisors and investors to make use of this resource.

Barendra karmakar
Excellent service
Overall rating

Mprofit is a vary good platform for IFA. This is a excellent service. This is a one roof solution. So, I am happy for the software.

Sanjay Muthreja
Very efficient and user friendly software
Overall rating

Mprofit is a very efficient software and user friendly, one can have his entire reports all under one roof whether it is trial balance or ST/LT. It is to the perfection.

Rajneesh Gupta
Track of all my financial statements
Overall rating

I have been using MProfit for the last one year. Keeping a track of all my financial statements and portfolio had never been so easy. No doubt, MProfit is a great product, but what I have liked the most is the prompt and quick response from the Support whenever I have faced any issue. Must say, I am very impressed with the kind of service these guys are providing. Keep it up!

Satyen Sarangan
Useful for taxation
Overall rating

MProfit user interface is simple to understand and use. I found its accounting module is easy and less complex than other accounting pacakages. I actually liked the import feature from pdf/xls/csv files that is from banking statements and investment contract notes and MF's et al. The gr8 part is the Investment stuff and that reflects in the accounting too. The Future/Options is a bonus but not free though. Investment and Account modules are cool stuff. The reports I found useful for taxation purposes that is no need to mess around with excel sheets. Overall I found the product superb for "Finance and Accounting" domain; who maintain own personal accounts filing and finance details tracking. Keep up the great wishes...

K. Pramila
Extremely good product
Overall rating

Mprofit has been an extremely good product, executed and designed for those who don't have time. I have been using it for last 2 years and I must say the MProfit team has been working hard to improve on the product and taking the product paces above its peers. All in all extremely happy of the product as well as the support from the team.

Praveen Reddy
Position: Principal Advisor 
Excellent product
Overall rating

I have been a customer of MPROFIT for about 2.5 years.  I just want state for the record my appreciation of your product and your service. Product has been very easy to use – you have made it very intuitive and user friendly. It has been a breeze to come on board and use various features. I also appreciate your attempts to keep up with the technology changes and going to MOBILE and CLOUD. I am looking forward to the CLOUD version. Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me. Thanks a ton and keep up the great work your are doing! I love your product and happy to recommed you and be your reference.

Aniruddha Sen
User Friendly
Overall rating

Its about a month I downloaded the free version. I checked the peer websites also but I found this to be the most user friendly. Its soothing to the eyes, the report formats are practically planned, uploading data is easy and last but not the least the grouping of portfolio's give a good overall picture. Secondly the back office is super prompt. In the import option my Broker was not present, so I sent them 3 contract notes and they included my broker;s contract note format for uploading. Now I don't need to upload it manually. The point here is that there response in always positive and fast. And I am not even a paid customer till now. Keep up the good work.

M. Pari
Position: Former Bank Executive 
Highly appreciable
Overall rating

I am using the MProfit Investor for more than 3 years and it has become an inevitable companion for me in maintaining my accounts and investments. The courteous technical support rendered by your team is highly appreciable and makes the users of the software delighted.

Abhijeet Joshi
Very efficient in displaying all the required reports
Overall rating

Congratulations for being a leading software for share market investments. The software is very efficient in displaying all the required reports, well formatted besides easy to use. Managing client portfolio is now the most easy work in a highly volatile market. 

We are using it for the last 3-4 years and received great support from your team, always very quick. When our license expired it was renewed very easily by a single phone call. The license cost is highly competitive. We are very satisfied using MProfit.

Hemik Shah
Best software for people to track their investments
Overall rating

Mprofit is the best software for people to track their investments. It has a very user-friendly interface and is totally value for money. It makes the book-keeping process much easier and less tedious. And the response of the support team is brilliant. Very quick resolutions and very satisfying responses!

Abhay Choudhari
Position: Financial Advisor 
Excellent reports and easy to use
Overall rating

I am a financial advisor and wealth manager based out of Pune. I have been using the software for the last 3 months and thoroughly impressed with the features of the software, help and support of the product team and their prompt response. Kevin always has been of great help in what otherwise has been a very easy to use software. Excellent reports are generated by the software. Would honestly recommend the software to all financial advisors, wealth managers and investors. Go for it without a second thought.

Vasudevan Narasimachari
Made simple & easy, only because of MPROFIT
Overall rating

I am Using Mprofit for several years, Simply Experiencing enjoying & educated. My job is made simple & easy, only because of MPROFIT, to take care of my entire After Trade data entries by a click of mouse & I get all my work done in one stroke. With its expansive features for trading & investment, not only for stocks but with provision for various multiple asset allocations, I have ready financial & accounting solutions from simply downloading the contract notes. With hundreds of templates of multiple format contract notes of almost all the brokerage houses in India, MPROFIT generates all the required summarized reports like portfolio holdings-purchase sales-profit & loss- capital gains etc., for submitting Income tax returns on shares & investments.

A. Chakrabarty
Simplistic and highly accurate
Overall rating

MProfit is one of the few comprehensive databases available in India that is simplistic and highly accurate. It's reports are customisable to a vast extent, ensuring that virtually any kind of requirement by end-user investors is addressed. As compared to some of the competing products, the subscription charged by MProfit is negligible. The support staff are available on short notice at all times and are extremely quick in answering any potential question that may arise. I continue to use this software for over 3 years and look forward to a long association with them in future.

Harshit Shah
Systematic and easy
Overall rating

I am using Mprofit from last 3 years it has been a great experience, my entire approach to managing client portfolio has become systematic and easy. Thanks a lot Mprofit.

Best software for stock market
Overall rating

I really salute that person who created this software in view of stock market. Now my work after market is much lesser. Everybody who works in stock market should have MProfit.

User friendly and easy to use
Overall rating

Its awesome, user friendly, easy to use, time saver, falling short of words to describe, accurate results, best after sale service, will never hear a "NO" regarding any suggestion you give and will try to incorporate the same in the software, So if you want to save time to do more productive work then one must buy MProfit.

Kanishk Kejriwal
Super efficient and excellent support
Overall rating

I have been using MProfit Investor+ for over 1 year. It was the best rated Portfolio Management Software so I downloaded the trial package in Feb of 2015 and within few days it impressed me so much that I purchased the Investor+ package in March 2015.  I have not looked back since then and MProfit continues to impress me with every new feature I explore/use.  It is comprehensive yet very simple to use.  The best part is the super efficient and excellent support! If I have any problem I am sure of resolving it in 1 phone call! I don't think any software provides this level of support at this price.  Kudos to your superb team!

Parinda Shah
Best customer support
Overall rating

The best thing about Mprofit is their support team. They respond promptly and resolve the issues with 100% satisfaction.

Prashant Bhiwaniwala
Position: Director 
MProfit has helped a lot in managing my clients account
Overall rating

I have been using MProfit ever since 2015. Being a Stock Broker, MProfit has helped a lot in managing my clients account. PMS, F&O transaction option is just fantastic. Cheers Team Mprofit.

Excellent software
Overall rating

I am a doctor. I have been using MPROFIT since 4 years and currently I am using MPROFIT INVESTOR. My family also maintains several trading accounts with different vendors. Since I have been using MPROFIT, I have been able to maintain all their accounts in this single offline software. All records can be entered and if there is any glitch, over the phone instructions do a perfect job of solving the problems. I am able to take down several types of reports including those needed to submit for my CA for IT returns. There is no need to be constantly connected to the internet. You can backup to local drive as well as to cloud storage. Overall, an excellent software and worth every paise you spend on it.

Ashwin Balasubramaniam
Their support is also quick and efficient
Overall rating

I downloaded Mprofit a month ago and have been investing directly for 2 years. I am now wondering why i hadn't know about this earlier. It is a good software to have to manage your portfolio. Their support is also quick and efficient.

Suneel Aradhye
Very fast due to all banking
Overall rating

MProfit is the best software I have come across that blends today's digital capabilities and speed of record keeping. Accounting and portfolio management has become very fast due to all banking, broker contract notes upload templates and integration with live data feeds. Accounting for individuals has simply become breeze. Support team also is highly responsive and knowledgeable.

Ravi Modi
Position: Technical Director 
Mprofit Support Team is very good & provides immediate resolution of
Overall rating

I have been using Mprofit for last 3 Years & selected this software after studying various other Portfolio Management software (Free & Paid). Mprofit manages my & family members portfolio very well. It has Grouping facility where individual portfolios can be combined to view current position at a glance.  For any queries Mprofit Support Team is very good & provides immediate resolution of query.

Ritesh Poladia
Super product features and awesome customer support
Overall rating

Onproduct features: serves my all purpose But i want to post on customer support. I called up @ 6.45 pm fearing no one would pick the phone on friday evening... and no one did so shot a mail thinking that it would be done next day morning. But wow,,,, i was wrong. Tanmay from nowhere called me back and said I m still in office and was about to leave and that time called me. Who calls up when leaving for the day and that too Friday. He spent about 20 mins and resolved my issue.... Super..... Tanmay and MProfit team. U r spoiling ur customer with your large heart customer care.

Prasad PN
Well designed, user friendly and stable
Overall rating

I have been using MProfit for several years now. The product is well designed, user friendly and stable. The updates are smooth. The best part is support which is very good and easily the best I have experienced.

Paradise Merchants
Very good and reliable support team
Overall rating

Mprofit is a very good software for keeping your portfolio on track with very efficient and easy to use import options. They have a very good and reliable support team to help with any issues faced. The support is prompt and responsive. Overall a good software.

Srikanth Matrubai
MProfit is on the most Advisor-friendly softwares availabe in the
Market today
Overall rating

I was doing my Mutual Fund with a National Distributor and was keen on doing myself. But, the biggest hurdle was a Software which would integrate my investments in my code as well as those done with the ND. After searching for all that was avaialbe in the market, I had almost given up hope when somebody suggested me MProfit.

MProfit is on the most Advisor-friendly softwares availabe in the Market today. NOt only that, its cost is very competitive. I am now more confident of doubling my AUM as I fully concentrate on increasing my AUM without having to worry about a reliable Portfolio Program.

MProfit does this and more. MProfit not only maintains the records in an extremely user-friendly manner but also generates all kinds of very very useful reports. Its doing the job of 3 Office Staff for the salary of HALF A CLERK!!!

Pavankumar Jagiasi
MProfit !!!! A really worthy software
Overall rating

Mprofit is a very timesavy tool!!! You can import the data from various brokers / banks in the software!! No need to enter the transactions manually. Also one can easily monitor the performance of their investments as the software provides realtime prices for various investments. Reports are available in various formats. You can easily choose the format.
Another important feature that one can see the records for multiple financial years in a single screen. No need to open various accounts for difference financial years. Also the support team is very very helpful. They help you out in very short time. Incase there are no readymade template for import of data, the company arranges to make template for you with max 2-3 days. I can say" MProfit - A very smart software by very Smart and Friendly Team".

Hemant Ramchandani
It very useful and user friendly for maintaining my investment
portfolio up to date
Overall rating

I am glad to have purchased the MProfit Investor s/w for my share trading portfolio. I am finding it very useful and user friendly for maintaining my investment portfolio upto date. The import function in the s/w has simplified our work with the automatic update of our trading transactions within seconds. It is nice to work with s/w offering different views of investment portfolio based on today's gain, overall gain etc and providing various reports for analysis, realized profit/loss, income tax report etc. I would suggest MProfit to provide also the reports based on Last in / First out value of stock as it would help in accessing actual gains.

Swaminathan Subramanian
It is very useful and awesome
Overall rating

I have been using Mprofit since last 1 year and i found it very useful.  It takes 5 minutes for me to update all my daily transactions and see my profitability and stock positions.  The versatility of importing contract notes from any stock broker is the most unique one and their support is just AWESOME.  It is a must to have software for any investor.

Vijay Sahani
It's extremely useful is maintaining accounts of my share
Overall rating

I have been using MProfit for last few months and I think it's extremely useful is maintaining accounts of my share transactions. I just download the contract note in HTML format from ISE Securities & Services Ltd. and the transactions are uploaded into the accounting package MProfit from the contract note directly without doing any manual entry. I can not just maintain accounts with MProfit but i can also use some of the built in MIS features to track how much profit or loss i'm making on day to day basis. I think this package is absolutely necessary for people who invest or trade in shares on a regular basis.

Rinkesh Jain
Position: Articled Assistant  
Very quick and efficient back support team
Overall rating

Mprofit provides a very good base for accounting of various financial products and a whole lot of MIS reports for decision making. This is coupled with a very quick and efficient back support team which takes the software to another level. Pretty impressed with the work :) Keep it up guys!!!

Rajendra Moorthy
This is user friendly software
Overall rating

I am life science researcher using this software (free ware) since Feb 2015 onwards. In today’s busy world people (non-financial) hardly gets time to look into their investment’s returns. This user friendly software enables hassle free uploading of investment statement generated from the respective companies which enables to see all the investments under one umbrella. The financial terms generated on day today basis (gains/loss), profit and loss statement, STCG, LTCG, XIRR returns, etc., provides an insight to take quick decision and actions. Another aspect which I am satisfied is the untiring support from the customer care team. The software has undergone various changes and fine tuned to the core to deliver the results. I would see this as an application that every person should have who is really interested in investments. One can see “Eagle’s view of all the investments” in this Software.

Raviraj P R
Position: Private Investor 
MProfit is an excellent Software for Indian Market
Overall rating

I've been using MProfit software for 1 year and it is a great software and would recommend it considering the features. It is a user friendly software and very easy to start using it, to import the contracts thus saving lot of time instead of manually entering the transactions. I managed to import my previous 2 year's contract notes within minutes and was able to reconcile the account statement quickly. It has many customized reports and is very easy to view capital gains, P&L etc,. It is worth mentioning about the Support team as they respond to the queries promptly and assisted me in setting up Accounts. They were able to modify the import template quickly when there was some changes made to the contract notes from the Broker side. Thanks for your hardwork in providing an excellent software and quality Support much appreciated.

MProfit is a wonderful software and has a excellent service team!!!!
Overall rating

MProfit is the best software (Accurate & Perfect), i have had the best and fastest service from MProfit always……..Kudos to the MProfit team.

Rajiv Modi
It is easy to reinstall using the backup
Overall rating

It is robust and it is easy to reinstall using the backup, which I had to when my Win10 crashed and had to reinstall it fresh. The best part of the usage over the year is the quick response of the Support Team, whether its for re-activation issue or error in upload of a contract note. The feature of Remote Assistance is very handy for a person who is not all that tech savvy and can't explain the issue in technical terms. Overall its an immensely useful product with a equally good Support Team at our service. You are sure to become a permanent customer.

Neerav Paliwal
Excellent job
Overall rating

I am using mProfit for the last 2 years and I am quite happy. Once I had a problem and their support staff not only looked into the issue, but they provided me the remote assistance and fixed it. And this was for the free version.Kudos to the mProfit team for the excellent job.

Sunit Pinto
Capital gain calculator and the tax friendly reports
Overall rating

The main part of Mprofit that caught my eye was the capital gain calculator and the tax friendly reports they generate. Team Mprofit have done an amazing job in removing tax hassels for investors and traders alike. Their contribution towards this area is immense and better still its free for investors to use. I would certainly recommend using this to maintain your equity portfolios and for your capital gain calculations. Kudos to team Mprofit and their great work.

Pari M
Position: Former Bank Executive 
Very user friendly and exactly designed
Overall rating

I am using MProfit Investor+ for the past two years. The software is very user friendly and exactly designed to meet the needs of the individual investors, though the other higher versions are meant for business people and professionals.
Accounting of my investments in stock market, Deposits and renewal thereof, house hold expenses, etc. has become very much effortless and trouble free.  A range of meaningful  reports could be generated and the same make our purpose well achieved.
The assistance offered by MProfit team whenever we seek clarifications is immediate and the regular value addition to the software is un-comparable. The MProfit has now become an inevitable partner of my life.

Harshit Agrawal
MProfit deserves a Perfect Five rating
Overall rating

I have been using Mprofit for the past 2 years and found it extremely useful. While the PMS section gives me a birds eye view of all my assets along with the detailed view of each asset, the accounting section gives me the assets / liabilities view along with details of my cashflow. This gives me full control of my investments and finances and provides valuable inputs for my financial planning. I am very happy with the product and delighted with the support team. The responses from the support team has been swift and relevant. Overall it has been a great experience.

Prof. Mitter Vedu
I have been using the free version as an individual for the past one
Overall rating

I recently decided to upgrade to MProfit Investor+ because my investments were exceeding the limit for the free version. My experience with MProfit, both product and customer service, has been excellent. I like especially the reports and the ease with which one can update folios from statements generated from Registrars. I would strongly recommend this software to keep all one's investment portfolios in one place in order to monitor or bequeath to one's legal heirs."

Mangesh Joshi
Smooth User Interface, Easy Controls
Overall rating

I have downloaded Mprofit Investor version. I must say this is the best software I have ever had. Smooth User Interface, Easy Controls makes this software amazing. The hard work and dedication of developers can be seen in this software. Keep the good work. 
Ratings are as follows:

  1. Software UI 10/10
  2. Customer care support 9.5/10
  3. Reports and their appearance 10/10
Hari Prakash
Simple and User Friendly
Overall rating

Recently out of curiosity I downloaded MProfit and to my surprise I found PMS is amazingly a wonder. It is so simple and user friendly that without any demo or support  I managed to import all of my Equity Contract notes from 2011 onwards with ease and effortless. I am extremely happy about your excellent service support. I had a problem while importing one of the Contract note, and your support team took less than 4 hours to resolve the issue.  Kudos to your Service team.

Shitans Patel
Position: Proprietor 
Mprofit is great software and userfriendly
Overall rating

I was searching all over web.. MProfit is great software and userfriendly too. The team Mprofit is went too far to provide service and updates. I am using it since last two years and it makes me capable of tracing all my investment and day to Everything is fine with me, I am enjoying the use of free version of M Profit.

Kalpesh Gandhi
Support Staff and Service is superb & time bound
Overall rating

I am using the software for almost a month now. Initially I was very very skeptical about the software & its features for accuracy. We have thousands derivatives contract  traded in  a day with multiple brokers & multiple family members. We sell options. Accuracy is very important. After uploading data for last 2 months I was amazed to see 100 % percent accuracy . Keep up the good work.  Support Staff and Service is superb  & time bound. All the features are superb & accurate. I congratulate you for making such a wonderful product & superb support staff.  I wish you the best.

Ramakrishna K. Pai
Expert Help Always
Overall rating

Apart from providing an outstanding piece of software, Team MProfit never hesitates to solve any little problem the investor may have.  Recently, I required assistance to transfer MProfit (along with data) from one computer to another.  As soon as I sent an email query, they contacted me and using Team Viewer, completed the process smoothly.  Some technical issues that cropped up because of system deficiencies were instantly corrected using their thorough technical knowledge.  I'm impressed!

Abhinav Gulechha
Position: Founder 
Excellent & Superb
Overall rating

Mprofit has proved to be an excellent & superb value for money portfolio managemnt software for a pure-fee only investment advisor like me. It allows a seamless interface with multiple options to upload transactions, with automatic computation of capital gains, XIRR etc. The report suite is also excellent which allows customisation & branding as well. And the biggest diffrentiator at Mprofit is their superb customer service. I do not think I have seen such an excellent customer service anywhere else, atleast not in the financial services space. Also, the price is very affordable. All in all, its a great & highly recommended portfolio management tool for investors as well as advisors.

Dharmesh Doshi
Position: Services 
via Facebook
Best Portfolio Software
Overall rating

I Dharmesh Doshi using mprofit Portfolio Software from 1 week & found it the best and most simple portfolio software. Also the online telephonic help for the free users also is the best part of them. I have not seen such a good help support even for free users. Once I go through the whole software, would like to become a distributor for this.

Krishna Prasad
Simple and Easy to Use
Overall rating

Initially i downloaded and used the free version of the portfolio management software.I was very impressed with it and ended up buying the full version.It is simple and easy to use.It opened my eyes with respect to the average rate of returns (XIRR) across different investments that i had.I no longer need to keep track of my bank deposit maturity dates as i can set reminders.I can also see the current value of my stocks and mutual funds,all on one page;I need not log in to the individual AMC sites.Best part about it is that it is completely offline and all the data is stored in my system.And i can share mine and my family portfolio details with my CA and financial planner which helps in filing taxes,reviewing and consolidating my portfolios

User friendly software
Overall rating

First of all I Thank you very much for kind of co-operation and co-ordination provided till date. More over I congratulate to all of you for providing such an excellent portfolio Management & Accountancy software backed by excellent support Team. I am happy to have such a nice and user friendly software. I have been using since Aug, 2011. I am using it for family portfolio, Investments and Financial Accounts. It is a very helpful Financial Accounting and Portfolio & Wealth Management Tool at all levels. I wish you all the best for future developments. You may even think for incorporating features to generate eIT Returns.

Mahesh Docherla
User friendly
Overall rating

I am a physician and have been using MPROFIT since more than 3 years from the time it was free and then through the time it became free. I would like to recommend this software to those who are intent on keeping track of their investments. There have been successive improvements in the software tracking the changes in regulations and formats of all the investment companies. I have used stocks and mutual funds section predominantly and have had no problems at all. The software can be used offline, requires very minimal low speed internet connection, the outlay is user-friendly and all the reports are available in various formats for saving offline and filing tax returns. I have not had much experience with ULIPs etc but the customer service is excellent. I have encountered many startups including online shopping etc where their long term vision is poor and customer service is inadequate but that has never been the case with MPROFIT. I have always got a reply and correction within 24 hours. I might have made quite a few queries and complaints in these past few years and every single time, the problem has been solved quickly.

Vinod Ambavat
Fully Satisfied with Mprofit Free Version
Overall rating

I am using Mprofit Free version for last one week and am fully satisfied with it. I am planning to upgrade it to a paid version shortly, since i also need to make entries for my F&O trades.
I am delighted to note that they care even for the users of free version, my query got resolved in 24 hours. The features are also very good.

Shreyas Shah
Good team & commitment
Overall rating

I’ve been using your MProfit software since last 4 months. What I’m especially happy about is the promptness of your replies to my queries & suggestions. Excellent after-sales service!!!

The product is definitely good with obvious room for improvement but I’m sure with a good team & commitment, the product will keep getting better.

Pinnacle Financial
High standard and Good services
Overall rating

I'm using your software for last two year and had used many software prior to that. Your software is best and worth for every penny I paid to you. About after sales service, again you people are always available to help us immediately which is highly appreciated. In today's market there are very few service provider who adhere to such a high standard and Good services. Highly Appreciated.

Sandeep Puntambekar
User friendly and cost effective
Overall rating

1 - It is very cost effective. Especially when  financial / investment planning is increasingly turning institutionalized & margins are wafer thin, the small agents / sub brokers like me cannot simply afford to spend money on technological Inputs & ultimately we lag behind.

2 – This software enables the user track the investments on a continuous basis & it helps us review the client’s portfolio effortlessly.

3 – It is very user friendly, be it a customer or the agent like me, we both find it very simple to use & operate.

Ramesh D S
It is user friendly software and self explanatory
Overall rating

I am using this software from past two years for managing family accounts. It is user friendly software and self explanatory but when in need excellent staff support also provided. Compare to other softwares  this is the best available  in the market.

M. S. Shabbir
Position: Managing Director  
Last stop solution for wealth managers
Overall rating

MProfit is a last stop solution for wealth managers. It is simple to use and the report templates are easy to follow for a layman.

We received excellent support not only at the time of installation but continue to receive the same level of support during each software upgrade. They stand behind their product by offering constant improvements in functionality.

As a next level, I would like to see MProfit integration with social media, product integration (API / Upload option) with third party portfolio analytically tools, financial planning software and the like.

Samir Nare
Appreciate hard work and efforts of MProfit team
Overall rating

Its been 3 years now I am using MProfit PMS application and will continue to use it as its the best available in market at cheapest price. The response for queries and ECN issues has been amazing - very quick response and resolution. I appreciate hard work and efforts of MProfit team and recipocate with tons of thanks to them.

Kedar Kulkarni
Comfortable using Mprofit software
Overall rating

We at Prakem sincerely Appreciate the Response/services/updates & eagerness to comply with requirement on requests, we also are quite comfortable using Mprofit software for equities presently, & frankly speaking we are yet to use the software to its fullest potential but sooner we intend to use most of the features/options available in Mprofit software.

1) Software is quite user friendly & easy to import the trades/files
2) Services & responses too have been prompt & supportive
3) Reports too are quite good & as per requirements
4) We would appreciate if you could also come out with option of updating BSE rates, as most of our trades/business is executed through BSE
5) It’s useful for our Investors as they can keep track of their portfolios live & online
6) Presently we have been using this for equity, along with our back offices financial accounting purposes & sooner we Intend to add on all our mutual fund database too & we shall expect same support & response from your team
7) Going forward we shall keep you updated & informed on our requirements/modifications in softwares if any & hope & expect you too shall comply with same on feasibilities
8) Over all we are presently quite satisfied & appreciate your services  & look forward for same in future as well.

Udbhav Shah
MProfit can be an excellent cost-efficient Back office tool
Overall rating

I want to divide the review in two parts.

Part One: many advisers are entering mutual fund and stock broker industry. For starter, MProfit can be an excellent cost-efficient Back office tool to provide valuation and other reports to clients.

Part Two: Regulatory changes are forcing many to become advisers in true-sense. Such advisers need to gather various information from various intermediaries for all family members. MProfit makes life easier to gather such information with click of a button thanks to various import templates. Various reports can help to make decision on future investments or liabilities.

Accounting module is well thought addition. There is gap in service. Investment adviser and account/book keeping persons are different. So there is a chance of wrong book keeping. This module can help to address the same.

No one is perfect. So does software. But the team is future looking and making sure to provide nearest to perfect software in shortest time period. Three cheers for them.  

Sanjay Agrawal
Mprofit is the best Portfolio software
Overall rating

Mprofit is the best Portfolio software utilize by me  since from last 5 years and now Accounting feature is most useful because all stock and mutual fund transaction directly import in account book,very helpful , this is one of the best software for me  it offer a wide range of solutions and features in a single package. All services offer something different and have strengths in particular areas.

R Sankaran
Fantastic piece of software
Overall rating

Fantastic piece of software which helps get a consolidated view of all your holdings. Earlier you had to rely on a broker or financial planner to give this information , now with a few clicks and easy upload of data you can manage your own finances better. The support staff has also been very friendly and do out of their way to try and fix any issue (not that there are many). All in a good piece of software at an attractive price point. Look forward to renewing for 3 years at a go if possible !!

Shashank Jain
Impressed with the features especially integration
Overall rating

After testing for almost 2 years, I must say I am impressed with the features especially integration, the frequency of improvements and bugs fixes and the prompt support the MProfit team has provided. Remember to keep the product light (on disk space), with frills-free features and quick to use – difficult but necessary as the product grows. I would recommend for improving the UI with bright colours.

Ramakrishna K. Pai
MProfit deserves a Perfect Ten rating
Overall rating

MProfit deserves a Perfect Ten rating.  It takes just moments to import contract notes as well as output reports for every conceivable need of the investor.  Moreover the customer service team delights in incorporating improvements every now & then.  It saves loads of paperwork & hours of fretting.  Makes monitoring one's portfolio an absolute breeze.

Chandramouli Natarajan
Overall it has been a great experience
Overall rating

I have been using Mprofit for the past 2 years and found it extremely useful. While the PMS section gives me a birds eye view of all my  assets along with the detailed view of each asset, the accounting section gives me the assets / liabilities view along with details of my cashflow. This gives me full control of my investments and finances and provides valuable inputs for my financial planning.

I am very happy with the product and delighted with the support team. The responses from the support team has been swift and relevant. Overall it has been a great experience.

Vivek Jain
Perfect solution for my requirements
Overall rating

I used to maintain information and balance sheet in Excel. It took significant effort from my end to maintain and reconcile information. Filing of Income Tax Return used to be a big Everest as lot of information needed to be ready for successful completion and Filing on the Tax Return.

I was looking for a solution that is proven not only from comfort of use but more importantly a product that resolved all my requirements. Requirements such as Time Saving, Reconciling information from various sources (i.e., Brokers, Bank etc.) Easy Tax Filing and more importantly reporting. I evaluated various other software products and MProfit Pro product is the only one which is the perfect solution for my requirements.

Your team has really done a very thorough work in conceptualizing this product. It is only a one time effort to get all data imported and then it is just a monthly process to reconcile information and have the information whenever we need.

What really differentiates MProfit is that you have opened the door for all to use this product for 30 days. This gives time for clients to get themselves clear on product features and usability. If they feel the product does not fits their needs, they have the option of not using the product otherwise the service is available at a nominal monthly fee.

Kudos goes to support team for being there when clients need them. Just one message and support team is in contact with client to resolve these issues. This is what clients are looking for.

Great work from your team. I am hopeful of seeing much more new and useful features in upcoming releases.

Keep doing the great work and keep your clients happy.

Rajesh Kamani
Quite happy with the performance of the software
Overall rating
"We are using your MProfit software since last 4 years and we are quite happy with the performance of the software. Overall, This software is combination of easy data entry (import facility with electronic file), smoothly management of portfolio, very good reporting (with accounting report, gains for IT, analysis) and excellent support from the support team."
Sumit K. Sanghi
Great software, very user-friendly and involves the latest features
Overall rating
“It’s a fabulous and great software, very user-friendly and involves the latest features. I am using this software for last couple of months and I am very happy to use it. The support team is excellent and very quick in providing solution to any problem related to the software. Overall I am very happy with their service & I will continue to use the MProfit software. I prefer others to also use the software.”
Raju Gianani
Wonderful Software for Recording details and Working on Various
Accounting Aspects for buying and selling of Shares
Overall rating
I would like to inform you that your MProfit Software is a Wonderful Software for Recording details and Working on Various Accounting Aspects for buying and selling of Shares. Updating of Records is as easy like filling a Clean and Pure Glass of Water from a Filter. It is also a very User Friendly Software. So far i have been using this software for the recording, updating of buying and selling of Shares and greatly impressed by it. This software provided you with a variety of reports which are useful for Analytical, Cost Analysis, Income Tax Report Format Reports and Makes your life easier. The Unconditional Support given by MProfit Team is also Excellent in all aspects and at par with the Highest International Standards even on the free version software provided by them.
V B Giraddi
Your software has come as a boon
Overall rating
I am trading in shares for the last 20 years. It was a herculean task to know the exact profit or loss earned in shares and mutual funds. For this I had to depend on accountant who was not available easily for such small work. Your software has come as a boon to people like us who cannot afford to engage full time accountant. Especially your Bank statement and Balance sheet and Trading and profit account has helped small time investors to have a correct statement of income. Kudos to your team.
Vijaykumar Sapre
I must express my deep appreciation for your prompt reply as & when I
have asked for help.
Overall rating
I am also glad that I am using software developed in India which keeps updating as per the requirements of customers. Other software in the market do not come anywhere close to it. I have been using MS Money but it does not take into account our requirements. I am sure, as the days go by, you would have developed excellent software to take care of all our requirements. In the changing environment it was badly required.
very easy to use and usefull application
Overall rating
I had recently download your MProfit Investor Version software, I found it very easy to use and usefull application for the small investor like me who are not in active in market. thanks a lot for the wonderful and very use full software.
M.Zaki Ansari
I appreciate the application
Overall rating
I appreciate the application MProfit really it’s a kind of app which helps investors to keep update and very informative reports on fingertips also congratulate the support team to provide after sales support.
M. Kumar
I have no hesitation in saying that MProfit is a matchless software
Overall rating
It is simple enough to be used by a casual investor and powerful enough to cater to needs of serious investors, financial advisors and even chartered accountants. It helps its users in organizing their investments and help them in tracking their resources and also help in computing returns, assets, liabilities and other relevant indices. It has a very short learning curve and has extremely intuitive interface and flow of processes. Its reports are neat and well laid-out. It has a minimalistic GUI and has a rather dry and very business-like feel about it. Its 360 degrees capability makes you wish you came across it the day one started earning. I was equally, rather more impressed by the alacrity of response of the support staff of MProfit. Little suggestions and tweaks requested, were attended to promptly. It underlines, in my opinion, the approach of the firm - keeping the users satisfied and happy and constantly endeavouring to make the product better and better. I recommend this software to all.”
Dr. Raman Kumar
Your unflinching support even for free users is exemplary.
Overall rating
One can't find such dedication and zeal to serve users in this age and era. Hats off to you. I wish you great success.
Jayant Patankar
I am really glad that I came to know about MPROFIT & for last 3-4
years I am v happy to use this wonderful software for all my Portfolio
mgt needs.
Overall rating
Thanks for bringing such a wonderful tool. With the same confidence I have a suggestion, which if you can incorporate, will help all the users. I want a feature , where I will get a report on any given day, what short term/ long term profit I will be making in a stock, if I choose to sell that stock on that day. This will facilitate the user to decide whether to sell or hold that stock in advance. Currently, the user has to go to the buy/sell details of that stock & analyse manually , how much qty is available to sell for not attracting any capital gains.( i e LT GAINS) .This becomes cumbersome if the user has multiple transactions in a stock. You can then show a detailed report for the whole portfolio for the probable ST/LT gains.
Jagdish Kapoor
The support from M profit team is also excellent.
Overall rating
While I was searching for some software for personal accounts on internet, I came across M profit software , I am using free version for last ten days and find it very good software. The support from M profit team is also excellent.
Bipin Choksi
As an investor, I was getting overwhelmed with trying to keep a track
of my investments.
Overall rating
After initially trying out two other programs besides yours, I concluded that your Investor Plus is a highly superior one, well thought out, integrated and easy, enabling me to know my financial position effectively with the balance sheet and income statement that it creates, and, most importantly, the capital gains reports that also distinguishes the equity and debt investments separately. I have shown the reports to my CA and he is relieved that his life will become easier when preparing my tax returns. And, kudos to your technical and customer service professionals who have guided me very courteously enabling me to utilise MProfit to its fullest. Thanks Mprofit.

FAQs of MProfit

Q. What are the main features of MProfit?

The key features of MProfit are as follows:

label To manage Individual as well as client’s financial portfolio and accounting

label Portfolio Management

label Accounting (Integrated with portfolio management)

label Import of digital contract notes, mutual fund statements, bank statements from more than 2100 sources

label Capital Gains reports for Stocks

label Capital Gains reports for Debt MFs and Bonds with and without indexation

label Annualised Return (XIRR), asset allocation, P&L and Balance Sheet report

label Historical Valuation

label Live Prices

Q. How much do the MProfit cost?

The MProfit has 4 plans - MProfit Investor INRUSD 0 (16 Portfolios/Year),MProfit Investor+ INRUSD 45 (16 Portfolios/Year),MProfit Pro INRUSD 76 (50 Portfolios/Year),MProfit Advisor INRUSD 98 (Per Year).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of MProfit?

MProfit has the following typical customers: Investors, Traders, Family Offices, Financial Advisors, CFPs and Financial Advisors

Q. Which mobile platform does MProfit support?

MProfit supports the following devices: Android

Q. Which operating system does MProfit support?

MProfit support the following operation system : Windows

Q. What payment method does MProfit support?

MProfit support the following payment methods : SAAS.

Q. What is the deployment type?

MProfit has deployment type : Installed.

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